Pancreatitis :: Pancreatic Resection Supplements?

Apr 6, 2015

I received a pancreatic resection of my tail in May of last year and have just been diagnosed with a 10 mm cyst in the head.  I'm told all that can be done is manage pain/rest and food.  Energy is lacking.  Has anyone had any luck with B12 shots?


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Tracheal Resection Due To Stenosis

I have Tracheal Stenosis (narrowing of the windpipe) and I'm hoping to get an operation called a resection wherein the narrowed section of windpipe is removed and then rejoined again....

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Colon Resection Due To The Diverticulosis

I'm just 2 weeks into recovering from a colon resection due to the diverticulosis I had and last night I was getting that horrible pain on my lower left side as if I was having a diverticulitis attack !

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Endometrial Resection - Bleeding After 9 Weeks

I had my the lining of the womb taken away 9 weeks ago. I still have bleeding everyday. It's not heavy but mild to medium. It's everyday.

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Ovarian Cysts :: Along With Pancreatic Cysts

After multiple tests (ultrasound, ct scan and MRI) I was told I have complex ovarian cysts 5×4 cm on both ovaries and pancreatic cyst that is over 1 cm . I have 2 questions. 1. Since I very much refuse and will be refusing contraceptives , how else naturally can I cure ovarian cysts? 2. Can acidic taste in my mouth with coating on my tongue and lower back pain be due to pancreatic cyst?

My symptoms:-

-Gassy pain after eating

-Very painful menstrual periods with lots of large clots  (can't go without strong painkillers, sleepless nights due to pain)

-I do feel the right ovarian cyst even when I'm not on my period (when stretching or laying on my back)

-Lower back pain

-acidic taste in my mouth with whitish/yellowish coating on my tongue

-I'm tired often. Hard to get up in the morning.

Optional Information:-

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Diverticula Surgery :: Undergoing Colon Resection?

Can anyone share their experience of undergoing colon resection? Does it make a difference if you have IBS?

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Laminectomy With Resection Of Synovial Cyst - Experience?

I am a 65 year old female soon to have a L4/L5 Laminectomy with resection of Synovial Cyst (L4/L5) I need more information about the surgery, and what to expect as far as recovery time, etc.

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Bowel Resection With Giant Cyst - Cancer?

Again, haven't been on in ages. Seems I always have an issue, though, every year or so.

This time a large "cyst" was found when I went to the ER for severe "gas" pain back Labor-Day weekend, with CAT scan.

Now I have a young surgeon who has looked at that and blood tests (CgA - high) and MRI and says I need to have all my right colon removed along with the cyst. Just in case it's cancer, basically.

Anyone have a huge cyst outside their bowels and have this kind of surgery? I am scared of cancer, but even if I don't have that I'm scared of what the complications might be from the surgery itself and removing 1/3 of my colon. I'm 44, have a very young son, and a mother already bereaved from losing my sister last year to breast cancer. I start worrying about sepsis, MRSA and "leakage" (poor surgical connections) and blockage. Is it silly to worry about all this?

What bugs me is that the surgeon seems very concerned about cancer, although the 1 marker - CgA - that was high could be high because of my 7-year usage of double Nexium. I also had a "beautiful" colonoscopy the month before the ER visit.

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Does Pancreatitis Always Have To Become Chronic?

I just got out of the hospital yesterday - was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. I'll be following up with my primary care doc tomorrow. They ran all sorts of tests on me during my stay, but never mentioned that this may become a chronic thing. Does pancreatitis always have to become chronic? Do many people just have this one occurrence, then never again?

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First Rib Resection For Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? Experience / Recovery?

Has anyone had this surgery and had a good recovery? If so how long did it take, do you feel normal, and are you restricted at all?

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Endometrial Resection - Recovery Time - Still Bleeding (18 Days)

I had this operation done 18 days ago. To remove the lining from the womb. I am still bleeding. It isn't as heavy as it was before operation. But still like a light to normal period. I suffer with very lower left back pain, this has been worse since I have been bleeding heavy & it is still there. Anyone else had endometrial resection? 

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Pancreatitis :: SIBO Test

My symptoms starter earlier this year when I noticed a change in my bowel habits. I was going more than normal and they were just not the same, lighter in color and less bulky. I was having wind move through my intestines that was so loud it was embarrassing. It was like it would travel to my left side, set stuck, then all of a sudden roll down. Then sometime during summer I started having this pain on my left side right around my floating ribs. I felt like if I pressed on that side it would relieve the pain. It would last a day or so and then come back every couple of weeks. Now it's almost everyday I feel the pain.

