Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: Can't Stop Coughing And Clearing My Throat

Jun 26, 2014

I've tried everything suggested for the bloating, pain shortness of breath etc and ended up in a&e where I was treated for gastritis. My medication was changed and  I felt much better. My throat and chest is now really sore from trying to clear my throat and continual coughing which has kept me awake until 3 and 4 in the morning.

i have been referred back to the gastroenterologist who performed a fundoplication on me six years ago to see how much damage the steroids they say, has caused. This is driving me and everyone else mad what can I do while I am waiting? 

Im taking 10mg. pred now and coping a lot better as well as vit D pravastatin, esomeprazole , gaviscon  and inhalers. I also eat yogurt with fruit, honey  and lemon in water. I was diagnosed November 14 with GCA  and PMR and put on 45 mg of pred and both the hospital and my rheumatologist  want me to reduce the pred quicker than I want to so I'm still following the programme best for me.

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Chest Pain :: When Coughing And Clearing Throat

I am 24yrs old and i am having chest pains when i cough or clear my throat. I do not have a cold. I only had headaches and runny and stuffy nose a few days ago. Yesterday i was out in the cold not that bundled up also. Could this be something i should be worried about and go to the ER? or simply a doctor's visit will do.

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Chest Pain :: Coughing Or Clearing Throat

I'm 21 and i started having chest pain when i woke up at 4:56am this morning I also had two teeth pulled yesterday. it didn't hurt then but my upper stomach and whole chest hurts when i cough haven't told my parents yet though. though it could be just a chest cold. plus i haven't been eating right lately either.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Coughing And Mouth Burns

I am having much coughing and my mouth burns and I have a problem with some kind of reflux. I have had endoscope and they reassured me I have no stomach damage but i'm afraid I may have the reflux in my throat and the preds. have caused an awful flare up. Anybody else have these problem? I don't know about all this as I have not been on preds. long enough to get educated about it.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Chest Pain And Painful When Coughing Or Taking Deep Breath

I was diagnosed with PMR almost two years ago , now down to 4 mg of prednisone a day. I generally am feeling very good except I have some chest pain when I breath deeply and cough. At times it feels like I have a lung problem caused by smoking except I never did smoke.  I have been fully checked out by cardiac specialists and they tell me my heart is excellent. I am careful regarding diet and exercise regularly. Have anyone had similar pain ?  Thanks


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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Prednisone - Sore Throat

i have had PMR for 2 years and am now in a taper from 7.5m prednisone down to 7m. I have suddenly developed a sore spot on my throat. Also, I experienced acid reflux for the first time this past week, on one occasion. Is the throat soreness related to the prednisone? An infection? Thank you for any comments.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Sore Throat From Prednisone?

i have had a mild sore throat on one side for almost a month and they have ruled out any infection.

i read just recently  that this could be a possible side effect of the prednisone.  Has anyone ever experienced this and if so was there a remedy?

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Throat :: Constant Throat Clearing And Thick Sticky Mucous

I have had this problem since November of 2006. I have tried just about EVERYTHING otc all nasal sprays, all antihistamines, zyrtec, mucinex, allegra even the ones you have to show your I'D,neti pot, etc. I have even tried candida and other natural remedies like apple cider and such.I have to constantly clear my throat. I have this thick stringy sticky mucous I'm always hacking up. It seems worse after I eat, exercise, laugh. Also in the morning for the first 2 hours I'm up it's worse. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm drowning in mucous. This irritates all people around me. I've had surgery for my adenoids and deviated septum, before that surgery I could not clear the mucous out, this helped to atleast be able to hack it out. I need someone to be my angel and tell me you have had this same problem and you know the answers since no doctor can help. I feel this is going to be the death of me. I hope I'm not clearing a hole in my throat from doing it so much.

