Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding With Dark (black Even) Stringy Pieces In It

May 2, 2015

my period hasn't been regular but I've been on the depo shot for about 3 years (I'm not sure if theres correlation). I won't have any blood but after sex there is a little bit of blood, we took a break for a while and there wasn't any spotting or anything but I had sex last night and today there was quite a bit of blood.

it was stretchy, had no odor, but had dark (black even) stringy pieces in it. I'm not sure if I'm feeling any serious pain in my ovaries but I'm really worried about what it could be. The blood is usually stretchy but has never had the stringy black pieces.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Sex

Hi there, I am an 18 y/o female and I have been taking the birth control Kariva since I was 15 for PCOS. About a month ago, I had intercourse with my boyfriend, and afterwards I bled heavily and cramped really bad for a week. I know this bleeding was not my period because I still had a week to go before I took my pills that would start my period. When it was time for me to get my period, I had light bleeding and it ended a day earlier than it should. We used a condom and I take my birth control between 5pm-6pm every night. Does anyone know what could have happened to me? Am I pregnant? I'm just really worried because now I've become bloated, constipated, and I have pain in my lower left and right sides.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding Next Day After Sex

I already had my period this month. Literally comes the 1st of the month. Monday I lost my job and yesterday I had sex with my husband. I haven't noticed any spotting all day until just now. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I wiped there was bright red blood.

Normally when I'm with my husband we are very active and try many positions. His favorite being from behind. Yesterday I noticed that he was hurting me, felt like he was hitting my insides and normally that doesn't happen.

I'm just wondering if it's a normal thing in the sense it has happened to other women and maybe it's just from being a little more active.

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Sexual Health - Women :: After Sex, Bleeding Next Day

Yesterday, my bf and I had sex. Then a while ago when I was going to pee I had blood in my underwear. I didn't bleed yesterday after we just had sex. What does it mean I rly don't know why. My period ended last week

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding Not Stopping After First Sex

I am 18 and i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. Since my first sex, i am bleeding. It's been 5 days and i am still bleeding. Can anyone help me ? What has happened to me? Is it normal or not?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Rough Sex

so me and my boyfriend had rough sex and it didn't hurt. Then I went to the restroom to pee and I didn't bleed but then 30 minutes later I went again I was bleed kinda a lot and that worries me ! Is it because we had rough sex?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Intercourse

okay so I am 20 and i lost my virginity a few years ago, but it's been about 9 months since I had sex, Well i've been seeing this guy and the other day we decided to do the deed and I realized he was bigger than anyone I had been with,and we went slow at first but when he pulled out i started bleeding. when he first inserted it it hurt but then well it felt good. its happened both times we have done it. can there be something wrong with me.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding During Intercourse

I have been with the same person for a year. For the first 6-7 months I never bled then all of a sudden I started bleeding every time, even when it isn't rough. Instead of getting wet it's bloody now. I've never had a regular period but always have bad cramps around the time I should start my period. I took birth control pills before to help but it never helped. It's really embarrassing to bleed every time and completely ruins the mood.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding For Days After First Time Sex?

Should I be concerned that I'm bleeding for so long after the first time I had sex?

I had sex exactly a week ago and did not bleed until the day after. The blood is bright red and I've been experiencing a lot of cramping too. I'm in the pill and we used a condom so I know I'm not pregnant and it's not time for me to have my period for another week or so.

And top of the constant bleeding I have past 3 small rubbery blood clots...I know disgusting right? But this has never happened before. What's happening? Did I tear something? Should I go to a doctor or just wait?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Faint Bleeding After A Different Sex Style

I had sex with my husband and after sex I went to clean myself up and noticed very light bleeding on the toilet roll after couple wipes their was nothing there the bleeding stopped, we did do a different sex style which was hurting me so we changed to normal way we do it but I don't know if that's what has caused the light bleeding? Should I be worried?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Virginity Lost, But No Bleeding

I lost my virginity on July 5th & after I did not bleed, most people say I'm supposed to bleed. Today is now July 19th & yesterday July 18th I started spotting blood I'm curious on what this mean should I be freaking out or just calm down it's no biggy?

