Sciatica :: At My Wits End Due To Pain

Apr 24, 2016

I have had back pain problems now since 2008 I am currently taking morphine and pregabalin which help but don't eliminate the pain. I have flare ups where the pain in my back becomes unbearable for couple weeks then goes back to the pain I am used to living with daily. Two weeks ago I had another flare up but this time is completely different the pain is so intense horrific but the pain I am getting in my buttocks and down into my right leg is just to much it's disabling me more and more every day I have never sobbed my heart out as much as these past few weeks. My skin has gone numb in my lower leg and tingly pins and needles top of leg I cannot put full weight on it at all just taking a few steps is unbearable. I felt like calling ambulance this morning as the pain was horrendous. I know from mri scan I had few hrs ago that I have two discs that are no good and a tare which was giving me the pain I have been in for hrs now. But this pain I can't cope with even with the morphine. I believe that a disc has gone causing pressure on the spinal nerve which would cause the leg pain. I want surgery the fusion of the spine where the discs are no good. I would like advice from people who have had the surgery, has it helped are there any complications people have had after surgery. What is it like how long was the stay in hospital are you pain free now. Or is there anyone else with same problem that is awaiting surgery. I am 49 yrs old. 

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Hidradenitis Suppurativa - At My Wits End

Hi all! I'm currently 26 years old and I suffered from facial acne when I was in my late teens for which I was prescribed Roaccutane which proved successful. Everything then went quiet for a while and I enjoyed having relatively flawless skin.

When I was at the tail end of 22 I started getting boil like lumps under my breasts which would sometimes burst with nasty yellow pus inside. Sometimes I couldn't help but squeeze and would do so until they bled (bad I know!). As a result I have been left with terrible scarring. 

Just before I turned 23 I moved to Dubai for a 2 1/2 year stint where the boils continued to get worse and spread to my inner thighs, down my sides where bra straps go round the body and even sprouted up on my bum cheeks. I attended a Russian dermatologist while in UAE and was told it was because I favoured shaving as hair removal and should consider laser hair removal (funnily enough a service she provided). Other doctors blamed my weight as I am obese but I found this to be an easy answer for them.

When I returned to the UK I went straight to my GP who then referred me onto the local hospitals dermatology unit. I was put on another course of Roaccutane - which I am supposed to still be taking but I stopped as the side effects became unbearable for me with absolutely no improvement. The doctor has confirmed I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa and said when I go back on 29th December he will change me over to a drug called Dapsone which is regularly used to treat leprosy. Has anyone else with this condition taken this drug, if so was it successful? If not what do you take that you find helps? I'm losing the will with doctors at the moment. When I attend on a monthly basis they don't even look at the current state of my body to assess if it's improving or not, they just take my word for it. I also feel I'm doing a lot of research into conditions and treatments myself whereas they suggest nothing.

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Back Pain :: Sciatica Pain Unrelated To Spine Bifida

I'm a teenager who suffers from Sciatica pain. Please note that doctors have not told me this, I googled it and Sciatica exactly describes my pain. I have Spina bifida occulta, but was told it shouldn't cause me any pain. Not sure if that is relating to my pain. I had an X-RAY and an MRI (I think) and the doctor said it was fine... but that still does not explain my pain? It's been going on for maybe 4-5 years?

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Back Pain And Sciatica :: How To Relieve Pain?

I've had problems with my neck and back since I was a child, but recently i've been having more problems with my back, i've had about 3 or 4 episodes of lower back pain but this time I have been diagnosed with lower back pain and sciatica, the doctor put me on codeine, but they didn't ease the pain and now nefopam which are basically doing the same, i've also been seeing a physio for the last 3 weeks, when he had a look he said my spine was twisted/curved and my right hip was lower than my left so I was walking lopsided, I feel like I'm going in circles and feeling fed up and in constant pain,

When I was born I was put in cast from above my hips to my toes as my hips/pelvis and legs weren't formed properly, I was in cast till I was about 2 or 3 years old, I then had an accident as a child and hurt my neck and back ...

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Pain Management Of Sciatica?

My dr. did a CT scan on my left side to see if I had sciatica as I had a lot of symptoms of it.  It showed minimum damage to the nerve. I was not told what to do next? Should I get a follow up with what kind of specialist? Would a MRI show more information then the CT scan?

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Back Pain :: What Causes Sciatica?

what causes sciatica?

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Hip Replacement :: Sciatica Pain Again

I have my second hp (right) done 2 weeks ago. I had a terrible sciatica pain till the op. Now there is a less sciatica pain though, I still feel the nerve is irritated since I still feel the stretch on my hamstring. I was wishing that it was going to go away after thr, but it seems it will come back after I bear normal weight on my leg.