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ENT :: Clearing Throat And Hoarseness

Have been doing this for a while - I went to ENT Friday - was worried because 3 of my friends were diagnosed with throat cancer....she looked down with a light - and she said she didn't see anything other than some mucus...on vocal cords - gave me a sheet with several options to try.....I am getting very irritated with this throat clearing and hoarseness - do I'm not sure what way to go - nasal spray, and Zyrtec or Mucinex - I wake up ok and then it starts!

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Throat :: Can't Breath And Coughing On Wake Up

This has happened quite a few times over the years and have been to the doctors but they do not do anything. i don't know if it's allergies or what it is. i am completely asleep, sometimes i dream i am drowning or can't breath, but don't know if that is actually because i can't breath and have this sort of dream or whatever it is. i suddenly wake up, realise i cannot breath no air, totally blocked in my chest that's what it feels like.  it feels like i have not breathed in ages.  so desperately trying to breath get air in, eventually after several minutes air goes in, but at same time i have started coughing and coughing whilst trying to get air in.  then also this happens each time i seem to produced something thick down the back of my throat, its like a river and have to keep swallowing otherwise it will choke me, so choking with this thick stuff (which has no taste and going down the back of my throat), and coughing as its blocking my airway, after a long time it settles down. has anyone got these symptoms?  what is it?  then i could go to the doctors and say hey this is what someone else has had.  It is so frightening each time it happens and it only happens when i am asleep. can some please help with their views or shared experiences, there must be others out there with such a problem.i am 48 year old woman on thyroxine for 9 years for underactive thyroid, take 180mg of telfast allergy tablet a day for urticaria (itchy rash, hives) and take nasal spray twice a day for rhinitis.

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ENT :: Throat Clearing Spells After Eating

Over the last couple of years, I have these spells of throat clearing. It usually happens after eating, but not always. Sometimes I also have nasal congestion. It is getting worse. It is annoying and frustrating, but worse than that, it is embarrassing. I know it is annoying to those around me. I would go to see a specialist, but don't know where to go. an ENT, a Gastroenterologist, and allergist?

Does anyone else have these symptoms? What have you done? What medical specialists have you seen?

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Nutrition :: Always Clearing My Throat Even When Not Eating Anything

clearing throat constantly even when not eating.

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Causes Of Throat Clearing Habit In Adults?

My mother of 60 y/o has recently developed a problem whereby she clears her throat very often, sometimes up to every 10-20 seconds, and literally all day.

I think it is more habitual rather than necessity, and because of that I feel a bit awkward about bringing it up. She has no other symptoms and is generally in good health. Her sister has always had a mild form of Tourettes, she has certain small tics, but my mother has never shown any signs before.

I have searched the internet, but the only info regarding this seems to be about infants.

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ENT :: Reason Of Throat Clearing For Almost 2 Months?

I'm posting on behalf of a close family member - somewhere around the beginning of December, she started experiencing frequent but very short dry coughs (literally "ahem ahem" and that's it). Over the weeks, the cough became less and less prevalent and the dry coughs were replaced with productive throat clearing - around late December the coughs were rarer and rarer while she frequently had to hem to clear the throat (every time there actually was something to clear so it was no longer dry).

Around the beginning of January both the hemming and coughing suddenly disappeared and for some three days, she did neither. Then the hemming came back and it stays up to today. It's not constant and varies highly around the day - sometimes she rarely ever hems and only starts in the evening, sometimes she does hem very frequently in the afternoon while in the morning and in the evening - nothing. There were also one or two days when suddenly the dry cough came back for some one hour and then disappeared. She also had a few days when the dysphonia was clearly hearable but now it seems to be gone. Now the only thing that's left is the hemming to clear her throat though most of the time it's either gone or rather weak now (though yes, there usually is a 1 or 2-hour period during the day when the throat clearing is more pronounced and some occasionals throat clearings on other occasions).

