Pregabalin :: 600 Mg - Blurred Vision Side Effects

Feb 24, 2016

I'm currently on 600mg Pregabalin for anxiety, and it seems to be helping a little. The only side effects I seem to get is blurred vision and a little bit of tiredness. The tiredness doesn't bother me, as before taking this med I really struggled to sleep.. so this actually helps me a little.

Does anyone else get blurred vision?

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Blurred Vision After Corneal Ulcer

Two weeks ago my eye began to tear continuously, and I was sensitive to sunlight. The next day my eyes were paining and were red and tearing, and I could not stand the presence of light. Whenever light appeared, I had sharp pain in my right eye and constant tearing. I tried to sleep that night but could not. I went to a local eye doctor who said I had a corneal ulcer due to bacterial infection through contact lens and referred me to a cornea specialist. The specialist prescribed me a number of antibiotic drops such as Vigamox, Amphotericin B etc. Next time I visited( 5 days later), he said the ulcer was healing. He cultured my cornea scraping and it was determined as pseudomonas spp. So I was prescribed ciplox(as it was determined sensitive to ciprofloxacin) and Vigamox. 7 days later, my eye is now almost clear and the pain and redness is gone but my vision is incredibly blurry, as if I am looking through a cloud. At times, my vision seems to be getting better, but then, particularly in the morning, it is blurry. Can anyone tell me how their vision came back during the healing process? Was it a steady progression or uneven? When did the blurriness go completely? How long does the recovery process last? How do I know how much scarring has or will occur?My doctor tells me that he does not know how much scarring I will have or how much of my vision will return, so I am very scared. I am a software developer, and now I can't read anything clearly and all activities have been on hold. This is particularly hard for me as I just can't sit at home all day. Would someone please share his experience or knowledge? Thank you, Sananda.

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Eye Care :: Floaters And Blurred Vision

Suddenly today I noticed that I seemed to have a film over my right eye and I was experiencing floaters. I had multifocal lens replacement surgery a couple years ago. Everything went well. It was the best thing I had done. I wore glasses since I about 7. I had a couple small floaters before the surgery but only saw them now and then. I had put some oil on my face earlier today and was wondering if some had gotten into my eye , would it have caused this to happen? I put saline drops in my eye and visine thinking this may have been the cause. trying to rinse out my eye. It did not help and am getting worried that something may be wrong. What worries me is that it came on sort of fast and has been the same all day. I also have been under a lot of stress lately, working long hours. Would really like some advice on what to do.

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Pregnancy :: Preeclampsia? Headaches And Blurred Vision?

I was at my doc apt and she sent me to l&d to be monitored and have to do blood work cause she said my headaches and blurred vision could be a sign of preeclampsia ...

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Corneal Abrasion Getting Better By Muro 128 - Blurred Vision

I posted earlier about a corneal abrasion from ten days ago and vision still blurred, though I believe abrasion is healed. Still had corneal edema causing the blurriness in one eye.Doc giving me steroid & antibiotic drops & anti-inflam drops. Nothing helped much till he added Muro 128 and that made a big improvement in blurry vision getting better. Wondering how long one takes this and if anyone else has had an experience with it?  Is it taken instead of, rather than in addition to steroid drops?

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Diabetes :: Blurred Vision And Itchiness In Certain Areas

My family has history of type 1 I have a constant thirst and sometimes blurred vision and itchiness in certain "areas "

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Anxiety :: Pounding Head Dizziness And Blurred Vision

For almost 6years I have experienced an attack involving a pounding head, dizziness and blurred vision. I am unsure of what this is. It started at the age of nine when I was in Egypt. I was getting food when all of a sudden I felt dizzy and couldn't see clearly (may I just add my vision on a day to day basis is very good) I was unsure of where to walk and couldn't see my family at my table. This same event has been taking place every once in a while, I do not know how often as I have not yet realised that .They usually occur in the morning. I have to take a few minutes to sit down with my head in my hands. I have not talked about this before.I am unsure what to classify this under so I have put it under anxiety as I have also identified some of the symptoms in my day to day life regarding my social life.

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Postherpetic Neuralgia :: Shingles - Floaters And Blurred Vision

I am just recovering from shingles. I have never felt so ill in all my life or been so tired. I have been left with intermittent pain in my hairline where the blisters were and also in my eye. It seems to come on every afternoon and last all night. My eye waters and I have developed floaters and blurred vision. I have tried paracetamol which helps with the pain but not with the sensitivity to light and blurred vision.I go to bed with a cold damp flannel but it doesn't seem to help much, my scalp also itches unbearably.

