Sexual Health - Women :: Discharge That Smells - Pregnancy Sign?

Mar 24, 2014

Okay, I am only 16. I am sexually active with my boyfriend.. I have recently just been treated for a UTI . My medication is done but now I have a discharge that smells funky.. It smells like old period blood. But anyways after I had sex I noticed this very thick, sticky, milky white glob of something on my boyfriends penis.. I thought it was sperm but it ended up being me. I have never had it before. I need help. I don't know what it could be . I looked it up and it said it could be an early sign of pregnancy.. The mucus plug they call it.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Rotten Smells During Sex

i had a sex with my partner and i bleed during sex and it was my first experience i thought i had my period but the next day IT stop again and second from my vagina it smells like rotten things which i never experience this again before can you please tell what is this reason for.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bloody Discharge During/after Sex

I am 24, have only had one sexual partner, and have been taking the pill for almost 5 years now. In the last couple of years, I have experienced a thick, brown, bloody discharge during/after sex. It was random at first, but then almost every time. I have changed birth control pills twice due to this condition. Still nothing seems to be changing. It is back to being random rather than every time, but it is still very frustrating to my partner and myself. It's messy and unpredictable. I am wondering why this is happening and if I can stop it? I'm tired of going to the doctor and being told I am fine and all they want to do is switch my birth control method.

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Sexual Health - Women :: White Discharge While Having Sex

While having sex I have a thick white creamy sticky substance. Am I ovulating?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Watery Discharge Minutes After Sex

I used to have a discharge some minutes after sex which I don't understand

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Sexual Health - Women :: Excessive Watery Vaginal Discharge

I am 18 years old, sexually active

I have been having intercourse with my boyfriend regularly for the past 5/6 months and we never use any type of protection (yes I know, really bad) we always just make sure he pulls out and he does and everything is just fine. I know that a "safe" time to have sex is during my period due to the fact that the ovule that wasn't fertilized was disposed so that happened. I was around my fourth or fifth day of my period (my normal period lasts 7 days) and he finished inside.. It's happened before so I'm positive there is no problem with that.

When my period finished, I noticed that I have had a lot of discharge and I don't know what it is or why it's happening. It's clear and very watery and sometimes I notice a "different" smell to it, I can't explain it though, it's a bit strong but it's not a completely foul odor either. I believe I should be in my fertile days about know or soon but this has been going on for about 2 weeks now and I'm starting to get worried. Does anyone know what it could be?

Could it be some sort of infection? Or a natural cleansing process? Or something else? Should I worry? Please respond soon as to I am very concerned

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Sexual Health - Women :: Fishy Thick White Discharge

I am 30 and I have thick white fishy discharge that I can smell through my clothes. My periods are always painful and my pee is green and frothy and stings when it comes out and I have a sudden urge to go to the toilet, sometimes I don't always make it in time. I get pain during sex as well.

Urine tests are always clear and pelvic ultrasound in 2007 ruled out a gynae problem. I was invited to have a cervical smear but I've put it off because my last nurse didn't talk me through what she was doing and got annoyed with me when I told her it hurt so what do I do?

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Sexual Health - Men :: Smells Fishy On Both After Sex

Every time my girlfriend and i have sex, after i have come (male) everything smells fishy on both myself and my girlfriend. After a few days the smell goes away on her but stays on my penis. It been happening for a while and is amplified after sex. What is it and how do i make it go away?

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Sexual Health :: My Sperm Smells Really Bad

my sperm smells really bad. Whenever it sticks to my hand it smells very bad...

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Sexual Health :: Glans Of Penis Wet And Smells

So over the last year I have found it almost impossible to keep the glans of my penis smelling clean. It used to be quite dry to. However now it's quite moist area.

My girlfriend, seems to have a problem with smells too. Both hygienic and both try our best to wash our genitals to the recommended way no harsh soaps etc.

One fried. Suggested it could be thrush but we have no other symptoms.

I recently went for a nhs sexual health screen and came back clear.

Would love to know what's causing these smells.

I could go for days with no smell down there as long as I had no sexual activity. Just really don't get what's happening.

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and had no other sexual contact with anyone else except from her in that time.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Sex

Hi there, I am an 18 y/o female and I have been taking the birth control Kariva since I was 15 for PCOS. About a month ago, I had intercourse with my boyfriend, and afterwards I bled heavily and cramped really bad for a week. I know this bleeding was not my period because I still had a week to go before I took my pills that would start my period. When it was time for me to get my period, I had light bleeding and it ended a day earlier than it should. We used a condom and I take my birth control between 5pm-6pm every night. Does anyone know what could have happened to me? Am I pregnant? I'm just really worried because now I've become bloated, constipated, and I have pain in my lower left and right sides.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding Next Day After Sex

I already had my period this month. Literally comes the 1st of the month. Monday I lost my job and yesterday I had sex with my husband. I haven't noticed any spotting all day until just now. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I wiped there was bright red blood.

Normally when I'm with my husband we are very active and try many positions. His favorite being from behind. Yesterday I noticed that he was hurting me, felt like he was hitting my insides and normally that doesn't happen.

I'm just wondering if it's a normal thing in the sense it has happened to other women and maybe it's just from being a little more active.

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Sexual Health - Women :: After Sex, Bleeding Next Day

Yesterday, my bf and I had sex. Then a while ago when I was going to pee I had blood in my underwear. I didn't bleed yesterday after we just had sex. What does it mean I rly don't know why. My period ended last week

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Sexual Health - Women :: It Hurts After Having Sex For A While

Ok so i had sex with my girlfriend, i mean she lost her virginity about 3 weeks earlier and now she feels a lot of pain and started for unknown reason. We had both protected and unprotected sex at the same time. Can anyone please tell me what should my girlfriend do??

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Sexual Health Women :: Always Wet After Sex - Even Sitting At Work

I've been dating my boyfriend for a month. A few days ago, we had sex. The sex was amazing! Ever since then, I've been wet and I came while I was sitting at work. I was embarrassed and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I don't understand why is this happening?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding Not Stopping After First Sex

I am 18 and i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. Since my first sex, i am bleeding. It's been 5 days and i am still bleeding. Can anyone help me ? What has happened to me? Is it normal or not?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Rough Sex

so me and my boyfriend had rough sex and it didn't hurt. Then I went to the restroom to pee and I didn't bleed but then 30 minutes later I went again I was bleed kinda a lot and that worries me ! Is it because we had rough sex?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Frequent Urination After Sex

I had sex wid my boyfriend on 7th day of periods n had n ipill after two hours now after having sex the other day I'm having some urinary problems after every two minutes I have to go for pee I tried to control but its uncontrollable n after pee m having some irritation its not paining but its some kind of tickling which I m not able to bear why is it happening?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Lack Of Sex Drive

i ' m 39 n my wife is 29. we r married for 5 years. my wife has never had any desire for sex. infact she find it dirty.

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Sexual Health - Women :: After Sex Puking And Passing Out

me and my partner just finished having sex n I feel like puking and I feel like passing out like in a bad way

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bruising Of The Cervix

I am experiencing bloating in my stomach and pelvic area, it started when I woke up today and I had really rough intercourse the night before. How can I be sure that my cervix is bruised and what can be done about it?

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