Penis :: Flaky, Rough And Peeling Skin On Head

Jun 29, 2014

I had a yeast infection around my crotch 2months ago, it wasnt severe and wasnt the contagious type, happend due to antibiotic use for acne and I treated it with some natural creams and oils along with changing my diet, it's been completely gone for over 2 weeks, but a few days ago when I woke up I've noticed a tiny part of my penis head being a little rough and peely, it was very tiyn so thought it was just coming off due to not being moist or something. So I waited a few days and right now its a little bigger and the skin is rougher with peeling, if I peel it it looks a little red and sensitive below it. I have included 3 photos if it will help, it doesnt itch at all also last time I had sex it was over a year ago, I will go over to my gf due to long distance relationship in a month and I hope I can cure this before I'm over there with her. I highly doubt its an STD yet I'm very curious as to what it is.

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Flaky Red Nose And Peeling Skin

I've been having issue with my nose. some red marks sometimes, and when I touch or apply some force onto my nose, it becomes red. Every morning, my nose becomes very flaky and the skin peels off. I do use moisturizer after washing my face. It has been like this since August. But after some time when I don't do anything with my nose, it has the normal color of my skin but, it still have a bit of redness on my nose.

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Penis :: Rough Skin

Hey guys i have this rough skin on the shaft of my penis, it doesn't hurt or itch its just there. I have know idea what it is. It could be from dry masturbation?

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Penis :: Rough Skin/ Inflammation

I'm 16 and uncircumcised, but I've noticed some issues with the texture of my penis. The head is really rough and red and looks like it is keratinized (I've gathered that through some research) and the foreskin around it is also red. It is also really sensitive to the touch. I also occasionally get a slight burning sensation after I masturbate (I never do it more than once a day and I usually do it in the shower. *I don't use soap as a lubricant), but it always goes away in less than a half hour.

Recently I have gotten some anti-fungal Lotrimin 1% cream because one of the forums I followed said that it could be antifungal. I have also tried hydrocortisone and calamine cream and no improvement (no worse either).

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Penis :: Sore And Red With Skin Peeling Off

the head of my penis is sore and red. there is a small rash of bumps and looks as if the skin is peeling off.

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Penis :: Itch + Skin Peeling

Alright so during the last two days I've been feeling that under the foreskin my penis has ben reaaaally itchy, so I've scratched it through my pants and I've never had something like this.When I showered today I saw a huge red spot on the head plus white stuff all over it seemed kind of dry and from what I could see the foreskin's been peeling.At first I thought I forgot some toilet paper from the last time I masturbated, but I don't think that's the case here.I'm a virgin if that helps.

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Penis :: Peeling Skin On My Genitals

So recently my penis was really dry and is like peeling the top layer of skin. It's on the head and the shaft, most on the top half of the shaft though. It is also red all the places it is peeling, and hurts if masterbaiting or during sex. I do not have any STD's or anything and I only had this for about 2-3 days so far.

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Penis :: Peeling Skin After Unprotected Sex

I had sex with my girl without a condom and now the skin on my penis is peeling and dry

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Penis :: Red Testicles With Skin Peeling Off

My balls are red and the skin is peeling off and idk what to do and I'm scared it going up my pens and I just need help and advice I'm still very young and it just happen to me like 5-6 months ago I told my parents but they don't know what to do and I put some anti fungal and it's not working. 

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Penis Skin Dry And Peeling Off By Night

I am a 37 year male.

I have been suffering this condition on my foreskin that connects the penis glan and the penis and sometimes on the glan for many months now. During the day, the foreskin appears very dry. Some white flakes will appear on the skin. Most of the time it is not itchy. By night, the mild itchiness will start. As I spray the penis with the water jet from the shower head (not overly strong current), layers of of skins around that area will 'peel-off' and the discomfort will go away. But the area looks and feel raw. It is easy to rip during sex that looks like little cuts (which hurts). As I result I have applied lots of olive oil to lubricate.

There has never been any discharge. I have had a serious dermatitis episode in that area 6 years ago. Since then similar but much milder problem appears on and off.

I have photos but not sure how to post it or where to email to for a more accurate description.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me dealing with this recurring problem !

Previously my dermatitis seems to respond to a combination of Advantan and Elidar. However lately it seems that Advantan has not worked. Currently I have not applied anything.

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STDs :: Penis Skin Peeling - No Itch

I had sex 4 days back and found now I have skin peeling, not itchy and no other difficulties. Just found like this.

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Penis :: Skin Cracking / Peeling - Unprotected Sex

I made the mistake to have unprotected sex with a girl I met in my school, (only for about 2 minutes then we put on a condom) and about 2-3 weeks later the area around my penis started to itch and the skin to crack, the cracking looks something like lips crack when you spend too much time in cold weather and the skin is peeling like scales, the head of my penis doesn't seem to be affected(not circumcised), it's enough to masturbate two days in a row or scratch too much and the skin will crack, it's been almost 2 months since I had sex and it's quite frustrating, me and my girlfriend been together for a month now and I'm trying not to have sex with her until I fix this because I don't want her to get this too.....