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Headaches / Migraines :: Headache And Blurred Vision For A Month

I don't know if im posting in the right place, but here it goes!! So this all started about a month ago, all I noticed was I was a bit more tired, no big deal I thought it was the change of season or something. I was like this for maybe a week before I woke up march 20th and felt very off. My normal routine is to go the gym in the morning, so I got myself up to get ready and realized I didn't think I could go, I felt very dizzy, lightheaded, pressure behind my eyes, stuffy nose, extremely heavy eyes, very fatigued, and a little spaced out. I drove to a walk in clinic by my house, they did routine blood work, checked my thyroid, checked for Epstein barr, and for mono, all negative. I did have a low grade fever if even that it was like 99.5. Now lets go back a few months...i have had a stuffy nose since November constantly blowing it with bloody discharge and i attributed it to the dry heat and the winter weather. I have also had many sinus infections in the past year. I didn't realize it until I thought about it. I also had a concussion, my third one back in August. Went to the ER and got a CT scan, everything was normal and they released me. 2 days later I went back to the ER, I was nauseas and it felt like my head was on fire and on CT scan they said I had inflamed nasal sinuses. Everything else was normal so they gave me antibiotics and i was released again. At that time I thought nothing of it and I got better in a few days. Now back to march 20th and the Dr. They knew of my previous sinus infection because I had went to them in December and they were surprised that since I saw them I was still stuffy, they gave me nasal spray and sent me home. A week later I still feel the same, exactly the same, maybe a little worse. I saw an allergist who tested me for allergies and of course everything was negative. I was so tired at work one day I had to lay down and close my eyes. Im just exhausted even after a full nights sleep and my eyes are so heavy. My headache lasted from march 20-27th and then subsided but still had all the other symptoms. Over that weekends I actually started feeling better everyday! I was sk happy and thought it was some sort of virus or something and it was going away. I still felt off but it started getting bad again April 3rd. This time it was all my symptoms but very exaggerated. Extreme fatigue, extremely heavy eyes, poor concentration, confusion, blurry vision in my right eye, spacing out, brain fog, sensitive to light, pressure behind my eyes, im forgetful, still a little stuffy but not nearly as bad, im a little pale and my headache is gone but my head still feels weird with weird pains that last a second. I went to my pcp on Monday and told him the whole story. He put me on a strong dose of antibiotics and some steroids. The next day I saw an optometrist and i am nearsighted and have an astigmatism in my right eye so i'm getting glasses. It was weird to me though because my vision just became blurry a few days before, unless i just didn't notice it before that and my eyes are always heavy, even as soon as I wake up which I think is weird. So the next day I saw my ENT and told him the whole story and he looked in my nose, flushed it, and took a sono of my sinuses and said my right paranasal sinus in very congested and I need a CT scan of my sinuses. I'm nervous about the CT scan because that will be the 5th CT scan I have had since my first in 2010 from my first concussion. I feel like that's a lot of radiation to my head and face i'm only 25 years old and I feel like that cant be the only reason I have all these symptoms. As soon as I got home from my ENT i noticed this painful hard lump next to my ear on my jaw. my dentist told me to come in and he said my TMJ joint was inflamed on my right side only and that it should go away in a few weeks, I do grind my teeth at night, but I think its weird that my right eye is now bad, my right paranasal sinus is very congested, and my right TMJ joint is inflamed! I see my neurologist. I have a neurologist in the first place because back in 2009 I had a what I thought was a vaccine reaction to the HPV vaccine. A few hours after I got it the room was spinning and I was so nauseous and weak. A week after that vaccine I was having trouble walking, tingling in my legs and arms, severe fatigue and weakness, severe headache. I got an MRI back then to rule out MS and did an EEG and an EMG all normal and after several months all the symptoms went away. So yesterday my neuro did a vertigo test which came back normal, now she wants me to get another MRI next week to rule out MS again and I'm terrified. I don't have any numbness or tingling or trouble walking but i'm so scared. My life was so normal and I was actually in the best place I've ever been in my life before this happened and now its all turning to ****. Im crying everyday because from the moment I wake up until the second I fall asleep I feel all the symptoms. They are getting worse, I am getting more frustrated, I am getting more scared that this is something serious because its not going away. Did this ever happen to someone else? Does anyone think this is really MS? I'm assuming my optometrist looked at my optic nerve and would have said something if it looked weird. I have also heard of silent migraines where u have all the symptoms of the migraines except the headache because I have also recently felt like im seeing flashing lights or its hard to explain but its like when im looking at a bright wall, its like I was just staring at static on a tv and then looked at the wall, except im always seeing it I find myself staring into space I have to like snap myself out of it. This whole experience is driving me crazy and i am so irritable and upset. I've also lost my appetite and i cant stop crying because this feeling wont go away it is affecting my life so negatively. I don't even know what to think i want to feel normal and I want my life back its affecting my job, my relationships with everyone, and myself and my happiness I want to do the things I used to. Im sorry for all the jumping around in the story and how long it is, I am very overwhelmed.

