Sigmoidoscopy :: Pain And Terrible Cramping - Why Not Sedation?

May 29, 2009

Had Sigmoidoscopy yesterday and would need to be dragged kicking and screaming before having another! The hospital staff were lovely, I was given an enema before the doctor came to speak to me about what he was about to do. He was very nice and reassuring so up to then, all was going well. Then I was taken to the treatment room where I was asked to lie on my left side on a bed which had sides on (to prevent escape ha ha) and the procedure started. Boy oh boy, the pain I experienced was terrible cramping all over my abdomen like I had never experienced before (even child birth wasn't as bad as this). The nurses kept reassuring me and asking me to take deep slow breaths but this did not help and eventually having been unable to cope with it anymore, the doctor agreed to stop but did take two biopsies. However, because it was too painful for me to allow him to go any further, he said he was 20 cm short of where he wanted to see. Now here's the question. Why on earth don't they just put the patient under total sedation? This way no pain is caused to them, the doctor can look at the area he needs to see and all in all, every one happy. It seems a waste of time to me to put people through such agony when there is a simple solution. The doctor is unable to perform a full examination because it is too painful for the patient so its not cost effective, its cruel and it's a waste of everyone's time!

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Sigmoidoscopy With Sedation?

Had an examination a few months ago but he couldn't go far because I was in so much discomfort. They found piles which they are going to band but haven't properly looked into the bowel because of the discomfort. I'm hoping the blood on toilet tissue is due to the piles

This time in having sedation. Will this knock me out completely or will I be awake during the procedure ??

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Took 15 Minutes - No Sedation For Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

This evening I went for my flexible sigmoidoscopy & to say I was terrified was an understatement. I did not eat all day just in case I opted for sedation. On arrival the nurse showed me to my room & could see how nervous I was & she was so lovely & talked me through the procedure & said she really didn't think I would need sedation. I decided to go ahead without sedation & can honestly say this was the right decision. I could feel the air being put into my colon & the did have some slight pain very near the end of the procedure but it was bearable & I am quite a wimp. The worst part for me was when it was all over & I had wind but this only lasted for approx an hour. I am extremely lucky as there was nothing wrong which I am very happy about & the peace of mind is such a huge relief. I would certainly recommend having this procedure if you have any concerns. The whole thing lasted approx 15 mins.

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Diabetes :: Swollen Ankles And Terrible Pain

My Father in law (72) is suffering terribly with his legs.

Had Diabetes for years but just recently his ankles have swollen terribly and he can hardly stand or walk. For someone used to being active, it's been a terrible time for him.

I watched him try to stand the other day and it looked complete agony. He can't understand why no-one can tell him what is wrong, doctors are saying "it's your diabetics, you have to expect it"...

His doctor won't give him extra pain management because he says it will impact his other medication, but I just don't see how he can continue with all this pain. How we get the best treatment as I don't think he is getting it at the moment.

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Terrible Pain In Ears - Rushing Heartbeat Sound

I have terrible pain in left ear (inside) and my right ear, heartbeat rushing sound at same time do I go gp or what been napping for just over a week.

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Migrain? Tension Headache? Terrible Head Pain

For over 2 years I have suffered from terrible headaches. There was no particular trigger that I can think of that began this concurring issue, just waking up one day and never really having it permanently  leave. My symptoms are as follows:-

1. Terrible head pain. The funny thing is, it never stays in one spot for too long. Sometimes I feel it in the back of my skull. At others on the top of my head. Still it will shift from left temple to my forehead. My jaws sometimes get tight, but no clicking noises on opening or closing them.

2. Sometimes lightheadedness comes with these headaches. Not always. Its more like a brain fog after waking up from a nap.

3. Sometimes I wake up with the headaches, other days I wake up feeling great for about 30 minutes.

4. Sometimes there is relief from getting up and moving around. Sometimes moving makes it worse or triggers it. It shows up with rest, or sometimes with physical activity.

There is no great pattern to this. Sometimes doing an action such as going for a jog will take away all the pain and I feel great, and other days it just is too unbearable to exercise. Pain meds don't really do a whole lot in terms of helping me. I have had CAT scans, blood work, PT, and so much more. I really have no idea where to even go from here. The headaches aren't always present, more like 80% of my day. I work out 6 days a week, even if the pain is there or not. It wasn't always that way, the first year of my headaches I didn't want to do anything and gained some unwanted weight, but I came to the conclusion that I can be fat with headaches or in shape with headaches. I work in the military, so half my day is at a computer and the other half is pretty physical. I am 33, male, 5'7" 155 pounds. I love life and would not call myself a victim of depression, although this headache stuff is getting pretty annoying.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Terrible Pain All Over Vulva Area

I've been in really agonising pain for 12 weeks now. At first I thought it was an infected tear so was prescribed Amoxicillin which did help with the soreness of the skin, but it was the dreadful aching all over the vulva area that just continued.Three visits to dermatologist during that time and I eventually ended up in A&E I was in so much pain I could barely walk.I was examined thoroughly by a Gynaecologist Registrar The upshot of that A&E visit and the 3 Dermatologist visits resulted in them deciding it was Vulvodynia, and I've been prescribed 15mg Amitriptyline and to gradually introduce 300mg  Gabapentin daily. Co-codamol 4 times daily and Oramorph when needed. Presently I'm up to 200mg Gabapentin and 15 mg  Amitriptyline but it doesn't seem to help much yet. Does anyone know how long it can take to help with the pain? I've been on 10 mg Amitriptyline for 16 years and it's always helped but not this time. I'm at the end of my tether and spending most of the time in the house because it's so agonising and really difficult to walk about. Does anyone have any ideas how long these medications can take to kick-in?

