Pregnant Without Ejaculation - Pre Ejaculation

May 30, 2016

So yesterday my boyfriend and I were messing around a bit. I still had my undergarments on, and he was grinding against me (his penis was out). He didn't climax, but my panties kept snagging and I think he might've accidentally penetrated me a bit. I've never had sex though, so I have no idea whether he did or not. Would I have definitely been able to tell? Also he hadn't ejaculated in awhile, so his pre-ejaculation fluid couldn't have had any sperm, right? (I'm not even sure that there was any pre-ejaculation fluid.)

I know the likelihood is not high at all, I'm just scared. I'm really young and I can't talk to my parents about this without my life turning upside down. Is there any chance at all of me getting pregnant? Should I scrape together money for a morning-after pill?

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Pregnancy :: Chances Of Getting Pregnant With Pre Ejaculation?

Highly likely, possible, or possible but unlikely?.. getting pregnant 2 days after period ends from precum when cycle is every 28 days..

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Oral Sex With Ejaculation / HIV

i did oral sex to a man and he ejaculated inside my mouth , after few minutes i washed it , i don't know his HIV status....
i don't know if their was something inside my mouth bleeding...

i am on Roaccutane so i have dry and cracked lips with openings between my lips...

i m so anxious that i might be infected with HIV it past 1 week from this act i have a mid flew and a sore throat and feeling tired..

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Men :: Involuntary Ejaculation

I'm male of age 29. it happened to me a couple of times that when I was traveling on bus I had ejaculation with orgasm. prior to that ejaculation I was having a strong urge for urination?

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Holding Cum After Ejaculation

Every time i hold my cum after ejaculation and i am doing this since from 2 years and now a days i have pain in my lower back is this due to this practice?

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Sexual Health :: Age For Ejaculation

The thing is I have never ejaculated in my life and being 16 I am worried about it and I do not have that much hair too.Of late I have been pretty depressed of my condition while my friends boast about their manliness.Can someone please tell me what is wrong with me.

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HIV Prevention :: Oral Sex With Ejaculation

i'm 31 years old bisexual. 4 days ago I had sexual contact with a married man. I did oral sex and he ejaculated on my mouth. Later I found out, I was bleeding inside and some cuts noted. I didn't spit out his semen instead I let it stay in my mouth and swallow. That contact lasted only less than 10 min and a little bit "aggressive", cuz I did deepthroating. Presently i'm having severe throat pain and some cold sores on my lips and throat. In this case, my chance of getting infected with hiv is very high considering that I bleed too much? When is the right time to get tested?

As I converse with that guy, hes telling me he is hiv positive with unknown viral load status, he has multiple partners before and even engage in sexual contact with men. Theres no anal sex happened.

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Aspermia - Almost No Semen Upon Ejaculation

I am Male 25 years old 5'11" 155lbs

My diet is almost vegetarian. In the morning I'll typically eat a protein shake and take

High EPA HA ratio fish oil
Vitamin D 5000iu (I'm deficient)
Ubiquinol/pyrroloquinoline quinone
Agmatine 500mg

I take dextroamphetamine for work, i also drink coffee and use nicotine (mostly vape) and sometimes I take a few grams of l-citrulline to combat vasoconstriction caused by amphetamines/nicotine.

Lunch is typically a chicken sandwich. Dinner is Pizza/chicken burrito/something like that. I don't eat red meat, pork, beef, don't drink milk or soda. I also haven't exercised on purpose in about six months. (Need to try and gain some weight back)

I am bisexual. I was in a committed relationship with a girl for 4.5 years, then broke it off. Now I'm having sex almost exclusively with men. I also maturbate daily.

As of late, when I have an orgasm, there is VERY little semen during ejaculation. This is very troubling and requires a resolution. I have to fix this. It started happening after I was experimenting with elastic penis rings and a penis pump (just for fun once in a while). Now, I've tried taking 50mg zinc sulfate in liquid form to resolve the issue to no avail. I don't think I'm deficient in zinc because it tastes terrible and it makes me nauseated when I take it. Though I notice a mood improvement/stabilization following administration, I'm less agitated.

But it did not resolve the issue which sort of leads me to believe that this is not a hormone/nutrition issue. In my opinion, the issue is mechanical. I think I either have retrograde ejaculation or blocked ejaculatory ducts. This also started happening when I started to bottom (receiving end of anal sex) more often and use anal toys/prostate massaging. Perhaps I've done damage to my prostate?

I have a feeling that my ejaculatory ducts are blocked. Is there a device/drug (experimental is okay) that can dilate these ducts?

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Burning Penis After Ejaculation

I am 20 years old and have played sports almost my all life. At the age of 15 - 16 I noticed my left testicle felt kind of mushy. I haven’t done anything about it and it fills so even today. But, recently, I’ve noticed another problem - once out of every 5 or 6 ejaculations I experience burning sensation in my penis. This happens regardless of the time of my last ejaculation – it can be from 1 hour to few days. Also, once that happens, when I urinate afterwards, it burns me real badly. Does anybody here know what is wrong?

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Orgasm :: Precum After Ejaculation?

Latley when I ejaculate, my cum will be a yellowish color, but I've read that's normal because it veries from man to man but after I cum I clear sticky liquid comes out

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Transmission Of Meth During Sex Via Ejaculation?

