Ovulation And Ovaries :: Follicles Are Not Growing

Dec 7, 2015

Follicle sizes are same from 10th day to 16th day scan (size in Rt.O is 9mm X 2 & Lt.O is 11mm E.T on 10th day is 5.1mm & 6.1mm on 13th & 16th day).Now we are running in 16th day.since no ovulation takes palce.so please confirm that whether it is possible to conceive or not in this month.we are on 3rd cycle of fertility treatment now.

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Normal Size For Follicles Of Ovaries?

I am 25 years old and want to take baby.I tested ultrasonogram of transverginal on day 12.

Summary of findings of the test is given below:

The endometrium is 6mm in thickness and of high echo.

The right ovary measures 4.5cm X 2.1cm X 3.7cm ,volume 19.03 cc.

The left ovary measures 4.5cm X 1.4cm X 4.1cm ,volume 13.99 cc.

Sizes of follicles of right ovary measuring about 7 mm, 6 mm in diameter.

Sizes of follicles of left ovary measuring about 6 mm, 6 mm in diameter.

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Ovaries :: Discharge A Sign Of Increasing Or Vanishing Follicles?

I'm having brown discharge continuously for 10 days before my period due date,so i went to doc n she asked me to take thyroid n Ultra,my thyroid results came normal, but ultra shows that slightly enlarged ovaries,bilateral ovaries with multiple small follicles arranged periphery, clinical correlation for PCOS, so she asked me to take oral contraceptive(YASMIN) for 3 cycles, till now i have completed 2 cycles, still i am having that brown discharge, this time the discharge has increased slightly like i have to wear a small pad,( Not so heavy).I am so much concerned about this, is this a sign of that follicles are vanishing?? Or is this a sign of Increasing follicles?? Please let me know what it is?? Before i started this medication, my periods are normal( if they are late, only about 10 days late) and i am not overweight, i don't have any acne or unwanted hair.

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Ovulation And Ovaries :: Pain On Right Ovary And Light Bruise?

This whole day I've had really light pain and discomfort on my right ovary, I press down and it hurts a little, there is a very light bruise the color of my skin but just a bit darker. I'm expecting to have my period on the 23rd. I am 18 years old and sexually active. I also have hyperthyroid disease and don't really take my medication. I started bleeding a little over a day ago but it was a very faint light brown/pink color. I'm afraid it could be implantation bleeding but I could also be over thinking or just paranoid. Some months I don't get my period at all, last time I got my period was on the 25th of July. Could this be an ovarian cyst or a sign of pregnancy? Or just cramping before I get my period? I was thinking about going to the doctor but the pain isn't severe or that bad to actually go.

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Ovulation And Ovaries :: What Is Causing My Ovarian Cyst Pain If It Hasnt Ruptured?

what is causing my ovarian cyst pain if it hasn't ruptured? I am having severe pains that come and go. They can last up to 20 minutes and i cant move. It is so frequent at least twice a day. But the doctor just keeps watching to see what it is doing. I cant stand the pain. What could the reason my cyst hurts so much?

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Ovulation :: Clomid And Ovacare - Small Follicles

I'm a pcos patient, I've been taken clomid 100mg for two month, in the first month there was ovulation and the follicle size reach 17 with no luck, in second month the follicle didn't respond to clomid and still small, now in my third month i took 150mg clomid and ovacare tablet, i go for ovulation follow up in day 9 and day 11 and see that i have multiple follicles but all of them are small

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Infertility :: Even After Medicine, Why My Follicles Are Not Growing?

I got my USG done twice. Results are as follows:


50 mg siphene for 5 days.

Day#9: Left Ovary-11mm and Right-13.3mm; ET-6mm

Day#11: Same

Day#13: 13.4 mm and 13.6mm; ET-10.5mm (sfter evadiol for 3 days)

Day#15: 13.4 mm and 11.2mm; ET- 11.2mm

I lost that cycle.


100mg Good Ova from D4 till D9, D11, D12

D9: Left- 10mm, 9mm ; Right- 14.2mm; ET- 6mm

D10: Left- 11.8mm, 11mm; Right- 14.4mm; ET- 7.5mm

D11: Left- 12.9mm, 12mm; Right- 14.6mm; ET- 8mm

D13: Left- 14.2mm, 12.5mm; Right- ruptured follicle; ET- 9.5mm

Doctor asked me to try on D13, what are the chances?

Even after medicine, why my follicles are not growing up to 18-20mm.

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Ovulation :: Severe Ovulation Pain Following Hernia Repair?

Is it possible to experience severe ovulation pain following hernia repair surgery?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Fibroid Keeps Growing And Growing?

My uterine mass/ fibroid seems to keep growing and growing. Is there any medication I can ask my GP to prescribe me to stop it from growing or to shrink it ?

Do I need to see a Consultant Gynaecologist to discuss any kind of medication I could take to try to stop the growth of my uterine mass or to try to shrink it without any kind of surgical procedure in mind, at least for the time being ?

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Hypothyroidism With Polycystic Ovaries

When I was sixteen, I started to display all of the symptoms of Glandular Fever. Two years went by until the doctors finally diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism. At this point, my thyroid levels were that bad, that I looked bloated, had ballooned to a size 18 and became very ill. As you can imagine, being 5'2 the weight started to affect my back/ joints etc. which just added insult to injury.

The doctors started me on 150 micrograms of Levothyroxine, which was then increased to 200. I went down to a size 10/12 and felt happy, healthy and fit. I had so much energy and found myself wanting to work out once, sometimes twice a day. The positivity came from nowhere, my skin felt great, my hair felt strong and the weight seemed to melt away.

