Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel - Red Raised Itchy Rash

Jan 5, 2016

I've been taking the Enbrel injection for the past 4 weeks and this last week I have a red raised itchy rash where I inject myself. My nurse has told me that this is normal and usually around the size of a 50 pence piece but mine is a lot bigger than that! So I'm looking to see if anyone else has suffered from this and which creams can help? My nurse said an antihistamine cream will help but I want to make sure I get one that will work because it's so itchy!

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel Rash Progress

I started Enbrel 4 weeks ago. For the first two weeks I had no rash at all. After the 3rd injection, I got a rash of size of say 2cm over 5cm with swelling that disappears after 24h. The rash itself disappeared after 6 days. After the 4th injection (this Saturday) the rash appeared and is now about 3.5cm over 6 cm and is lasting 2 days with swelling. Itches, hot and bothering. I wonder if it is going to get worse or if the size of the rash and this semi allergy reaches a critical point and that's it... Saw some scary pictures on the net. Wonder if it really gets to the face and back, etc.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel Experiences Anyone ?

I'm hoping to start a clinical trial for Enbrel beginning in May (they need me on MTX for 3 months before I can start the trial) and am wondering if anyone that has used it or is on it currently can tell me how they're doing on it?

I woke up this morning with that heavy duty exhausted, malaise feeling that I felt for so many months before being diagnosed last summer. I had to work a mandatory training 40 hours last week, played catch up over the weekend and worked another 8 hours yesterday. I woke up to that heaviness in the chest; not a sick like heavy as in bronchitis or chest cold, but literally like someone was draining my insides out. I am emotional today and that's what happens when I get these episodes. 

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel - Side Effects?

After 8 months only on pain killers and a visit to yet another rheumy (who happens to be a head of the department and a boss of the last two that I saw... Sorry, semi vegan diet. Ha. Not funny... plus, he lost my medical records from the past visits...) I am switching to Enbrel as soon as it's approved. What side effects should I monitor except for the obvious ones? Does anyone apply ice before the injection as with Humira? (does it help?...)

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel For Beginners And Fatigue

I started the Enbrel injections yesterday and the only way to describe me today is a zombie - hardly keeping my eyes open. Sugar and coffee intake improved nothing. Taking ibuprofen yesterday eve (I thought that it might be a flu) made it worse. After a quick browsing, I found that some people experience such effects but I did not find if this is a temporary thing or is this a permanent side effect.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Enbrel Delayed Reaction - Huge Red Spots

My Dr gave me a sample of Enbrel to try while waiting for my insurance to approve treatment (they didn't but that's another story).

The Rheumy nurse attempted to show me how to use the pen and pulled the pen out too quick and squirted most of the medication on the floor. My Rheumatologist gave me another pen and told me just to do it at home since I was comfortable doing it myself. That was two weeks ago. Today I have these huge red spots a small one where the nurse tried to inject and a huge one where I injected.

It's very sore and is getting more bruised looking as the day goes on.

I had been on a prednisone taper and have been off prednisone for 2 days now. Has anyone had a delayed reaction like this? Or maybe the prednisone was keeping this at bay? Your thoughts please?

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Vaginal Health :: Raised Rash Around Bikini Area

I have a what seems to be a rash around my bikini line. It is making my skin uneven and itchy down there. I am getting open sores down there as well. I am not sure how I got this. I haven't been sexually active in over 4 months and this just started occurring maybe for a week now. It started with just an it here and there but it has gotten so much worse. When it first started, I was putting neosporin on the rash but it just got worse.  Now I am putting African Shea butter on it and it stops the itching. I really need to know what it is or at least try to treat it. 

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Arthritis :: Enbrel Or Celebrex Side Effects

I am on my second week of Enbrel injections and my second week of taking Celebrex, I have been on MTX for the past 3 months. So now that I am taking 3 different medications I seem to be having some new side effects. Mostly night sweats and I mean drenching night sweats and a moderate sore throat. Feels like half my throat is swollen and it just stays on the edge of moderately sore. Both of these symptoms started about 3 days after my first injection of Enbrel and my first dose of Celebrex.

My question is does anyone have any experience with these side effects and how long until they subsided on these medications?

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Arthritis :: Enbrel - Side Effects? Diet Advice?

I am about to start Enbrel. I know it's been about for a while, but could anyone tell me what to look out for. What side effects have people had with it? Does it affect your hair? Do you need to watch what you eat and drink? I have had Psoriatic Arthritis for 7 years now and tried everything! Recently had bad flares with skin and joints, so consultant has suggested I try the biologics. Starting Enbrel next week.

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Arthritis :: Enbrel 75mg Per Week? Optimal Dosage?

Is anyone else out there taking Enbrel 75mg per week?

For years, my doctor has had me on three 25mg injections per week. I know that the recommended dose is 50 mg per week, and I know that studies by Amgen showed most people got no added benefit from the larger dose. But I also know that for a very small group of us, the larger dose is what's needed (out of all my doctor's patients, he said only 4 responded to the higher dose, and responded well).

After years of paying, my insurance company now has a problem with this. Which puts me in a situation where I risk the stability of my RA or pay an enormous bill.

So, I'm just wondering how many others are like me, responders to the higher dose? And if anyone has found a cheaper source of Enbrel (besides the Enbrel Assistance program which is like a catch-22 -- they only help on insured Enbrel, not Enbrel outside what insurance covers.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Methotrexate For RA?

And what would you say your side effects are? And how good is the drug at easing your condition?