I have been with my husband for 27 years, he claims he does not use meth but I know he has since we first meth, he quits off and on, but I am afraid he is using more now again. My concern is that he ejaculates inside me, and I am now unable to sleep, I have mood swings and get very angry and have a short temper, my appetite is decreasing etc. is it possible that the meth is in his sperm and is affecting me? I really feel like something's very wrong I feel like I'm "tripping" afterward. I am not a drug user and do not ever want to be but I'm afraid he is putting it in my system.

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Men Issues :: No Ejaculation But Wet Dreams ?

I'm 15 and for some reason I can have wet dreams but I can't cum. is something wrong with me?

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Ejaculation :: Jelly Like String

I am a 19 year old healthy man. I masturbated this morning and there was a string of clear jelly like strand that came moments after I had ejaculated. What is this? Is this a problem?

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Penis :: Pain After Ejaculation

I am a 19 year old guy. I never masturbate frequently, or if I should recall, I could say I've masturbated only about 6 times or so, in my entire life. So, the past 4 times when I ejaculated, there was cramped like pain in my butt. It lasts for about 2-3 min and then fades away. So, I decided to check this out clearly and yes, today when I masturbated, the pain was confined to the butt region and the region below my testes. It lasted for about a minute but there was sufficient pain for me to feel discomforted. Also, every time I ejaculate the semen comes out hot, meaning, the fluid is hot. I had undergone an ultrasound scan a year and a half ago and it described my prostate gland to be in normal shape and condition. Can anyone help me out, what could the possible reasons be like, for such discomfort?

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HOLEP And Having Incontinency/ejaculation Problems Afterwards

I am a bloke of 66 yrs and am having incontinency/ejaculation problems.

In July 2013 I had an operation – (HOLEP) as I had an enlarged prostate, the operation went well and I was back home in a couple of days. But for a while now I get very down and wish I had never had the operation.

After the op, although I tried to do the pelvic floor exercises I found it quite difficult, and eventually stopped, I did buy a pelvic floor stimulator (male type) and used that for a while.

Anyway now the incontinency is not a major problem as it is a stress type and not always. BUT what is a problem is that when I ejaculate I pee as well, just a bit but it is there and consequently this means no sex since the operation.

I knew there was a risk of incontinence and also reverse ejaculation (semen goes into bladder) I used Tena Men for a while but found after a few months did not need them. I can’t remember when I first tried masturbation after the op but I did, and was pleased to discover that there was no reverse ejaculation (well most of the time anyway   but what did concern me was during the act before ejaculation I would pass pee almost like milking. This has gradually got worse and unless I force myself to pee before I masturbate I even pee as I ejaculate.

The consultant did say he had removed most of the prostate, and as it goes through the pelvic floor muscle (I think) is it possible that the muscle is damaged around the urethra.

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No Sperm On Ejaculation With Kidney Stones

i have a 4mm kidney stone and i am using medicines when i masturbate no sperm is coming...

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HIV Prevention :: Oral Sex Without Ejaculation In Mouth

i'm 24 year married male..i gave oral 35 year old men .he did not ejaculated..but i saw a pre cum on his pennis .. i'm worried if that fluid came in my mouth ..after 1or 2 min a split it out.. am i infected with hiv??  someone please help.. i m very very scared now.. what happen to my wife..i will never do it again .. but i'm afraid so much nowadays.

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Acne As A Result Of Ejaculation During Intercourse

does ejaculation during sexual intercourse cause acne on the face?

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Purpose Of A Long Distance Ejaculation?

Other than the obvious visual satisfaction, what is the reproductive purpose of powerful ejaculations that (if unrestricted) could fly across the room?

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Sex Anxiety And Fear Of Premature Ejaculation

Suffered from OCD / sleep phobia for many years

Currently taking seroquel & occasionally zopiclone. Also in the past taken clomipramine

Here's the problem

I'm obsessing about sex. Firstly few months ago was worried about being able to perform (get hard)

Managed to get through this, did feel very down though. Now I'm obsessing about premature ejaculation, every time I have sex it's always on my mind to the point now where I can ejaculate too quick. This is causing me horrendous depression & I feel like I'm wasting my days. See I took a clomipramine tablet the other week & this cures premature ejaculation for me but I feel a failure to take it and feel like it will eventually not work. I rationally realise I'm creating the problem but have no control to the point where the problem is created.

All I'm thinking everyday every second is about arriving to soon. My partner is supportive and thinks I haven't got a problem but I feel funny down below. I can last longer by masterbating before sex but have read this is not a long term solution. I feel so anxious and sad that life seems difficult

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Unprotected Sex, No Ejaculation, Morning After Pill

Me and my girlfriend had sex on the 9th of march on the night time and I didn't ejaculate, I know this is bad but it just happened.. My me and girlfriend then went and got the morning after pill days later. Since then on the 26th she got her 'period', the bleeding wasn't heavy but it wasn't light. She had blood during the night and then all day during the day on the 26th and on the 27th her tampon was in all day during the day and was brown when she checked and this was brown discharge. We're really frightened that she is pregnant. She is also on the mini pill since she got the morning after pill. 

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