Pregnancy :: Acne Won't Stop Breaking Out

Feb 11, 2015

I won't stop breaking out ! What can I use or do that will help this go away or at least lighten up. It's making me feel so hideous because I never break out or have acne !

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Pregnancy :: Water Breaking? Couldn't Stop Pee

I'm 39 weeks. Had some pressure and went to the bathroom. I tried to stop myself from peeing while on the toilet and couldn't stop. It was a gush and then nothing. Could that have been my water breaking?

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Pregnancy :: Signs Of Water Breaking ?

What are some signs that your water is about to break or may break ? its clear discharge. I whip again the tissue is filled with snot like clear discharge I mean a lot of it .it's slimy and completely clear kinda like water but in a slim form and I know its not my mucus plug because my doctor told me it's completely gone.

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Pregnancy :: Water Breaking Smell?

Does it have a smell to it ? I'm 34 weeks + 1 day and I felt a trickle fluid and it's kind of smelly it don't smell like pee can it be my water ?

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Pregnancy :: Are You Able To Hold Water Breaking?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but if your water is leaking are you able to hold it in? I have heard it feels like you have to pee when your water breaks so if it's just leaking can you hold it in like it is pee and not know it's your water?

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Pregnancy :: Feeling Before Water Breaking?

Did any of you ladies have a feeling your water was going to break before it did? I'm 6 - 7cm dilated and I've been walking around and working around the house all day and walking around stores. I'm experiencing so much intense pressure that I feel like my baby is gonna pop right out lol did any of you experience something that gave you a sign it would happen or did it just surprise you when it happened?

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Pregnancy :: Any Signs Of Water Breaking?

Did anyone have any 'warning' signs before their water broke. I know that might be silly but I was induced with my other 2. Never got to go in actual labor on my own. Thanks!

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Pregnancy :: Bad Dreams Of Water Breaking And Contractions

I keep having dreams that my water is breaking and then I get contractions but then I wake up and my belly hurts a little and then I have to pee lol. I'm only 35 and half weeks, I just want to see my babe so much!

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Pregnancy :: Water Breaking - Whitish Clearish Mucus?

I'm 38 almost 39 weeks pregnant. And I went to the bathroom, and my underwear was completely covered in a whitish clearish mucus. It didn't have an odor or anything and it was really sticky. And it's been a couple hours and I'm still kinda leaking, not a lot, more like just a drip or two. Could this be my water broke?

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Pregnancy :: Acne - Nothing Helps

Nothing will help with my acne. Do any of you mommy's know anything that will help?

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Pregnancy Acne - Starting To See Pimples

Omg I've always have flawless skin all my life and I'm 24 having my 1st child I'm only 14 weeks and I'm starting to see pimples! Idk what to do never been in this situation I've been using my sister's face soap. Any suggestions on what to use. And will my skin go back to being pimple free

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Pregnancy :: More Acne Being Pregnant With A Girl ?

Did you have more acne being pregnant with a girl?

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Pregnancy :: Tips For Body Acne?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for acne. I broken out pretty much everywhere. Mainly my chest. Does anyone have any tips for body acne?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Stop Breathing

I always get the feeling I can't breath properly...I can but I get that feeling and it's getting worse as I get bigger....when in Labour with my first daughter I freaked out and couldn't breath 3 times. They called it a panic attack...? I'm starting to get really worried it will happen with this birth,but worse! And it's already happening . I calm down and take deep breaths but it is extremely scary!

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Pregnancy :: Stop Others If You Are Taking Prenatal VITAFUSION?

When your taking the prenatal VITAFUSION you stop taking the prenatal your doctor gave u right?

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Pregnancy :: Smoking Cigarettes - Tips To Stop?

I just found out I'm pregnant about a week ago with my second child and I do smoke cigarettes, but now I know I'm pregnant and about 4-6 weeks I'm trying to quit but the urge to smoke to still there even though I get disgusted when when I light one up. Can any one give me some tips to stop and also can it harm the baby at this point?

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Pregnancy :: Stop Smoking Without Being Cold Turkey?

I have been smoking for 6 years and it's so hard to just stop cold turkey.. Can someone please help me with a way to quit.. I am 9 weeks pregnant and life has already been so hard. I know I need to quit I just don't know how...

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Breasts Wont Stop Growing, How Can I Stop Them?

My breasts won't stop growing, how can i stop them, at the end of last year i was a 10DD/E (32DD-32DDD/F american sizing ) i'm now bulging out of a 10i (32J american )i can't go up a back size as a 10 is already loose..

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Sexual Health :: Hymen Not Breaking ?

I've tried having sex with my boyfriend twice now, and my hymen won't break/ tear. Some people have said theirs tear easily. But we've tried to break it a few times now just by penetration and it just hurts. He says we can "keep trying", but I'd rather not. My parents don't know I'm having sex with him, so I don't want to ask my mom to see an OB GYN to have my hymen cut or anything. I don't know what to do...

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Hip Replacement :: Breaking 90 Degree Rule

After Abbi's thread about her dislocations, it has got me wondering if anyone  inadvertently broke the 90 degree rule and got away with it.  I'm not planning to try it of course, even pre-op I'm practising moving without bending my bad hip more than 90 degrees, but there are times when I forget.  I'm sure after hip replacement I will be more aware, but do you hippies ever bend without thinking and if so, how has it affected you?

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Slight Swelling And Pain In Hand After Breaking Finger

I recently broke my left ring finger, 4 months ago, now slightly below my index finger is a small lump that looks like it is my tendons. This lumps starts a raised line in the center of my hand, proceeds up by my index finger as well as slightly splitting off towards my middle finger. I also have light pain in my hand, especially after I do something with it. Also my finger still feels very strange to move and bring down to my palm. It also is sometimes slightly stiff. The line/lump is what I would describe to be my bone or tendons.

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