STDs :: Small Lumps On My Ball Bag - Fluid On Squeezing

Oct 24, 2013

Got a couple of small lumps on my ball bag, little smaller than a pea, Don't hurt to squeeze them unless they are inflamed ( couple times a year), thinking they might be a sebaceous -cysts of the scrotum-, Hard when squeezed, small amounts of fluid comes out of them when i squeeze, I had one a couple years back but it eventually got smaller and smaller as is now gone, Not itchy, Not red or irritated, just sits there being all like " yo whats up im gonna look all ugly as fuck and chill here for a bit". should i just man up and go to the doctors about it ? no camera for today but tomorrow or the next i'll chuck a couple of picks up of them. they're white-ish.

also have smaller ones about the size of a pen dot which release cream coloured puss ish stuff when squeezed then they're gone.

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STDs :: White Fluid Discharge From Penis - Gonorrhea?

I had unprotected sex and i was tested for HIV for three months mark and at 10 th month mark results showed up negative.But after that i felt itching in anus white fluid discharge from penis still i can see white fluid comes out.I have read that symptoms are that of gonorrhea still i have not been tested yet im scared my knee joints are paining loosing my hair also.

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STDs :: Small Bumps On/Near Vaginal Opening

I'm a 28 y/o heterosexual female. I am confused as to the nature of small, flesh-colored bumps I have near the opening of my vagina and am hoping someone can shed light on what these can potentially be. Firstly, please note that I have made a gynecologist appointment for Friday morning (1/8). I'm sure we're all familiar with the agony of waiting for an appointment, and then waiting some more to receive test results, so I'm hoping that describing the ailment here will help me narrow down the possible causes and relieve some anxiety.

Please bear with me--there are several variables to my situation, including my having the Mirena IUD placed, as well as developing a yeast infection post-placement (common when changing birth control methods, as the disruption in hormone levels affects the pH of the vagina).

Timeline and Facts:
I recently began a monogamous relationship in mid-November, 2015. My male partner and I used condoms in the beginning, but stopped once he was screened for STDs (including HIV and an HSV blood antibody test) and got a clean bill of health. I had been tested in August, 2015 and my results were all negative (my tests included the standard screening, plus an HSV blood antibody test). To date, all of my Pap Smears have been normal.

On 12/27/15, I noticed mild irritation near my vaginal opening, but believed that was due to either 1) frequent intercourse the previous two days, or 2) the beginning of a genital pimple. I've had a genital pimple before, which I learned to recognize by its white head, individual presentation, and rapid disappearance after treatment with a hot compress. When I've developed a genital pimple in the past, it was after either masturbation or intercourse wherein I didn't clean myself thoroughly enough and some remaining fluid clogged my pores. Because I'd been having frequent intercourse 12/25 - 12/26, I thought perhaps I was getting another pimple, and so I treated the area with a hot compress.

On 12/28/15, I visited my gynecologist to have the Mirena IUD placed. Placement, although somewhat painful, went well and fairly quickly. I had some spotting and cramping for three days afterward (to be expected after an IUD placement), but nothing alarming. During the IUD placement appointment, I asked the nurse to draw blood for STD screening, as I hadn't been tested since August and wanted to be sure I was still healthy. I was tested for HIV, HSV 1 & 2 (blood antibody test), Syphilis, and Hepatitis A, B, & C. All results were negative. I was not tested for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HPV, or Trichomonas because the nurse did not perform a pelvic exam or swab.

My partner and I waited two days after the IUD placement to have sex (12/30), and we were careful not to be aggressive, as an IUD can sometimes be expelled from the uterus. The morning after having sex (12/31), I noticed that my vagina was somewhat sore and inflamed. I believed this to be related to the IUD placement coupled with having sex shortly thereafter. However, the soreness and inflammation continued and grew more intense, and by 1/1 I was also experiencing itchiness on and around my labia. Having had yeast infections before, I used a hand mirror to view my vulva. My labia were red and inflamed and I saw some white discharge. On 1/2 I treated myself at home by drinking fresh lemon juice and eating yogurt with live bacteria cultures. My symptoms improved overnight, and while I was happy to have physical relief, I decided to also treat with a Monistat suppository on 1/4 to be sure that the infection was gone.

