Penis Abrasion? Small Circular Pink Burn Under The Head - Neosporin Not Working

Dec 5, 2013

Under the penis head there is a small circular pink "injury" / friction burn under it. It's indented inward and is the size of about like a hole on a belt or like something a hole puncher would make. So kinda small. It's right under the head by the pee hole. I've been adding neosporin on it for 4-5 days and it doesn't seem like it's getting better. I've been applying this twice a day. I don't know why it's not healing any help?

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Urology :: Boric Acid On Penis Head Burn

Now i have a fairly painful burn on the head of my penis. It has some white layer looking type of thing on the burned area, its not red. I also burned my foreskin.

Does this stuff heal? If i wait it out should it be fine?

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STDs :: Little Burn Feeling On The Foreskin On My Penis Just Under The Head

I started to get this little burn feeling on the foreskin on my penis just under the head toward the left, there are no symptoms like redness, warts or burn while peeing, what could that be?

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Penis Disorders :: Small Red Patches Spaced Out Over Head And Foreskin

2 weeks been there someone help don't know what they are !?

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Penis Disorders :: Small Amount Of Skin Attached To Head

I'm 15 years old, uncut. I can pull my skin back with no problem but there's a small bit of skin attached to my glans, i can do anything a normal man can do i just want to know if this is normal.

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Penis :: Clear Shiny Circular Flat Mark On Side Of Shaft?

I noticed on my shaft right below the head of the penis what looks like a circular/flat clear-like pimple. (But it's not a pimple)  It's really only noticeable when you stretch the skin out. It's shiny but it's not itchy and I have no discharge.  I don't feel a lump or anything. It's not painful either. It's been around for a month - i think. The size is small - no bigger than an eraser head of a pencil.  I'm sure it's not an STD. Last week the skin started to peel but the mark remains.  I have been masturbating more w/out lube. Could that be the issue?  I heard of friction burn but I assume that would be painful. 

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A Small Red/pink Lump On The Top Of Thigh

I have a small red/pink lump on the top of thigh which looks like a bite. It's about the size of a bite, a bit smaller than a 5p. I went to the doctors about 4 weeks ago and he didn't seem concerned and said it was an inflamed hair follicle. I was wondering whether if there has been an infection or inflamed tissue it takes a long time to go away or it leaves scarred tissue. I am really worried about cancer as my mum had breast cancer last year. I am only 20 but im paranoid that its a cancerous lump as its hard and doesn't move.

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Penis :: Frenulum Abrasion With Wife's Teeth

I have an abrasion and inflammation on my frenulum (the penis one) from accidental encounter with my wife's teeth about a week ago. I applied neosporin for 4 or 5 days and that seemed to help some. But there is still some inflammation and sensitivity to touch (negatively so).

How long should this take to heal completely? Is there something else, like over-the-counter hydrocortisone that I might apply to it? How long should I let it go before seeing a doctor about it? What doctor? Urologist? Dermatologist?

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Penis :: Abrasion Due To Cheap Lotion For Masturbation

It happened by using "lube" when masturbating but it was obviously just some cheap lotion so it didn't work very well. I was doing it quite often until i could feel the skin start to kinda burn off so I stopped doing it. I looked down and there was a lot of skin removed, there was NO redness no blood or anything like that. It was simply the skin being removed. I never really let it heal, but I did notice it start healing in the week that I didn't self-pleasure. I tried to heal it again, this week actually, I haven't beat the meat since monday and I am noticing no noticeable change or skin coming out. Did I damage my penis forever? and, I use vaseline, and occasionally some moisturizers, but I don't really notice anything. Is this something that's gonna take a long time to heal? Am i prone to std/sti's? Honestly, I am also a "self sucker" so I did a bit of that while the abrasion still existed...

Any tips? aside for lay off the whacking (which I am) , am I prone to std/sti's? , Is it safe to have sex with this abrasion (unprotected)?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Small Amount Of Light Pink Mucus

Ok I have a 2yr old little girl plus I got my tubes tied when I had her they. Did a C-section and suppose to tied them have had normal periods last on was like in the 3rd week of August so this I wiped this morning and was a small amount of light pink mucus...