Is there anybody who got rid of sciatica pain and how did you do that ?

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Sciatica :: Pain For Five Weeks Is There Any End?

on April 2nd I was standing in my kitchen and suddenly had lower back pain.  I thought nothing of it and had to go and drive I stuck a support belt on and carried on.  Things got progressively worse I had to initially lift my feet onto the pedals and getting in and out of the car was really really painful . Things started to ease slightly then I had to drive someone to A&E and this aggravated the problem and it settled into my buttocks and sent shooting pains down my right leg.  That's when my problems really started.  I couldn't lie down I couldn't sit down all I could do was walk or kneel for the last five weeks I have had.very little sleep, the kneeling phase didn't last long as my legs started to swell up.  I can sleep for about an hour tops two if I want to manage to move without being reduced to tears with pain.  The doctor has prescribed me naproxen which had no effect and co codamol which upset my stomach.  I had an operation at Christmas to remove my appendix and gallbladder and around the muscle group in my stomach is sore.  Paracetamol is all I can take and I have munched through over 150 tablets so far.  I can now get to bed and manage to get four hours sleep but wake up with such muscle stiffness it takes up to an hour to straighten out in the morning.

sorry for the long winded explanation but can anyone tell me if things are going to ease I went to the doctor because my osteopath told me if may be a disc problem.  He helpfully told me after having to endure a car trip which is hard as I can't sit stood around for half an hour then was told that I had a sore back was very helpful.  He is sending me to a back pain clinic which will take about eight weeks to get an appointment and I will hopefully get an MRI Scan in twelve weeks.  I have a full time job and I can't work is there any hope.

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Sciatica :: Numbness And Pain

For the past 6 years I've been having shooting agonising pains up both backs of legs for no apparent reason.  (bending forwards can make it worse)

I lost 4 stones in weight when my dad suddenly died, the weight went from around my bum and thigh area. I've since put weight on - not as much as I lost.

I had a hysterectomy a couple of years ago.

I'm told that it sounds like sciatica - from people who have the same thing and my doc said the same.

Recently it has got much worse, after walking for a few minutes both legs go numb from the foot up, I have trouble with my balance anyway (MD, Surgery etc) this makes it worse. I'm also in pain if I stand still - basically I can't, I have to sit or walk (i use a stick to help with inner ear balance trouble, which docs / specialist can do nothing about)

My doc has said "it will go away" - yes, right, when?

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Sciatica :: Hip / Butt Pain

I have been having this pain for quite a while but today when I woke up it was bad. I have never been diagnosed with anything but I don't have money to go to the doctor right now.

The pain is located in the upper left side off buttock/side of hip. This pain usually is middle of buttock and lower back it has radiated some down the leg but not as a main symptom. it mainly hurts when I am walking or lift my leg up high like I'm stepping over something. It is sudden and painful. When I sit it's a constant pain and when I stand up from sitting (without moving)it feels a little bit better. 

If if anyone could please give me any advice on what this could be i would be super happy and grateful as today I am left sitting on the couch because it is too painful to walk.

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Sciatica :: Still Pain After L4/L5 Microdiscectomy

I had a microdiscectomy back in December 21, 2015 right before my 18th birthday ( today marks the 4 month post surgery mark ). I still have pain running down my right leg ( upper glut and sometimes in my calf muscle ). Before the surgery I have had the disc pinching on my nerve for nearly 10 months.... It ruined my summer and I couldn't do what most of my friends were doing... My parents were too scared that something would go wrong with the surgery, so we tried Physical Therapy for about 2-3 months. My pain was getting worse and worse. After a lot of convincing I got my parents to allow me to get the surgery ( No regrets at all ). I would rate my pain before my surgery as 9/10 and now after my surgery I rate it as 5-7/10. I can't even remember how it feels to have no pain... It is constant and doesn't go away ( I feel better when I lie down on my back or stomach ).. I feel better when I sleep on the ground rather than on my, what used to be comfortable, bed.... I am starting to lose hope on ever feeling better... Everytime I walk I have pain in my upper right glut ( every time I extend my right foot ) and sometimes it goes down my right leg to my calf.... I still can't bend down without a massive amount of pain running down my right leg... I can't even sit down for longer than 30 minutes because I start to have a lot of pain in my calf, which makes going to school really hard.. Are there any patients that have had this type of surgery and felt better in more than 6 months?

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L5-S1 Sciatica :: Flare Ups And Pain Management?

