Pregnancy :: When Did You Go To Labor After Water Break?

Mar 29, 2015

how long after your water broke did you Go into labor

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Pregnancy :: Water Break During Sex?

Has anybody ever had the water broken during sex .

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Pregnancy :: Water Break And Meconium

My doctor just broke my water.. And there's meconium in it. My doctor said it's quite common for this to happen, but that when I deliver they will have a respiratory therapist for him just in case he needs help. Dilated to a 4 at my last check, and I still haven't requested any pain meds or the epidural. So far so good.

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Pregnancy :: Water To Leak And Not Actually Break - Possible?

Is it possible for your water to leak and not actually break? I have this liquid coming out that isn't like discharge. Feels like I pee myself here and there to I wear a pad threw out the day. It has a hint of the color brown in it, not thick at all. I'm 38weeks

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Pregnancy :: Water Break Without Contractions?

Is it possible for your water to break without contractions? I am 39 weeks today and I think it has just happened to me.

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Pregnancy :: Did My Water Break - Wet Feeling On Legs

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a wet feeling on my legs and inner thighs but my underwear wasn't wet at all. Should I be concerned that my water broke,or was I just sweating a lot.

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Pregnancy :: Water Break - Odor / Smell?

When your water breaks does it have an odor?

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Pregnancy :: Induced Water Break Hurts?

Does it hurt when The doctor break your water on his own?

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Pregnancy :: How Many Centimeters Before Doctor Break Your Water?

How many centimeters do u have to be for the doc to break your water?

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Pregnancy :: Did My Water Break - Felt A Gush Of Fluids

I'm a FTM & I'm 36 weeks & 5 days, Okay so I sneezed and I felt a gush a didn't feel like I peed myself, but I'm not leaking or anything. ...Is it possible my water broke?

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Pregnancy :: Tap Water Is Nasty - I Boil Water And Freeze

tap water is nasty if I boil water & freeze it would that be a good idea?

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Exercise To Go Into Labor?

Do you have to walk or exercise for you to go into labor because I really just stay inside most of the time.The only moving I do is clean.

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Pregnancy :: Does Walking Help Labor

does walking help labor

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Pregnancy :: Phobia Of Labor

Anything I can do to help my fear of labor or ease it? I'm terrified my vagina won't go back to regular size as well. Maybe, I am just young and dumb at 24.

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Pregnancy :: Acupressure For Inducing Labor?

has anybody done Acupressure to jump start labor? Does it work? 4 days till due date!!

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Show Is That A Sign Of Labor?

If you have a bloody show is that a sign of labor? Should I be worried? Oh man I'm not sure what to do... I'm having cramps like I'm on my period...

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Pregnancy :: Mucus Plug? Does This Mean Labor Is Starting?

Can you lose only part of your mucus plug? I think i did, but im not completely sure. If so, does this mean labor is starting? I've also been having cramping in my lower back, and a few sharp pains here and there, since yesterday morning.

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Pregnancy :: Labor With Anemia - Need A Blood Transfusion?

I'm about to be 19 but posting here in this age group to hear from you more experienced moms with most likely more children have any of you gone through labor with anemia how did it go did you need a blood transfusion? I'm 38w today and have a 16 month old so I got pregnant quickly and had anemia with my first too. It's gotten worse my Dr. said they want anemic pregnant woman at at least a 12 going into labor and yesterday they told me I was at a 9 and I would more than likely be needing a transfusion rite after delivery? I'm pretty nervous about gong into labor now and would like to hear experiences?

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Pregnancy :: Fully Lose Your Mucus Plug - Do You Go Into Labor

My babys measurement due date is the 17th of this month...yesterday and today when i wipe it feels slippery, is that my mucus plug? It looks like mucus on the toilet paper. Im sorry TMI. After you fully lose your mucus plug do u go into labor??

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Pregnancy :: Does Raspberry Leaf Tea Work To Start Labor?

Ok ladies i'm 38 weeks and want my baby out already I don't see anything wrong with it being 2 weeks before my 40 weeks so has anyone heard of this tea jump starting labor?

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Pregnancy :: Naturally Induce Labor Or To Get Contractions Started?

I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and I'm 3-4 cm dilated. Can anyone give me any ideas to help naturally induce labor or to get contractions started? I've been walking, my husband and I have been having sex, I even tired the milk and orange juice thing... Abutting else? My belly feels so tight just no steady contractions.

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