On 1/4, while inspecting my vulva again prior to inserting the suppository, I noticed two small, smooth, flesh-colored, slightly raised bumps on my labia minora, immediately outside of my vaginal opening (the vaginal opening itself was still slightly inflamed). The bumps don't appear to have any kind of head on them, aren't open sores, and have no pain, discomfort, or itching associated with them. My previous soreness and itchiness had been located higher on the vulva, between the folds of the labia and closer to the urethra--so I was surprised to find bumps, as I hadn't had any pain or itching near my vaginal opening. Today (1/6), the bumps are still present, even after my yeast infection symptoms have disappeared.

I am confused as to what these bumps could be. I've always tested negative for HSV 1 & 2 (including my most recent testing on 12/28), and I had the Gardasil HPV vaccine as a teenager, before I became sexually active. I know that Gardasil protects against the cancer-causing strains of HPV, as well as 90% of the wart-causing strains. I suppose this could be warts caused by one of the strains not covered by Gardasil--how soon after exposure would warts appear, if this is the case?

To add even MORE information: my male partner's last relationship lasted ten years, was monogamous, and ended in June, 2015. He had not been screened for STDs in four years, which is why I asked him to be tested in early December 2015 when our relationship was getting more serious.

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STDs :: Sore Small Red Spot On The Outer Labia

I have a sore small red spot on the outer labia. It's actually sore to touch. I showed my doctor and she said it is not a sexually transmitted lesion and that it might get bigger before it gets better. She didn't say what it was other than it was a sore.

It rubs and hurts. What could it be?

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STDs :: Small White/yellow Spot Around My Anus

Last 2 nights I had protected anal sex, unprotected oral and fingering with a stranger I met through an app. Today I noticed a small white/yellow spot around my anus. It is not painless but i kept touching it and now it starting to itch. Have I contracted any STI/STD? And how long should I wait for check up?

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Breast :: Milk Discharge On Squeezing

I recently discovered that when i squeeze my breast it brings out breast milk, and this have been giving me serious concern, the constant stomach ache, head ache, and sometimes breast ache is what is driving me nuts right now, what could be the cause of all this and what could be the possible solution.

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Penis :: Fordyce Spots Turned Red And Bigger After Squeezing

I am a 16 year old boy, and i have fordyce spots.. there was 1 bigger one that i squeezed and now it has turned  red and is much larger... what can i do?

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Panic Attack - Heart Beating Fast And Shaking - Squeezing My Head

I suddenly started feeling not myself like out of body and my heart is beating so fast! I can't stop shaking, feels like someone is squeezing my head and really hot I hate this it feels like I'm gonna loose control

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Two Lumps On My Big Toe After Bunionectomy

I'm now 10 weeks post op and I have two lumps on my big toe and can clearly feel the pin,I'm in pain was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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A Golf Ball Lump (not Painful) Under My Right Armpit

I have a golf ball lump under my right armpit that has been there for almost 5 years and is slowly getting bigger. Your now able to see it when I lift my arm ... The lump is not painful but lightly pressing down from my armpit to my breast with your fingers is painful. What could it be and how worried should I be?

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Prostate :: TURP - Feeling Of Golf Ball

Had a Turp almost 6 years ago. It's a feeling of being raped and you don't know it's happening until after it happens. It happens so fast to you and then it's done. How do men cope with it that have had it done in their late 50's or early 60's? Also can Prostatitis issues bring men into having turps done even though they have urinary issue? In my case I had bladder stones, a prominent middle lobe was discovered during the Turp and my urine flow rate was only 3.2 cc/ sec. Still I had feeling of a" golf ball " which brought me to a decision to have the Turp done. Anyone with similar experiences?

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Men :: Extremely Small Testicles And Small Flacid Penis

I am 30 years old.

Well as the topic mentions i have really small testicles, so small that when my penis is erect they most likely go in me. 

My penis is extremely small when flaccid , prob 2-3 inches top if its a good day, but when erect it is about 6 or so ( apparently what they call a grower)
Now i have been suffering from this since i can remember, It has taking a huge amount of my life away, i feel as i would of been a more successful man if i didn't, i avoid at all cost going OUT yes it sucks that bad, i go out only when necessary. 

