Penis :: Tiny Bumps Around Shaft And Base

Jan 16, 2013

For about almost a year now i have had these bumps around the base of my penis, they are in clusters, they have been increasing in number and in size(not significantly). They are slightly raised from the skin. I have looked all over the web on what they could be but haven't found anything that looks like them. The larger one that is on the shaft has seemed to stop growing. My doctor noticed it when i went to get an std test awhile back, said it didn't look like a wart but he wasn't sure. He said he would have to take a biopsy of it to see. But then got off the topic of stds. He wasn't able to see the little bumps since i wasn't shaved. Now since i have shaved they are more noticeable.

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Penis :: Tiny White Bumps/spots On Shaft

i've noticed tiny white spots on my penis shaft. about two yrs ago i was watching an episode of the "Dr.s" or whatever with my girlfriend,the episode had a segment about pearly papules. since then i've been inspecting my penis for any changes. I've always had tiny white bumps under the shaft side of my penis ever since i was a kid. but never comin along the base or mid shaft area. ive researched everything i could find online. but every picture i see looks way different than what i see on my penis.

some of the spots are there one day and the next they shrink or get smaller. one has gotten big enough for me to pop..and when i did puss came out like when you pop a pimple then blood and after a little more squeezing a hard white very tiny ball comes out.

from the looks of it i'm thinkin they may be some sort of cysts from pictures i've seen. they don't break open and scab over like herpes and they don't resemble any kind of warts i've seen online, not even the mildest of cases.

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Penis :: Large Painful Lump On Base Of Shaft

First of all, I want to make clear (for a better diagnosis) that I have not had sexual intercourse with anyone, which rules out the possibility of anything caused by such.

About a week ago, I suddenly found a large lump (diameter ~1.2cm, heigh ~0.8cm) that is painful to the touch. While it pains a little when pressure is applied, it is rather painful if squeezed. It does not have any particular color; marginally reddish, but that's all. I would like to know what kind of symptom this is, and if leaving it be is the best solution (so that it can slowly fade away). While I do not remember clearly, I recall that its formation was very sudden; less than 24h, I would say.

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Penis :: Tiny Red Rash With Small Black Dot Under Shaft

I'm 16 years old. Never had sex. I did masturbate last night. I hump my bed to masturbate. I woke up this morning with it. I got a urine test in the past July. Everything was fine.

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Small White Pimples On Penis Base And Shaft Like Huge Hair Follicles

August first I had sex with a random girl,but I used a condom. During the intercourse the condom broke,it didn't take me more then 15-20 seconds the most to realise it and I stopped right there.  A week or two later I shaved,but it was my first time using a buzzer,usually I trim it with scissors.  Id say 2-3 weeks after the shaving(40 days after the sexual intercourse) I saw that small little white bubbles in a ring shape had occurred at the base of my pennis,and in a straight up line on the left side of the pennis.  they're not painfull at all, they would get a little itchy when pressure is put on them like the laptop,the belt or skinny pants. Its almost new years eve now, I popped most of them out,and they seem to crust and disappear after I pop them,some disappeared itself but new ones keep coming out,especially after my second shave with a buzzer again. When I look at them, they're like huge hair follicles that just pop out ,and hair comes out of almost all of em. They've reduced in numbers but never disappeared. I don't remember me getting sick after the sexual intercourse,don't remember any fevers or stomach pain,except for 2-3 days ago,i had a slight stomach pain but probably it was cuz of too much drinking,now its gone. it still feels ticklish a little bit down there.what could it be guys?any ideas? please tell me its not herpes....

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STD :: Red Bumps On Shaft And Tip Of Penis

I meet this girl don't really know her and we have unprotected sex. She was on the rag and neglected to tell me I was sh*t housed and went in for the kill not realizing she had a tampon in so it pushed it in her and we smashed for a moment then she told me and took it out and being a man I decided a lil blood was worth the sex. The next morning I woke up with small red bumps on my tip and they went away as the day went on so I didn't think much about it the next night we had sex again and they once again appeared and once again depleted the next day... The third time they are still here, I'm freaking out all of this time she was on her period and I'm trying to figure out wtf is going on. I went gyno on her ass and turned on the lights and looked around down there checking the field in which I had been playing and there was nothing.. Now I have red bumps on my tip and shaft and progressively they have gotten worse. I have looked through a million pictures and none look exactly like what these do..there are quite a few prob 40 or 50 on the tip.. I'm scared sh*tless what do I do?

