STDs :: Burn Below Glans (glands) Unprotected Oral From CSW

Mar 1, 2016

CSW gave me unprotected oral & protected vaginal in July 2012. HSV 1 IgG positive hsv 2 IgG negative. All other std negative. Now problem is burning below glan.

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Unprotected Oral / Vaginal - Burning Urethra / Wrinkly Glans /Swollen Meatus

I have been experiencing numerous symptoms since a brief encounter consisting of unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex on February 20th.

Day after encounter:-

Itchy mons pubis

Day 2-3:

The tip of my penis felt numb. I'm pretty sure I felt tingling at the base of the scrotum, which may or may not be irrelevant.

Days 4-12:

The tingling in my urethra turned into continuous burning--not any worse when urinating--which the doctor at CityMD didn't have much to say about.
Small papules formed on my upper inner thighs. The doctor prescribed me hydrocortisone, which has been somewhat helpful. My thighs still feel chaffed sometimes, but this could be unrelated. My scrotum was bright red and scaly. A different doctor (at a different CityMD) prescribed econazole, which has been fairly helpful.

Days 13-17 (current day):

The burning in my urethra has turned into more of an "ache", and has become more intermittent.
My tailbone just recently started aching, and I have been constipated, but both of these things could be irrelevant.

Throughout all of this I have had an inflamed/swollen meatus, a wrinkly/shriveled glans, and particularly dribbly clear pee left over when I go to the bathroom. If the dribbly clear pee is considered discharge it is watery odorless discharge.

My fear has been that the symptoms not explainable by the fungal infection are due to an atypical presentation of HSV-1 or HSV-2, or perhaps some other virus. There have not been any lesions, but the tingling testicles early on and the current tailbone (proximal to the sacral ganglia?) pain seem like they could plausibly be nerve-related.

I have also read about other things, like Mycoplasma genitalium and Trichomonas. I don't know if these possibilities are worth exploring or not. I am pretty sure I want a type specific IGG test for herpes 1 & 2 in any case. Could this somehow be prostate related?

One more thing: While I have not gotten any results back from my full panel STD test at CityMD, I am pretty it'll come up clean. My partner from the 20th had clean results. Also, for what it's worth, my urinalysis didn't show anything obvious at CityMD. I have not taken any antibiotics.

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral And Sex With Escort

Recently hit a massive down point in my relationship, ended up receiving unprotected oral sex from an escort with protected sex after.

Since then I have been experiencing a feeling of needing to urinate and once I have been to the toilet, it feels like there is still some left.

No discharge or burning, just a slight irritation and sometimes a drop of urine after.

I am awaiting tests back and have got a injection/antibiotic booked tomorrow in the meantime.

Is it likely my anxiety is building this up or how likely is it that I have anything other than NGU?

I am so scared that it is anything serious as I'm now back with my partner and not sure what I would say or do?

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Syphilis ?

I'm a 23 year old male I've received unprotected oral 6 times total within the span of a year or less and after the 5th time my groin lymph nodes swelled up and my penis turned a weird shape for a day or 2 like it was swollen just before it makes the tip of my penis then on the bottom left hand corner of my bottom lip this bump or lump occurred swelled up for a about 30 min or so then it went away then another one came back about a month after. and I started to get what looked like acne on both of my inner thighs. Then the new year hit 2016 another lump in my lip occurred but this time on my top lip. The person I was with claims they are clean and gets tested regularly and has no symptoms. Does anyone know what this is or what it might be I've never been tested and don't have health insurance what do I do I'm freaking out constantly googling symptoms my guess is it's syphilis

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral Sex - Which Tests I Should Take?

I'm female. I have a unprotected oral sex with a guy that I first met. I received and gave oral sex to him, but no ejaculation and I only licked his balls. I didn't see any cold sores around his areas. Do I need to have STDs test? If so, which tests I should take?

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STDs :: Given Unprotected Oral To Woman

About a week ago I had sex with a female sex worker in Hong Kong (I'm a man).

I had a condom on when she gave me oral, and a different one on when we had normal intercourse.  We didn't kiss lip to lip, though I did kiss her skin and nipples.  I *did* give her unprotected oral, and stuck my tongue inside some.

This was about a week ago.  I've been a bit worried ever since then...I've only had one other partner until this encounter, I'm not normally one to take risks.  How concerned should I be?

I gather that the biggest risks would be syphilis, gonorrhea, or chlamydia from the unprotected oral sex, and that HIV transmission would be extremely unlikely even if she were to be infected?

If I get tested, how long should I wait before going, and are there any possible symptoms that I should be on the lookout for?  How long would any of those symptoms take to develop?  And would it be possible to infect my partner with (normal lip to lip) kissing or vaginal intercourse?