My doctor thought I had SIBO and tested me for that but it was negative. He wanted me to start probiotics which I have but the pain just scares me. My stools have seemed to go back to a more normal color.

To prepare for the SIBO test I had to eat white rice, white bread, potatoes without the skin, just a bland diet. I felt like maybe it had gotten better during that time. But I've also noticed after I eat brussel sprouts the pain is really bad. I can't say if I've noticed it worse after drinking. It seems like almost every meal makes it worse.

I'm just so scared I've done something to my pancreas. How is it determined if you have acute or chronic? I have been drinking more this summer but nothing severe. And this pain will not go away. I am going to call on Monday to schedule another appointment.

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Hepatitis C :: Harvoni With Carafate For Pancreatitis?

I have chronic pancreatitis and they put me on carafate and I have hep c since 2000, cirrhosis since 2007, no prior hep c treatment was wondering about Harvoni and carafate?

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Chronic Pancreatitis :: Sick And Can't Eat All The Time

I suffer with chronic pancreatitis since 2007 I have really bad anxiety and depression with it, my conditions were all caused by drinking way to much alcohol. I haven't had a single drop of alcohol for 2 years yet I've been admitted in hospital 4 times in them 2 years for my chronic pancreatitis. I live in the UK and I see a professor who deals with chronic pancreatitis once a year where I have a CT scan with contrast to see how my pancreas is, so far it seems to be holding its own but recently I am becoming more nausea everyday and vomiting everyday and its stopping me from eating. If i eat a small amount of any kind of food I'm instantly bloated all the time, I do smoke but I just haven't got it in me to stop smoking like the way I stopped alcohol because Iv'e been an alcoholic since 1994. I take medication everyday, propranolol for anxiety, omeprazole for acid in the stomach, vitamin b compound, and I also take tramadol 50mg when required because of my chronic pancreatitis pains I get everyday. At night i take pizotifen for my migraines and i take mirtazapine 30mg for my depression, I do really worry about my health and recently for the last month Iv'e been constantly vomiting everyday, I'm not eating as the smallest amount of food makes me feel bloated and gives me heartburn, but most of all I just haven't got no energy at all. Can someone help please as Iv'e asked my doctor for all kinds of things but he just says its due to your chronic pancreatitis, the last four weeks my days consist of coffee and smoking and so on, I can't eat and I'm feeling sick all of the time.

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Acute Pancreatitis :: How Long Does It Take To Recover?

I was wondering how long it takes to recover from acute pancreatitis? It started when I was at work just over 3wks ago, I got the most excruciating pain in the upper left side of my abdomen, going into my back (the exact same pain I used to encounter when I had gallstones nearly 10 years ago, but I knew it couldn't be that, as I had my gallbladder removed.) my colleague took me to the walk in centre, where I had bloods taken and given buscopan tablets and sent home. Later that night the walk in centre rang to tell me I had pancreatitis, and that I should see my GP in the morning. I went to see my GP, she was puzzled why I hadn't already been admitted to hospital, she then arranged for me to go straight on to a ward. I was kept in for 4 days, nil by mouth on a drip, on lots of painkillers and I was given a X-ray and ultrasound scan. I was discharged and was sent home to rest, they said I would need to go back as a outpatient for a MRI, a camera test and a mrcp test. I got a sick note from my GP for 2wks, so thought I'd be ok by now? I was due to return to work yesterday, but still don't feel well, so my doctor has given me another note for 2wks. I still haven't heard from the hospital re tests, I just wondered is it normal to still be in some pain, I am also very tired? I know I shouldn't worry but I am worried about returning to work, my boss and her boss are coming to my house on Friday to discuss my attendance as it is procedure, it really is making me very anxious, I just want to get better.

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Pancreatitis :: Caffeine, Coca Cola, And A Lot Of Tea Cause Pain

I was diagnosed with CP about a year ago. Since then I have quit alcohol, fatty foods, and exercising a lot. However, I noticed that although the pain had subsided, I was still getting this annoying pain from time to time. I finally got to know that coffee, coca cola, and a lot of tea during the day was causing the pain. Now I only drink one tea bag 3 times daily and the pain has gone. Hope this will help some of my friends with similar problem.on this forum.