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Penis :: Whitish Bumps On The Shaft

I have a really embarrassing problem, and I don’t want to go to a doctor unless I really have to. But I have these 4-5 whitish bumps on the shaft of my penis, and I am really worried. I don’t think it’s an STD, because it’s been over a year since I had sex. But I’m afraid that if a girl sees them, she will think there is something wrong with me.

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Penis :: Bumps On Shaft After Unprotected Sex

I had unprotected sex last saturday, I'm a very paranoid person and I'm obsessive. Probably at unhealthy levels for both. But anyways. I've noticed some white bumps on my penis shaft. I'm not sure if they were there before because I haven't looked at myself this detailed before. Well i've looked on the internet and seen that it could be sweat glands, hair follicles, or papules. I don't have painful urination or burning. I'm not sure what I should do, and possibly my paranoia is making me worked up for nothing. Are std's treatable. I'm not saying I have one but I'm a little concerned. And the only reason I'm here is because I'm wanting to keep this under the table.

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Penis :: Pimple Like Bumps On Shaft

Recently I started noticing very small bumps on the lower end of my shaft where it starts off and close to my testicles. They are lighter than my penis skin tone and are very small like pimples.

The only un-protective sex I've had is performing oral sex on a female, and I've received unprotected oral on my penis and kissing of course. Other than that, I have NOT had unprotected intercourse.

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Penis :: Red Splotches / Bumps On Shaft

I masturbated using a vacuum hose and woke up the next morning with several red splotches kind of bumpy things on the shaft of my penis. It looks pinkish in color kind of red. It is painless. The skin is not rubbing off or burning or anything.

What do I do? I researched it and It could be a subcutaneous fungal infection.

I am putting lotrimin ultra on it just in case. Is there anyway I can paste a picture on here?  I am really worried, my penis has never had an STD and has always been perfectly clean.

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Penis :: Small Red Bumps On Shaft

I'm 26 and have had a steady partner for some months however I had unprotected sex with another woman just 4 days ago. A couple days ago I masturbated about 3 times in one day. I noticed yesterday a small red bump that resembled folliculitis on my penis. I noticed a bunch more of them today and don't remember seeing them yesterday. They are all separated, not clustered, and all located on the long shaft part of my penis. So far they don't itch or hurt when I touch them or anything. I'm wondering if they could just be infected hair follicles or if I caught genital warts from that woman, or what?Will likely have a doctor check this out because it's scary to think they could be lesions, even if they resemble folliculitis. One of them almost looks like a little blister and there is another spot that seems to emerge a larger flat red area. Don't know if I'm seeing it correctly because it's barely there.

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Penis :: Bumps On The Bottom Of My Shaft

I'm freaking out over these small somewhat hard but not really jumbled together (about 4 or 5) flesh colored bumps on the bottom of my penis shaft. I haven't had sex in over 2 months and it was protected, before that I had unprotected sex with a girl who has recently gotten tested for HIV and HPV and she is clean as can be.

The area they showed up in is where some hair grows, and I had shaved it with a razor WITHOUT shaving cream, dumb I know. They appeared and about a little over a week they were still there so I decided to scrape them off with my razor, dumb again. A month later i tried scraping them with my fingernail and they just bled. Its been 2 months and they are still there.

What could they be? They don't look like warts (no cauliflower look, aren't big and bulky) and they don't look like herpes because there is no red rash around them. They are painless and not itchy at all, they're just there. I've used bacteriocin on them and it didn't seem to help although they do seem smaller. I'm freaking out, I just want them gone. I have also heard that obsessing over something can make them stay there for longer, which i have been obsessing over them (I suffer from anxiety) Also, hair follicles... can they take longer than 2 months to recover? I thought that's what they were too but hair follicles normally heal quickly and look like pimples whiteheads.

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STDs :: Red Rash And Bumps On Penis Shaft

About 3 months ago i noticed a small bump on the bottom of my penis shaft. The next day there was about 5 to 7 and only 1 crater looking very small bump on the tip. It went away after a week. I went to a doctor who said it had To be herpes and u took an icg or igg urine test and hsv 2 came back but the doctor said it's not very accurate. On my 2nd visit he said there's no way it's herpes and that it looks like warts so he zapped or burned half of them which really hurt. He referred me to a urologist who said it could be anything and gave me antibiotics which didn't do anything. I have been staying away from sex and stopped mastyrvating because every time i do the red crusty rash shows up around my penish on the top of the shaft or and small bumps that go away after a few days the red rash looks like chaffing based on what i researched and i don't have an answer for the bumps. Again, the bumps or rash show up right after sex if masturbation. Have a red rash with somewhat cracking dry skiing under the top of the penis on my shaft. There is no discharge. No pain or burn when i pee.

