Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: How Long The Pain Lasts?

Nov 4, 2014

can anybody advise me on how long I should still be experiencing pain after a ruptured cyst? 

I had a cyst which ruptured in June,  and I'm still getting pain . Although it's only now and then when the pain comes ( for example pre menstrual or even when I need the toilet) it can be debilitating. 

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Ovarian Cyst :: Ruptured - No Treatment Done, Pain Intensifies

About three weeks ago after an exercise test where we had to do 35 curl ups a cyst I had apparently ruptured.

My doctor said it was constipation and after It didn't fade and only worsened, we went to the ER. They wanted to give me a Pap Smear, it would be easiest, but I had never used tampons only pads, never had sex, never stuck anything up there so the doctor out of courtesy for the could be painful hymen tearing had to go the long route with an Ultrasound that showed nothing and a CT scan that showed the ruptured Ovarian cyst.

They told me my body would work itself out, I was young, these happen to a lot of women, the pain will stop in a few days, and to schedule an after appointment with my doctor and Gyne.

I put both off because I was annoyed my female doctor did not consider a young woman would possibly have an ovarian cyst and didn't want to clear my schedule for Gyne.

The pain keeps getting worse. It started out with occasional sharp aches, now it feels like something sharp keeps pinching my sides constantly. I don't feel like eating, I keep getting small fevers and sensations like I will vomit, and a firey pain that surges through my lower abdomen that I've only found the way to stop it is to down an ibuprofen and as much water as possible. I've now developed fatigue and shortness of breath that onsets with my morning bike rides and I can hardly stay awake.

It hurts on both sides--originally only the right side and I'm on birth control. So I shouldn't be developing a second. (Started birth control after the emergency room visit and after my period had started).

I don't know what to do. I don't want to trust my doc again and emergency room visits are costly. Is it the ruptured cyst doing this? How can I fix it? I don't think it's working itself out.

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: Extreme Pain During Periods

Can you please tell me what, "both ovaries are heterogeneous in attenuation" means? Also,  Could you please explain these findings and if there is cause to be concerned? "The right ovary measures 4.4 x 4.2 x 4.4 cm and there is a 4.1 x 3.7 x 4 cm complex cyst which may be hemorrhagic as well as free fluid in the cul de sac on both right and left side."

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Ovarian Cyst :: Ruptured 3 Years Ago - Unbearable Pain

I had a ruptured cyst on my ovaries nearly 3 years ago now during the summer and was in hospital for 2 days. The hospital staff couldn't have been worse and that is literally the only information I know, that I had a cyst and it burst. I never have any follow up appointments, my GP wasn't informed or got in touch so I thought nothing of it. 3 years later I have the most horrendous pain mainly after and something during sex. I have ovary pain throughout the month which becomes unbearable come mid cycle. It feels literally like someone is squeezing my ovaries. I struggle to use the toilet when at its worse. And overall I know there's more to it but doctors have always dismissed me and just told me I have bad periods and to take pain killers. I take 50g codeine that doesn't move the pain only slightly dulls it and makes me feel really ill and sick. It affects my work and sex life massively. I'm 21 and have had issues from being 18. Has anyone had continued pain after a ruptured cyst?

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: Loss Of Appetite And Pelvic Pain

I'm 21 years old and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) because I was constantly suffering from ruptured cysts to my right ovary. The symptoms of a ruptured cyst are extremely uncomfortable nausea, pelvic/back pain and the biggest thing is the loss of appetite.

I struggle a lot with loss of appetite whenever I have a ruptured ovarian cyst and this is the worst thing about it. I can't eat or drink anything without getting nauseous. Nothing appeals to me so I end up not eating very much throughout the day and because very weak and tired.
Every time I go to the doctors they just tell me to eat, well it's not that simple.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and how did they cope with it? What did you do to help you eat and get over the nausea?

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: Daily Pain And Horrendous Abdominal Bloating

How long after an ovarian cyst rupture does it take to lose the extra weight and bloating? And is it normal to continue having extreme pain for weeks after?