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Corneal Burn? Due To Camera Flash - Blurred Vision

A year and three months ago I was taking pictures with my camera, and using an on camera flash. The brightness of the light did not bother me while I was taking pictures, or I would have lowered it. A few minutes later I started to get pain in my right eye, and then burning, soreness, throbbing, and then my eye began feeling like a rock. My eye felt this way for months. I did get to an optician a week or so later, and she checked my eye and said that it was just severe dry eye. She told me that she checked the surface, back and around my eye, but did not see anything. I have been to her three times since. At my last exam a month ago I was told my left eye got worse, but my right eye was eye still feels like a rock on most days, but it's also very sore and like I have something burning the inner corner. I am sensitive to bright light, and if I cover my left eye I can see that my right eye seems to be less clear overall. Everything seems darker, colors aren't as bright, and I can barely see any detail in my eye right. My left eye seems fine, and I can see clear. I was told to use eye drops daily. I have been for over a year. The only ones that work and didn't aggravate my eyes are the Systane gel drops. However, even they do not seem to be working anymore. At this point I am very scared, and I am trying to find an ophthalmologist under my insurance. I figure a real MD might know more. Anyone ever experience this or something similar. I feel like my vision has gotten so much worse in just a year, and the thought of it getting even worse so fast is horrifying.

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Gabapentin :: Blurred Vision, Tremors And Extremely Dizzy

I was prescribe gabapentin and on day one I has blurred vision and felt like someone was sitting on my chest it was hard to breath I gelt winded and anxious now day three and its getting worse I had my pulse and oxygen level checked it was 97 pulse and 10 oxygen level this time I was feeling tremors, winded, heaviness to my chest, blurred vision, extremely dizzy (I actually feel), numbness and tingling in my hands and feet...

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Bell's Palsy - Facing People And Driving With Blurred Vision

I have had this condition for 4 weeks and am becoming depressed.

It started on the second day of my Cruise holiday. But on reflection I now realize that there were some signs leading up to it. Firstly I had several headaches which is unusual for me.. I also had an ache in my jaw which I thought was Neuralgia. I asked my sister to check my ear for a spot as my ear was getting painful. I had a watery eye and one nostril was runny. I passed a weird motion on the flight out which was the color of a new born babies first pooh.! Several day after diagnosis I passed several little lots of blood from my back passage preceded by back pain.

I recently started using an electric toothbrush and caused a small abrasion on my lower gum whilst brushing between my teeth. I can't help thinking that there is some connection as the symptoms started soon after.

I have had the usual steroids and also been treated for an ulceration on the cornea caused by rubbing of the eye before the paralysis came on.the ships doctor did everything expected of her. Once home I saw my own doctor who says to keep using the eye drops and an ointment at night with tape to keep the eye closed. The tape comes off all the time so given up on that as just wakes me up at night.

After 4 weeks and very little improvement I am getting scared that it may be permanent and find it difficult to face people and frustrated at not being able drive due to blurred and reduced vision.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Blurred And Double Vision And Tapering Off Prednisone

Was diagnosed with pmr a year ago by my family doctor, was put on 15mg prednisone and my entire life changed, the pain was gone and my quality of life restored. Was sent to a rheumatologist to confirm diagnosis and was Told there was nothing wrong with me and to discontinue prednisone. My gp agreed to keep me on it. Here's the problem, my gp now wants me to taper down to 5mg. About the same time as the pmr diagnosis I also started having problems with my eyes, blurred and double vision, this condition has gotten quite bad and I'm really struggling with my vision. I have been checked out by eye specialist and mri and told nothing is wrong. I'm at the end of my rope and just don't know what to do. The tapering of the prednisone is not going well as the pain is all coming back again, and I just can't

keep going through this. I feel like the doctors don't believe me and have nowhere to turn. I know that I can not go back to living a life of existence only. Is there anyone out there that can help me?

