Sexual Health - Women :: Lump Near Urethral Opening

Jan 16, 2016

I have a lump near my urethral opening (left side) however it doesn't hurt. it seems on the outside of my skin not inside. when you look at it, it barely noticeable. But once you feel the skin, you feel the lump. I just noticed it, so it wasn't there before. smaller than the size of a dime

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Sexual Health Women :: A Lump On The Opening Of My Vagina

I often get spots down there due to ingrown hairs and stuff yesterday I noticed a lump on the opening of my vagina its very sore and soiled nothing like I have had before doesn't look like a spot I am going to try get in my doctors this week.

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Vaginal Health :: Painful Pea-sized Lump Next To Urethral Opening

I have had a painful, red, itchy rash around my vagina for about a week and suddenly i gotten a large pea-sized lump next to my urethral opening. it hurts when i put pressure on it, and is quite hard like a ball beneath the skin. i am only 16 and still a virgin.

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Women's Health :: Lump Near Vaginal Opening?

I discovered I have a lump never the opening of my vagina. It is very sore and I have had irregular discharge, it's thick and a lot of it.

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STDs :: Lump On My Penis And A Swollen Urethral Opening?

16 year old male here. I have a big lump on my penis just under the neck, on the top of the shaft, and my external urethral meatus appears to be swollen. Whenever I masturbate, the big lump starts to hurt.

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Sexual Health :: Small Cut Near Opening Of Vagina?

A few weeks ago, I noticed I was bleeding slightly after I let my boyfriend finger me (sorry if that sounds vulgar, I just really need answers). At first, I thought it might be where he didn't actually break the entire hymen when we first had sex (note we are sexually active). I noticed the bleeding a few more times after that incident. Finally, I decided to look around my vagina while the bleeding was still occurring. I noticed what looked like a small cut near the opening of my vagina. I told my boyfriend about it and he thought maybe his fingernail caught it or there was too much friction. We decided to not do anything sexual, and we did that was about a week and a half. What's confusing to me are a few things: it doesn't bleed during sex, only after he fingers me; it doesn't do it every time he fingers me, only half of the time; it burns when I go to pee after he's done that to me; neither of us have ever had a cold sore (I asked him when I read about guys passing it from going down on their girl, although I'm not sure about the other type of herpes); I'm always wet throughout the duration of the activities.

I kept reading and the only things I got were too much friction or not enough lubricant or herpes or recurring infections. And nothing matched what I was experiencing correctly. Anyone have any ideas? Honestly it looks like a tiny cut or maybe a raw spot, I noticed it bled from two or three small areas. It resembles a paper cut or something that was rubbed too much.

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Sexual Health :: Small Bumps Near Vaginal Opening

Last night I noticed I had a few small bumps near the vaginal opening. They're not painful unless I touch them then it becomes a burning sensation and it'll cause burning when I pee. I have checked photos of genital warts and herpes and none seem to match.

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Vaginal Health :: Small Lump At The Opening Of My Vagina

This is embarrassing but I found a pea sized lump in my vagina. I'm still a virgin and I have my period and have had them for about 3 years and their normal but I first noticed this when I tried to use a tampon but it hurt. And then a few days ago I tried to finger myself (my friend suggested that I shout try it) and I only used one finger and I felt small bumps and it felt like when I tried to use the tampon... But like I said I have never had sex and the pea sized lump freaks me out heaps and I'm not sure if its because I'm a virgin or yeah please help me I'm to scared to see a doctor or tell my mother!!!

Also my hymen doesn't fully cover my vagina "hole" but it looks small but yeah anyways.

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Lump At The Opening Of Vagina

I am 26 year old virgin and having vaginal infection, it was swollen and itchy with thick white odorless discharge. I went to gynecologist and told symptoms without any examination cause i was requested her not to do so and she gave me candistat for candida infection treatment. Now the itchiness and discharge is almost gone, swelling is no more but it is reddish pink from inside what i checked by taking images, and I can see a lump kinda thing at the opening. I am afraid if it is some kind of bad lump that need some attention. I can attach the image here.

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Vaginal Health :: Fleshy Lump In Vagina Near The Opening

I have a fleahy lumpy feeling bump on the inside of my vagina its near the vaginal opening not far in, it causes no pain but it worry's me. It just recently appeared or I haven't noticed it. I am not 21 yet spo I can't have a pap but I am sexually active.

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Vaginal Health :: Fleshy Lump Opening Of Vagina

I'm 15 and I have this weird fleshy bump in the entrance of my vagina. I am a virgin, although I do masterbate and know that I have broken my hymen. It doesn't hurt when touched but if I press on it , I feel like I'm gonna pee. Is it my g-spot? It is also visible to the eye. It sort of looks like a bulge.