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STDs :: Gonorrhea - Unprotected Oral From CSW

I'm very anxious, I am a male, after receiving unprotected oral sex from a female sex worker:

What is  the likelihood of getting gonorrhea particularly if this female had throat/oral gonorrhea ?

My symptoms are itching penile head and a sore throat / loss of voice

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STDs :: Receiving Unprotected Oral?

Is it possible to catch STIs through oral without protection,he licked tip of my penis for a few seconds only. is Hepatitis B possible with such encounter?

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Itchy Penis

One night while my wife was at a girls night out i was drinking and got a bit drunk. I went to get more beer walking 3 blocks away. On my way a woman who looks like she was mid 30s was standing in the corner and long story short told me if i got her 2 beers she would make it my while. I went and got it and walked back to her with some beers for me. This is where i regret so much what happened. She took me by a tree and told me to take out my member and she proceeded to service me. It lasted maybe 30 seconds and was rough i then came and ran home scared. I went upstairs and peed and washed my member and put antibacterial gel and noticed a burn like a small cut on the bottom of the shaft. That was 8.days ago. That night i woke with a pain of guilt in my upper back and my urethra had a slight sting. The sting has lasted these 8 days and there was no itching. No discharge and no pain when peeing. On day 4 i had normal sex with my wife and had no pain with cumming. On day 7 my wife and i sexex 3 times and in between she also gave me a hand job there was some dry sex and this day my urethra had itched a little bit. That night my penis started itching. Today day 8 i have no discharge no pain peeing but my penis has many super tiny bumps and the skin is red and irritated it itches alot and now the tip of my penis where i pee is sensitive. It doesn't burn when i pee no discharge but i have alot of little tiny bumps that are hard to see and my penis is very itchy and sore and the urethra tip is sensitive. What could this be? I need to see the doctor i imagine? My wife says she doesn't feel any pains or stings i regret this so much i can't believe i did this i love my wife thank you for your help.i have put anti fungal creme and i took a uti test which came negative for leuk and the other one and the antifungal didn't work for a couple hours but i THINK its working now im not sure but i an itchy the bumps are tiny and firm and don't have center or fluid filled i will see how they look tomorrow

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STDs :: Unprotected Giving And Receiving Oral Sex

I made the mistake last week of both giving and receiving oral sex with another male. The other male is of unknown status and was a drug user/sex worker. I received the oral for less than a minute and gave it for roughly 10, with no ejaculation on either side.

Since then, I have had slight lower abdomen pain, a sore throat and what seems like burning urine/penis tip. I am in a monogamous relationship and really don't want to pass this on and certainly don't want to ruin my relationship by bringing this up, I'd rather deal with the guilt as this was a one time thing.

My questions are...

- What are the risks of contracting HSV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Syphilis? (understanding that HIV is very low, if any risk, for oral)

- Is the abdomen/pelvic pain a symptom of anything?

- If the event happened roughly 4 days ago, would I be able to test for Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea? I am going to the clinic this evening and asked them to give me antibiotics for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea anyways just in case.

- Would there be any risk of any of these diseases infecting my throat from his penis and vice versa?

- Should I abstain from any sexual encounter with my current partner? There would be no expectation of protected sex considering we are monogamous and saying no or we need a condom would certainly raise red flags.

- Am I at risk of anything else that I can't think of?

I am very worried about this encounter and would appreciate any insight and thoughts you can provide. Mainly, if you think I am at risk from this encounter and if I should abstain from any sexual encounter with my current partner given the circumstances.

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Sensation At The Tip Of The Penis

I received from a female unprotected oral sex last week ago Wednesday (today is friday). Went in for an STD test on Monday. All tests came back negative. That said, while I would not call urination painful, I would say i have a slight burning sensation at the tip of the penis, no discharge or any other symptoms. Though always looking for discharge because "i believe" i feel it. I admit, this all might be in my head...being that my tests were negative should I not be worried or do I have NGU? I have a rx for doxy and considering taking it just a precaution but cant tell if I am just being a hypochondriac.

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral And Protected Sex From An Escort

Had unprotected oral and protected sex from an escort, no symptoms apart from a more frequent need to urinate and noticing urine dribble - could be me paying more attention to it. Slight irritation at the end of penis but think is is due to the dribble.

At about the 5/6 day mark had an STI test and all come back negative.

Should I still be worried about this or is the urine dribble most likely caused by something else?

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Penis Has Blotchy Discoloration

I recently had unprotected oral sex to completion with a provider.

