Prostate Cancer :: Muscle Aches And Cramps With Zoledronic Acid

May 10, 2015

I am having a monthly infusion of Zoledronic Acid, I was wondering I'm anyone else has experienced the above symptoms, Cramps are always in my calves, ankle and groin. Muscle aches can be anytime during my treatment. 

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Zoledronic Acid Or Denosumab?

I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia. I am coming up to 70 and have had PMR for 3 years. I have just discovered that I have suffered two fractures of the spine, so after 3 years of pred, and at least another to look forward to , the Osteoporosis Nurse thinks I ought to have treatment. I gather the Zoledronic Acid is an annual drip and Denosumab is a bi-annual injection. I have looked at the chemical structure of these and find that Denosumab is monoclonal, which makes me lean toward it as I feel there may be fewer side effects. I would be grateful to hear of other people's experiences of these.

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Muscle Aches And Pains - Do Not Want To Be On Statins

My cholesterol has been high recently and my doctor keeps putting me on was 300 and I went on Lipitor.. some time after started to have muscle aches so I stopped taking it myself and the pains went away...went to doctor and he put me on pravastatin 20 mg and I tried it for a while but again had muscle aches and pains..i stopped the pravastatin and the pain has been totally gone..i feel great...I need to go to the dr again in about a month but my problem is my doctor won't listen that I don't want a statin..he says a non statin drug won't help..told the dr I don't want to be on statins but he is not listening to me...I have now tried to modify my diet..i weigh about 150..cut out all pasta and sweets...can I really lower my numbers without statins.?

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Anxiety :: Muscle Aches In Both Calf Muscles?

I have been dealing with anxiety for the last 4 months but woke up the other morning and both my calf muscles were sore lime I had run a marathon but of course I hadn't. I did feel anxious or anything but they say you can get the symptoms without having it and was wondering if this is anxiety symptoms at its best.

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Undiagnosed Symptoms :: Fatigue, Exhaustion And Muscle Aches

I'm a 28 year old male. Over the past couple years my health has been steadily deteriorating.

Physical Issues:-

- Weight gain. 1-2 years gained 40lbs. (Now closing in on 295lbs)

- Unable to lose weight. Cut calories, ate better food, worked out with a trainer 4-5 days a week, 2.5 hours a day for a month and lost 2lbs. Muscle gain did not account for the lack of weight loss.

- knee pain (for 4-5 years). X-rays came back negative.

- legs are constantly overheated, and warm to the touch.

- exhaustion, all the time. To the point where it affects my life.

- no interest in anything due to always being tired.

- caffeine has no effect. Never drank coffee in my life, but started drinking black coffee and had no effect.

- constantly feeling 'I can't', whenever something comes up.

Doctors suggestions:-

-Doctor treated this as depression. I went on Celexa for 5 months and all that did was make things worse. Increased weight gain, more tired, more emotional, more depressed.

- I also saw a psychologist for about 10 sessions, but this was not very effective as I didn't have any specific trauma events.

- blood work and urine came back normal. No thyroid issues, no diabetes, nothing.

I keep trying to get healthy, but I can't shake this 'cloudy' feeling and exhaustion all the time.

I don't know if anyone can think of what this could be? I know I need to get more active, but like I said above my body and mind keep telling me 'I can't'...and no amount of caffeine helps.

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Thyroid :: Hashimoto's And Vitamin D Deficiency - Muscle/bone Aches

Is this common? I just got my lab results back from my last checkup, my thyroid function is good and being controlled well by my Armour, but I have a severe vitamin D deficiency (8.9 with a range of 30-100). Is this pretty normal? My doctor recommended that I take a D supplement. Should this fix the problem or is there an underlying issue? This also seems to explain a lot of the muscle/bone aches I've been having.

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Lipitor Side Effects - Horrible Muscle Tiredness And Aches

I know that it's known that lipitor has the side-effect of muscle tiredness and aches. Has anyone else have to deal with this? Man it's off the hook. I almost am paralyzed fro, lipitor. This horrible and I would like to talk to someone who's been through it. This is a very under-rated affliction IMO. I've been tested and it doesn't look like I have the Rabadolosis<sp? That spelling isn't even close. I was very scared before I realized what was causing this severe problem.. Now I know that lipitor has helped a lot of people, it brought my cholesterol down a bunch very quickly. Frankly i would rather have high cholesterol. I did have a stroke at the end of November, small, deep in the cerebellum. Hence the lipitor.

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Cialis Side Effects - Flushing, Muscle Aches And Fatigue

After seeing my GP and a specialist about ED, they've prescribed me 5mg cialis to take every day. I'm on day 3 and i'm getting side-effects, flushing (warm feeling in the face), muscle aches and also feeling fatigued and drowsy.

