Sad After Tubal Ligation - Feeling Of Major Regret - Anyone?

Mar 3, 2013

I had a Tubal Ligation about 10 months ago, when my was born. It was  my decision, my husband just went along with whatever I decided.  I think I decided to quick and will possibly have it reversed, but the cost is so high and there are no guarantees  The problem is I don't know why I am so sad I did this.  I've felt this way since they placed my newest angel in my arms. Does anyone have this feeling of Major Regret?

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Tubal Ligation And The Chance For A Tubal Pregnancy?

I first want to start out by saying that I had a tubal ligation after my twins were born 12/13/2006. I have four living children and one still birth.

My period was due to start on Tuesday (December 4th) it is now Friday (December 6). On Monday I had some very light spotting for a few hours and then it stopped. My period has yet to start. I know that there is a rare chance that the ligation did not take. How long should I wait before calling my ob doctor? What things should I keep an eye out for? Any suggestions would be great as this is scary to me since I know that there still is the chance for a tubal pregnancy and do not want to think of my children having to go through life without me.

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Anyone Gotten Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

Has anyone ever got pregnant after having a tubal ligation?

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How Effective Is The Tubal Ligation?

I'm 27 yrs old and this is my fourth baby.. I wanted to have my tubes tied but I also wanted to know how effective it is.. I really don't want anymore kids but I don't want the IUD even though it's for ten years .. my husband doesn't want me to get it but I feel that it's because he wants more kids, btw my third and this one are his.

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Could I Be Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

I am 38 years old and have had my tubes cut and burn. My cycle is 30 days and last 4 days. It is a heavy flow and most of the time clots are present but this month it came the day it was supposed to. On time. Only it was & is watery red/brownish, have lower back pain and cramping, headaches, nausea, very bloated. My boyfriend said I look like I was 3 months but lol I know that can't be. Please help. My flow is 4 days but on day 5 & still spotting. Not enough to use a pad or full a tampon. What could it be? I'm a very fertile before I had my tubes done I have had 7 pregnancies and 5 live births. But if God blesses me one more time I will be so happy and so will my boyfriend. We both want a baby together.

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Possible To Get Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

I'm a 35 year old who had a tubal ligation a little over 4 years ago, this month I had my period but not when I was suppose to and it was very light which i usually never am, I've been xtra moody and my breast very tender can I be pregnant?

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Possible Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation?

I had my tubes tied 2 1/2 years ago and my cycle had been regular up until this month. I'm 9 days late and my breasts are sore, I'm always tired, minor cramping, nausea and constipation. Could I possibly be pregnant even though I had my tubes tied or is it something else?

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How Is It Possible - Pregnant After Tubal Ligation

I'm 28yrs old,have 4 children and had unwanted tubal ligation surgery in 04/2013,according to my surgeon i had 2 inches cut off each tube and was not able to conceive ever again,im now 19weeks pregnant and am still scratching my head as to how in the world this could have happened with the type of surgery i is it possible to get pregnant after having tubal ligation?

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Possible To Get Pregnant After Both A Tubal Ligation And An Ablation?

I am a 29 year old who 6 months ago had both my tubes tied and an ablation i have still had my period every month since i did this and have in recent months lost a lot of weight and have been feeling sick with everything i do and eat for a few weeks now i have very tender breasts as well and am concerned about being or falling pregnant again i have 3 beautiful girls my youngest being 6 and my eldest being 12 but made my choice due to the trauma of losing babies hand over fist with my last partner , my new partner would love me to have a baby but i am very worried about the health risks to both me and any potential baby who do i speak with about this as my gp is no help here at all and neither is my rn do i need to try and get hold of a specialist ?

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Tubal Ligation :: Certain Age To Get Your Tubes Tied?

Do u have to be a certain age to get your tubes tied?

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Tubal Ligation :: Can Tubes Become Untied?

I am a 44 yr old woman have had 6 babies all adults now got tubes tied about 13 yrs ago but lately I missed 2 periods I'm sore in boobs nauseous in mornings can tubes become untied and being my age cud I be prego?

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Anyone Experienced Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation?

Anyone experience pregnancy after Tubal Ligation? Please share your stories so I don't feel so alone. I'm 43 years old now. Had a T/L nearly 20 years ago and have now had 2 miscarriages within the past year and a half.

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Successful Pregnancy After Having A Tubal Ligation?

I was wondering how many people have had a successful pregnancy after having a tubal ligation? I was having early symptoms of pregnancy to continue to get negative results

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Trying To Get Pregnant After A Tubal Ligation Without Reversal

is there any way of getting pregnant after a tubal ligation other than a tubal reversal? i was forced to have a tubal ligation by my abusive ex and now my husband and i are wanting to have a baby. is there anything i can do to get pregnant?

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Getting Pregnant Without A Tubal Ligation Reversal

i was forced to have a tubal ligation 5 years ago by a very abusive ex and now my husband and i want a baby is there anything i can do to ensure i get pregnant. I am not rich and can not afford to get the tubal reversal done. please help me with any suggestions that you may have. Thank you

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Positive Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

I'm 38 yr old  had a tubal ligation done 12 years ago and have a positive on both a home pregnancy test and a urine test done at doctors office.  I'm 10 days late on menstrual cycle, what should i expect? I'm afraid to get my hopes up that I might have a lil miracle in the oven.  And no i haven't had a reversal surgery done nor any other type of fertility treatment.