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Sexual Health - Women :: No Pain But Bleeding During Intercourse

For the past year I have had bleeding during intercourse but never any pain. I have been told I could have endometriosis and or pcos. I have had bacterial diagnosis and uti off and on for years but I think now I'm having a constant infection that won't go away. I've seen different doctors and they don't seem to be concerned about the bleeding and can tell me what's causing it. It's alarming to me because I know it's not normal and shouldn't be happening all the time during intercourse. I have no pain with it and always plenty of lube. Also I just recently had a saline sonogram that showed nothing. Please what else can they do to figure out what's causing this and should I just let it go untreated?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding And Pain After Intercourse

On a Friday night, I had intercourse with my boyfriend. I noticed pain starting on the right side of my vagina. The next day, the right side was very sore. I went to work, and started having symptoms such as shivering, weakness, nausea, kidney pain, and ovarian pain. I was also suffering from constipation. I went home and felt better besides the vaginal pain on my right side. There was no bleeding. On sunday, I tried to pass stools along when I noticed a little bit of blood from my vagina. It was not coming out on it's own, only when I wiped. The blood wasn't serious. On Monday, the pain from my vagina started to go down, but when I stood up, brown blood/liquid basically squirted out from me. The whole day I had weird liquid just coming out of me. Today(Tuesday), there was more blood when I wiped. Could I have a ruptured cyst or could something have torn inside of me?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding During Rough Intercourse

I met my boyfriend after 13 days and we made out, actually tried to in a jungle. While we were at it, we saw blood coming out of me and stopped immediately. It could've been rough and I don't get wet easily. I am 30 years old. We have had sex before. Anyhow the same thing happened the second time on the same day, this time we were indoors. However, the third we did it, it was all fine. The next day as well there was no bleeding. I took an emergency contraceptive pill on the third day as we aren't planning for a baby, at least not anytime soon. I am worried and stressed out. I am in love with him, and I know he was a bit scared, if I may say so and it's but natural... Let me know if you need more information.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Light Bleeding And Cramps After Arousal.

I'd like to know what can be the cause of some light bleeding and cramps after arousal.

I am in my late 20s, healthy and I am a virgin. I have no boyfriend and I do NOT masturbate with my hands NOR any kind of toy. Sometimes, when I get aroused, I relax and tighten the pelvic muscles (like kegel exercises) and squeeze/unsqueeze my thighs together. That helps me get some kind of release, although I have no idea if any orgasm is achieved.

Thing is, a couple of hours later I get this light bleeding with fresh colored blood. Not big in quantity, but enough to notice when wiping myself for the next two or three bathroom breaks. It does not appear when I clean myself after playing with the muscles (I do get wet), only later. It does appear after every arousal episode.

And, the more intense the feelings, the bigger the chances I also get cramps later that day or the day after. Even if my period is nowhere near. It hurts.

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Bowel Disorders :: Black Pieces In My Stool

I'm 17 female and I know it's gross but I'm worried today and yesterday I had light brown stool with black in it the black piece was long I'm scared I have been taken vitamins the past two days but my stomach hurts and nobody will take me to the Dr should I be worried

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Women Health :: Bacterial Vaginosis - On Diflucan - With Black Discharge

