Pregnancy :: Green Dots On Breast - Express Milk At 27 Weeks?

May 30, 2016

Few weeks ago i noticed green dots of discharge from my nipple, I checked with my Gynae he said it is not normal however I did not ask further as he is a guy and I feel uncomfortable to let him check yet.

My Mother in law today asked me to start expressing milk, is it OK to do that? I heard expressing milk can cause preterm labor and I thought doing it during my 37week would be better.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Breast Milk Not Leaked Yet - 36 Weeks

My breasts haven't leaked yet. I'm 36 weeks and they've only showed one time of leaking. Is this normal..?

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Pregnancy :: Can't Express Colostrum (37 Weeks) ?

I am having an issue here. Midwife advised me to express some colostrum before baby arrives. Well I can't squeeze anything out of my breasts not even a bit. I am 37 weeks 5 days. Anyone in the same boat?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: When Breast Milk Start To Form Or Leak?

When does the breast milk start to form or leak??

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Hepatitis B :: Selenium, Milk Thistle, Vitamin D, Green Tea And Lemon?

I am from Africa, I was diagnosed with HepB three years ago when I moved to the US, prior to that I had no ideal about this virus with that been said U don't know how long I have been varying this virus cuz I notice no sign o symptoms before my diagnosis but for the past one year I have been feeling some pain in my upper right abdomen  and at her symptoms like itching, dark urine and fatigue. I want to see my GI doc and he said that all of my test results were good and I need no treatment ( no cirrhosis , fibrous, inflammation or cancer but my pain and symptoms are intensifying every con someone pls help me with some information I have been doing my own research and was thinking about trying some supplements ( selenium, milk thistle, vitamin d , c and b mad some green tea and lemon) I also thinking about traveling to India since there is not much that can be done about HepB in the US.

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Breast :: Discharge (small Brown Dots) In Bra?

I'm 15, had my period for 2 years. I recently noticed some strange, small orangey brown dots inside my bra where my nipple is located on my right breast, this has happened for around two weeks; the discharge was not in the bra before use so it has happened while I have worn it. About 5 months ago I went to hospital for a scan on my right breast as I found a lump, but they said it was just a fibre and not to worry, but now I'm quite worried about it. I haven't had sex and am not pregnant so I don't know what has caused this.

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Breast :: Green Discharge?

have green discharge from breast

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Breast :: Green Discharge From One Nipple

Since four years i'm having a problem of high level of prolactin. my younger daughter is going to be 5 in oct. I've used the "parlodel 5mg"daily for 6 months or so. The discharge controlled but now one of my right breast is still having a drop of green discharge when i squeeze. since, a week or so i'm feeling slight pain under my breast. i want to ask that what this exactly is? Is this the indication of some cyst or tumor in my breast?

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Breast :: Dark Green Discharge When Squeezed

For the past three weeks my right breast has been leaking a dark greenish thin liquid when squeezed. I first noticed it during my menstrual cycle and thought it was just my hormones going crazy, but it hasn't gone away after my period ended. I don't feel any unusual lumps. But I do feel a slight pain, though I'm not sure if this is jut because I've been thinking about it so much. (Kind of like when you think about your feet and they start to itch.)

I also have bursitis in my right shoulder, which sometimes causes sharp pain in my pec muscle. Could the discharge in my breast be related to my shoulder injury, or is it just a coincidence?

My mother had breast cancer (is healthy now thankfully), so I am very worried. I am only 24 years old.

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Breastfeeding :: Does Breast Milk Last In Bottles?

So I am going to breastfeed my daughter but my boyfriend wants to take her to his family reunion in August in Alabama. He insist that I formula feed her so that she can go but that's not going to happen! How long does breast milk last in bottles and which bottles are the best?

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Breastfeeding :: Very Low Breast Milk Supply

I'm pregnant for second time, first time I had very low breast milk supply, so is there anything to do while pregnant to get good milk supply

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Breastfeeding :: How Soon Does Breast Milk Start To Come Out?

How soon does breast milk start to come out? I heard that sometime it doesn't start till a few days after the baby is born if that's so how will i feed my baby when she is born because i now i cnt do formula and breast milk any advice??

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Breast :: Milk Discharge On Squeezing

I recently discovered that when i squeeze my breast it brings out breast milk, and this have been giving me serious concern, the constant stomach ache, head ache, and sometimes breast ache is what is driving me nuts right now, what could be the cause of all this and what could be the possible solution.

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Menopause :: Milk Leaking From Breast? Tubes Tied

My breast are leaking milk for a few days. Very tender to touch. I can put pressure and it squirts out. I am 37 years old. Had a tubes tied 14 yrs ago. Took three home pregnancy test all negative?? Confused? Anyone had this happen or know what's happening?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: 22 Weeks And Breast Already Leaking

Is it normal to leak already I'm only 22 weeks!

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Pregnancy :: 32 Weeks - Rib Pain Under Right Breast

Its like a bunch of bees stinging me , I've been told by my ob the only relief is delivery.  Anyone found any remedies?? Im 32 weeks and going insane

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Pregnancy :: 24 Weeks - One Breast Leaking And Other Not

Im 24 weeks and 3 days along and my left breast has been leaking off and on since I hit 19 weeks but still the right breast has not at all. The left areola is much darker brown and the right one is still just kinda redish brownish. The left nipple is swelled up and getting bigger, it also has a strange lump that's grown under the nipple and idk what it is, but the right nipple is still normal.

Is there something wrong with my right breast that its not developing?

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Pregnancy :: Breast Leaking At 20 Weeks?

Is it normal to start leaking from my breasts at 20 weeks? My mom was worried and doesn't think that is normal.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubes Tied, But Discharge / Milk On Breast Squeeze

I had my period January 17 ,2015 it lasted 7days then left a week then I started a brown discharge my baby is 11months and my tubes are tied now it's feb 22and the discharge is still leaking I squeeze my breast and milk stuff comes out please help

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Pregnancy :: Breast Not Leaking - 34 Weeks Normal ?

I'm 34wks 26yrs young & this is my 1st baby I was wondering is it OK if my breast haven't started secreting milk yet?

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Pregnancy :: No Breast Soreness - 24 Weeks - Worried?

The doctor said my breast would get sore and now I'm 14 weeks one day and still no tenderness should I be worried?

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