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Vaginal Health :: Lump Between My Urethra And Vulva Opening Is

I'm 17 years old and I am not sexual active and I am a virgin. I have an important question about my body, my hymen to be exact. At least I think so. Anyways for years I've always had this lump looking thing between my urethra and the top of my vaginal opening, it's soft, I think it only hurts a little when it's touched with dry skin which is hardly, It's never bothered me but lately I've been wondering if that's even suppose to be there, I urinate fine without pain or burning and I get my period normally too. Now to describe it better, there's my urethra and then connected is the lump that's fairly large, not BIG but if a doctor checked me; its impossible not to see, then it connects inside with my vaginal opening but just the top of it, then I have a normal vaginal opening below it, and I can see what looks like my hymen, looks normal to me there. I've used tampons with no problems and such but I'm thinking if I have sex in the future, it would be painful or impossible to just pass it without rubbing it which would hurt I'm thinking. So about 2 years back I went to the doctors because I was sure I had a yeast infection, they checked me out down there and did a pap smear, I didn't mention the lump because I was there for another reason but the doctor also didn't say anything about it so I had been relieved and thought it must be normal then but when she put the metal thing during the pap smear; I felt it hit the lump and it hurt but then after she pulled out; I felt no pain at all, but then I think about how it would be if I had sex in the future and how it might be a problem, I just can't figure out what it is. I'm thinking of just getting a pelvic exam in general and have my doctor just check that all out to make sure I'm fine but I honestly feel completely alright and just want to know what it is.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Sex

Hi there, I am an 18 y/o female and I have been taking the birth control Kariva since I was 15 for PCOS. About a month ago, I had intercourse with my boyfriend, and afterwards I bled heavily and cramped really bad for a week. I know this bleeding was not my period because I still had a week to go before I took my pills that would start my period. When it was time for me to get my period, I had light bleeding and it ended a day earlier than it should. We used a condom and I take my birth control between 5pm-6pm every night. Does anyone know what could have happened to me? Am I pregnant? I'm just really worried because now I've become bloated, constipated, and I have pain in my lower left and right sides.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding Next Day After Sex

I already had my period this month. Literally comes the 1st of the month. Monday I lost my job and yesterday I had sex with my husband. I haven't noticed any spotting all day until just now. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I wiped there was bright red blood.

Normally when I'm with my husband we are very active and try many positions. His favorite being from behind. Yesterday I noticed that he was hurting me, felt like he was hitting my insides and normally that doesn't happen.

I'm just wondering if it's a normal thing in the sense it has happened to other women and maybe it's just from being a little more active.

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Sexual Health - Women :: After Sex, Bleeding Next Day

Yesterday, my bf and I had sex. Then a while ago when I was going to pee I had blood in my underwear. I didn't bleed yesterday after we just had sex. What does it mean I rly don't know why. My period ended last week

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Sexual Health - Women :: It Hurts After Having Sex For A While

Ok so i had sex with my girlfriend, i mean she lost her virginity about 3 weeks earlier and now she feels a lot of pain and started for unknown reason. We had both protected and unprotected sex at the same time. Can anyone please tell me what should my girlfriend do??

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Sexual Health :: Painful Lump In Right Groin

I'm a 23 year old male and a few days ago I noticed a painful lump(around 0.5x1.5cm in size) in my right groin. Its very smooth, but also very painful to touch. Skin above it seems normal. I also seem to have very mild fever(37.0 C) for which i'm not sure if it's relevant or if its a fever at all.

A few days ago I also noticed some smegma built up below my foreskin which I washed right away. I also have a very mild knee injuree from around 10-14 days ago.

Could this be an infected lymph node? An infection without a high fever?

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Sexual Health Women :: Always Wet After Sex - Even Sitting At Work

I've been dating my boyfriend for a month. A few days ago, we had sex. The sex was amazing! Ever since then, I've been wet and I came while I was sitting at work. I was embarrassed and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I don't understand why is this happening?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding Not Stopping After First Sex

I am 18 and i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. Since my first sex, i am bleeding. It's been 5 days and i am still bleeding. Can anyone help me ? What has happened to me? Is it normal or not?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bleeding After Rough Sex

so me and my boyfriend had rough sex and it didn't hurt. Then I went to the restroom to pee and I didn't bleed but then 30 minutes later I went again I was bleed kinda a lot and that worries me ! Is it because we had rough sex?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Bloody Discharge During/after Sex

I am 24, have only had one sexual partner, and have been taking the pill for almost 5 years now. In the last couple of years, I have experienced a thick, brown, bloody discharge during/after sex. It was random at first, but then almost every time. I have changed birth control pills twice due to this condition. Still nothing seems to be changing. It is back to being random rather than every time, but it is still very frustrating to my partner and myself. It's messy and unpredictable. I am wondering why this is happening and if I can stop it? I'm tired of going to the doctor and being told I am fine and all they want to do is switch my birth control method.

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