I have been suffering from sciatic pain from last 9 months. The degenerative changes are at L5-S1. Had an MRI(attached as thumbnail) and one of the docs has asked me to go for surgery while other have told me it will heal on its own. I have been doing exercises in this period. But the thing is that it has not healed. There were periods of like weeks

where I was almost pain free but then again it would flare up out of nowhere and suffering would start. Another thing I have noticed is that some times with exercises the pain increases, and the days when i don't do the exercise i don't feel any pain. Sitting is the main culprit, but I can sit for like 2 hours and if my posture is good it would be normal.

My job requires me to sit for like 4-6 hours and then stand for 6-8 hours(i work in 12 hours shift). Had days off from the job, I thought it would go away with with rest and light exercises but that didn't happen. Now I am required to work otherwise I would lose my job.

My request to all of you is, does sciatica go away/heal on its own and if it does how long does it take, or do i have to live like this. I can't even sit as a passenger in car let alone drive, couple of road

bumps would trigger it right away(by the way is there a way out avoiding jerks to your body while travelling). ANd for the job I have to travel long distances in remote areas.


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Pregnancy :: Anyone Experienced  sciatica Pain?

Has anyone experiencedsciatica pain? I went to my doctor yesterday for my 20 week check up and told her about the pain because it has started a couple days before. She referred to me a physical therapist for sciatica but who knows how long. Anyone have tips/tricks to help with this? Should/when should I call my doctor again since the pain has gotten worse. I can't move,walk or stand without the pain being terrible. Defiantly a 9/10 at least.

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Sciatica :: Gabapentin And Zapain - Still In Pain

I finally got a GP to take some notice of the pain levels and I'm now on gabapentin and zapain while I await a referral.

I was so glad to be given *something* I didn't really bother asking too much. I understand the zapain is a straight up pain killer but I'm a little unsure - even after reading up - what to expect of the gabapentin?

is it also a pain killer? I'm on 900mg / day now and although I have pain constantly, I can't be sure which drug is more (or less) effective, if at all?

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Sciatica Pain :: Tramadol And Gabapentin

I'm really disappointed in myself i'm 26 years old and suffer sciatica really bad in my buttocks nerves going down one leg and along my back. I recently changed my doctor to one closer to home. On my first appointment my doctor made it clear I needed weaned off the 400mg of tramadol and 400 mg I take a day I was prescribed them two years ago along with Sertraline 100mg a day for my anxiety. The doctor and I never discussed me becoming addicted ever, I haven't tried to stop taking them as it was never suggested before my current doctor told me I was most defiantly addicted I have to be considering the dosage I've been on every day and the length of time I've been on them.I have not had them for a few days once as I'd ran out and it was the weekend I wasn't too fused and knew I would get them on the Monday morning I felt fidgety and anxious didn't know ok w what to with myself all of Sunday and when I slept on Sunday night I had the sickest terrifying dream I woke up sweating and scared I don't know what I was scared of by I was for hours. Can this be withdrawal symptoms.

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Sciatica :: Severe Pain Has Me In Tears

Typically, I am up at gone three in the morning, unable to sleep because of the discomfort I am in. OK, who am I kidding with "discomfort" here? I am in agony as usual and I feel completely alone and unsupported.

I am lying on the sofa, on my left side because I cannot bear for anything to touch my right side. My long-suffering partner is asleep in our bed – the bed I have not been able to rest in for almost six months. Every night I lie here, biting on one of my many pillows to try and stifle the screams (yes – screams; I do not exaggerate here) so that I don’t disturb him. There’s nothing he can do and he has to go to work, especially since I cannot and someone has to pay the bills.

I have lost my job, I have not been outside for four months, other than to go to see my doctor and then it’s a cab each way. I’m alone, almost every day, all day. I feel like nobody understands and I am trapped in this situation with no hope for escape and a lifetime of torment in front of me – I cannot see any light at the end of this tunnel of misery.

This pain has been going on for two years now and has built up from a nagging ache in my lower back to this indescribably intense suffering that has become unbearable.

I don’t think anyone is ‘getting’ how bad this is for me. It took months to get a diagnosis and any kind of treatment despite repeated trips to the surgery (I have only been receiving prescribed medication for two months).

I am seeing a physiotherapist and I am trying to do the gentle exercises she has given me but honestly, it’s hard. I am waiting for a MRI scan and two months in, I’m beginning to lose hope I will get one any time soon. I am on 100mg of Tramadol four times a day, 400mg of Ibuprofen four times a day between the Tramadol and 600mg of Gabapentin three times a day.