Today, the tip of my penis has blotchy discoloration like bruises all over the head. It doesn't hurt, I'm just extra sensitive ( maybe in my mind)

Very worried I might have contracted something?

Urination seems normal. There was no sex, just oral from a woman.

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Slight Burning At The Tip Of My Penis

2 weeks ago I had unprotected oral with a high risk individual. Also fingered her with a superficial cut (from my understanding is zero risk)

2 days later I had slight burning at the tip of my penis and pain with ejaculation.  Went to planned parenthood, they tested me and gave me 1g azithromycin and ceftriaxone injection. The symptoms went away. Weird thing is they said they would call me if the tests came back positive so sex partners could get treated as well, and I haven't got a call back....

Anyways, I started feeling nausea a few days after the medication, could be from not drinking water though (I was in vegas) the nausea is gone now.

My main concern now is my right testicle it pretty tender and I can feel a lymph node on the same side in my groin area (sign of infection?) But shouldn't the antibiotics have killed any infections?

I have read over and over dr. Handsfield and dr. Hook both say very low to zero risk for hiv, and other stds for that matter...

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral Sex - Spitted Out Cum And Washed Mouth

I'm a woman who just had unprotected oral sex with a guy I just started dating. I was the giver. I spit out the cum and washed my mouth with water. What tests should I have and how soon should I take it?

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STDs :: Protected Sex, But Unprotected Oral - Herpes Or Syphilis

I am straight male in my 30's.

Today I messed up and had sex with a sex worker. The sex was 'protected' at all times - we used a condom. HOWEVER, she sucked and licked my testicles and the very base of my shaft. Sorry to get into the details, but perhaps this is important - we had short vaginal and somewhat rough anal sex. No artificial lubricant was used. I didn't inspect the condom in details afterwards, but it seemed OK.

My last shave 'down there' was 2 days ago. Now I notice that my skin is still somewhat irritated (red bumps), although I don't see any obvious cuts. There is the possibility of micro cuts, though...

Needless to say, now when the sane judgment came back to me, I have a few questions/concerns:

1. What is the major STDs I should be worried about now? It is my estimate that it is Syphilis. I am not really worried about HIV (condom didn't break) or Herpes (it is now kind of common). Genital warts - slim chance, there is a 100 strains and only a few cause the warts.

2. Assuming I have caught Syphilis, am I immediately contagious to others, or first I have to reach 1st or 2nd phase of the disease?

3. Is Syphilis contracted when it penetrates into the bloodstream (i.e. there has to be a CUT), or as soon as skin (any skin) touches the lesion. If there is no lesion whatsoever, how contagious is it still?

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral - Tired, Sleepy And Lack Of Appetite

I have got an unprotected oral sex with a sex worker exactly 2 weeks ago on monday, i received it/but i didn't perform on her. it was around 3 mins, then after i had protected sex with her.

I had no symptoms in the past 2 weeks,and penis look ok not any herpes or syphilis (syphilis) symptoms yet.

Im really worried now i got infected with HIV.Today i have got pain all over in my body,feel tired and week,sleepy as well,dont have appetite at all.

Is this possible i have got HIV ? Symptoms are start after 2--4 weeks .

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STDs :: Unprotected Oral And Anal Sex - Headache And Sore Throat

I'm 20 years I've CP and I wanted to have sex with a girl

I went to a hooker

I had protected sex with her. But unprotected oral sex for both anal and vagina... Now I've headache and sore throat. Gives me goosebumps really scared

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HIV :: Nipple And Glans (glands) Massage

I went to have a massage yesterday.The prostitute sucked my nipple and rub my penis with her nipples.I'm worry about she bite my nipples and my glans contact the secretions from her nipples.I know I have a little OCD

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STDs :: Little Burn Feeling On The Foreskin On My Penis Just Under The Head

I started to get this little burn feeling on the foreskin on my penis just under the head toward the left, there are no symptoms like redness, warts or burn while peeing, what could that be?

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STDs :: Unprotected Sex With A Stripper

48 Hours ago I had vaginal and oral sex with a stripper.  I asked her if she had any std's and predictably she said no.  I did "inspect" her first for anything visible.  When we went to the room oral was unprotected, we started  sex with a condom, however it broke sometime during the session.  

Within 12 hours I went to a doctor and got a shot of Rocefilin and 2 horse pills of Azithromycin.  The doctor said there wasn't a significant risk for syphillis (syphilis), so no amoxicillin.

1) The doctor told me to wait for two days before having sex again, and there would be no risk for Gonhorrhea and Chlamydia.  Is this correct?
2) Without anything visible, what is my risk for Herpes and Syphillis (syphilis)?
3) Any other STD's I should worry about

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