Sexual Dysfunction (less Erections) Due To Hemorrhoids?

Aug 17, 2008

I just started dating a woman and we have been having sex daily for the last month. Well, about 3 days ago, I started getting symptoms of hemorrhoids, not too big, but painful nonetheless. We were getting into it, and it seems that I can become erect but it doesn't last long b/c of the pain in my rectum. It has happened on 2 different occasions now, and it's becoming very frustrating. I have had hemorrhoids before, but not with a sexual relationship going at the sametime. And again, I have had the erection go down, but due to stress and other things on my mind. So my question is, What's going on, why am I losing my erection when 3 weeks ago I was erect and still erect long after orgasm?

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Erections Soft

I'm 16 I masterbating since 13 or14 once a day most days stopped recently in the summer , I do it the odd time but cos my erections have soft or hardly get them now I just started getting them in the morning again but they r soft ish is this a mind thing.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Soft Erections And Testosterone

can anyone help me find a doctor to cure my problem with soft erections at times. I need to satisfy my wife like I use to I love her and don't want to lose her cause I would lose my children to visitations. I need viagra or a urologist to fix me, I caught something from a stripper from Barrie, and went to get swabbed for it since it was itchy the morning after her. The swab came back as negative to STD's. SO why were these symptoms occurring, I went and got three more uncomfortable swabs and all returned negative. I get flare ups 2 to 3 times a year and my flare ups always comes with redness around a part of the shaft that gets itchy and at the tip but sometimes I get 2 or 3 tiny blister type bumps that are itchy and when I squeeze my main thick vein and roll it around with my fingers I'am relieving more itch. Now I've had 3 swabs and all came back with no std's and this stripper girl was 15 years ago and its now affecting the hardness and sensation which I feel makes it softer, when it goes in its usually hard but not like it use to be I discharge less from orgasims.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Over Masturbation Causes Weak Erections?

I am 16, male, and I used to masturbate 1-2 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Recently, however, my erection has been very weak, weak enough that masturbation isn't really pleasurable anymore. I think that my over-masturbation may be causing it, and if this is the case, will I get a full erection if I quit masturbating for a few weeks?

Some other information which may be helpful is that about 6 months ago I took a blood test check-up and they told me I had slightly high cholesterol. However, until about 3 days ago I could still get a full erection, and recently I actually started exercising more than I used to.

Do you think that I can get my full erection back by quitting masturbating, or do I maybe just need to eat healthier? Or maybe it is a psychological reason? I don't know, which is why I'm asking, because these weak erections are extremely frustrating, not so much because I feel the urge to continue masturbating, but because EVENTUALLY I'm going to want to have sex, and with this whole situation, it's really not going to happen.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Weak Erections For Months?

I've been having the same problem for months now. I went from having rock hard erections every day (and usually throughout the day) to barely being able to get erection. Sometimes not at all. I used just have a single thought and I was hard in 10 seconds.

It all happened about 6 months ago. One day I had masturbated and then all the problems with my erections started. all my morning erections stopped ( I get them sometimes now but they're still soft). I don't even having erotic dreams anymore and I used to have them all the time.

I went to a Urologist twice and had all the tests, but he said couldn't detect anything wrong? I'm not fat or anything. In fact, I workout all the time and I'm only 26 years old. Have I just masturbated too much? Is there such a thing?

There have been two times however where my erections seemed to return back to normal only for a short period. One I had fell asleep in the middle of the day and woke up to find that my penis was fully erect, but then it quickly went away. The other time was in the morning When I got up, I had noticed that my erections was back to normal and stayed that way throughout most of the day, but then went back to limp again.

Those two times were months ago. and since then, it hasn't went back to normal even for a short period of time.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Moringa Consumption Rectify Weak Erections?

Can moringa consumption rectify weak erections in men and how should moringa be take to cure weak male genital erections?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Risperdal? Erections Only While Asleep

I took risperdal for 3 months for my bipolar. now i have Ed. it's been  months since withdrawal but not much changes to that condition. i get erections when i'm asleep. but when i wake u they go within a minute.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: 23 And Erections Started Dropping

I'm 23 and have had very few sexual encounters up to now. A few days ago me and a friend decided to have sex from now on as friends. When we did try however, my erection started dropping while i was putting a condom on and didn't come back in full force so we were unable to finish. I don't really feel ashamed in front of her, and I'm aware that my ego probably did the job as she is more experienced and i have to "train" as we go in a way, but is there anything i can do to prevent such things from happening again? I'm not talking about medication, just something like a relaxing exercise or anything of the sort, as i generally get fast erections and had that one for like an hour or more before we actually started.