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Can I Be Pregnant After 20 Years Of Tubal Ligation?

I had 3 kids at 19, and had my tubes tied at 21. I am now 41. My husband and I stopped having sex for 4 years, and recently we started again (just a month ago). I noticed my monthly was a week late in Feb. and have yet to start this month. I was having issue when I urinated and went to get it checked, they gave me something that turned my urine orange. I have been wanting fried egg sandwiches, and noticed this morning that the dog food, (I feed every morning) made me so sick smelling it, then I got cat food on my hand and about vomited. Could it be possible that I am preg? Could this really happen. I have been having mood swings and crying spells as well. Menopause?

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Possible Miscarriage With Partial Tubal Ligation?

Possible miscarriage with partial tubal ligation.

The tubal was done six and a half years ago and I have not had a pregnancy since. I was getting my period and suddenly was in excruciating pain and very quickly covered in a extremely large amount of blood. It has slowed to where I only need to change my sanitary napkin every 2 hours but this is still a very large amount of blood and I am unsure if I could have miscarried.

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How To Lose Weight After Tubal Ligation?

How to lose weight after tubal ligation?

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Can You Get Pregnant After Having A Tubal Ligation? True?

I was told i could never have kids a miscarriage a daughter and a son lost my son 5 yrs ago had tubal ligation in 07 is it true that you can still get pregnant

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Bacterial Infection After Tubal Ligation

I had a tubal ligation 7 years ago when my troubles began. I am married and have been in a monogamous relation ship. About a month after the procedure I came down with a horrible bacterial infection. I had NEVER experienced anything this severe. I was weakened with fever and felt flushed not to mention the strange unpleasant smelling discharge that went with it. I was treated with antibiotics and returned to normal. A few months later I noticed my cycle being very painful. I would get cramps like a hot coal a week before my period and during ovulation. Basically leaving about a week of feeling alright before it picked up again. Extreme pain in ovarian area..diarrhea, hot and cold sweats and mental surges similar to a bad acid trip. Not being accustomed to these kind of periods, I returned to the same OB. By this time I had had 3 bacterial infections which could not be determined because I am other wise the perfect picture of health. I had already taken a trip to the ER where all they could find was that I had a fever and was screened multiple times for std all coming up negative. After a year of missed work..weight loss and a new addiction to painkillers, the insurance I had finally approved a hysterectomy. I had a partial hysterectomy, leaving the cervix ovaries and the tubes. I had six months of relief until I came down with a bacterial infection that would not go away. My OB had retired by that time and the new one would not even recognize that I was having a problem. Finally, after loosing an extreme amount of weight and constant fevers. My P.C.P put me on two different types of antibiotics:  Doxycycline   and Flagyl.  This kept the infection "at bay" meaning that I had the symptoms just not so bad as to put me out of work. I was on the antibiotics continuously for six months. The infection grew and ebbed. Finally puss filled cyst formed on my right ovary. Because there was no name to the bacteria my new O.B didn't want to be aggressive with this. I asked my PCP for a referral to a gyn surgeon who told me "I will take your cervix out because you want me to" He wanted to do it outpatient but I begged him to admit me for 24 hrs of IV antibiotics. He agreed reluctantly.            The next time I saw him was the 2 week check up. He told me that my cervix was infected. The biopsy showed that it was an 'aggressive bacteria' so he ended up removing my right ovary and one third of my left. He also told me that I was correct about the infection and asked me if I wanted to see a disease specialist. I asked him if it could return and he said "I don't see how..your cervix is closed and ." He did  give me pictures from the surgery showing the infection. I was so glad to put it behind me. Three years went by with no symptoms occurring whats so ever until about 5 mo ago. I started to notice pain in my remaining ovary. I returned to an OB (after not seeing one for those three years) I had set one up after the surgery. I had the office get the records from the surgeon 3 yrs ago but when I arrived and asked the nurse she said she would have to look further into it. Turns out the Dr didn't have anything on me. Denied my symptoms and refused antibiotics. Same test were run( all STDS and a blood pannell even diabetes and were neg.except trace blood in urine.) She told me people abuse antibiotics. I was sent away. Two months later I have lost 30lbs. I had a ct scan through my pcp's office by another Dr who refused to comprehend my story. (My usual PCP was out of the country) All I she would go off of was my current symptoms and not even glance into my records nor care. I had a fever of 100f which had been going on for weeks. The same smelling discharge. The ct showed my glands were swollen my groin and my stomach was not accepting food. I was sent to a GI doc but I had to wait a week to see him. My CDC blood panel was still normal,although I knew whats was effective I was refused antibiotics again. Three days later I went to the Hospital and finally was given anti-b's. A five day course of cipero. Within 24 hrs I began to feel human again. I changed PCPs and was able to get in with a new one within 24 hrs. I came in with all my contact info for records of the surgeon, the original P.C.P. By this time my GI appointment was the next day. He have me an additional antibiotic to take along with the Cipero. The Gi put me on a liquid diet because I had not had a stool in a while and appeared to be a problem with the Gi area above my diaphragm. It has been a week and a half sense then. The antibiotics have been effective but symptoms of sore throat, blisters on back of throat returned last night. I know this is a long post..I am looking for ANY information or help. Other than these problems I have been healthy and prefer to avoid self diagnosis. On the flip side I am devastated.

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