Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait Once Contractions Started

Oct 25, 2014

i've been having bad contractions since yesterday today more on thursday i was 1 cm open is it posible that i could have opened more? Should i just go to the hospital and get checked out?

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Pregnancy :: Contractions - How Long To Wait

I'm 38 weeks 2 days.  I got checked today for dilation. I was 3.5 cm open. Well I've also been nonstop bloody mucus since yesterday. Doctor told me he should see me tonight or tomorrow because I am contracting. However I don't know how to count them. I feel some are longer and some are shorter so I lose track.  However the pain has increased.  He told to go in if they are 5 minutes apart, or bleeding like a period,  or water breaking. The pain is increasing.  Should I go??

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Pregnancy :: Naturally Induce Labor Or To Get Contractions Started?

I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and I'm 3-4 cm dilated. Can anyone give me any ideas to help naturally induce labor or to get contractions started? I've been walking, my husband and I have been having sex, I even tired the milk and orange juice thing... Abutting else? My belly feels so tight just no steady contractions.

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Pregnancy :: C-section - How To Long To Wait For Sex Afterwards

How long did u ladies wait to have sex after getting a C-section?

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait Before Starting Exercise ?

How long do you have to wait when the baby is born to start exercising

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Depo-provera :: How Long To Wait For Pregnancy?

was on the depo shot for only a couple months from May 15 n I stopped taking it in October in 2015, I got my regular period now I'm just wondering how long I have to wait to get pregnant.

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait For Sex After Giving Birth

How long did you ladies wait after giving birth to have sex again? I know 6 weeks but i highly doubt i can go that long and plus we want to try and get pregnant again a.s.a.p.

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show 2 Hours Ago - How Long To Wait?

I had my bloody show about 2 hrs ago i guess it's just a waiting game now. How long after did you gals go in after ...

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Pregnancy :: How Long To Wait For Normal Delivery After C-section?

How long do you have to wait from a c-section delivery to have a vaginal delivery

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Pregnancy :: Genetic Testing - How Long To Wait For Results?

I'm 39 years old and this is my third child I go tomorrow for my genetic testing at 12 weeks I was wondering if anyone else has had this done and how long before you got the results back

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Vasectomy :: How Long To Wait For Reversal

i had my vas in Jan of this year and have been in pain since week 2. The pain in my balls has subsided but where I was cut is still sore on both sides. The main pain is in my groin high where the hip meets. I can still do most things, sex is not painful so don't think it is congestion. After four months of this though my anxiety levels are rising. Do I wait longer or pull the trinket now and opt for a redo? Does a redo help if not due to congestion? I am assuming I have scar tissue causing referred pain

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Gonorrhea :: How Long To Wait For Sex After Antibiotics

I tested positive for gonorrhea today and my doctor gave me some antibiotics which I took as soon as I got home. My doctor told me that I shouldn't have unprotected sex for 7 days, however I was going to see my boyfriend in 8 days and  I planned on having sex with him. Would it be safe to have sex with him without giving him gonorrhea if we used a condom? I figured it would be okay since it's past 7 days, but I just want to make sure.

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How Long To Wait For Alcohol After Stopping Oxycontin?

im getting off of oxycontin.10 mgs extended long should i wait to drink alcohol after stopping oxycontin.

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Trying To Conceive :: How Long To Wait After Depo-provera

was on the depo shot for only a couple months from May 15 n I stopped taking it in October in 2015, I got my regular period now I'm just wondering how long I have to wait to get pregnant.

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Penis - Circumcision - How Long To Wait For Sex And Masturbation?

So I was circumcised 3 month ago... Let's not get into "why I did it".

I visited my doctor about a month ago and he said that everything is fine and Im gonna be okay.

But nothing is okay! He said that the swelling will go away in a month or two, but its been three month and a few days since I took my bandage off, and it is still swollen.. Not like it was two month ago but in this last month, NOTHING has changed.