Has anyone else here taken it daily? do the side effects wear off or is this what I should expect now? if they wear off, i can tough it out - but if this is just how-im-going-to-feel-now.

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Prostate Cancer, IBS, And Viagra?

I am 59 years young, and I have IBS and prostate cancer. I will be starting my prostate cancer treatments the last week of October and my doctor prescribed me Viagra that I am supposed to take beginning the week before my treatment begins. I don't have a lot of money (the treatment is taking every bit of my HSA) and he told me there were places I could buy it and save some money, as I'm going to be working a lot less during the treatments. Also, I am wondering if anyone has taken Viagra and if it affected your IBS at all?

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Prostate :: Testosterone Causes Cancer

I went to my doctor and she said that a PSA is needed for screening purposes. I asked why and she said that TRT can cause cancer. I told her I have heard nothing of this and if it does I would have never started it. I have read that being on TRT can fuel cancer that is already there making it grow faster and more likely to be aggressive in nature. She looked at me with  a puzzled look and said really well maybe you are right I will check into it. OMG! this is my doctor. Now what the heck am I supposed to think. I have never read anything that links TRT to causing cancer, fueling it yes, but causing it no. I have also read that men with low T are at a higher risk of developing cancer so it would be safe to say I am better off on TRT than not. I wouldn't be on it, but my body no longer makes it so it was 0. My side effects from this were really bad. It is like having chronic fatigue syndrome and sexual dysfunction. With a side of extreme depression. It was terrible and I don't want to go back to feeling that way, but the doctor would like me to stop due to cancer risk and blood clotting. I am getting checked regularly for blood issues and have no desire to take a PSA test. I believe it will open Pandora's box. I wish to leave it alone. What is a guy supposed to do?

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Prostate Cancer :: Over Treatment

I have just been copied in on a letter from the Consultant Urologist to my GP giving an update on the appointment I attended following an MRI.

it says:- "Mr "Sailor Sam" was reviewed today. He is a known case of prostate cancer on active surveillance. His PSA has been slowly creeping up suggesting that he is progressing on a biochemical level. In view of this , radical treatment was discussed but "Sailor Sam" is not keen on this for fear of side-effects. His preference is to continue with active surveillance and therefore he will be seen in clinic in 3 months time"

Now on the letter it says Diagnosis:- Gleason 6 adenocarcinoma of the prostate diagnosed in 2012. Latest PSA 3.3

MRI Scan shows T2 N0 - prostate cancer in 43cc prostate gland.

Staging is small volume. A small low signal foucs at the junction of peripheral and transitional zones on the left lateral aspect at the base does show restricted diffusion and is likely to represent a small focus of prostate carcinoma. It is organ defined. No further focus suspicious for prostate carinoma. The seminal vesicles show normal appearance.

The MDT 17.9.15 concensus of opinion - OFFER RADICAL TREATMENT.

So what I would like to hear is what people think about this? My Psa resutls have been May 2013 2.4

                                Aug 2013 1.5

                                Mar 2014  1.7

                                Aug 2014 1.7

                                Jul  2015 3.2

                                Sep 201 3.3

I know there are some very knowledgeable people on this site but am I missing something? Offering radical treatment to a 52 year old man with this history? Is that right? I am a Mental Health Nurse myself and work as part of a Multi-Disciplinary Team which is why I am having trouble coming to terms with their conclusion. 

Could I ask for the MDT decision to be reviewed by a different MDT? would it make a difference?

Or are they the "experts" who arrive at this decision following a certain protocol. Not sure if there are any NICE guidelines for offering treatment for example.

I know I will need treatment and I recognise we are lucky that we live in a society that has a health service that can help us so much, but is this a case of over-treatment which I've come to hear more and more about

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Prostate Cancer :: Avodart Forever?

I used to have PSA readings as high as 6.0 until my doctor prescribed Avodart 0.5 mg capsules daily. Since starting the Avodart regiment (3 years ago) my PSA readings have dramatically fallen to the range of 3.2 to 3.8 which obviously I am very pleased with. However, looking forward, (I'm 72), I'm wondering what to expect. If I stay on Avodart forever I assume that my readings will continue to be in the good range. But, is there a long term negative scenario for taking that much Avodart that I should be aware of ?

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Prostate Cancer? Increased PSA Level From 4.2 To 6.6

My psa level increased from 4.2 at the end of 2012 to 6.6 twelve months later at the end of 2013. My doctor sent me to a urologist who ordered another psa test and that came back at 11.00. There was only 3 weeks between my 6.6 reading and this latest one at 11.00. The urologist thinks that this huge increase is unlikely to be a cancer and wants me to have another test in 4 weeks time.