Basically, my problem arises around 9-10 months ago now. In mid November I had a new sexual partner and within days I started getting weird discharge. I immediately went to the sexual health clinic, and the lady told me I couldn't do a test till it had been a week (or it was 2, I can't remember!). After a week (or two) I went back and got checked for EVERYTHING from chlamydia to HIV. Everything came back clear so I went back and she did a swab, she then told me I had BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). She prescribed me with some antibiotics and I was hopeful these would solve my problem and I would no longer have to worry.. I was wrong. I do think I did have BV that one time, as I've never had that smell since and it was one I can't even describe. I then returned to the sexual health clinic and got told I had thrush. I was given some tablets and cream for that, the problem still didn't go. The discharge wasn't as watery and didn't have the same smell, but it still wasn't right. I returned and once again, back to square one, got told I had BV.. Antibiotics again, then back to the sexual health clinic to be told I had thrush again! I finally got fed up of going to the sexual clinic and booked an appointment with my doctor in hope something else could be done as I was sick of being put on antibiotics. I explained to my doctor everything that had happened and she asked if there's any chance it could be an STD and I said no, as I haven't had a sexual partner since that one time I slept with that boy. I've been too embarrassed to with all these problems, it's knocked my confidence massively! She had a look and said she "had a feeling" what it could be, prescribed me some antibiotics and then told me my test results would be back later in the week. About 4 days later, she rung me and apologised for putting me on antibiotics and told me it was thrush I had. I came back in and collected a prescription for 3 pessaries, after doing this it didn't work. I returned and she put me on diflucan for 10 weeks.

This is where it really starts..

About 6 weeks ago, I was one tablet away from finishing my course of diflucan when I noticed a discharge I definitely hadn't seen before. At first it seemed like blood, but it was very, very dark. I had a check up for my contraceptive pill that week with the nurse so I went in and explained to her what had been happening. Luckily my GP happened to be in that day and the nurse called her in and got me to explain and repeat everything I had just told her. My doctor explained she thought I might have BV which might be causing bleeding, so she tried to prescribe me metronidazole AGAIN. I explained I'd been on it a lot of times before and she changed it to the metronidazole gel instead. She said if it didn't work I should come back straight away. It didn't work so I rung the doctors to book another appointment. This time my discharge had changed and it was no longer black. I took a picture to show my doctor as it was so hard to explain. It was almost a white clump with what looked like blood vessels inside, I can't explain it! Had a pinkish/purplish tint to it. After returning to my doctors I had a different one and I explained everything and showed her the picture and, like every other time, I got examined and had a smear test done. She didn't tell me what she'd tested me for but she said she was almost sure they'd come back clear, but when she did the smear test she had to give me a sanitary towel because I bled a fair bit from that. When I had got dressed and sat down she said "please don't think it's cancer because that's very unlikely due to your age" which annoyed me a bit because I'd never once tried to imply that! Anyway, she rung me later in the week and said the test results came back clear and she didn't want to refer me to a gynaecologist just yet. So she's arranged an ultrasound (transabdominal and transvaginal) for the 12th August. The bleeding has been really bad the past 2 or so weeks, it's been black and I've been having lots of stringy clots. However, the whole abnormal discharge and bleeding together has been going on since November last year! I know I have my ultrasound in a few weeks which will hopefully give me answers but does anyone have any idea what it might be?

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Sexual Health - Women :: It Hurts After Having Sex For A While

Ok so i had sex with my girlfriend, i mean she lost her virginity about 3 weeks earlier and now she feels a lot of pain and started for unknown reason. We had both protected and unprotected sex at the same time. Can anyone please tell me what should my girlfriend do??

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Sexual Health Women :: Always Wet After Sex - Even Sitting At Work

I've been dating my boyfriend for a month. A few days ago, we had sex. The sex was amazing! Ever since then, I've been wet and I came while I was sitting at work. I was embarrassed and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I don't understand why is this happening?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bloody Discharge During/after Sex

I am 24, have only had one sexual partner, and have been taking the pill for almost 5 years now. In the last couple of years, I have experienced a thick, brown, bloody discharge during/after sex. It was random at first, but then almost every time. I have changed birth control pills twice due to this condition. Still nothing seems to be changing. It is back to being random rather than every time, but it is still very frustrating to my partner and myself. It's messy and unpredictable. I am wondering why this is happening and if I can stop it? I'm tired of going to the doctor and being told I am fine and all they want to do is switch my birth control method.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Frequent Urination After Sex

I had sex wid my boyfriend on 7th day of periods n had n ipill after two hours now after having sex the other day I'm having some urinary problems after every two minutes I have to go for pee I tried to control but its uncontrollable n after pee m having some irritation its not paining but its some kind of tickling which I m not able to bear why is it happening?

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