On top of this problem I have this "other" problem. I dont know how to explain it properly but I didn't think that thats how my penis is going to look. And by that I mean that the skin is like "attached" to the glans (Hope I said it right).

I had stitches and the doctor said they will disappear by themselves and he was right but the skin is not "loose" I can't pull it to much backwards.

If a picture is needed I can look for something on the internet to give a better explaination...

So my questions are:
1. I haven't asked my doctor about masturbating but I do it anyway since it's not painful... Can I masturbate or is it a bad idea?
Maybe if I stop, the swollenness will go away?

2. I wanna start haveing sex with my girlfriend but Im afraid something will go wrong since my skin is "attached" to whatever I wrote

3. Any tips? Articles? Anything that can make me feel better about my situation?

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Sertraline :: New To Zoloft - How Long To Wait For Results?

I recently started Zoloft for depression and I started out with 50 mg and didn't have too bad of side effects. Went back to doctor after 2 weeks and she upped me to 100 mg. It has been 2 weeks now at 100 mg and I still don't see any changes. Do I have to wait the 6 weeks to see if it kicks in?

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Contraception :: How Long To Wait Periods After Stopping Cerazette

I stopped taking Cerazette after approx 8 years of taking it. I didn't really have much break through bleeding and no periods whilst taking it maybe a handful of times over the 8 years.

My last pill was last Monday and by the Saturday I started bleeding (but it was more like the breakthrough - brownish), only enough to use a panty liner rather than a pad or tampon. We are wanting to start a family as I'm 31 and have no children yet but I am wondering whether this is my first period or not? I had period pains with it which I've not had before.

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Medical Abortion :: 4 Cytotec At A Time - How Long To Wait?

i had 4 cytotec at one time and i am 4 weeks 6 days much i need to wait to have medical abortion from this medicine..or this will not workout?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Started Esmya. How Long Until Bleeding Should Stop?

I started Esmya 6 days ago and am still bleeding, heavy at times. Had a slow wean off norethisterone, last tablet was 2 days before starting Esmya. So prob having a withdrawal bleed from that but just wondering how long til Esmya kicks in.

Had big haemorrhage at Xmas and lost over 30% blood volume so any bleeding leaves me highly anxious and unable to function normally. Has anyone else experienced that?

Also, consultant put mirena in 2 mths ago to help control bleeding. He said it won't impact on effect of Esmya but I've read that it can as they're both competing for progesterone receptors. Have others come across this at all? Is there anyone else out there on Esmya who also has the mirena? Did you have any results?

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Can Pregnancy Wait With Pcos?

I was diagnosed with pcos about a year ago. My periods had just stopped and I hadn't had one for about a year and a half, they we're always irregular but had never just stopped before . I don't think I have it really bad, (I don't know really), but ever since I was diagnosed I've noticed my weight just escalate and growing more hair in odd places along with the no periods and loads of gross spots on my chin constantly! . I'm 29, 5'7 and weigh 12 stone, which is literally the heaviest I have ever been. Trying to loose weight has been a struggle, so went to the docs and she started me on metformin. Been on it for 2 months now. It seems I am loosing weight slowly but still no periods. 

Me and my partner have been together for 7 years now, but I'm still not ready to have a baby, but I'm scared I'm not taking my pcos seriously enough and should get on it incase it never happens?! . I do smoke too which is obviously something I have to conquer before we start trying. Is age 33-34 too late to start trying if you've got pcos?

Also when I was diagnosed I realised I must of had it for years because I had quite a lot of unprotected sex in my teens (bad, I know) and never got pregnant. 

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Pregnancy :: What Can Cause Contractions?

I'm 39 weeks and I'm almost 2 cm dilated and 80% thinned out. My doctor said we're gonna talk about being induced, but I don't want to be induced but then again I don't want to wait any longer than 40 weeks. So what can cause contractions for me to dilate.

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