I'm now 22 and I am feeling depressed, tired all of the time, I have no energy to work out and I find myself forgetting things all of the time. I find myself asking how I've ended up back where I started. I'm still on 200 micrograms of thyroxine - but I've now been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries.

I just feel like I'm getting nowhere, I'm back to a size 18, I don't feel confident, I just feel like this condition is destroying my life and there's nothing I can do about it. I try to push myself to exercise, but I just don't have the energy. I work full time and by the time I get home I am far too tired to move. I go straight to sleep, sometimes without eating. So how am I putting on weight?

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17 Yo - No Uterus And Cyst On Both Of My Ovaries

I'm 17 years old and my gynecologist has told me I have no uterus and that i have cyst on both of my ovaries. What does this actually affect, is my question? Can I have children? Are my periods suppose to feel like any other girls ?

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4 Miscarriages At Age 18 Due To Cysts On Ovaries

Is it normal to have 4 miscarriages at age 18 and when I was 17 got told that I might not be able to have kids down to cysts on my ovaries.

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Menopause :: Spotting - Ovaries Removed Two Weeks

I am 51 and have this spotting which can go on and off for a few weeks, it happened in December and seem to right itself for a couple of months and then went six weeks before next period. I had ovaries removed two weeks ago due to family history. I have had a few vaginal ultrasounds running up to this and smear and uterus biopsy quite recently which were fine. The spotting is still here after operation, i know that some bleeding is expected after op. I still have uterus and believe the lack of hormones now may have unsettled it abit. Went to doctor, she wasn't that helpful but said would contact gynaecologist. I felt really well after op but this spotting is getting me down, i keep thinking has my smear given a false negative as i believe that can happen. I have just got over a stomach issue with peri and was hoping to get through it without any more worries.

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Ovarian Cysts :: Complex Cyst - Better To Remove The Ovaries ?

I've had a series of cyst they normally go away by themselves but today my doctor told me i have a complex cysts and they are going to draw blood to check if its benign. How rare is it to be cancerous? Does anyone know? I have had a lot of symptoms from pain, to nausea, bloating, etc and because of that i'm really scared. Does anyone know if it's better to remove the ovaries if you are proven to cyst and have had a possible scare

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Abnormal Periods Pain - Ovaries Hurt For Past 2 Months

For the second month I am experiencing abnormal menstrual pain. the area of both my ovaries hurt ... I took some painkiller to stop the pain and it helped, but usually this is not the case with me. Usually I feel pain the first 2 hours when I get period, and the pain is not so strong... I just have to lay down and I feel better. But for the past two months, the pain so strong I had to take painkillers and it is lasting more than 3 days. What does that mean?

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Can You See Follicles If You Are Pregnant?

Can you see follicles if you are pregnant? I had a transvaginal ultrasound scan last week and the doctor found many follicles surrounding a dominant one. He said it could be polycystic ovary syndrome but we did not have further blood tests to confirm the case. He also said the lining was getting thicker as ovulation may occur. I later requested the nurse for a pregnancy test and she declined saying I already had an ultrasound. Does having follicles mean I definitely am not pregnant? (the scan was 3 weeks after protected sex, with correct usage of condoms) So none of those follicles could be corpus luteum? Am I 100% safe? Lately I have been getting diarrhoea for no reasons except maybe anxiety or if unlucky an early pregnancy sign. Am I being overly paranoid?

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Trying To Conceive :: 6-7 Follicles In Each Ovary - Size?

I went thru transvaginal ultrasound today..it's my 10 th day today...
there are 6-7 follicles in each ovary ..
dominant follicle in left ovary
small follicles in right
Right ovary (0.6 * 0.5 cm) (0.6*0.5 cm)
left ovary (1.8 *1.5 cm ) (0.6*0.5 cm)
what does it show about my ovarian reserve ?
My second day FSH is 6.92mIU/ml
LH is 3.84mIU/ml

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Any Solution For Follicles That Aren't Ruptured?

What is the solution

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Penis :: Hair Follicles On Shaft

I'm 16 and I've had these inflamed hair follicles for a while now. It goes along the dark line on my shaft, the circumcision 'scar'. And it spreads out at the base to my ball sac. It's uncomfortable and looks weird. If I want oral sex I don't want the girl freaking out like I have herpes or something. And when I have an erection they get hard. How do I get rid of them?

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Little Bumps On Genitals :: Hair Follicles Or Herpes?

Notice this i have never had sex. It was hot all week and i was hot and sweaty tell i took a shower. One night after exercising i was shaving in my genital area i got in the shower and noticed there were little bumps that looked like acne. It doesn't itch. Is it herpes or hair follicles. 

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Am I Pregnant? :: Ultrasound Scan Showed Follicles?

I had sex on 19 June with my long-term boyfriend; we are both 18. It was our first time and we used a condom. I was not on the pills. Last Thursday, I went to a gynecologist to have a vaginal ultrasound since I have always had irregular periods. The scan showed one big follicle surrounded by multiple smaller follicles so the doctor suspected I could have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) . He suggested no treatment was required as I am young. So, about chances of pregnancy: my last period came on 12 June and ended on 17 June; I have not had another one yet. I am aware that chances of conception just after period finishes is low, especially we used condom. Also, I might as well not be ovulating this week due to PCO. However, is there a small chance that I am pregnant? If ultrasound showed that I have a mature follicle and smaller ones, does it mean it is impossible that there is a fertilised egg in the uterus simultaneously? Am I being overly obsessive over safety or should I go for a home pregnancy test? I have talked to my boyfriend but he is at the moment away.

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