Restless Leg Syndrome :: ReQuip Stopped Working

Aug 31, 2013

Hello all and good wishes to all to find your cure for WED/RLS. Willis Ekbom Disease is really what this RLS is.

Anyways I started on .25 mg of requip then it was upped each week (cos it only worked for about 4 to 5 days) then up to 1 mg. of requip. Now it's horrendous and I rarely sleep. I found through research that Yes! they do use the benzos and gabapentin (neurontin), and opioids for WED/RLS. Last night I was at the end of my rope and used my ativan and low dosage of dilaudid and actually slept for 4 hours without interruption!! My doc doesn't understand and wants to try me now on Mirapex witch is another DA (dopamine agonist) and may or more than likely NOT work. It's a rough road, and I have done a lot of meds. I hope and Pray when I go to my doc next week I get some answers. As well he will NOT give me a ferritin test nor refer me to a neurologist.

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Restless Leg Syndrome :: Nothing Is Working

I was diagnosed with an extreme case of RLS and have been taking Requip along with Klonopin, I am up to 2 mg of Requip 3 times a day and it worked great for a while. It seems like it quit working, my legs hurt so bad I could cry, the weight of a blanket feels like a two ton weight on them, they feel like they on on fire, and and I haven't sleep for days. I just started taking gabapentin, I really don't like taking it because it makes me feel looney kind of like in a fog. Sometimes I break out into a cold sweat so bad that I am just dripping with sweat and feel like I need to lay down, and turn the fan on me. The sweats are beginning to be more often. I just don't know what else to do.....

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Restless Legs Syndrome :: Gabapentin - 5 Days - Not Working

So went back to GP and mentioned I have private medical and I wanted to be referred for help. My GP shockingly said well we can help. So I have been given gabapentin! 5 days in taking one every evening. No let up with rls yet, but I am hoping it kicks in real soon

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Restless Legs Syndrome :: Gabapentin For 3 Weeks - Working

So been on gabapentin for 3 weeks now and have only had 2 nights of rls. 2 nights were very mild and the rls was very little and a walk around and back in bed helped. Fingers crossed I will get it less and less now

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Mirtazapine :: 30 Mg Has Stopped Working

I've been on mirt for 6 months. All going well until past 2 weeks.  Now experiencing the dark lows, burst into tears over nothing, increased energy & weight loss.  I strongly feel that meds are no longer working.  Has anyone had this experience?

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Fluoxetine Has Stopped Working

I am on week 8 on 20mg of flu. I was feeling EXCELLENT back to my old self even forgot I felt sad at one point..I thought it was all over.......5 days ago I started getting anxiety again, feeling depressed and the "doom" feelings again. Has this happened to anyone? Should I ask Dr to up dose is that the only solution?

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Has My Sertraline Stopped Working

I have been taking 25mg of Sertaline for 6 months and I have been great.The past week I have felt anxious and afraid.On two seperate ocassions I felt light headed like I may pass out and weak.My questions are the following:do you think my prescription needs to be increased?Do you think my period could play a part in this?Lastly,is this a form of a panic attack?

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Gabapentin Has Stopped Working

Has anyone else had this experience?  I started out on a low dose and had great results.  Now I am up to 1,800mg/day and it doesn't seem to be having much effect.  I am actually ok if I am not doing anything, but as soon as I use my foot, it gets so hot I could probably fry an egg on it!

My story:  was in a car/bike accident and ended up with the car parked on my foot.  Broke all my metatarsals in multiple places, but things were not that bad until...SURGERY.  After finally starting weight bearing I found I couldn't really feel my foot, but it worked.  Then I had oral surgery and my world exploded.  Insane nerve pain in my face and jaw which then transferred to my foot.  Anyone else here with CRPS?

Oh yes, and shooting pains up and down my thigh and calf whenever I stand or walk.

Thanks to anyone who responds.  Especially interested in those who found the gabapentin working at first and then not and those who are suffering from CRPS.

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Tibolone Stopped Working

I am 50 and have been taking Tibolone since May 2015. The first few months it was brilliant. I could sleep better, no hot flashes or night sweats and libido was amazing. But the last 3 months things started changing. It seems that my body got used to it and I have bad insomnia again, night sweats are back , libido gone low. I am still taking it and hopping that it will work again. I did put on a stone in weight, lots of facial hair and in my legs too. My hair roots on my head have gone really curly . Has anyone experienced that ?

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Spleen Has Stopped Working

My daughter's spleen has stopped working. She has sharp pain the the middle of where the rib cages meet(not at all where the spleen is. She has a high white blood cell count. Do you know what might cause a spleen to working. She is 28 and is otherwise great health,non smoker and no drugs either. They have her on morphine and gravel,also hooked up to an IV bag as she is not eating. No blood problems in the family history. She is a vegetarian so she may be low in iron. The hospital is at a loss for what to treat her for but ill next do a CT. They have done multiple blood works but nothing yet. Thank you for reading this and hope that you know something about why her spleen has stopped working.

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Fluoxetine :: 40 Mg (12 Weeks) Stopped Working

I have been on flu 40 mg for 12 weeks now and it seems that in the last week I have been feeling worse again.

It's a strange feeling but I feel indifferent to myself and seem to not care at the moment about my actions and thinking that what I do is not a problem?