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Skin :: Flaky Dry Skin With Red Bumps On Forehead

I periodically suffer from dry skin on the forehead and cheeks, and now is another stint. It is far worse than anything I have ever seen this time though, with skin actually flaking off and being very visibly dry, and only on the forehead not on the cheeks as well. In addition, I have red bumps on my forehead that look unlike any pimples I have ever had. This has been going on for perhaps a week now. I have no idea what is causing this and really want it to go away.

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Men :: Swollen Penis And Skin Around The Head

I'm 18 and I went to a club Sunday night and I grinded with like 12 girls and they were all going hard. I was only wearing a soccer shorts nothing under it. when I got home I looked at my penis and under the head of my penis the skin was really swollen. I tried putting it back to normal but It's too swollen that I can't put it back to normal. So i decided to go to bed and hope that swollen part will be gone by morning. 

when I woke up the next day. it was still swollen. i'm not wearing any underwear cuz i think it will make it worst. and its kinda sensitive so it kinda hurt when it touches my shorts. 

its tuesday now and up until now its still swollen.
• warm shower (twice)
• applied ice on it (once) 
and btw i'm not circumcised yet.
is this curable?
what kind of medication I need to heal it without going to a doctor?
will it leave mark/scars?
will my penis get longer after it heals?
will it reduce the pleasure when I masturbate or have sex?
what kind of food I can eat or drink to help it?

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Penis :: Dry Skin On Head And Shaft, Masturbation?

I am 19 and circumcised.

It all started with a red spot on my shaft right below the penis head, i still continued to masterbate and eneded up with dry skin and the skin around the spot getting darker, i visited a doctor and was given a topical cream to apply, and i did see some results. But ive been masterbating a lot recently and there is now some slight dry skin in my penis head, and in the area below the head (where the foreskin was) could this e from the friction of the masterbation, or could it b a different condition.

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Penis Disorders :: Small Amount Of Skin Attached To Head

I'm 15 years old, uncut. I can pull my skin back with no problem but there's a small bit of skin attached to my glans, i can do anything a normal man can do i just want to know if this is normal.

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Acne Breakouts - Exfoliating Dry Skin, Flaky Areas All Over

I have dry flaky areas all over with often acne breakouts. I use moisturizer and cleanser, but they don't help. I'm considering to try exfoliating but I'm not sure if it will make acne worse or better. Also I'm worried that my skin may become more drier. What do you think? Is exfoliating good idea?

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Burns :: Peeling Skin After Scald (hot Water) - Pink Skin Underneath

I Just need to know if this in normal. I burn myself with hot water last week. I blister formed and then busted open. I drained the yellow/ clear fluid and a small scab in a straight line formed where the blister split. The scab got peeled yesterday by mistake and then a good amount of the skin that was burned ( only about 2-4 inches of skin, may be ) peeled off. It left pink skin exposed underneath. It doesn't really hurt at all, it just itches. I put neosporin and a band-aid on it this morning. I want to know if this is normal, if its going to stay pink like that forever, and if its going to scar.

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Penis :: Reddish Swollen And Flaky Foreskin, Can't Pull Back

I know it's because I masturbate a lot.

At first, it was itching/burning after I pee, now it's just very swollen, reddish in one area (very small), dry and I cannot pull the foreskin back and when I clean it with hot water and a rag, I see little flakes.

Should I just keep it clean and not worry?

I'm going to fly into the sun b4 I masturbate again.

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Dermatology :: Palm Rough Skin

I've had a small patch of rough skin appear on my right palm on and off for a few months now. I applied over the counter cortistone which would get rid of it but it always returns after a few days. 

Here is a picture. Any idea what this is, what is causing it? How to get rid of it?

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Reddish, Rough Facial Skin

Ive always had dry skin on my face, within a minute of washing it I need to moisturize. I have used the same moisturizer (nivea) for years and haven't changed skincare products at all lately. Two days ago I noticed my face went hot and the next morning when washing my face I noticed it felt rough and bumpy. What could have triggered this? Something I ate?? An allergy to something? Its not itchy just a bit hot and has a bumpy appearance if I look up close.

Im taking Vit B Executive Stress (Healtheries) tablets, Magnesium tablets, Noriday birth control tablets.

Only foods Ive eaten out of ordinary and feel could have triggered it is pizza, peppermint tea or blueberries! Am hoping it will go away on its own, not sure what to use as a moisturiser.. bio oil, same nivea soft moisturiser, paw paw ointment?

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