Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Braxton Hicks Everyday For The Last 3 Weeks - Should I Go In? (25 Weeks)

Jan 16, 2015

I'm 25 weeks pregnant with my sixth child I have been having Braxton Hicks everyday for the last 3 weeks they are stronger and stronger last longerthey seem to be 5 to 10 minutes apart I have never experienced this with any of my children so this is My first child in my 30's should I go into the hospital and get checked out? Or not worry and just wait until the 19th for my appointment?

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Pregnancy :: 34 Weeks Along And No Braxton Hicks

I'm a ftm and I'm 34 weeks along and haven't had a Braxton hicks or regular contractions. There's a girl I work whose daughter is about the same along and she already 2 mins apart with contractions. I'm confused and concerned because I don't want to labor at home.

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Pregnancy :: Is This Braxton Hicks At 19 Weeks?

I'm 19 weeks and this has happened 5 times within the last week and a half. Shaky sweaty feel the need to push every few seconds can last up to 20 minutes. Feels like period cramps that makes me have to go to the bathroom. Started at 18 weeks and comes every few days. When it happens I am afraid I am having the baby early. Is this Braxton Hicks or should I talk to my Dr?

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Pregnancy :: Braxton Hicks At 7 Weeks?

At least once a day I get a pain that lasts between 20-30 seconds. It's a little painful and makes me stop whatever I'm doing and then im fine, someone suggested it was Braxton Hicks but do you really get them this early?

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Pregnancy :: Braxton Hicks At 20 Weeks?

This pregnancy is so different than my first.  My baby moves ALL the time and I feel her kick a lot! Last night my belly felt tight on and off  for awhile. It didn't hurt. It just felt uncomfortable.  Is this braxton  hicks or possibly  baby moving around? is this normal? I'm not bleeding  nor in any pain cept slight back pain. I'm probably  just being paranoid.

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Pregnancy :: 37 Weeks No Braxton Hicks

Does everyone get them? Or does that just mean my baby still isn't close?

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Pregnancy :: Early Braxton Hicks - 20 Weeks?

This is my second pregnancy and I don't remember having them so early during my first. I was thinking it was round ligament pain but I'm having second thoughts that they are braxton hicks from the tightness feeling and the release. I did some reading and suppose they can come as early as 20 weeks and earlier if this is not your first pregnancy. I'm not necessarily concerned just surprised getting them so early. I'll be 21 weeks tomorrow.

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Pregnancy :: 35 Weeks Braxton Hicks Uncomfortable

I've been having more frequent BH and they make my lower stomach tighten and hurt and even my back aches when they happen. Only last for a little But this is normal right?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Braxton Hicks

I am 37 weeks pregnant and having false labor. I know it's just preparing my body and I have been resting most of the day and just decided to make me a salad and drink some water and now I am have braxton hicks contractions every 5 minutes. Are there any suggestions? I am really annoyed that I am having them and I do not want to go to the hospital either just to get turned away.

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Pregnancy :: What's Your Braxton Hicks Experience?

I am 20 weeks today and have what you thought might be braxton hicks contractions. Has anyone else experienced this also?

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Pregnancy :: Can Braxton Hicks Cause Back Pain?

Can Braxton hicks cause back pain? I have been having back pain for probably almost 3 hours now and it keeps going away and coming back and the last time it came (probably 15 minutes ago) it was even more painful then the times before and I felt like I couldn't move ...

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Pregnancy :: How To Start Labour At Your Own? Braxton Hicks, No Actual Pains

What has helped you ladies go into labour on your own? I'm literally due in 2 days (on the 9th) and was only dilated 1cm on Tuesday, I really don't want to go overdue or be induced. I've only been having Braxton hicks, no actual labour pains, it's so frustrating. I've done walking, and bouncing lightly on an exercise ball.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Pain / Periods Every 2 Weeks - 10 Weeks Post Op

I am 10 weeks post op and I am getting periods every 2 weeks. Not as heavy as before no flooding it's the frequency that bothers me. Pretty bad period pains as well in my lower back today yesterday it was both sides of my bikini line. Everything else is better I can now walk my dog for an hour without coming home and having to sleep. My energy levels are getting better all the time. My tummy is going down as well ( although the period has made me bloated again) also I am having discharge between each period where I have to wear panty liners.

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - 3 Periods In 6 Weeks - 7 Weeks Post Op

I am nearly 7 weeks post op UFE. The pain I had for a few days has gone. My leg ache has almost gone as well. My periods are strange but better than pre op. Before UFE my periods were every 3 weeks and lasted 10 days. In that 10 days I had 2 days of flooding and 1 day of pain so bad I couldn't leave the house. Now I have had 3 periods in 6 weeks. The first one was heavy no flooding and no pain and lasted 4 days (2 light days) last one was in 2nd March. Heavy and painful for 3days but the pain wasn't in my tummy it was on my bikini line all 3 days. Day 4 was normal flow then it just stopped.

So if I could just get to 3 or 4 weeks between each one I will be happy. So if that continues then my iron levels will improve. All that is left then is the stomach which is going down gradually.

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Pregnancy :: Okay To Have Sex? (6 Weeks)

i'm six weeks pregnant is it okay to have sex??.... i had sex with my husband last night but i felt alot of pressure ...

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: It Hurts When We Have Sex (34 Weeks)

So i'm 34 weeks pregnant and my husband says it hurts him when we have sex..  He says my vagina is smaller and it makes his penis hurt and also sometimes bleed..  Is this normal??  Also it kinda hurts me but only towards the back like not near from where we pee but the side of my vagina closer to my butt..

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: 14 Weeks Pregnant

So for a little over an hour my whole abdomen has been cramping. I have back pain that follows and im nauseous. Someone please give me answers. What should i do?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Does Anyone Ever Sleep (33 Weeks)

I'm 33 weeks. Does anyone ever sleep.?

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Pregnancy :: No Sleep For Me (35 Weeks)

How good is it when you have to go to work early morning at 35 weeks pregnant and can't get a wink of sleep! I just know I'm going to be sick in the morning from lack of sleep it's nothing new :( only 2 more weeks then hopefully some time to relax whatever that is with a 2 year old also lol .... Any tips on getting a few hours rest atleast?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: NAUSEA 24/7 (8 Weeks)

8 weeks pregnant & nauseous all day long ..

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: All Day Nausea (8 Weeks)

I'm just now 8 weeks and I have been feeling nausea all day. is there any tips or advice that you can give me that will help with this ?

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