Penis :: Foreskin Swollen And Red

Apr 29, 2016

I've been having this problem for a little over a month now . My foreskin has been swollen , red and itchy for sometime now .a couple weeks I thought it had gone away but it just came back worse. It all started when I had sex with my girlfriend when she was on her period and didn't clean myself right afterwards . The next day I felt different and really itchy. I started to see smegma all on my head of my penis so I started using antifungal cream for my penis it seemed to heal until I had sex with my girlfriend again two weeks later and it came back. But this time it's worse I went to the doctor and I feel like the had misdiagnosed me and non of the antifungal creams had worked or pills worked either. It's been a month now and it's still hasn't gotten better. My foreskin has been tightened and if I try and pull back it creates tears on my foreskin and my foreskin is swollen and really red. Is it possible that I got a yeast infection from my girlfriend and can I simply just try to use women's yeast infection products to see if it works for my foreskin problem?

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Penis :: Causes Of Swollen Foreskin?

What normally could cause the human penis foreskin to swell?

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Penis :: Self-pleasuring - Foreskin Swollen

So I don't want to give much but I am 13 and I have a slight problem. So earlier today I was sitting on my toilet masturbating and about 10 minutes later the foreskin was swollen and I'm very worried, is this a problem??

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Penis :: Swollen And Tight Foreskin

so 2 days ago I was Masturbating when i was done and cleaned up i noticed my foreskin was pretty swollen I immediately put Ice on it which wasn't pleasant. The swelling as gone down quite a bit now but now when I get an Erection my penis doesn't feel the same and my foreskin doesn't move as easy as it did before this happened I was able to Retract my foreskin very easy and pull it back up with no problem before this now the tip of my Foreskin is very tight when pulled down around the head of my penis and when pulled down further than it seemed to go before this happened as well. I tried getting to the DOC today but i had no luck getting in touch with him.

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin After Self-pleasuring

Well after I masturbated I see that my foreskin has swollen up but it doesn't hurt really, but it really bothers me about this. Please help me

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin After Stimulation

my foreskin is extremly swolen im 15

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin - Leaking Pus

about 3 days ago my foreskin started to swell after sex with my partner,  i have had this happen 2 or 3 times before, but this time it swelled up so much that a hole probably about .25cm across appeared (it was not there and about an hour later I went to the toilet and it was) which has had white and clear pus coming out since and it does not stop. I drained alot of the pus by hand but I cannot get it all out, but since I done that the swelling has gone down a bit. It is swollen to the point where I cannot bring my foreskin down over the head of my penis. Anyone know what creams should help the swelling? ive been using dettol antibacterial cream and also I would really like to know if there is a way to stop the pus, I have put multiple band aids over it but they get saturated in about an hour. 

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Penis :: Foreskin Hurts And Swollen After Masturbation

Soo i masterbated yesterday got in the shower and went to bed , woke up today with my foreskin swollen and i have cuts inside my skin. i can pee but pulling it back hurts and also when i urinated my head was wet ( i'm uncircumcised ) cuz of pee so i grabbed paper and rubbed it on my head to clean and check if any puss came out , it didn't but it was blood.

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Penis :: Foreskin Is Swollen / Inflammed After Masturbation

I masturbated for about 2 and a half hours tonight and the night before.I noticed nearly straight away after the second night that my foreskin was incredibly inflamed and swollen. It doesn't really hurt just irritating. and it also felt fine while masturbating the second night. any ideas?

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Penis :: Foreskin Stinging And Swollen After Masturbation

I had masturbated 3 times one day, and the next day i started to feel a stinging in my penis whenever it would rub against my pants. When i pee'd it stung really badly, i got home and took a shower and it was fine after that, and stopped burning when i peed. Now today the pain is back and my foreskin looks really swollen, it burns a lot to pee, the tip of the penis hurts when it touches clothing but if it doesn't its fine.

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin And Bloated After Masturbation

I went to be after choking the chicken for a good 35-40 minutes last night, and when I woke up my foreskin was swollen, no pain, it's just bloated and I'm a little worried. 

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin After 4 Hours Of Masturbation

I have masturbatied for over 4 hours and my penis foreskin has swollen. Their is no pain.