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Penis Foreskin - Turns Red And Burn When Urinate After Masturbation

I'm 20years old, I am a athlete, in my sport I train around 5 hours a day 5 days a week. My problem is when I masterbate or have sex i seem to occur a after problem with my foreskin, the tip of my penis (tip of the foreskin) turns bright red and starts the burn when I urinate, In some cases i start creating discharge, its extremely painful, i have had two chlamydia tests and tested for all other STDs such as gonorrhea and so on, all came back negative, but all the symptoms suggest these infections, i think it may have something to do with my hygiene, where i train 3hours in the afternoon then 2 hours in the evening I don't shower in between, i sometimes find myself jerking off In Between, i am not sure if that is the problem ....

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Men :: Extremely Small Testicles And Small Flacid Penis

I am 30 years old.

Well as the topic mentions i have really small testicles, so small that when my penis is erect they most likely go in me. 

My penis is extremely small when flaccid , prob 2-3 inches top if its a good day, but when erect it is about 6 or so ( apparently what they call a grower)
Now i have been suffering from this since i can remember, It has taking a huge amount of my life away, i feel as i would of been a more successful man if i didn't, i avoid at all cost going OUT yes it sucks that bad, i go out only when necessary. 

Here is what is weird i guess the good part? i have never been ashamed in the sex act, i mean i wouldn't pull it out until my penis was erect but never had a problem besides a girl saying i had small testicles.

Now i am married and have beautiful children, apparently extremely small testicles does not affect this :) Grateful for that, as in the back of my head i was always concerned if i was going to be able to produce children.
Ok so the problem the big huge problem....

The bulge in my pants... yes many of you might think this is stupid but this is the reason i tend to hide from public. I have considered shoving a sock or something down there but i think it would be worst or maybe it is just the fear of looking funny.

Please do not say people do not look or don't notice because believe it or not they DO, some are even loud and shameless to say "did you see that guy"  some stare and some laugh, this goes without fail every single time i am out.  Well i will not drag any longer, simply saying that i am suffering in this body i was giving. I wear baggy clothes ( don't like them but have no choice)

Please please !!!! Any solution is welcomed , i have tried using... pumps, stretchers, pills etc nothing does the job, you might be thinking im stupid for trying any of these things put i am desperate and willing to try it all.  Sadly i was thinking in my head while someone was staring and laughing that i would gladly give an arm for a normal package ( i know that sounds extreme but it is true)

So again any help? i can not seem to find much information about the subject , i guess my main goal is the testicles since this would give me the bulge i want.

Money wouldn't be a problem, and surgery is very acceptable if it is an option, like i said there is just not enough info about anything.

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Anxiety :: Zoloft Stopped Working And Numbness In Head

I am a 20 year old male and i was prescribed 50mg of zoloft. So far i have been taking it for 5 months and it basically got rid of my generalized anxiety disorder. Before i took the medication i have been having weird symptoms from my anxiety such as my whole body being tense from head to toe, my eyes not focusing properly and everything looking unreal or fake around me like i was high. Also it felt like there was a pressure on top of my head like if someone put a blanket on my head. It also felt like the skin on my head was moving and i couldn't just sit still, i had to touch my head all the time or put my sweater hood up.

It all started after i smoked weed about 4 years ago, i had a bad panic attack and ever since then i haven't felt normal. Not even my doctor has answers for me but he did give me zoloft. The zoloft has basically made me feel normal again like i was before i smoked the weed. But i made a huge mistake, Just about 4 days ago i drank alot of alcohol on the weekend and also on the weekend before that. The first couple of times i drank on zoloft nothing happened. But after this weekend i noticed the zoloft has completely stopped working and all my weird anxiety symptoms are coming back, Will the zoloft kick back in soon? did i make it permanently stop working? I am never drinking again for a very very long time. I'm just stressed out that the zoloft will never work again :(. Also the symptoms from my anxiety are so strange, I didn't know anxiety could do all these weird things to the mind and body.