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Pituitary :: Adrenal Crisis - Brain Fog, Light Sensitivity, Blurred Vision, Weakness

Hi, I’m hoping some people can hopefully give me some advice please regarding treatment. My history: I’m 30, diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficiency via an insulin tolerance test. I have borderline low hypothyroidism, low prolactin. No cysts. I am 40kg, 5ft tall so I am very petite.

I currently take hydrocortisone after each meal 8am-4 mg, 12m-4mg, 3.30pm-4mg, 8pm- 3 mg. I have to take my medication following food to reduce the intensity of the spike. I also cannot tolerate more than 5mg at one time without getting awful side effects of anxiety and panic when the tablet peaks in my blood at 30 minutes. Each doe I take only lasts around 2.5-3 hours.If I am to take 10mg at once I feel ‘high’ and ‘rushy’ and anxious when it kicks in then after 3 hours its starts to drop and I feel low cortisol again.

I feel like I am swinging all day every day. I am still so fatigued, have very bad dizziness and brain fog, light sensitivity, blurred vision, weakness, leg and arm cramps, reactive hypoglycemia and achy.

4 weeks ago I ended up having an adrenal crises, yes it was horrendous and scary but I got through it and in a way it  was a blessing because it has been a BIG wake up call that I need to stop being scared of trying new medication in fear of getting sicker and realised I have got to try and get myself well.

I have been so unwell since I was 21 I am now 30. ….i have lost so much of my life and I am sacred I am never going to get better or managed.

My consultant prescribes medrol a while ago and I have been too scared to start to but after my crises I started it.  I am now taking 1mg Medrol in the morning and then 3 more doses of hydrocortisone at 4mg, 4mg and 2.5mg…

When I first started the Medrol I could feel it working but now its like I can not feel it and by 4 hours later I am feeling hypoglycaemic, weak nauseas etc…  I am feeling so unwell after I eat a meal, like all my bodies energy is wiped out from digesting my food and im now lying in bed weak, giddy and lots of pain cramps in my arms and legs…

I have low blood pressure and my consultants suggested

fludrocortisone.  I just don’t know what to do anymore.  My consultants saying I shouldn’t feel so unwell and im just so lost.

Has anyone been on Medrol and can give advice on this.  Im very petite, 5ft and 40 kg…I just feel so up and down and struggling with it all and also feel my symptoms get worse or better during certain times of the month..

i also cannot tolerate many carbohydrates because my blood glucose pikes very high at 1 1/2 hours post eating and drops every low by 21/2-3 hours.

I’ve now had to set up a backup carer to help when am unwell because i am on my own with 2 young children.  I am getting help with them now and also trying to get support for taking them to school…im slowly getting there

I have also done a month of blood tests looking at progesterone and  estrogen and have found a pattern in some of my symptoms..  I most definitely feel my worst when I am coming off my period, stopping bleeding where I start to feel cold and foggy and nauseous I then when ovulating feel at my worst and the 2 days when my estrogen was highest I had severe anxiety, tremor, agoraphobia, intense drowsiness after eating and these symptoms always disappear once I ovulate and start seeing progesterone mucous .  Apart from these symptoms which come on with my cycle I suffer with all my other symptoms throughout the whole month with increase and decrease throughout my cycle.

I have included a lot of tests below and anyone who feels they can help would be so much appreciated. Thank you for your time

These are my most recent blood test

June 20th 2014

Autoimmune profile – normal no action

Mitochondrial antibody level – negative

Anti-smooth muscle autoantibodies – negative

Panetta cell autoantibodies – negative

Reticulum antibody titre – negative

Anti-liver kidney micro ab lev – negative

Serum vitamin D – 71 nmol/l

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate – 9 mm/h (0-15)

Total white cell count - 6.5 10*9/L (3.5-10.0010*9/L)

Red blood cell count -  4.14 10*12/L (3.8-5.0010*12/L)

Haemoglobin estimation - 119g/L (115.00-145.00g/L)

Haematocrit - 0.360L/L (0.36-0.46L/L)

Mean Corpuscular volume (MCV)  - 87Fl (84-98)

Mean Corusc. Haemoglobin (MCH)  - 28.7pg (27.5-32)

Mean Corpusc. HB conc (MCHC)  - 331g/L (300-360)

Red cell distribution width - 15.1% (<14.50%)

Platelet count - 194  10.9/L (150-400 0010*9/L)

