Penis :: Flesh Coloured Bumps/spots On Shaft - Fordyce Spots?

Aug 8, 2012

I have flesh coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis i haven't been sexually active so i have read that it's rare that they are genital warts but i'm still scared, i am hoping that they are just fordyce spots ...

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Fordyce Spots :: Small White Bumps On My Scrotum And Shaft Of My Penis?

I am currently 13 years old and I have these small white bumps on my scrotum and shaft of my penis I don't want to tell my dad or mom anything because I get very embarrassed about stuff like this because I'm sorta a runt and I have enough problems but I don't really know what they are I am willing to send a picture of what they look like if I have to it, but I don't really know what they are and if they are normal.

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Penis :: White Spots On Shaft And Scrotum - Fordyce Spots?

Well Im a male and Im 16 and not sexually active. I have these a bunch of white spots at the base of my shaft and like two mid shaft. and they are all over my scrotum. When they are popped, a white pus type stuff comes out (like popping a whitehead on your face or nose or whatever) I don't pop them, but i did when i first noticed it when I was about 13 years old. I've looked around and the closest thing i can come to is that it's fordyce spots? I really don't want to go to a doctor as this is pretty embarrassing even though its their jobs and all but yeah. Btw when i was taking accutane for my acne they sorta went away? Idk i cant remember clearly but i think i saw less of them but i don't remember. I'm off accutane now but yeah.

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Penis :: Tiny White Bumps/spots On Shaft

i've noticed tiny white spots on my penis shaft. about two yrs ago i was watching an episode of the "Dr.s" or whatever with my girlfriend,the episode had a segment about pearly papules. since then i've been inspecting my penis for any changes. I've always had tiny white bumps under the shaft side of my penis ever since i was a kid. but never comin along the base or mid shaft area. ive researched everything i could find online. but every picture i see looks way different than what i see on my penis.

some of the spots are there one day and the next they shrink or get smaller. one has gotten big enough for me to pop..and when i did puss came out like when you pop a pimple then blood and after a little more squeezing a hard white very tiny ball comes out.

from the looks of it i'm thinkin they may be some sort of cysts from pictures i've seen. they don't break open and scab over like herpes and they don't resemble any kind of warts i've seen online, not even the mildest of cases.

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White Bumps On My Upper Lip - Fordyce Spots?

I'm 17 and I was just looking in the mirror at my lips, because they had been really badly chapped two weeks before. I bought some kind of chap stick, and it worked really well... no more chapped lips. However I noticed today that I now have little white bumps on my upper lip. I've never noticed them before, and I was wondering if you could get these bumps from using too much chapstick perhaps.

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Women Health :: Small Red Bumps On My Perineum - Fordyce Spots?

I have recently discovered scaley feeling small red bumps on my perineum. They can only really be seen when the skin is stretched. They do not itch or hurt, however if i scratch them they bleed. I am really worried that they may be a std! Or could they be Fordyce spots?

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Skin :: Fordyce Spots On Back, Lips, Eyes, Nose And All Over Shaft And Scrotum

I have had Fordyce spots since I was 11 and I'm 14 now. Since then they have spread to my back, lips, eyes, nose, and all over shaft and scrotum. I know they're harmless but its just so hard to be confident like this. I have not told anyone about this except my best friend. Turns out he had them too! So anyone out there who has these stupid things I feel you.

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Penis :: How Fordyce Spots Look Like?

I have a weird cluster of bumps on my penis. I have always had this and never thought much about it, but i just want to be sure. I researched a bit about it and it looks like fordyce spots. I want to know what is exactly is and why it has appeared. Is there a way to show you what it looks like?

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Treatment?

I have FS before 7-8 years and i am 17years old. I don't like to see this...i need some treatment..

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Irritating After I Tried To Pop It

I am a 21 year old male. About three days ago i noticed one of the fordyce spots on the shaft of my penis was a little larger than the rest, so i decided to try and pop it...after i squeezed it it turned red and has been irritated ever since..i little white discharge came out but no is still red and looks a lot like a white head now....should i be worried or is it just a little irritated from me messing with it too much?

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Penis :: Are Fordyce Spots Contagious?

Can anyone who's been in a relationship tell me whether or not they think they developed fordyce spots (on their genitals or lips) shortly after having contact with another person who has it, or who had it before the relationship and the person they're with developed it after the relationship began.  I know doctors say its not contagious/infectious but I want to try and make absolutely sure before I get into a relationship, especially after reading a post by a person who noticed the spots shortly after dating someone who had them.

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Penis :: Treating Fordyce Spots With Tazorac Gel

tazorac .1 gel would be a safe and effective topical treatment to many fordyce spots on the shaft of a penis?

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots As Long As I Remember

So i've had these spots on my penis for as long as i remember and they really destroy my self confidence, i'm 20 years old and never had a sexual partner mainly because of this, did fool around with one person but they only touched it with their hand, any insight would be great..

Its mainly the ones around the base of my penis that bothers me/ When i spread the skin out they're like mini spots all together.

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Getting Progressively Worse

I've had Fordyce spots since a very early age and it seems to be getting progressively worse is there anything anyone can tell me about my condition. Is it going to get better or worse

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Penis :: Heaps Of Fordyce Spots On My Genitals

I have a ton of fordyce spots, is this usual?

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Turned Red And Bigger After Squeezing

I am a 16 year old boy, and i have fordyce spots.. there was 1 bigger one that i squeezed and now it has turned  red and is much larger... what can i do?

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Disgusting Girls - Fucidin Cream?

I'm a 17 year old guy and I've just been to the doctor's for my Fordyce spots which I've had for a little over 4 years. I know they're completely harmless, but they look awful and are quite noticeable, so I'm mostly worried about girls. I've been prescribed Fucidin cream: does anyone have experience with that? How long did it take to work? Or am I just going to be disgusting girls for the rest of my life?

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots On Scrotum Got Bigger When Tried To Remove With Tweezer

So, I know these are completely normal I guys, I am a 19 year old male with them on my scrotum. They used to be small, until I tried to get rid of one and it got irritated and got bigger. Now it's a huge one under my skin. I have passed up a lot of sexual experiences because of this one bump. It is pretty noticeable. How can I get rid of this? I try to use tweezers to rip the hard oily stuff off my scrotum but it is attached very well.

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Non Itchy Red Bumps / Spots On My Back, Knee, Ankle And Penis

About a year ago I got some (maybe 20) red bumps/spots on my back. Some are raised and some are flat against the skin. They don't itch. The doc gave me some steroid cream which faded them but didn't remove them entirely ( a few went away).

The problem is now I have more spots, behind my knee (3 or so), ankle (2) and on my penis (10 or so). Same thing, red spots that don't itch or cause any discomfort. They seem to appear suddenly, it's not a gradual thing. I would think they were insect bites but they don't itch, but that's what they kinda look like. They also don't heal naturally.

I've attached a pic from last year of my back. These ones have faded now but you get the idea of what they look like. I still have that cream, should i use it again or do you think i need to see a GP? I've seen two about my back and neither of them really seemed concerned to be honest, but they weren't dermatologists. 

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Accutane Will Clear Fordyce Spots

Will accutane clear fordyce/sebaceous prominence, how much and fur how long should I take accutane for my chronic fordyce condition?

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13 And Fordyce Spots On My Foreskin And Scrotum

I'm 13 and I have these spot on the inside of my foreskin and on my scrotum and quite a few on the scrotum have pubic hair growing out of them I'm worried because although I've seen on her there okay and nothing to worry about all the people who have said they have them said they got them when they were 15

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