Here is what is weird i guess the good part? i have never been ashamed in the sex act, i mean i wouldn't pull it out until my penis was erect but never had a problem besides a girl saying i had small testicles.

Now i am married and have beautiful children, apparently extremely small testicles does not affect this :) Grateful for that, as in the back of my head i was always concerned if i was going to be able to produce children.
Ok so the problem the big huge problem....

The bulge in my pants... yes many of you might think this is stupid but this is the reason i tend to hide from public. I have considered shoving a sock or something down there but i think it would be worst or maybe it is just the fear of looking funny.

Please do not say people do not look or don't notice because believe it or not they DO, some are even loud and shameless to say "did you see that guy"  some stare and some laugh, this goes without fail every single time i am out.  Well i will not drag any longer, simply saying that i am suffering in this body i was giving. I wear baggy clothes ( don't like them but have no choice)

Please please !!!! Any solution is welcomed , i have tried using... pumps, stretchers, pills etc nothing does the job, you might be thinking im stupid for trying any of these things put i am desperate and willing to try it all.  Sadly i was thinking in my head while someone was staring and laughing that i would gladly give an arm for a normal package ( i know that sounds extreme but it is true)

So again any help? i can not seem to find much information about the subject , i guess my main goal is the testicles since this would give me the bulge i want.

Money wouldn't be a problem, and surgery is very acceptable if it is an option, like i said there is just not enough info about anything.

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Acne :: Under Skin Lumps

I am now 30 years old. I did not have serious acne problem on my face until the age of 27. Since the age of 27, my face started to have acne as shown in the images as attached. They usually start with little lumps under the skin. If I apply pressure to it, luckily there will be some grease in white color coming out from the pore, but more often the grease fails to come out, and the area becomes darker and darker, water starts to diffuse out of the area. Then the area starts to become painful ....

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Lipoma :: In My Back Grew From Pea Sized To Golf Ball

I recently had a Lipoma in the middle of my back to the left of my spine, which was pea sized but noticeable to the touch. Over a period of about 5 years it grew to become about the size of a golf ball or slightly larger (things always feel larger inside don’t they!)

I was annoyed because a doctor at my surgery explained that it couldn’t be removed by the NHS, only private as it was classed as a 'cosmetic' operation. I sought a second opinion from my own doctor who said no, it should be removed and could be removed on the NHS; as it was causing such discomfort. I couldn’t believe the first doctor could even think that something ‘about the size of a tennis ball’ (as she put it), which was obviously causing discomfort and could be seen through clothing, could be was classed as cosmetic! (If this happens to you, demand to go on the NHS or see another doctor!)

It was uncomfortable, not really painful, but it certainly felt like someone had left a tennis ball inside my back! I could feel it as I leaned back in a chair and with deep breaths, it felt like it was pushing against my insides (not very pleasant). By now it has also started to be visible when wearing a T-Shirt (as a bump), so I decided it was time to get it taken out.

Within 2 weeks of visiting my doctor I was in surgery. The operation was no problem, even though the anesthetic did hurt!!! (but I’m a man so I’ll soldier on!) After the op I was in Tesco’s shopping … but about 8 hours later, when the anesthetic had worn off, it bloody hurt! It was hard sleeping – I had to sleep on my front for weeks!

It still feels like something remains – its like a 6th sense and I can still feel something in there, but that may either be my imagination or, as I was told, part of the Lipoma that couldn’t be removed.

At the end of the day though, there’s no need to worry about the op (and I’m the biggest coward going when it comes to hospitals!) – it was simple and not too painful … and the hospital staff were very friendly.