Neutrophil count 3.3 -  10.9/L (1-3.5010*9/L)

Lymphocyte count  - 2.0 10*9/l (1-3.5010*9/L)

Monocyte count 0.8   -  10.9/L  (0.31.0010*9/L)

Eosinophil count -  0.3   10*9/L  (<0.401089/L)

Basophil count  -  0.1  10*9/L (<0.1010*9/L)

Serum folate -  4ug/L  (3-20)

Serum ferritin  - 8ug/L (10-200)

Vitamin B12  - 632 ng/L (200-910)

TSH  - 3.04  mu/L (0.35-5)

Free T4  - 11pmol/L (9-22)

Liver function tests

Total bilirubin level  - 7umol/L (1-21)

ALT  -  9 U/L (1-50)

Blood calcium level  2.16 mmol//L

Corrected serum calcium level – 2.14 mmol/L (2.20-2.60)

Serum inorganic phosphate  - 1.44mmol/L (0.8-1.50)

Serum alkaline phosphatase – 54 U/L (30-130)

Serum total protein 69 g/L (60-80)

Serum albumin  - 40 g/L  (35-50)

Serum globulin  - 29 g/L(22-40)

Serum sodium   - 136 mmol/L (133-146)

Serum potassium  - 4mmol (3.5-5.3)

Serum urea level  - 3.8 (2.50-7.8)

Serum creatinine  - 49 umol/L (20-103)

Plasma C reactive protein   - 0.3mg/L (<5.00mg/l)

I paid for a whole series of blood tests.  They was taken on day 4 of my period, I had fasted for 12 hours. I was salt fasted for 24 hours and remained sitting up prior to the test and during the test so the aldosterone and renin tests were accurate. The bloods were taken at 9am. I take hydrocortisone 15mg a day and took my last dose of 2.5mg at 8pm the night before the test. I was taking no supplimenst or anything else around the time of the test.


Aldosterone 399.0 pmol/L Upright 100 - 800 pmol/L Supine 100 - 8450pmol/L

RENIN 66.2 mU/L Upright 5.4 - 60 mU/L    Supine 5.4 - 30 mU/L

Aldosterone: Renin ratio 6    <80 Conn's Unlikely

FSH  6.1 U/L

LH 11.9

Oestradiol 106 pmol/L

Prolactin 144 mU/L 102 - 496

Cortisol (basal) 449 nmol/L (171 - 536) (BASAL 171-536, EVENING 64 - 327)

Free T3 4.8 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8)

Thyroid stimulating hormone 2.310 mU/L (0.270 -4.200)

Free T4 14.0 pmol/L (12 - 22) 


WBC 4.90 x10^9/L (4.0 - 11.0)

RBC 4.43 x10^12/L (3.80 -5.80)

Haemoglobin 135 g/L (120 - 150) R

HCT 0.41 ratio (0.36 -0.46)

MCV 93.0 fL (80.0 -100.0)

MCH 30.4 pg (27.0 -32.0)

MCHC 326 g/L (315 - 345)

Platelets 241 x10^9/L (140 - 440)

RDW 11.8 (0.0 - 14.0) **

MPV 9.3 fL

Neutrophils(Abs) 2.58 10^9/L (2.0 - 7.5)

Lymphocytes (Abs) 1.69 10^9/L (1.5 - 4.0)

Monocytes (Abs) 0.44 10^9/L (0.2 - 0.8)

Eosinophils (Abs) 0.22 10^9/L (0.0 - 0.4)

Basophils (Abs) 0.02 10^9/L (0 - 0.1)

CRP< 0.3 mg/L (0 - 5)


Sodium 139 mmol/L (133 - 146)

Potassium 4.2 mmol/L (3.5 - 5.3)

Urea 4.9 mmol/L (2.8 - 7.8)

Creatinine 56 umol/L (45 - 84)

estimated GFR (eGFR) >90 ml/min


Total bilirubin 5 umol/L (0 - 21)

Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) 65 Iu/L (30 - 130)

ALT 11 Iu/L (0 - 33)

GGT 8 Iu/L (UP TO 40)

Total Protein 78 g/L (60 - 80)

Albumin 49 g/L (35 - 50)

Globulin 29 g/L (18 - 35)

AST 16 Iu/L (UP TO 32)

Lactate dehydrogenase 171 Iu/L (135 - 214)

Serum Calcium 2.39 mmol/L (2.2 - 2.6)

Albumin 49 g/L (35 - 50)

Adjusted Calcium 2.30 mmol/L (2.20 -2.60)