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Pancreatitis :: Back / Abdomen Pain Under Rib Cage

I'm not sure where to start. A lot has been going on in the past month. It all started when I started to feel like I had a couple of drinks when I had not. I was able to calm myself down because I thought I might be having some sort of anxiety attack. Long story short the symptoms did not go away. So I saw my doctor last week. With my vague answers to his questions he mentioned he wanted to do some further testing. Part of the testing was blood work and a 24 hour urine. That was last Wednesday. I had the blood draw on Thursday and turn my 24 hour urine and on Friday morning. It just so happened that I started my period on Friday. Its normal for me to feel a lot of lower back pain during my periods. this time is a little different. I started to feel the lower back pain then the pain moved to my upper abdomen on the left side. Then the pain moved to my lower right side of my back. now the pain is back on the left side of my upper abdomen. Of course everything that I have been reading leads to one thing... Pancreas. after calling my doctor my blood work has come back normal. However my urine test has not come back yet. They told me it could take up to a week. In the past this pain may have been here and it has gone away. But because of how much reading I have been doing on whyI have been feeling funny I've noticed the back pain and the abdomen pain a little more.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. However I'm really scared.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Location? Confused With Pancreatitis

Ive had a battery of tests through the years and for so long thought it was pancreatitis. I went to an expert out of state and he thinks its IBS though I do not feel my pain correlates to what I think IBS pain would be. My pain is a sharp, deep, quick stab/squeeze pain and comes and goes quickly. Its upper left abdomen.

Can you please describe the pain and location? I have assumed it was lower or mid abdomen and more like a long cramp vs a quick deep sharp pain.

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Pancreatitis :: Aloe Vera - Difference To Level Of Pain?

So DH has been taking the Aloe Vera juice for almost a week now and is feeling better now than he has for the last 6 months and I was wondering if anyone else was interested in trying it to see if it made any difference to their level of pain?

He drinks a 1 litre bottle over the course of about 3 days.

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Chronic Pancreatitis? Tender Stomach, No Gallstones And Pain

So since 09 I have had incidents where I get pain in my upper abdomen. Usually it's shortly after a meal, but sometimes it does creep up on me a few hours post meal. It varies in severity and duration. In the beginning I only had it once/twice a year, but the pain was excruciating for 4-7 hours. Fast forward to 2011 I started having these incidents like every 4 months, but with less pain. In 2014 I had an incident every month, but pain again was less. Here in 2015, it seems to be going backwards. I have incidents every 2,5 months now and the pain is far from what it was in 09, but its still painful (its a dull squeezing kind of pain). Sometimes it will go away if I drink a smoothie containing ginger,lemon, beetroot and stuff like that. Other times I need to go for a walk. But then there are times when nothing but time helps. The only pattern I have been able to identify is, that if I am very hungry and eat some junk, then I MIGHT get it. Other than that, I have not been able to find any pattern to when I get them.

I fear it might be Chronic Pancreatitis. This worries me a great deal.

Stools have also been acting weird. Switching between brown/yellowish-brown in color and consistency is mainly normal, but also range between somewhat loose/normal/hard

My stomach is also somewhat tender to touch in the upper right side/middle. Feels sorta like how a black eye would. Nothing too painful at all, but still something I notice here and there, since I can sometimes feel it when I walk around. 

Two months ago I had my stomach looked at by a doctor performing a gastroscopy. He didn't find anything there. No ulcers. He also did an ultrasound of my gallbladder and apparently also my pancreas (Only thing he said was it looked good and that I had no gallstones).

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Pancreatitis :: Aloe Vera, Betaine, Primrose Oil And Vitamin B12 Helps?

Good Morning I would be very grateful if anyone can offer some form of advice. I was recently diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. The specialist increased my Creon from 10000 to 40 000. I take 2 capsules after each meal but it does not seem to be working. My stools are still very soft and after each meal 15 minutes later I’m rushing straight to the toilet.  What is even worse is since I’ve stopped completely drinking as advised by my GP/Specialist my stools have got worst. I don’t know if it’s because of all the info I have read on the internet relating to this illness or this is what normally happens to every patient diagnosed with this illness.  I recently read on the internet about other medication that helps i.e. Aloe Vera, Betaine, primrose oil and Vitamin B12. I don’t know if any of you can offer any advice on these medications/supplements. Also I recently went to see my doctor for my blood test results he said my sugar levels have increased and my liver. I am awaiting another stool sample test back. Every morning my stomach make extremely loud gastric noises as soon as i finish eating my stomach goes into overdrive, sounding like a washing machine the only time it stops is when I go to the toilet. My pains in my stomach are very mild from 1-10 I will say 2 nothing like what I’ve read here on the forum.  It has affected my whole outlook to life and lastly I still smoke two cigarettes a day. I have also read that I need to stop that completely, I am considering going on the Vapour friends have told me it’s better. I would appreciate any form of advice because I am extremely distressed with everything, Thanks.

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