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Penis :: Reddish Pink Spot On The Shaft

A few days ago I was in the bathroom and I noticed I had what seemed like a pimple on my penis. There was a red area and I could see a spot with a white head in the middle, I pinched the spot and applied a slight amount of pressure and it popped and out came some pus and a small amount of blood. It seemed like a regular pimple/zit but on my penis shaft.

Earlier today though I checked again and this time the spot appeared slightly bigger (like a small pea), with a brown crusty scab that was now covering a small amount of the spot, I gave the spot a slight scrape and the scab came off, followed by a very small amount of clear fluid. Right now as I speak, the spot is red, shiny and it is itching a bit. The spot seems to always look shiny and wet but when I wipe it with a piece of tissue, it doesn't dry so it has a wet appearance to it if that helps. Also note, that the spot wasn't itching before I took the scab off, so I guess it started after that.

I'm 19 and I haven't had any sex. I may be overreacting but I'm worried it could be something bad. I have had a pimple on my penis before (like 2 years ago) and it cleared up on it's own. Does this just sound like a regular pimple or something worse?

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Itch When Hot, Small Black And Red Spots On The Back Of My Head

I have small black and red spots on the back of my head, i've had it for some while and I've tried antibiotics, tea tree oil and various creams but no luck. Sometimes they are itchy, normally when i get hot.

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Shingles :: Neosporin Helps

I did some research on an infection rash that I started seeing develope on my thigh and I have found out that it is shingles...On the onsight of the blisters I have put neosporin on really seems to help and within 3-5 days has started to heal...worth a shot...give it a try!!!

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Acne :: Pink Looking Bumps Midway Up Shaft Of Penis

For about a year, I had a small bump about midway up the shaft of my penis. Every indicator seemed to me to be that of an ingrown hair, so I basically ignored it. Now, about five or six weeks ago I noticed this bump was much larger. I also noticed 4-5 similar ones around it, not right next to it but in the same general vicinity. I have plucked a hair from the middle of the original one and am treating it 2-3 times a day with hydrogen peroxide. I also plucked a hair from two of the others, the remaining ones look like these but I have yet to find hairs growing out of them. My question is, are these most likely ingrown hairs? Is it possible to get several at once? I'm pretty sexually active and was a bit of a wild man in my past, so I have had exposure to other sexual partners, although I have slowed down a lot in recent years. Do I simply have ingrown hair or should I be concerned about something worse?

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Multiple Bumps On My Penis Shaft (pink, White With Black Dots)

I have multiple bumps on my penis shaft, none on the head. Some are small and flesh colored, while some are pink. One of the pink bumps has a black dot on the top and another has a white dot. Anyway to know what this is? The last time I had sex was 2 months ago, and 8 months before that, with the same person who hasn't complained of anything being wrong with her.

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Penis :: 12 And Cannot Expose Head Of Penis

I'm a 12 yr old boy and i've hit puberty but i can't expose the head of my penis is there any way to expose it

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Skin :: Circular Hard Bump On My Finger

I've had this thing on my pinky finger since I was younger. It just won't go away. I have no idea what it is. I've tried filing the skin but it temporarily make some of the hard skin go away. The skin keeps coming back.

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Penis :: Small Red Bumps On Shaft

I'm 26 and have had a steady partner for some months however I had unprotected sex with another woman just 4 days ago. A couple days ago I masturbated about 3 times in one day. I noticed yesterday a small red bump that resembled folliculitis on my penis. I noticed a bunch more of them today and don't remember seeing them yesterday. They are all separated, not clustered, and all located on the long shaft part of my penis. So far they don't itch or hurt when I touch them or anything. I'm wondering if they could just be infected hair follicles or if I caught genital warts from that woman, or what?Will likely have a doctor check this out because it's scary to think they could be lesions, even if they resemble folliculitis. One of them almost looks like a little blister and there is another spot that seems to emerge a larger flat red area. Don't know if I'm seeing it correctly because it's barely there.

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