STDs :: Male Receiving Oral Sex Risk

Feb 12, 2015

Last night I made the epic mistake of hooking up with a sex worker.  specifically she performed unprotected oral sex on me for about 10 seconds, I made her finish with a condom on.

there were no obvious sores on her mouth, but now of course I am very concerned about other risks.  Do I need to get tested?  How concerned should I be?

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HIV Risk :: Women - Receiving Oral

I'm a 23 year old female who received oral sex from someone whose HIV status is unknown. I am very scared that I could have contracted HIV. The guy told me that I shouldn't worry, and he thinks that he is clear, but I know that many don't know they have HIV.. He just got out of a 6-year relationship, though.

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HIV Prevention :: Oral Sex Receiving Zero Risk?

recently I received a bj from a guy I that no risk for hiv also is oraquick hiv test a good test to detect hiv?

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Massage :: Receiving Oral Hiv Risk

I just had a massage with a girl that I don't know about her status, but she first a little of coconut oil in penis, just a little, then she put on a condom and sucked, while sucking, I felt a little of her teeth, after I finished I was so scared of contracting job via receiving oral, because maybe I have an untreated sti that I don't know off, does having untreated sti increases the hiv risk via receiving oral with no lesions or sore.

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HIV Risk :: Kissing And Receiving Oral Sex

I am a 27 years old gay male. I recently dating my new boyfriend. One week ago, We had open mouth kissing and he performed a brief oral sex (about 1 minute) on me. But I did not perform oral sex on him. We then masturbate ourselves. The second day following that, I got a dry throat and 4 days after that, I start getting some running nose. I went to see a doctor and he told me that I had a cold. Doctors, please help me. I am so worried, I could not sleep well each single day, I feel so guilty. Do I have some of the symptoms? Do I need to go to get test? But I know that I need to wait for the window period for testing!

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STDs :: Receiving Unprotected Oral?

Is it possible to catch STIs through oral without protection,he licked tip of my penis for a few seconds only. is Hepatitis B possible with such encounter?

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STDs :: Unprotected Giving And Receiving Oral Sex

I made the mistake last week of both giving and receiving oral sex with another male. The other male is of unknown status and was a drug user/sex worker. I received the oral for less than a minute and gave it for roughly 10, with no ejaculation on either side.

Since then, I have had slight lower abdomen pain, a sore throat and what seems like burning urine/penis tip. I am in a monogamous relationship and really don't want to pass this on and certainly don't want to ruin my relationship by bringing this up, I'd rather deal with the guilt as this was a one time thing.

My questions are...

- What are the risks of contracting HSV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia or Syphilis? (understanding that HIV is very low, if any risk, for oral)

- Is the abdomen/pelvic pain a symptom of anything?

- If the event happened roughly 4 days ago, would I be able to test for Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea? I am going to the clinic this evening and asked them to give me antibiotics for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea anyways just in case.

- Would there be any risk of any of these diseases infecting my throat from his penis and vice versa?

- Should I abstain from any sexual encounter with my current partner? There would be no expectation of protected sex considering we are monogamous and saying no or we need a condom would certainly raise red flags.

- Am I at risk of anything else that I can't think of?

I am very worried about this encounter and would appreciate any insight and thoughts you can provide. Mainly, if you think I am at risk from this encounter and if I should abstain from any sexual encounter with my current partner given the circumstances.

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Men :: HIV After Receiving Oral?

I am a male and I recently was dumb enough to receive oral from a female who is of high risk. I've looked around and read different things about chances of contracting HIV from receiving oral. At this point I'd like to try and get a straight answer. What are my chances of getting hiv from receiving just oral from this female? I did ejaculate at the end of the session, if that makes a difference. I recently had a cough and running nose, I also have developed a small rash on my shoulder/chest area. It has been about 4 weeks now.

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Male / Female Preference On Shave During Oral Sex?

For a man's Information , does women prefer men to shave prior to performing oral sex on them. In today's men's grooming style, show men having the unshaved look.

Does this present any issue for women during oral on the vagina?

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STD :: Chances Of Getting HIV From Receiving Oral?

What are the chances of getting HIV from receiving oral?

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HIV Prevention :: Receiving Oral Sex

Please i need your help .8 days ago i receive unprotected oral sex (ONLY) from sex worker in dubai im so afraid from hiv because sex workers in dubai are illegal.

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Women :: STD :: Gotten An Std From Receiving Oral?

I'm a 16 year old girl and about two days ago a guy preformed oral sex on me and fingered me a little. That's all we did, no actual sex. Today my vaginal are began to itch and I notice swelling on the left side of my vagina. Not sure if it's an access or if it was something to do with oral?

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HIV From Female Receiving Oral Sex?