I was just wondering is it possible with depression to still have days when you feel down and want to give up?

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Anxiety :: Klonopin Stopped Working

Has anyone had their Klonopin stop working? I had antibiotics Augmentin in early June and it stopped my Klonopin from doing any good. It still hasn't started working again and I'm a nervous wreck.

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Hormones :: Clomid Stopped Working

I have been using Clomid for the last 5 month to try and repair my low test levels. I have been having to self diagnose and medicate as my doctor will not take me seriously as my levels just scrape the normal range, I know myself that my levels are not right. Before going on Clomid I had no sex drive, no morning wood, ever!! tense and irritable and lethargic. A week after I started on Clomid my sex drive was back, morning wood every day really felt back to normal. unfortunately the positive effects have slowly diminished over the last few weeks to a point that I feel as bad if not worse than before, morning wood gone, no energy and feeling pretty miserable.

I am wondering, does anyone else have this experience of Clomid working for a time and then just stopping all of a sudden?

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Venlafaxine Stopped Working After 6 Months?

After 5 good months of taking Venlafaxine and getting my life back together, being back at work etc my depressive symptoms seem to be creeping back in along with increased anxiety levels, i feel like I'm back on that downward spiral to go back to where I was 12 months ago! 

I've had to take some more time off work as I feel so bad these last few days, got a Dr's appt next Monday couldn't get in any sooner unfortunately. 

Is this an early poop out from the Venlafaxine? I don't know what to do I didn't think I'd be here again so soon. Currently on 150mg XR with 10mg of Abilify I know they will be reluctant to increase the Ven as I suffer from bipolar disorder and they are worried about mania but I've never had mania.

Has anyone else had any experience of Venlafaxine pooping out after so little time? Would an increase help me?

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Depression :: Mirtazapine Have Stopped Working After 3 Years?

I have been really happy on this drug for three years now and envisaged staying on it for ever because it suited me so well. I was on 15mg at first which stopped working after a few weeks and then went up to 30 mg which I have been on for three years. My depression has been controlled and I was sleeping really well. Before the mirt, I had to take temazepam every night, but for the past three years I have only had to take it once a fortnight or so, but it is very difficult to get doctors to prescribe it now. Anyway, I have suddenly stopped being able to get to sleep. I have frequent need to urinate and my heart is beating too fast when I can't sleep. This used to be only a couple of nights a month, now it is every night virtually. Also, my depression and anxiety have suddenly worsened.

Do you think the mirt has stopped working? I am reluctant to up the dose if it is going to poop out again, as it will make it more difficult to withdraw from it should I need to. Has anyone else been on this drug long term and had similar experience? I have a doctors appointment a week tomorrow, but was wanting to hear others' experiences before I go.

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Blood Pressure :: Edarbyclor Stopped Working

I was on many Hypertension medicine for 3 years but nothing could lower my BP. Finally Dr. Prescribed Edarbyclor and miracle happened.

in fact it got so low that was hard to function but i was happy anyway.

Now 4 month later my BP starts to rise again.

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Macrolides Antibiotics :: Clarithromycin Stopped Working

I was prescribed these tablets last year to treat my acne and they worked for a while I was clear but in the last month or two I have started getting my acne back again and don't know what to do as am taking two tablets a day already. Do I go back to the doctors and ask for another referral or can someone help as its getting me down as it's on my face.

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Crohn's Disease :: Humira Stopped Working

I'm 28 and have crohn's disease. I have been on humira for 2 years which had worked well. The past few months, however, I have been suffering from a debilitating flair up. My Dr upped my dosage but it hasn't made a difference and am now back on steroids. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this with humira? And if anyone had had success with any alternative medications?

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Fluoxetine :: Prozac Has Stopped Working After 2 Months

I have been on Prozac 4 months and 2 of them were better and now I'm going back to the way I was before. What do I do now? I'm so miserable and don't understand why this is happening plus I'm pregnant.

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Estroven Nighttime For Over A Year And Now Stopped Working

I had terrible hot flashes at night, over 15 times a night waking up sweating.  Over a year ago I started using Estroven Nighttime and within a month they were all gone.  Now lately after over a year later , I'm am getting hot flashes again.  Should I try taking something else.

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Performance Anxiety Viagra Stopped Working Again

I'm 28. I am capable of getting proper erection any time of the day except for being in bed with a girl. After clinical check and running tests the doctor confirmed that my sex drive is healthy and functioning and that my problem is purely psychological. Performance medications help sometimes help (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, .. ). But in other times they just don't have any effect. I have been told that as long as I have performance anxiety, all the viagra in the world will not help.

To overcome the problem, my doctor prescribed me Trazodone Hydrochloride 100mg every night. I have to say that after taking Trazodone for a couple of weeks I could have healthy sex with or without viagra. I took Trazodone for a bit more than 3 months and then gradually stopped. for the following 4 months I could also have good sex ONLY when taking viagra. But now (after 6 months of stopping Trazodone) viagra stopped working again.

My question is: Did the doctor tell me to stop taking it too soon? should I start taking trazodone again for a longer time? How long should I keep taking the Trazodone to completely overcome the performance anxiety?

I feel confused because I read that Trazodone sometimes have a reversed effect if taken for too long.

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