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Dermatology :: Red Bumps On The Bottom Of Penis Shaft

I am 39 years old .One day back i was observed bumps on my penis shaft which is on the bottom of the penis. these are painless. I was not observed any others. These are looking like when you get fewer at that time some bumps will observed on the skin. I was not observed any itching and white fluids also not observed. can you tell me what i have to do, to i have to consult (dermatologist or uralogist) and also last two days sexual desires also reduced. if i am going to penetrating my penis it was responding like earlier.

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Red Bumps Under Penis Shaft - No Itch Or Discharge

I'm 18 and i am sexually active but don't often have sex. I have these red bumps under my penis and it doesn't itch or white or pussing. Look more like a rash. I work construction and my boxers are always soaked in sweat and i barely noticed today.

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Penis :: Bumps Around Pubic Region And On Shaft

I am a 17 year old male and i have been experiencing this weird problem for about 6-8 months now. I am very sexually active, and have been very unsafe, so i got STD tested a few weeks ago, but everything came back negative. (what a relief) These bumps don't really go away, and they seem to be spreading like wildfire they started on the pubic area region right above my penis, and spread onto the shaft of my penis, and they just seem to be working there way all around it. They are not pimple like bumps, they are just little bumps, that are squishy, and red. occasionally one will pop from me itching, (there is little or no itching from them) I also have had a spot underbelly of my penis that opens up like a cut everytime i drink beer, can anyone tell me what this is, and it seems if i put hydrocortisone on the cut thingy it goes away but comes right back after i drink. As for the bumps i tested negative for genital herpes so IDK what this is?

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STD :: Red/hard Bumps On Crotch AND Some On Shaft Of Penis

Alright, I'll make this as short as possible, but for about 3-4 weeks now, I have these bumps on my crotch area and a couple on the shaft of my penis (lower part, closest to body/crotch). Some bumps are bigger than others, they are spread out, but there is a lot of them.

They are: painless, small, kinda hard, red but have a small "head" on them, and do not itch. I don't even notice them until I obviously look, and it doesn't burn/hurt to pee. These bumps remind me of irritated pimples.

One hard bump has a small hair sprouting out of the center, and another bump has a small hair coming out of the very outer/top area of the bump. I am going to assume that they are all most likely ingrown hairs that are either infected or irritated from shaving. But, before I make a doctor appointment, I figured I would ask on here and see what other guys have to say.

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Penis :: White Bumps On Head And Shaft

I had sex about a week ago and when I woke up the next morning I noticed a white bump on the shaft of my penis... The following day I began to notice the addition of another bump on the head of my penis and eventually a week later (today) I currently have 3 bumps on the head of my penis, in no related pattern, 1 on the posterior of my shaft, 2 on the anterior, and one on the right of the shaft. I can't tell if more are developing or not and it does itch occasionally, not often or triggered by anything. I also have a few bumps on the left side of my thigh close to my genital area. I normally practice safe sex, but the women I have been with without the use of a condom were disease free. The bumps themselves are nearly the size of a needle point and are somewhat peal-like.

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Itching And Red Swollen Bumps On Penis Shaft

Your question: "I've been itching and have red swollen bumps on my penis for weeks, what is this? My thighs have been itching like crazy also. Cortisone cream brings the swelling down but it fires right back up."

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STD :: Bumps Like Skin On Upper Shaft Of Penis

I'm 15 and I've noticed tiny bumps when my penis is erect and I'm worried, you have to look closely to see them when it's flaccid but not when erect, I masturbate almost everyday once or twice a day, sometimes more. I'm very worried it could be an STD, they don't hurt or itch and only turn pinkish red when I masturbate, there only on the upper shaft and I'm circumcised. I'm a virgin but I've come In contact with girls before just not sex.

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases :: Red Bumps On Penis Shaft

i've recently noticed this few bumps on the shaft of my penis and i became really afraid of what it might be. i'm only sexually active with my girlfriend for the past 1 year and this few bumps has been here since a week ago. there's a little itch but nothing serious overall. no pain or whatsoever.

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