I am still in utter torture with pain running from my right buttock all the way down my leg to my big toe. I cannot sit down and, as mentioned previously, I have to lie on one side to even get a small shot at comfort. At least the excruciating calf and thigh cramps have stopped (I think the Gabapentin helped there).

But even with medication, the pain has me in tears, screaming and blinded by sweat for hours at a time. Brief moments of respite come maybe for an hour here and there but I am still acutely aware of the pain running down my lower right side all the while.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow. I want to tell him that my pain is so bad I would rather be dead and to please, please, please hurry up and find out why this is happening to me but, I’m not sure how to approach this without seeming hysterical.

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Endometriosis :: Sciatica Pain Associated With Endo?

I ended up in the ER last week after having lower left abdominal pain and severe lower back pain. I have had pain on and off for the past 4 months. The cycle of pain seems consistent - starting mid-cycle and relief the first day of my period (of course one pain is just substituted for another since I have bad cramping but I prefer the cramping to the mid-cycle pain).

This month as been by far the worst and now I'm having pain radiating up and down my left leg and thigh. The only thing that seems to help is sleep and pain meds only take the edge off.

After having an external/internal ultrasound, the ER doc thought it's most likely Endo- which is really frustrating since there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. I'm already on BC- the Nuvaring, so I don't think there will be any quick solutions with BC pills.

My questions: How common is sciatica with Endo? Are there better BC pills/shots/etc. that will help the Endo symptoms?

I've NEVER had any reproductive issues until last September when they found Adenocarcinoma in Situ on my cervix from a stubborn HPV infection. It's been one thing after another since my colposcopies and cone biopsy. I've read that Cone biopsies can actually make you significantly more prone to developing Endo since it can narrow and scar your cervix and not allow for period blood to escape the uterus.

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Pregnancy :: Severe Sciatica Pain

I had this problem with my first pregnancy from about week 14 until like week 20, and then off and on from there.

We'll it's back with a vengeance, it's killing me. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting, standing, walking. I'll move just right and I'm almost either in tears or afraid to move because the pain is so bad. I have a 14 month old and trying to chase after her or carrying her is becoming extremely difficult. I'm afraid I'll drop her.

My doctor didn't have many suggestions for relief. We just moved and I have no idea where my heating pad is.

Any ladies experience this and what did yall do to help alleviate the pain

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Sciatica :: How To Cure Acute Pain?

I have been diagnosed with spinal disc herniation on L4 and L5 on my back + spondylolisthesis. I was relatively pain free for about a month until all of the sudden the pain came back a week ago, now stronger than ever. It's typical sciatica pain, shooting down pain from my right lower back all the way to the right ankle. When I sit down it helps but I literally can't walk for more than about 100metres at a time,the pain comes too much. I've already been out of work for the whole week and really can't afford more so I'm desperate for some relief.

I've been to the doctors a couple of times this week. So far they have given me: Arcoxia 90mg (tried that twice, no relief), Naproxen 500mg (no relief), Co-codamol 30/500mg (took three of these one day,no relief) and now I've taken Amitriptyline 25mg at nights. I've slept fine but it has not had any sort of an affect during the day. I haven't taken any of these together though, I mean I've just taken one medicine at a time.

If anyone has ANY idea what could help in this acute pain, I'd really appreciate it! Has anyone tried sea salt with their bath, how does that work? I've heard people have got some help of that. And next time I'm going to my GP (probably in a couple of days), any ideas what medicine I should ask for?

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Sciatica Diagnosis And Pain After 2 Years

In 2013 I was in a car accident and slipped a disk crushed 2 others and was also diagnosed with Sciatica. For the next year or so I was prescribed Valium and Oxycodone. Over time and with some physical therapy I eventually quit taking the medicine all together. I haven't been completely pain free for a single day since and I've come to terms with this. Without doing anything significant that I can remember to re-injure my back it's started to cause me some pretty significant pain again. Does anyone know if this is normal or if I should go to the ER and have myself checked out?

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Pain Management :: Sciatica, Ice, P/T And Chiropractic?

I got an ice pack. It helps a little. It is made by Chattanooga and is called COLPAC. They say not to use it for more than 30 minutes at a time. You put it in the freezer for 2 hours, then use it for half an hour.

I also have some bags of frozen peas that I use too. However, these don't mold themselves as nicely to my various areas of pain as the COLPAC does. So I think it is worth the price.

Everything else I have tried for my Sciatica so far has not been helpful. This includes Aleve, a homeopathic remedy, Physical Therapy (which I am still doing anyway, as it isn't doing any damage that I can be aware of) and so on.

I think I may try my Chiropractor next. Have any of you had success for Sciatica with Chiropractic?

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