Pregnancy :: Bad Dreams About Baby

Feb 6, 2015

im 22 weeks pregnant and every night I have dreams about my baby being born not alive! Not long after iv had a funeral for my baby my husband dies. I had another where I went into labor now so baby didn't make it due to being to early!

My husband works away for months at a time is this signs of worry or am I just loosing it?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Baby Dreams

my first pregnancy i dreamed about a baby girl my whole pregnancy but found out i was having a boy , now my second pregnancy ive dreamed about a baby boy , so hopefully im carrying a girl . im soooo impatient to find out

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Pregnancy :: Dreams Regarding Baby Gender

I have always said that when i get pregnant i wanted to have a Girl So the first time i found out that I was pregnant I had a dream that I had a Baby Girl and this Thursday I had my appointment to find out the gender of my baby well the night before I had a dream that I was getting the ultrasound done and that on the screen said "it's a Girl!" And guess what It was a girl :) has this ever happened to you'll?

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Pregnancy 6 Weeks :: Earliest You Felt Baby Movement On Second Baby?

On baby number 2 when was the earliest you felt movement and kicks. I'm only 6 weeks and getting nervous because i haven't had any symptoms only snackin all the time.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Bad Dreams

Omg woke up this morning couldn't believe you dream i had, going for section on Monday and a few days later i went home n my stitches come away then all my insides came out n there's me holding my insides running around shouting for help but no one would propa freaked me out lol, has anyone else had any freaky dreams.

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Pregnancy :: Sex Dreams

Okay I know a little tmi but I really didn't have them before now. These past few weeks I have had sex dreams. I have had them before I got pregnant but now I'm having at least 3 a week. I honestly don't mind them but I just find it weird and frustrating since my husband works odd hours so he is never home when I wake up in the morning. Has anyone else experienced this while pregnant? Did it ever tone down?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Miscarriage Dreams

so i just woke up from a bad dream. I had a miscarriage (miscarriage) .....

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Pregnancy :: Miscarriage Dreams

I'm having weird miscarriage dreams it's horrible. Is it normal

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Bad Dreams At 10 Weeks?

Are bad Dreams normal? I am 10 weeks pregnant as of yesterday. And my boyfriend doesn't cheat on me and we are getting married December 20th 2014 and I Keep having dreams he is cheating and then I Keep having horrible dreams of blood running down my legs and stuff! And I wake up crying my eyes out. And loose sleep from not being able to go back to sleep!

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Pregnancy :: Nightmare - Bad Dreams (First Trimester)

Is there anyone who has nightmares in there first trimester? Is it normal?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Extremely Vivid Dreams?

Anyone else having extremely vivid dreams?  I have been dreaming every night and they are so vivid and a little odd.  Maybe it's something I ate before bed?  

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Pregnancy :: Dreams Regarding Gender? Correct?

How many ppl had a dream of the gender of the baby & were correct?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Breasts Are Sore With Bad Dreams (6 Weeks)

I can't believe  how crappy I feel already.  Is that normal.  I'm so tired but can't sleep ,my breasts are so sore, bad dreams...when will this end?

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Pregnancy :: Bad Dreams Of Water Breaking And Contractions

I keep having dreams that my water is breaking and then I get contractions but then I wake up and my belly hurts a little and then I have to pee lol. I'm only 35 and half weeks, I just want to see my babe so much!

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Pregnancy :: 3d Ultrasound - Want To See My Baby

I want a 3d ultrasound does ur Doctor tell u to have them! I'm 32 weeks and I don't think they are gonna tell me to get anymore. I wanna see my baby girl's face!

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Pregnancy :: Baby In My Ribs?

I'm 32 week and I have this pain on my right side like 2" under my breast is the baby big enough to be in my ribs there it goes away sometime and hurts less on and off but its very painful most the time

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Pregnancy :: Breastfeed Before The Baby Comes?

can you tell if you'll be able to breastfeed before the baby comes? Or won't you know till she's here?

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Pregnancy :: Circumcision For Baby Boy?

for moms who've had there baby boy circumcised... was he in any kind of pain after? if so, for how long? or was he perfectly fine?

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Pregnancy :: When Your Baby Have The Hiccups?

How do you know when your baby have the hiccups?

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Pregnancy :: Baby's First Kick?

When will u feel your baby's first kick?

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Pregnancy :: When Can Your Baby Kick

I'm only 15 weeks pregnant and 3 days but when can your baby kick

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