Uric Acid 278 umol/L (140 - 360)

Glucose 3.8 mmol/L (4.2 - 6.1) **


Cholesterol 3.94 mmol/L (0.0 - 5.2)

Triglycerides 0.54 mmol/L (2.26) *

HDL cholesterol 1.41 mmol/L (> 1.68)

Cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.8 ( <5)

Low density lipoprotein 2.28 mmol/L (2.5 - 4.5) **

% HDL/Total Cholesterol 35.79 %

B12 687 ng/L (191 - 663) **

Folate (serum) 5.4 ug/L (4.6 - 18.7)


UIBC 60.0 umol/L

Iron 17.0 umol/L (6.6 - 30.4)

Total iron binding Capacity 77.0 umol/L (41-77)

Transferrin saturation 22.1 % (20-55)

Ferritin 13.1 ug/L (13 - 400)

Ferritin 13.1 ug/L (13 - 400)

Vitamin D 24.5 nmol/L Reported

<25 nmol/L: Severe Vitamin D deficiency

25-75 nmol/L:Borderline ranging to insufficiency

75-200 nmol/L: Optimally replete

>250 nmol/L:Possible toxicity, if sustained

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Diazepam Withdrawal :: Jelly Legs / Shaking, Blurred Vision And Feeling Sick

I was put on diazepam for anxiety disorder along with sertraline 50mg I am 4 weeks on sertraline but have been taking diazepam for approx 2-3 months max 6 mg daily I dropped the dose to 2mg once daily around 3 weeks ago and 4 days ago stopped completely although my jelly legs and shakes are there I have been experiencing stomach pain bit like period pain but still wakes me I would like advice on how long these jelly legs and stomach aches will last as my anxiety is spiralling out of control thinking I have something serious wrong with me i've also had blurred vision and feeling sick.

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Ramipril :: Side Effects

I am a 47 year old male (right weight for height) and reasonably fit running three times a week who has recently had to visit the doctor (first time in years) for severe neck pain caused by strenuous gardening work -so called leisure.

However my blood pressure was checked over the past few weeks and has found to be continuously very high ranging 190/115 to 150/90. My GP has decided to put me on ramipril starting with 2.5mg increasing to 5 mg and then 10mg over six weeks. On reading the comments about side effects I am really concerned which has now possibly increased my blood pressure further - really concerned on what to do, should I get a second opinion through my private medical before starting this treatment?

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Orlistat :: Really Bad Side Effects ?

I'm looking to start orlistat this week but after reading over everyone's experiences I'm a bit nervous to start. Are the side effects really that bad as I don't want to make a fool out of myself at work!

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Nortriptyline - Was There Any Side Effects

I have just been put on nortriptyline for my pain has anyone else had this and did it work was there any side effects.

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Viagra :: Any Serious Side Effects?

I am about to use Viagra and I am a lot scared. I have never needed it but I guess I do now. So who knows about this drug, are there serious side effects. I do not want to trade one problem for another due to the drug itself.

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Oxytetracycline Bad Side Effects

I used the tablets for 5 months and a bit, should be taking it for 6 months but i decide to give into not taking them due to really bad side effects.

When i started, i took 2 TWICE a day for 4 months but, rashes appeared on my cheeks, completely red and skin dried also on my nose. I couldn't bear the suffering, i applied creams like E45 (made things worse for me) then i switched to sudocrem, applying it to my face where the rashes were. this seemed to help stop the rash from getting any worse. I went to see the doctor who said i should cut down on the tabs to 1 Twice a day so i finally started to heal from the rashes. I carried on using the tabs this way until the rashes appeared on my nose again, it was really bad.

To those who suffer from Eczema, be warned as this course may effect it, making it really bad. This is the reason why i have to quit from this 6 month course (am finishing on 5 and a bit months) As for acne, it helped clear it up nicely even old scars until a point where my skin could heal no further ( i stayed the same after the 3rd month) so hopefully, changes are permanent and my side effects will go away from stopping this course.

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Vision / Eye :: Flying Black Dots In My Peripheral Vision

I'm not particularly worried about this but I'd rather know what it is. I quite commonly will get, after stretching or getting up suddenly, flying black dots in my peripheral vision. These tiny black dots just appear, fly in a direction, then disappear. A bit like a swarm of flies in the corner of my eye except they keep appearing and disappearing individually. It might last up to five seconds or so. Then it's gone and I feel fine. I'm pretty sure I've had this for years.

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