Shooting Pain And Lump In My Head

Apr 10, 2013

I have had shooting pains in my head for about a year now and I feel a lump in the same spot I feel the pain , but the lump is more like my bone structure I am a hairdresser so I have felt many , my mum brothers and all say its just the shape of my head and I do have the same bump on the other side at the back of my head , when I get shooting pains there quite slow faded pains that pass , and most the time when they do I have neck cramps too , please help I feel I have a brain tumor it scares me im 17 also suffer anxiety

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Labor? Lower Back Pain With Sharp Shooting Pain In The Groin

im 36 weeks and having lower back pain with sharp shooting pain in the groin area and it goes into my thighs what is this?

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Hemorrhoids :: Pain In My Rectum With Sharp Shooting Pain

I have had five kids and i have been having pain in my rectum with sharp shooting pain that also goes to my front also like a swollen pain ill get it every once in awhile i have been having the symptoms of ibs for several yrs and i got the pain right now and it hurts like crazy what could that be i'm really ain't that sexually active since i had my kids and got a tubal.

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Shooting Pain Around My Right Ovary

Today I coughed, one single cough, and had a shooting pain around my right ovary. I am a mother of a 8 month old. And intercourse is very painful.

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Shingles :: Boulder And Shooting Pain In Eye

I have just been diagnosed with shingles for the first time. Feels as though I have a boulder in my eye and the pain shooting through my head is excruciating. Have got a few blisters around my eye and am praying my eye sight will not be affected. Am taking Acyclovir, Paracetamol and an anti inflammatory. Have noticed as the day goes on and I take more pills the pain eases. Early mornings are worst and I have to get up and take more pills

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Pregnancy :: 16 Weeks - Shooting Pain In Vagina

I'm 16 weeks I get the regular uterus growing and side / back pains but I also get this shooting pain kinda in my vagina ...

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Shingles? Burning And Shooting Pain In Arms

I am currently experiencing a burning sensation on the entirety of my left arm, and an intermittent, shooting pain travels from my elbow into my wrist and hand every little while as well. I just noticed those red bumps today and thought it may be connected with my pain, which has lasted for a day and a half now. The burning sensation is aggravated by touch.

Note that I have never had chickenpox before, I was vaccinated.

So am I getting shingles? Should I stay home tomorrow to go to a physician?

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Pregnancy :: Sciatica - Shooting Pain In Butt Cheeks

Anyone else experiencing shooting pains down one of their butt cheeks? It's starting to happen more often and at longer durations after sitting on a hard surface too long. Definitely painful! I'm 29 weeks tomorrow.

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Kidney Stones - Tail Bone And Shooting Leg Pain

I was wondering if anyone has experienced tail bone pain as well as pain shooting down the leg with stones? this is a constant pain for 3 days now

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Foot Disorders :: Hot Flashes And Shooting Pain In My Heel

My right foot has been having hot flashes and I been having shooting pain in my heel that I think is bone spurs, I've had the spurs for about a month but hot flashes just started. I work as a cashier so I'm on my feet all day. I'm worried it may be a blood clot but I have no swelling or redness. I'm a 52 year old female.

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Scoliosis And Kyphosis :: Spasms And Frequent Back Shooting Pain

From the age of 8-14 i was seen at hospital for Scoliosis for years i would have x rays and check ups, since then nothing? confused! because i was young i only know that i have a lower curve of my spine (sorry don't know technical words).

More recently i complained of lower back pain which my doctor agreed and gave me co codamol as nothing i was taking worked. I am also currently waiting for a physio appointment as my dr said that it may help? not sure but i will try it, however that has been 3 weeks and i still have heard nothing!

Since complaining of lower back pain though i am now having more problems, the spasms are becoming more frequent and shooting up my back and making me gasp when they are bad, these are slowly getting worse. Again i spoke with my doctor and he didn't seem concerned, i however am.

I am working and it is a desk job but i can walk around and split the length of sitting down. Also a hot water bottle does help when i am at home at work is slightly more difficult. I currently have to sleep with a pillow under my back so i am more comfortable. I am also sleeping separately from my hubby as his mattress is way too soft for me to sleep on.

This is driving me mad and i just need the pain to stop. Can anyone offer advice please?

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Pin Head Size Lump On My Testicle

I felt some pain in my right testicle on Tuesday, it soon disappeared. Then last night (Friday) it was feeling a bit painful again after ejaculating, which hasn't happened before. Since it was only the right testicle I had a quick check (even got a warm shower) and felt a small lump about the size of a pinhead. I'm pretty sure it's on the testicle itself - although I find it hard to say where the lump is because it seems to be different (I guess that's just the movement of the testicle) it's near the top, where all the tubes attach, it feels as if there's a tube that actually runs to the lump. I wouldn't say it was painful but when I push or wiggle it, it gives me that kicked in the balls kind of pain, just scaled down quite a bit. Right now I just feel a bit of an annoyance down there, I did masturbate about an hour ago to see if it brought on pain again, but it didn't.

Some additional information: I remember that there was a period, probably around six months ago, when my testicles would sometimes hurt then running, but I thought nothing of it.

I'm in my late teens and now I'm really worried, could barely eat last night after I found the small lump. All of today I've been feeling worried, even bailed out of my plans for tonight. On the one hand I really want to get it checked out especially since I'm going on vacation next week, like with anything, I get overly worried, but on the other hand I do not like the thought of the doctor checking out my balls and I feel really anxious about telling my parents. How can I just go up to my mum and say 'I just found a lump on my balls' would I even say balls? It's just so awkward; we've never spoke about anything like that.