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Miscarriages :: Golf Ball Size Clot Came Out No Pain

I started my menstrual cycle on Jan 5 it was normal next cycle was suppose to start on Jan 31 but I started spotting on the 28 of Jan 28 light bleeding for 3 days missing the start of my period on the 31. I was having some pregnancy symptoms but didn't look into it, while waiting for Feb cycle to start on Feb 26 but I spotted dark blood on Feb 17th, day two of this cycle a golf ball size clot came out no pain but this cycle lasted 6-7 days, ending with brown blood. I just want to know does this sound like a miscarriage when my regular cycle last only 5 days and come every 26 days in between

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Kidney Stones :: Pain Inside - Ball Valving

I have been passing stones regularly for the past 3-4 years, I've had multiple scans (ultrasound and CT scans), seen a nephrologist and urologist, I've had the surgery to have 11 removed from both my kidneys with stents. The urologist left 4 in due to them being too small to grab. This was 2 months ago and since then the 0.1 cm stones have grown, I have passed one 2 weeks ago and was told that the other three are still in my kidneys and should not bother me, fine, accept I've been in severe pain to the point it's brought me to my knees. My urologist sent me to have 2 ultrasounds in the last 3 weeks and a ct scan. The ultrasounds (two different us techs from two different times) both said I had a 5x4mm in my left and a 6x8mm in my right but the CT scan said that I have a 3mm in my right and a 2mm in my left? Not sure what to believe all I know is that they are non obstructive but my kidneys are hurting so bad, could the ct scan be wrong? I also have what's called phlebotomist in my pelvis which mimics a kidney stone but no other test showed that. What's really going on?! I've heard of a thing called "ball valving" could this be what's causing the pain and if so ALL doctors have told me that if they are in your kidney you can't feel them! So frustrated PLEASE HELP!!!

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Am I Pregnant? Have Fluid In My Uterus

My doctor had me get a sonogram because she thought I may have endometriosis. While this wasn't true, I do have fluid in my uterus, and on top of that, my thyroid levels have dropped just over the past month. I think I may be pregnant, and my doctor seems to agree with me, but I'm not sure. I'm only nineteen. Are there any other reasons this stuff is happening or could it be that I'm pregnant?

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Women's Health :: Lumps In Groin

I have been getting these lumps for a few years now every time I go to the doctors they put me on antibiotics the seem to go in a few weeks but then they come back .....

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Easy Bruising - Always Quite Hard Lumps

I have a problem with easy bruising. I am 40 years old, reasonably fit and have no major health issues. For the past year I have noticed that I have been bruising very easily, and in particular the bruises are always quite hard lumps. I even had some pretty big haematomas on my legs after a few knocks playing football.

Anyway I have been to my docs, and had all the basic blood tests and everything came back normal. Then I was referred to a Haematologist for another 2 sets of tests, all of which again were normal - some of the common bruising things tested for were  - Von Willebrand's, platelet functions, factor 13, all of which were fine. I think I have pretty much had all the tests that can be had for blood disorders.

So I don't really know what to do now - the specialist couldn't come up with anything really. The bruises are more annoying than dangerous, but I'd like to try and get to the bottom of the issue. I don't have any other problems with bleeding.

One thing that happened that may be connected is that just before I noticed the increase in bruising, I had a second infection of Strep throat (bacterial tonsillitis). I had to go through 3 different types of antibiotics as I was mildly allergic to 2 of them  - one gave me a mild rash, the other gave me a sore back (i though it was my kidneys but the doctor checked and said it wasn't). So it may be just a coincidence by it seem to me that this has messed with my immune system and caused the bruising problems.

Currently I am taking a course of probiotics to see if that can re-dress the balance, but it does not seem to be making a difference.

I have  a healthy diet, play tennis twice a week and football once a week.

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Breast Pain :: No Lumps - Perimenopause

I'm going 49 yrs old thru perimenopause and lately I've been having breast pain it gives me pain in my arms as well as my chest. I check my breast regularly and can't feel any lumps or any other changes in my breasts, the pain is mostly in the left one. I also get painful joints since starting perimenopause. I went to see my family doctor and he checked my breast and tells me there's nothing to worry about. I ask him if I needed a mammogram he said no...I don't know if I should get a second opinion?  No one in my family has ever had breast cancer. 

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Bulging Disc - Burning Painful Ball At The Base Of My Spine

I've been to 5 doctors total and not one of them can give me a solution to my bulging disk; they just keep passing me off to the next doctor. I've been struggling with this for years. I'm only 30 years old and was extremely active before this. Now I can barely walk at a slow pace for 10 min before my lower back feels like I have a burning painful ball at the base of my spine.

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