For me, and I have been taking it for around 2 years now. My condition has improved greatly. But, my elbows and wrists are still not fully flexible, I was tempted to ask my GP for some 'one off' steroid injections to ease the swelling in some of my joints. But other than that awesome.

I do get tired though quite easily, particularly the morning after the methotrexate intake. Folic acid probably eases the side effects though, which I take the following day.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis And Gabapentin

I've read some of you responses concerning RA & Gabapentin usage. I have been taking Gabapentin since 2000 for various pains throughout my entire body. I have recently been diagnosed with RA, but doctors will not put me on the required meds because I have COPD & Polycythemia which I am continuing to aggravate because of my smoking addiction. For the past month, I have had excruciating pain in my hip that radiates to my lower back and throughout my right buttocks. The pain is so bad, I have had to begin using a cane. I have no insurance. I have increased my dosage of gabapentin (which has been OK'd throughout the years by my DR's) to try and reach a comfort level of reduced pain. I counter the drowsiness by drinking more coffee to get through my workday. I obtain "pain-free" periods with the increased Gabapentin usage, but I also seem overly energetic or "excitable" during those pain free periods. (reminds me how I used to "feel" before the pain began so long ago  . .about 15 yrs already). I'm a 55yo man, have many other health issues as well, including deep depression & PTSD. Because of insurance, I'm only purchasing the Gabapentin and have also started using Turmeric to TRY to help with all the other issues. The Turmeric seems to help, so far. Is there any problem you can see with the increased usage of Gabapentin to become "pain-free" and the mood change during those pain free periods? I cannot afford numerous DR visits w/o Insurance and have to earn a paycheck.

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Arthritis :: Humira Or Enbrel - Side Effects - Heart Failure?

Pills for RA are not working for me so rheumatologist is suggesting self-injected Humira or Enbrel. I read the side effects and they are scary. Especially it can cause heart failure even if you don't have a bad heart. I'd like to hear from any of you who are on these drugs and your experience with them.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Prednisolone - Feeling So Hot

i have been taking 5mg per  day of prednisolone  not a high dose but i have been feeling so hot and not to good since taking it also i seem to ache all over i have been tempted now to stop taking them but on such a low dose do i have to be weaned off them i started taking them last september and i i still need to take painkillers for my joints thanks for reading.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Hit A Brick Wall

I've hit a brick wall and had enough. Tired of it all. Just want to sleep but need to look after kids and work. So so tired. Seen consultant today. He was kind but so matter of fact.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Any Improvement With Antidepressants?

I've reluctantly started Zoloft (SSRI antidepressant), being encouraged to do so by my GP due to the depression of diagnosis and the possibility I also have fibromyalgia.

(Pain isn't just limited to joints and fatigue is crippling) ie: I've slept 18 hours of the last 24 and still so very tired.

I'm having awful start up side effects which I understand will pass and understand there will be no benefit until 4-8 weeks, if at all.

I've tried Lexapro a while back with no real success.

Has anyone had any improvement at any level with ADs? I really hate mucking around with my brain chemistry.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Stopping DMARDS And Pregnancy

I take humira and MTX for a mixed Connective tissue disorder. I'm getting on in life (maternally speaking, late 30s) and while I have one child I'd really like another to keep him company. I haven't discussed this with the doctors as it's only really an idea floating around my head at the moment. I know previously pregnancy gave me a temporary remission and for a good few months post pregnancy too but I was undiagnosed at that point and wasn't on these medications.

I'm aware I have to stop the medications for a minimum of six months before trying and this is the bit I'm unsure of. Has anyone else stopped their medications to get pregnant? How did you feel in the months before you were pregnant? Did you have to take steroids? What did you do for pain relief? Any anecdotal information would be helpful. I don't want to commit to something I will never be able to do so I need to find out as much as possible before speaking with my doctors about it as I can't see them being overly enthusiastic.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Pain In Elbow And Ribs

I wonder whether anyone else has experienced this sharp pain simultaneously in their elbow and rib. Mine is on the right side and the pain is literally at exactly the same time and in my rib it seems to be directly adjacent from my elbow with my arm down by my side.  It started two nights ago. I have been in touch with ra nurses but had to just leave a message, yesterday, but nobody has come back to me yet.  It really is an odd pain, but really sharp and stops me in my tracks.  It will go on for several minutes, breaking off every few seconds, then will go off for a few hours and then start again. Also my upper abdomen seems really distended, I have no idea whether that is connected in any way.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Whole Body Hurts After My First Shot?

i got my first shot for ra in knee today now now 11 hours later my whole body aches so bad except for my knee area is this normal? Was fine all day until tonight now can't sleep pain is unbearable.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis :: Cortisol And Steroid Shot

Due to a bad flare I was prescribed a steroid shot. I need to take some cortisol tests as the anti-tnf which I took might have messed it up. Can I take the shot before the blood/24h-urine test? Or do I need to wait until after the tests as these shots may influence the results? Bad pain, so I don't want to postpone the shot. Bad cortisol, so don't want to alternate the results... The rheumy didn't know. The endocrinologist is out of office... Any info you may have will be most helpful / didn't find anything about this on the net. Except of prednisone impact which is a diff form of steroid.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia And Sjogren's Syndrome

I was diagnosed with RA 5 years ago and have tried many of the drug therapies out there, Methotrexate; Leflunomide, Cimzia, Tocilizumab; Rituximab etc.  I have recently been diagnosed by my GP with Fibromyalgia which is excruciatingly painful.  Is there anyone out there who has similar conditions to me who could tell me if anything has worked for them.  I have been put on Fluoxetine, Tramadol and Pregabalin to try and help with the pain.  Any suggestions?

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