I don't really know why I'm on here. I know that I really should go get it checked out, I also know that I don't necessarily have to tell my parents but I'd rather them know, I think.. I mean I don't even know how to book a doctor's appointment, never mind one for a matter like this.

The thought that this is could be Cancer just makes me feel awful, I want to just say to my self that it's probably nothing, but I can't. 24 hours ago I had nothing on my mind and was looking forward to the weekend, now I can't stop googling this and feeling my balls. Whenever I think to do something to get my mind at rest, such as watching TV or going out I just think NO that's not going to change anything, I know I can't just sit back, but I don't know what to do!

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Sore Lump On The Back Of My Head, Just Above Hairline

I have a lump on the back of my head, just above the hairline, I believe i've had this lump for quite a while although now i keep touching it making it sore. It's small, kind of flat and hurts when i prod it a lot (which i probably shouldn't do.) I also have one behind my ear which i've had for about four years now. Doctors don't seem to be concerned and just told me to forget about it and that isn't normal to feel lumps and bumps on my body but, googling, i keep finding things relating to the dreaded C word, and slow growing lymphoma, which is just refuelling my anxiety about them.

They haven't grown, changed in this time and they rarely hurt, although I believe they once did a while back when I first noticed them. No other symptoms such as fever, night sweats, unintended weight loss etc, yet I don't know how to not worry about them?? I had terrible eczema as a child so I'm not sure whether that could have contributed to it.

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Men :: Head And Neck Pain During Sex

This just started happening to me about a week ago. I was having intercourse with my girlfriend when I noticed a slight pain in the back of my skull that ran down a muscle into my neck. It wasn't bad so I figured it was random and would go away. Unfortunately, this pain has come back every time I have had sex since. I am curious if this is something serious or not and it will go away in time?

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Arthritis :: Pain Clear Up To The Top Of My Head

I have severe arthritis in my neck which also gives me pain clear up to the top of my head. Does anyone else have this and if so what do you do for it?

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Ejaculation :: Pain In Penis Head

Just a couple of weeks ago when I was masturbating and ejaculated something started to happen and it's been happening every time since. The upper portion of the head of my penis moves upwards more than usual and is a bit painful when it presses against my thumb. I was just wondering why this is happening all of a sudden because it's irritating that I can't enjoy a pleasurable masturbation without having some sort of pain. Now every time I ejaculate I have to move my hand off my penis so it doesn't press against my hand or else the movement of the head against my own hand hurts (when it throbs up and down). This has never occurred before to me. I am 20 years old. Any ideas on what it may be and what my next action should be?

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Cancer :: Pain In Right Side Of Head, Under My Eye And My Neck

I have a dull pain in my right side of my head. I also have pain under my eye on the same side. The eye is watering and I have an on and off runny nose. The back of my neck is also stuff 

I'm worried that it may be a tumour even though I've had an eye scan and the only thing wrong was a blurry pupil. (I had the scan after a big migraine on the right side)

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Neck Pain :: Extends To Head With Dizziness

my neck is hurting and when i massage it the bones click,but it gives me pain from my neck to the left side of my head to my nose i go dizzy when i lift my head up to look at things high up or bend my head down ,it makes me feel tired ,but it's so uncomfortable.

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Psoriasis :: Severe Head And Neck Pain

I have Spor/Arth.  and have been treated for over thirty years.

Almost every joint has been affected over the years,operations to hands,toes and knees.

Diagenic stopped after 20 years which put my body into shock,now taking Tramacet for the pain.

A major problem now is pain generating in the neck and into my entire head and into my ears nose and face.

I can feel small lumps under the skin and the head pain is severe.

Also heavy sweating from the neck.

I also have a heart condition,thyroid dysfunction Chronic fatigue syndrome.and kidney problems.

There is a number of medication I cannot take because of the other

conditions I have.

I have had acupuncture,physio,and steroid injections but the head pain is so severe even to the touch.

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Headache :: Horrible Head Pain - Slight Changes In C5 And C6

I have been experiencing horrible head pain for the past 6 months. I've been to a neurologist and had multiple tests (MRI's/CT scans) performed and everything has come back normal. The only thing that has come up has been "lordosis" in my neck and "slight changes in C5 and C6" in my neck. My headaches started back in May when I was moving out of my apartment and seemed to have strained myself. I have been going to a PT and that has not helped. Additionally, I have had 2 nerve blocks, trigger point injections, and dry needling, none of which have helped. I am scheduled to get botox injections in my neck and lower head to hopefully help. Additionally, I am going to a neck/spine specialist. Both happening next week. Can anyone relate to the pain that I have been having? My pain seems to start in my neck and travel all over my head, on one side of head to the other, behind eyes, behind ears, etc. It feels like a stinging, uncomfortable pain. Someone please help, give suggestions, relate to me!! Feeling desperate and feeling like my head will never get better.

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Big Lump On Hip - No Pain - Hip Bursitis?

My wife noticed yesterday that I had a very large lump on my right hip. It could have been there a while, I've no idea. I've been looking online and it looks like I may have Hip Bursitis but I have absolutely no pain at all.

I've been taking Ibuprofen and ice packs, which brought the swelling down yesterday but it's grown back overnight.

Can I have Hip Bursitis with no pain?

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