I am assuming the rupture occurred a little over 2 weeks ago because that is when I started bleeding (2 days after my period stopped) and having severe pain in my abdomen. I bled for 2 more weeks and continued having daily pain and horrendous abdominal bloating. Went to the ER 2 days ago because the pain was agonizing and they told me I had fluid in my abdomen from a ruptured ovarian cyst. I have gained 10 pounds since this started, all while eating way less than normal because it hurts to eat too much. It feels like I have a basketball in my stomach. According to the doctors the pain should have gone away after a couple days of rupturing but it's still there after more than 2 weeks and I'm still bloated and gained 2 more pounds in just the last 2 days. How long until I start feeling some relief and get my weight back under control?

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Ovulation And Ovaries :: What Is Causing My Ovarian Cyst Pain If It Hasnt Ruptured?

what is causing my ovarian cyst pain if it hasn't ruptured? I am having severe pains that come and go. They can last up to 20 minutes and i cant move. It is so frequent at least twice a day. But the doctor just keeps watching to see what it is doing. I cant stand the pain. What could the reason my cyst hurts so much?

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Ovarian Cyst :: Laparoscopy And Ruptured Removal?

I have been very ill and in a lot of pain since August, going backwards and forwards to my doctors, even got admitted to hospital in August with suspected appendicitis but got sent home.

However last weekend I got rushed into hospital with awful sharp pains in my right side of pelvis and ended up having a laparoscopy where they found a cyst that had ruptured and leaked fluid all around my ovary so they had to cut me lower down to clean it all out and remove the sack! I was in hospital for 2 nights being sick and in pain.

I came home last Tuesday night and have had horrific shoulder pain from the gas and I can't manage to walk more than a couple of mins without getting shooting pains where I've been cut and being exhausted after.

I've been signed off work for 2 weeks, I'm a nursery nurse so a lot of lifting, sitting on the floor and getting up and down is involved! I'm worried I won't be better by next week and will need more time off, how long was you off work for with this or similar procedure? Any tips to speed up my recovery?

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: Bloating And Loss Of Appetite

I'm 48 years old, and had a ruptured ovarian cyst two and half weeks ago. CT scan shows I have two more cysts ... One each side. They are only small, 2cms right and 3/4cms left. My Consultant says I should have another scan in four months to monitor them. There are some questions over whether I'm menopausal or not. My GP says I am and blood tests have convinced her but my Consultant is a little hesitant and says it's hard to be sure. (No periods but have more a coil).

My concern at the moment is the bloating and loss of appetite, feeling full after little food, and constipation. My Consultant says that she will refer me to Gastro Doc incase it's IBS which has thrown me into confusion. From what I've read, these symptoms are typical and I guess I want some reassurance from people with similar experiences. And any advice on how long the bloating will last for -

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst - Brownish Coloured Blood

I was told I had a 2.7cm cyst on right ovary was told it had has hard particles not sure what this means....anyway I've been bleeding since Jan 1st stopped for a total of 2 weeks about 4 weeks ago since I've had like brownish coloured blood not heavy until today I had a severe sharp pain on my right side earlier and bled quite heavily after it was bright red now the bleeding calmed down now but I now have a dull constant pain on my right side unsure of what's happened!? I was told last year I had a cyst they were concerned about but was told 3 weeks later it had disappeared until March when I was told the cyst is in fact still there and it grew have gynecologist on 4th June I am 27 can anyone help in regards to if maybe my cyst has twisted or ruptured with this pain?

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Bartholin Cyst Ruptured How Long Will I Bleed For?

I was diagnosed w/ Bartholin cyst that burned until it ruptured. Dr. Gave me antibiotics. How long will I bleed for?

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Ruptured Ovarian Cysts :: Unbearable Pain

I am 40 years old & I had a hysterectomy in 2011, I only had one ovary removed. Since 2013, I've had several occasions when I've had to go to the er because I had unbearable pain due to ruptured cysts on my remaining ovary, the pain I deal with is horrible to say the least & each time I was just sent home with pain meds. Has anyone else gone through this after having only 1 ovary removed? & should I consider having the remaining ovary removed?

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Ruptured Cyst Or What? The Pain Only Lasted An Hour

Last night my boyfriend and I had intercourse and all of the sudden I had a horrible pain overcome my lower abdomen and pelvic area. At the same time, I had very sharp shooting pains to my rectum. It was literally unbearable and I was almost in tears. I've had a similar pain in the past and I went to the hospital. They diagnosed it as a ruptured ovarian cyst. The only difference this time is that the pain only lasted for a little while (about an hour). Last time it lasted for at least two days. Last night after the pain ended I had trouble breathing and a very fast heart rate.