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Difficulties Getting Erections While Masterbating

I am 19 soon turning 20, I've been having sex since I was 16 with no problem. It wasn't even a full year ago that I started noticing difficulties getting erections while masterbating. I simply ignored it, imagining it was me losing attraction to porn so I continued to Jerk off before bed or in the morning. Shortly after that I had my first ever problem when actually sleeping with a girl and I did have it hard for maybe 10 minutes but lost it and was maybe about "75% there" , I was also extremely drunk and assumed little of it the next morning. The lack of erections while I masterbated where occurring sometimes, and since I've slept with 4 women, 3 I was fairly drunk and managed to get it hard with 2 of the 3. My most recent girl was attractive, I was sober but a little tired since it was 3am. Regardless I could not get hard and I am now worried I could have ED. I am seeing someone and would be deeply embarrassed if I could not perform in bed both for her and myself. Please help

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Lost Nocturnal Erections At 65

I believe I slowly am developing E.D. I am 65 years old, but do not have normal causes for E.D. At 5'10", 165#, BMI of 24. I work out 6+ hours a week at the gym. I do not smoke, drink, do drugs. I am not diabetic. I am on testosterone therapy, and my T level is around 650. I suffer from hypogonadism (forever) which is why I am on testosterone. It is not the problem since I used to get normal erections. I also had a T.U.R.P. operation around 8 years ago. I suspect it might be part of the problem. This problem only started during the last year or so.

I no longer get nocturnal erections. I can only get erections with manual stimulation. They take a lot longer to happen. I also lose them very quickly.

This is my question. The center portion of my shaft struggles to become erect. My penis thickens at the base, and also on the end starting near the circumcision scar. Right behind the circumcision scar is the worst area. My penis stays real limp for about an inch or so. That area does finally fill in at full erection, but it takes a minute or two to become fully erect. Since E.D. is lack of blood flow, might there be a blockage in that area?

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Will Vasectomy Reversal Fix My Erectile Dysfunction - Soft Erections?

I've been having ED (erectile dysfunction) for the last 1-2 months. Sometimes I'm able to attain a weak erection, my penis is noticeably softer than it was before all of the issues I'm having. After orgasm my penis loses girth almost immediately. Furthermore I'm UNable to continue with intercourse even with a rest of 30 or so mins, I have always been able to go multiple rounds of intercourse with my wife without any issues previously. I have always been very sexually active without any issues whatsoever. This issue is really causing me to feel low and my wife is concerned for me, which is impacting on her ability to be comfortable during intercourse. I'm considering a vasectomy reversal due to this. My doctor has arranged the usual blood tests, i.e to measure testosterone levels etc. I'm yet to receive the results. I can only maintain an erection through intense physical stimulation. I previously only needed to be visually stimulated, this is very frustrating for me. Furthermore i'm only able to maintain an erection during vaginal penetration whilst i'm on top of my wife with my wife's legs are pushed up and back, as this gives me more sensation in my penis.. i struggle to maintain an erection when my wife is on top or if we do it whilst i'm behind her.

Im totally aware that those within the medical field will be totally dismissive of the vasectomy procedure being the culprit for my ED issue. However im a believer that not all people fit into the same category within current research, as we are all unique and no two people are exactly the same. Not all people's bodies will always react in the same way to the same situation. 

Is there a way back from this mess without the use of drugs ?

Last night I failed to have an erection, even through intense visual and physical stimulation. I had consumed alcohol and did feel tipsy, I have always found alcohol enhanced my erections and sexual desire. This was very shocking for me. Due to this I reluctantly took 50mg of a viagra type pill that was prescribed by my doctor. It took well over 1 hour for it to work, I was able to have the best erection I've had I months. I don't want to take drugs to combat this issue, I'm becoming very depressed due to this.

Has anybody out there had this issue resolved by having a vasectomy reversed??