What may be the reason? There are no other symptoms at all and as I said, it varies highly depending not only on a day but also on the time of day. It's still pretty frequent but sometimes it's really frequent - and sometimes it only happens once in a while. As for her point of view, she says she hems cause she feels there is something to clear from the throat and she feels dryness there and as for the coughing (which happens very rarely now, as I mentioned) she says she does it when she feels dryness and there is this tingling sensation which makes her cough. In the last week she bought herself a A+E Vitamin + Aloe spray for dryness and it seems to greatly help her so that her hemming is greatly reduced - but it's still there. Also, she works with her voice (lecturer), if that's important.

Oh, and the description of our patient:

Age: 45

Sex: Female

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 132lbs

Duration of complaint: around 7-8 weeks

Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): none

Current medications: none

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Mebeverine Hydrochloride :: IBS And Coughing / Sore Throat

I have recently been diagnosed with IBS, but my main symptoms are not so much the spasms / pain, but a nasty cough associated with acid reflux, and the sore throat that goes with it. It is worse in the mornings, and if I lean forward. Eating / talking / stress also bring it on more. Does anyone else have this, and, if so, does anyone know if Mebeverine helps with this too, or is it just the spasms that it helps ? I see from reading some other posts that it does seem to help diarrhea.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Throat Clearing Is Still Left

After suffering with reflux for the last 10 years, With diet change and Nexium it's all under control apart from the constant throat clearing. 

Has anyone made headway with this part of it all?

Whilst it not as serious as other people symptoms, I have just been through a divorce after 17 years and i'm not sure any woman is going to want a man who clears his throat every minute!! lol

I do have a small lump sensation in the throat with it. The biggest thing I had to cut out was bread, it used to get stuck and make me bloated. I do miss a nice thick piece of white bread and butter though  

Anyway, back on track to the constant throat clearing. Anyone had any luck?

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Pregnancy :: Constant Throat Clearing With Mucus Sometimes

I'm 20 years old and currently 28 weeks pregnant, for the past week i have been experiencing the constant need to clear my throat/chest, sometimes there's no mucus to cough up and sometimes there is, not sure if i've become over sensitive to my throat or what? I suffer a great deal from heartburn and possibly acid reflux due to stomach contents coming up in my throat, could this be from pregnancy related issues or something more serious?

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Acid Reflux :: Constant Throat Clearing Urge

So for the past 5 years or so, I have been having trouble with throat clearing.

I often get a strong urge to clear my throat. The urge is increased after eating and in even moderately stressful situations. In addition to the urge, if I do not clear my throat my voice comes out sounding quite/wet. This may very well run in my family as I have seen at least one member of my family have the same symptoms as I.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Constant Throat Clearing After Eating

For the past while I have been experiencing issues after eating. After eating it feels like something is stuck in my throat and I constantly have to clear my throat. This lasts about 20 minutes and it slowly goes away. However, in addition to this I also experience my voice going hoarse while it is occurring. This only happens after eating, not during. I have no issues during meals, but about 5 minutes after I get the sensation in my throat and my voice will go in and out. It bothers me and causes me to avoid going out to eat because I feel rude constantly clearing my throat. It is quite irritating, but I am unsure if it is something I should bother my doctor about. For the record, I am 25 and I have been experiencing this for 1-1.5 years.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Thick Mucus And Throat Clearing?

So I've really been through it with my GERD and I've had a year and a half of hell. I'm just starting to see some improvements but now I've got this thick mucus at the back of my throat that gets stuck there, I can't swallow it as it doesn't move much but when I cough it does come up, then slips back down.

I'm constantly having to cough and clear my throat, the mucus tends to sit right near my gag reflex so it's always uncomfortable!

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Silent, Throat Clearing , Hoarseness

My symptoms are constant throat clearing throughout the day and sometimes feel a very slight hoarseness / slightly sore throat and sometimes spitting white bubbles and the feeling of clogged throat. I've tested positive for high pepsin levels and am using alkaline water , and cutting out certain foods but it doesn't seem to work..im taking lansoprazole and also gaviscon but symptoms remain :-( ...I'm ok in bed at night but it's the rest of the day ..many on this discussion tend to talk about normal reflux instead of LPR , silent reflux  any advise on this subject welcome...

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