2 nights ago a guy performed oral sex on me and i have been paranoid about HIV ever since. I keep thinking what if he had a bleeding sore or the fact that HIV is in saliva so i get scared. He also inserted a finger into my vagina and it had a deep hangnail on it but it was not bleeding or red or anything, it looked the same color as his skin. He performed oral for about a minute. Should i be concerned? I'm just depressed cuz i just got an HIV test a few weeks ago and it was negative and i just want to stay negative. Im kinda mad at myself for putting myself at risk of catching HIV again.

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HIV By Receiving Oral Sex (fellatio Unprotected)?

I have been very concerned about the possibility of acquiring HIV from receiving unprotected fellatio. I have not had any unprotected penetrative sex encounters, and pretty much my only exposure is receiving unprotected fellatio from other my sex partners. I have not performed oral sex on any of them. Now what if any of them was HIV positive, would I contract the virus? Do I need to test for HIV since I have received unprotected oral sex?

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Human Papillomavirus :: Receiving Oral Sex

I am female and received oral sex 9 months ago. I got tested for stds and they came back negative. However, they did not test me for HPV because the only way to do that is through a Pap smear. I am only 18 and the doctor told me that I don't need a Pap smear until I am 21. (I am very afraid of getting a Pap smear)

But what if I got HPV and develop ovarian cancer?

I have OCD and much anxiety. I can't freak out with anxiety every time I am intimate with someone.

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Herpes :: Possible Infection Receiving Oral?

I'm a white male, early 30s. About a year and a half ago I received oral sex from a woman I know nothing about.

Out of paranoia I was initially tested for most stds, tests neg but was given a dose of meds to clear up any of the simple ones to take care of.

At around 2-3 months I had a herpes blood test, came back negative.

Recently after I started having severe pain when sitting. I've always had zit-like bumps on my buttocks, but none appear like what I have seen of herpes lesions. The pain was bad sitting, buttocks would get extremely red, and occasionally my urethra would be swollen, but with no pain or discharge or lesions. After around 3 months, the pain mysteriously disappeared.

About 4 months ago, it came back, this time a little more pain in urethra with swelling, but no burning or discharge. The pain is excruciating in my buttocks when sitting. Burning, feels inside of skin, sometimes anus is red, often moves to the folds beneath my cheeks as well.

It almost feels like prolonged prodrome symptoms I read about here. Doctor told me he thought it was prostatitis, did a round of cipro with no relief, and now just finished a 28 day cycle of doxycycline with no relief. Going to see a urologist in a few weeks, should I be worried of herpes even though I have no obvious lesions and an early negative test?

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HIV Prevention :: Oral Giving And Receiving

I am a man and I had two oral sex encounters with a women. Licking of vagina and giving penis head to same women the HIV status is unknown. No ejaculation happen and no other activities other than kissing lips.

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HIV Prevention :: AIDS By Receiving Oral Sex

I'm very stressed about receiving oral sex is there any possibility of getting aids by receiving oral sex?

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HIV / STD :: Receiving Oral Sex From Sex Worker First Time

I've had FIRST time oral sex received from sex worker this is my very first time never had any sex related things! i'm soo scared an i cant eat / sleep / work anything even i can't speak !

almost 2 months ago i've received it an i after two weeks i've no pain but i've itching on my penis inside an then two days ago i've had clear discharge / grey at the morning discharge was very bright when i squeeze it i can see yellowish drop an then i went to clinic an showed him an then doc gave me doxy for 1 week an then he request VDRL test an urine culture i've done those an everything clear but he told me i've pus in urine 46 i think then i took my doxy then everything clear i've no discharge. almost 2 month an 1 week right now. but i'm still scared about HIV also HSV but i know HSV is rare it i infected then have to see penile sores but there's nothing on my penis. everything clear same as before but! only thing that i'm scared about HIV i cant forget it. i did normal test after 2 week an 4 days i think it was negative but i know its not 100%, but i'm scared  about this i didn't see any cuts on her mouth but shes drug user she had very bad teeth an even voice was bad as well an i didnt see any Blood actually but i'm scared  about this !!

1-please tell me the risk of HIV do i need to test ?

2-what does that mean of Pus cells ??? it was 45-46 ?

3-i didn't develop any sores on my penis so i don't need to test hsv?

4- an what you guys think about my situation ?? this was my very first thing i won't do this again

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HIV Prevention :: Worried Receiving Oral (blowjob)

I am terribly under stress after receiving a blowjob from a girl of unknown status in bissau west africa. The girl seemed very decent and we drank as well. But as i work on ship i can't share my pain i am undergoing with others. Pls my questions are

1. What are the chances for me to get hiv upon receiving blowjob.

2. Do i need to test this as no intercourse happened.

Please help me i cannot sleep . Or can i do rapid hiv test after 23 days of my exposure?

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HIV Prevention :: Worried Receiving An Oral (blowjob)

i did not test for hiv after receiving blow job. But i am meeting my girlfriend in another 12 days can i have unprotected sex with her. Its 33 days since my blowjob exposure and no symptoms for std as well. Are u sure that i will not be infected by hiv upon insertive fellatio and can i continue my regular sex practices with my girlfriend.

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