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Sexual Stimulation :: Swollen Foreskin Penis

I don't believe it is paraphimosis, not of my penis that looks like pink or flesh is swollen, just a part of the foreskin
my theory was that I wash my hand before masturbating, and since it was a very cold weather that day, the water takes too long to come out hot, so I think I may not have rinsed off all the soap
how could the swelling disappear, it is there but not where I fear, in the shaft area, does taking a cold shower or showering there with cold water, reduces the swelling?

If i want to prevent any infection, it is ok to put some Bactine liquid antiseptic there?

again does not look like  paraphimosis  to me, I have seen pics of that, and it does not look, I can pull my foreskin and the part near my glans looks normal, but the foreskin is just swollen

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin After Long Masturbation Session

My penis has become swollen. I had just had a rather long masturbation session (50min) and afterwards my penis didn't really seem to drain the blood out Of the foreskin. I am uncut and my actual penis is it's normal size. Just the foreskin is very swollen. No rash or discolor or pain simply swollen.

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Penis :: Swollen Foreskin After Tantric Lingam Massage

I'm a male aged 40. Recently I have visited an independent masseur and she offered a what is called 'tantric lingam massage' . During the course of this massage, she starting rubbing my penis pulling my foreskin down further than what I have normally done on my own during masturbation, however I asked her to stop as it was getting quite painful..

That night itself, I felt an itch at the edge of my foreskin and the next begin to swell...I applied some antiseptic cream on it but it did not go down..2 days later the swelling hurts now even when i'm wearing my boxers...

what does this mean? is it possible that I have STD?

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Penis :: Foreskin Is Swollen - Hurt And Stung After Masturbation

After masturbation, my foreskin became swollen! It really hurt and stung when i put soap onto it, making me believe that there were cuts.

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Penis :: Reddish Swollen And Flaky Foreskin, Can't Pull Back

I know it's because I masturbate a lot.

At first, it was itching/burning after I pee, now it's just very swollen, reddish in one area (very small), dry and I cannot pull the foreskin back and when I clean it with hot water and a rag, I see little flakes.

Should I just keep it clean and not worry?

I'm going to fly into the sun b4 I masturbate again.

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Penis :: Foreskin Swollen And White Spots - Unprotected Intercourse

I am 19 y/o and my penis foreskin is a little swollen on one side and there is some white spots on the inside of the foreskin on the same side. This started happening after having unprotected intercourse with my girlfriend while on her period. We waited for 4 days, it was getting better and we did it again after her period and it started getting swollen again. I am worried, I don't know what should I do and I would not feel comfortable seeing a doctor. It's not itchy and it's not painful, just swollen. Can I get information about this and ways to get rid off it.

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Penis :: Foreskin Retraction, My Foreskin Is Very Hard

I am male 33 years and recently read post regarding foreskin foreskin is very hard that it cannot go back. while masturbating penis produces enough penis is hard so that foreskin cannot get back.does it seems to be any problem while having sex? 2)during erection of penis the tip of penis seems to be conchy shaped.can my penis be inserted into my partner without any problem.

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Sexual Stimulation :: Swollen Foreskin After Self-pleasuring

I masturbated about 3 months ago, twice in about an hour or two. The next morning, the foreskin was swollen. I waited about a week and I masturbated again, while it was still swollen. That was 3 months ago, and in between then and now, I've masturbated AT LEAST 25 times. It's still swollen. I don't know what to do now. I've heard that putting sugar on it makes it go away, but I don't know.

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Penis :: Scrotum Swollen Red, Dots On Head, Swollen Urethra

I had unprotected sex for like a week straight 3-4 times ,a day good intense session each time, with a girl i know is clean(STD Wise). Well thats what i thought(showed me legit papers so that's legit). Anyway the day after the final day of having sex, i notice a few red dots(little) appear on my head and shaft, and my scrotum got swollen red and shiny, and now today the pee hole has gotten a little swollen too. It itches no more noticeably then ever only a little bit(not like i'm itching every 5 minutes), doesn't hurt when i pee or ejaculate, its just freaking me out. I am going to get tested tomorrow but was hoping for some faster advice.

The thing is i shaved all of my junk for the first time(usually just trim) and got what i think is an ingrown hair or pimple (looks like one) on my shaft too, i don't think it's herpes but who knows, i'm just trying to figure what else all this could be.

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