I'm considering having it reversed to hopefully fix my erection issues. Furthermore I feel as if my testicles have atrophied (shrunk in size) somewhat since the vasectomy. If there is scar tissue and atrophied testicles etc or general damage to my genital area could my body heal the the damaged tissues etc through having a reversal?

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Sexual Stimulation :: Erections In School

I have a hard time not getting an erection in class. :-( It happens when I am in just about every class. However it happens when i am not thinking about sex or girls.(im straight) Then when it happens i have a hard time hiding it.

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Sexual Stimulation :: Masturbation Causes Frequent Erections?

can masturbation cause more frequent erections?

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Sexual Stimulation :: Botched Circumcision - No Erections

i am 19 years old and had my first real experience with a woman last week ,  she tried to give me a blowjob but absolutely nothing was happening, she rubbed my penis up and down and tried sucking it however when she did this i didn't get aroused and  it only got semi hard if i stimulated myself in one area on my penis just  below the glans and turning my penis to the right. and the moment i stopped stimulated that area my semi erection goes. Please be aware that i have never had an erection that points straight or upwards, it always is down nearly almost straight.

This is the only way i can masturbate, it seems as though all sensations have been lost in my penis and i cant get aroused by anyone and only masturbate in a weird way which hardly gives me any pleasure.

The woman thought there was to something wrong with my penis.

i really think my circumciser has ruined my life.

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Sexual Health Men :: Unwanted Erections Every Time I Physically Touch Girlfriend

I keep getting an unwanted erection every time I physically touch my best friend. She's female, and I used to have the same trouble in the past. The problem is that I keep getting them only with her. And it's not only when touching her, but also sometimes when we're just texting to see how each other is doing. I know this is more of a psychological question, but it keeps bugging me to face this situation, since we're just friends and we see each other as brother and sister. I just have to add that I'm a 22 year male virgin.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: 13 And No Precum Or Cum?

I'm 13 and a lot of my friends can cum, but i cant like i have an orgasm and all after about 3 or four minutes of masterbation, but no cum ever comes out not even precum, is this normal? will i ever be able to cum?

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Feels Like Im Cum But Nothing Comes Out?

feels like im cumming but nothing comes out. whats wrong

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Sexual Dysfunction :: Squirt But Cannot Cum

When i have sex i always squirt but never cum. Does that mean somethings wrong or im not really feeling it? ......

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Sexual Dysfunction - 23 Gay With Performance Anxiety

I am a 23 year old gay male who has been experiencing sexual dysfunction since 18. I find it hard to ejaculate during sex. The urologist I have seen has implied I'm having some mental issues related to my previous rape or have doubts about my sexuality, which I highly disagree with because it was preexisting before I was raped and frankly really insulting. I've tried psychotherapy and it was a bad experience because each therapist I have seen so far didn't want to even broach the question and that I should "keep it to myself." I think it could possibly be just performance anxiety but I can't find any relief. I have tried abstaining from masturbation, but the problem is still there. Oh and one of the psychotherapists was the director of the local LGBT center and she effectively ostracized me from coming back there. I really don't know what to do other than to move to another area to find better support.

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Sexual Dysfunction :: L-ARGININE Or Viagra

I have consulted two urologist one gave L - ARGININE and another viagra i have weak erection which one to take any on tried L - ARGININE with success on erection.

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Women - Sexual Dysfunction :: Can't Get Pleasure Out Of Sex

I'm 18 and my boyfriend and I have had sex many times but I can never get pleasure from it. When he enters me at first it hurts, then it stops hurting but I can feel him moving inside me, then after a minute or two I can't feel anything. When masturbating it takes me a minute and a half to orgasm twice, so that isn't the problem. I have enough sex drive to initiate the sex, but am left disappointed and sore after he withdraws. It takes him about five minutes to cum without a condom and about an hour and a half with one. We always use lubricant and have tried various positions including girl on top and doggy but nothing seems to help. I am always left wondering how far off he is and am very thankful when its over, even five minutes is too long. I make love with him because I know he enjoys it, and making him happy is the only good bit of the whole thing. From reading various forums I know I'm not alone in this, but none of the suggestions (use more lube, watch porn beforehand, make the room romantic etc) have helped.

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