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Ovarian Cyst :: Gone But Now Getting Similar Pain

Just over 2 months ago had ovary and tube removed and recovered well. However, this last week been getting the same kind of pain that I had way back when I had my ovarian cyst and in the place where the ovary was???  When upright the pain is more in my tummy but when lying or sitting down the pain seems to gravitate to my groin area.  it is not there all the time but comes on now and again and once or twice has been really acute and very painful for a few seconds, then goes. It's like somebody squeezing the ovary - only there isn't one.  Somebody said could be infection but I have no other signs, somebody else mentioned scar tissue.  Any help/advice at all gratefully received and has anybody had similar?

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Ovarian Cyst :: 7 Cm And 6 Cm - Bloating And Severe Pain

I was told I had 2 cysts on my right ovary. Measuring 7 and 6 cm last year.

I was down for an urgent operation in April that still hasn't happened due to miscommunication of one hospital and the other.

Today I've woken up and my stomach has double in size in bloating and the pain from my cyst is unbearable. I can sit and be comfortable. If I cough or sneeze I get pain and pressure where I imagine the dust to be. I'm constipated and feel sick when I eat.

Are these normal signs from the dust as they have happened suddenly and I've never had them before?

Do you think the dust could have grown which is why the pain is worse.

I'm so fed up of being passed around from pillar to post I feel like no doctors are taking me seriously.

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Flank Pain Connected To An Ovarian Cyst?

I have had intense pain in my right kidney area, but kidneys show as clear on ct scan.  But I have a 6.5cm ovarian cyst on the other side. Has anyone had anything similar as going out of my mind with the frustration of getting it treated.  Should see a gynaecologist within a fortnight

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Ovarian Cyst :: Extreme Chest Pain After Rupture

I'm 22 and had a cyst rupture two weeks ago which hemorrhaged and left me in the hospital for 4 days due to blood loss and infection. The week before the rupture I fainted randomly and felt fine afterward. When I went to the ER after my BP fell to 75/44 and my h/r was at about 130 for days. Now, two weeks later, I'm tired from the blood loss but my main complaint is extreme chest pain on my right side (where the cyst was). I had chest and shoulder pain which was excruciating and worse than the abdomen but the shoulder pain has subsided while the chest pain hasn't gotten better. The stabbing pain makes me scared and then the pain gets worse. Has anyone experienced this?

Also has anyone experienced fainting and feeling fine afterwards as a symptom of a cyst that hasn't ruptured yet? It came out of nowhere it was probably only 30 seconds from when I started feeling off to when I actually passed out.

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Ovarian Cyst :: Do Simple Ovarian Cysts Of 4cms Ever Dissolve By Themselves?

I'm wondering whether anyone has had a simple cyst which dissolved by itself without medical intervention.

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Ovarian Cancer :: Complex Ovarian Cyst And Agus Pap

Just received my abnormal pap agus no hpv and I'm really scared. I have Further testing next Wednesday and I feel like I've just been given a death sentence. I'm 31 and a mother of four. I don't have any additional info im here just to vent I suppose.

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Ovarian Cyst :: Open Surgery For Large Cyst While Pregnant

I am going for surgery on a large cyst. I am expecting a baby so I am anxious about having to have surgery during this time. Has anyone been through similar and were ok and the baby was ok? 

Also what were your experiences of the surgery pain relief and stitches etc?? Did it take you long to recover. Also if anyone has had this surgery pregnant or not I would love to hear from you but if you were what stage of pregnancy did you have surgery?

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Ovarian Cyst :: Suffered Hair Loss Due To Cyst?

I had a simple 13cm cyst removed from my broad ligament (next to ovary) at the end of June. It had been causing me issues for at least 6 months, including sharp pains, which I thought were linked to the digestive system at first. I had a laparoscopy and feel much better in myself.

The week before surgery, I began to noticeably lose hair from my head. It's now been coming out for nearly 8 weeks. Luckily I had a lot of hair to start with but I've now had to have it cut shorter as looked awful and I must have lost half my hair or more. :o(  I've had blood tests and everything seems fine, so Dr thinks it must have been the stress that the cyst was putting on my body, esp with sharp pains etc. I have found this link to PCOS but not large cysts and wondered if anyone else had suffered in the same way and if so, how long the hair loss continued?

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