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Special Needs :: 82 Dehydrated - Emphysema And Prostate Cancer

I am a' carer' to a member of our family who is 82 and suffers from emphysema and prostate cancer. He is getting very weak as he refuses food [sick when eats] We try to make him drink [he is becoming dehydrated] We have constantly pestered our GP and He was recently taken into hospital, but discharged as being 'well enough for an old man with his type of illness'.  He had an injection last night to quell sickness [ again called out GP]. Today He is refusing food through fear of being sick..... GP coming again today!

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Prostate Cancer :: A Rise In PSA After Proton Treatment

I received my PSA blood test score today of 1.5. This is 14 months after Proton Treatment at Loma Linda. My Gleason score was 4+3 seven. My highest PSA pre treatment was 8.0

I had great numbers my first two tests.

!.3 after three months and six months later it was 0.50 in July of this year. I was not planning another PSA test until January but my GP did one as part of a normal physical. Was expecting a number lower than 0.50.

Appreciate any feedback. I know its the trend that counts, not one individual test but still it is disconcerting to not see a drop and even more disconcerting to see this significant an increase.

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Prostate Cancer :: Thoughts On Proton Radiation?

Diagnosed in April. MRI done, consult with three doctors. One recommended RP. Two recommended Proton Therapy.

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Prostate Cancer :: Weak Stream And Impotence

I'm a 20 year old male.

I recently fingered myself, and I felt something unusual. I went all the way in with my entire index finger (around 3 inches deep). I felt a hard, kind of pointy bump. I'm not sure if this is my prostate or if it's fecal matter. I've fingered myself before, and every time I do it I feel this. I'm often constipated, so maybe it's fecal matter? I'm worried because I also have symptoms of prostate cancer like impotence and a weak stream when urinating. I was followed by a urologist who was not able to find a problem. She made me take Flomax to help me urinate better. I haven't take a Flomax pill for more than a year.

Note: I do not have a family history of prostate cancer, I am Caucasian. I have a normal weight.

I know I should probably go see my doctor and tell him about this but it's very embarrassing.

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Prostate Cancer :: Hot Flushes - Hormone Therapy

 Here are my own observations at week five into LH hormone therapy.

> After a faltering start I settled into three or so mild hot flushes a day with some at night.

> The worst part for me is that shortly after the onset of a flush my memory is impaired and logical thought becomes confused. I could live with the fuzzy feeling in my head if that was all. This impairment lasts about one hour after the flush subsides. So I cannot do much sensible work or play the piano without making a hash of it and frequently forgetting how to continue the piece I am playing.

> I have found the advice to keep cool helpful. So I wear lighter clothes than formerly and try to keep a feeling of being slightly cold. I don't like that but it is better than a flush.

> I have accepted the advice of many that exercise is helpful. Amongst other benefits it is held to assist in limiting hot flushes. So in addition to my afternoon stroll with my wife (I.5 to 2 mph) I now take two brisk walks a week on my own. (3 to 3.5 mph - I used to manage over 4 mph). Again picking up on advice relating to hormone treatment I have added home devised power exercises with chest expander spring and hurrying up and down the stairs six times in succession. Plus, pelvic floor exercises in anticipation of radiotherapy.

> I found that stress, warming exercise excluded, frequently brings on a flush. 

DISCOVERY or just something I had missed.

> I have found that if during a flush if I do some exercise that I know from experience will be enough to warm me, when I stop I cool down normally and so cut short the flush. (I must cool down. If I stay warm the flush takes off again within a few minutes.) My flushes normally last about 90 minutes. For me the effective exercising is

>> six  times rapidly up and down stairs.

>> five minutes brisk walking

> If I do this exercising within about 60 seconds of the start of the flush I avoid the memory and logic problems. (Any delay and the problems last the usual hour after the end of the exercising / flush. )

Does anyone use a similar "cure" for a flush? Does it work for anyone else? 

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Prostate Cancer :: Differences Among Proton Beam Centers?

I am considering proton beam radiation treatment and was told by a urologist that the equipment at some centers tends to yield better results than others, and that the differences are not based on age or expense.

Does anyone have any insight into differences among proton beam center equipment?

Assuming I pursue this as a course of treatment, I'd be willing to travel to those centers anywhere in the US whose equipment yields the best results.

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Prostate Cancer :: Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Reviews?

Just got Gleason score 4+3

PSA risen from 17.8 to 20

plan for robotic radical prostatectomy in 3 weeks - has anyone else had this surgery?

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