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Legg Calve Perthes' Disease :: Terrible Pain In Knee And Hip

My son who is nearly 8yrs old has recently been diagnosed with perthes.

After a few hospital visits for pain firstly in his knee and then in his hip, being in terrible pain and being unable to walk or put an weight on his leg. we being told he has perthes.

We were advised to return to the hospital in 1 month ( next week) for his hip to be re x-rayed (his previous x ray was normal) and to look up the disease on the internet. Hence how I found this site and others.

My son is not currently in any pain unless he does too much where he then says it aches. his leg is very stiff and has no movement and his foot is turned in.

My immediate fear is will pain (which was horrific to witness!) return or is it possible that the pain is over?

Also has anyone been able to obtain an information booklet on the disease that is appropriate for his age?

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Terrible Bone Pain Lasting Months

My doctor told me today I have a severe vitamin D deficiency. I had been to see her because of terrible bone pain lasting months. She told me this could be the cause.

I'm currently taking 20,000 units of vit D for 15 days, then down to 800 for maintenance.

I'm not expecting results straight away, but the problem is, the pain has gotten 10x worse since my first dose today, and it was already pretty bad. I can't find pain as a side effect anywhere so I'm just seriously confused as to why this has happened. I've never felt pain like this before, so I'm assuming it's related to the vit D.

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Gilbert's Syndrome :: Terrible Pain In Ribs, Nausea And Dizziness

I am 43 yrs old and just been diagnosed with GS.I have had terrible pain in the rt rib area for ages,has anyone else any experience of this? The pain comes and goes and alters in severity.My other main symptoms seem to be nausea,dizziness and anxiety.The medical books say i should be symptom free not in my case-any views welcome!

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Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease :: Terrible Heel Pain?

I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease and am off all meds. Currently I can barely walk. I am getting so used to it that it almost feels normal but of course it's far from normal. The pain is about an 8 out of 10 and i've never experienced anything over a 4 or 5. It was always fatigue before!

Can anyone tell me what i can do about this foot pain?

More than anything I just want to know what it is? It started when I began a job where i stand all day. Is it a kind of RA? I am desperate for answers. If I knew something would work I would do it. Anything but go back to prednisone....I"m starting to think that would be better too though!

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Cramping 2nd Day No Cramping Just Spotting

Dlight pink thick discharge and after I went pee I had to wipe 3 times and all 3 times there was a lot of discharge I haven't had a period since May and it will be July in 3 days. I had 2 day bleeding. first day light cramping 2nd day no cramping just spotting I took a home test came back negative

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Mirena IUD :: Cramping And Pain - Should Removed?

I am 21 years old and I have been on birth control since I was a teen. I started out on the pill because I was experiencing very bad cramping that resulted in me missing many days of school per month. The pill worked fine for about four years but then I started getting bad cramps all over again. I went to my doctor and he prescribed a different birth control pill for me but that pill,and every other pill they put me on after that, made me nauseous and sick. I decided to stop taking birth control all together and just just used condoms but my cramps where just to unbearable and my cycles became long (i'm talking like two weeks, heavy flow). So after about a year of not being on birth control I went to a new obgyn who suggested I try the nuvaring. Well the NuvaRing didn't work either. First I had burning inside my vagina, then I had crazy liquid like discharge and lastly I was nauseous every morning. But, I only had it in for a couple of days, so I don't know if I actually gave it enough time to work properly. Soon after I received a lot of pressure from my mother to get the iud because her worst fear in the world is for me to get pregnant and I just moved far away from home so she worries a lot. I went to my doctor while on my period to get the Mirena put in, he tried to talk me out of it but I refused. He asked did I want to try the shot or the implant but I was reluctant to the shot because of the associated weight gain and I didn't want the implant because my mother had problems with it. Getting the Mirena put in was so painful, I guess since I have never been pregnant but it wasn't what people described. I literally thought I was going to die for about two days. I ended up become really dehydrated and lost my appetite for about a week. I have had the IUD in for a little over a month now but I've have issues. Issue #1, I cramp almost everyday. The cramping isn't as long as regular period cramping but it's equally as painful. It feels like someone is stabbing me in my right side for about 10-15mins. I went to my doctor after the first week to see if it was still in the right place and he determined that it was and I just had bad luck. Issue #2: I have been spotting for about two weeks now. Issue #3, The string poked my spouse for the first time today and I wasn't very happy. I'm very angry and stressed out. I feel like this is totally bull because I am going through the same stuff I was going though before I got the IUD. I was reading online about how the cramps should go away after about six months but what about the strings? I don't want this to ruin my sex life but then again I don't need any unexpected pregnancy right now. Some women have said that cutting the string helps but I am fearful that the IUD will get lost. I am so scared and don't know what to do. I know for sure that I don't want kids right now but I don't want this thing ruining my chances of ever having children. I need some advice, Please Help. I want to know if I should get the IUD taken out and if so, should I try another form of birth control like the shot or the implant? Or should I give the Mirena a couple more months? I've noticed that the stings seems shorter since my period stopped. Could that be caused by my period? I'm thinking that maybe the strings will become longer and my spouse won't feel them anymore. I don't know what to do.

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Cramping Pain On My Left Side Towards The Spine

I was wondering if anyone as similar problems to me. I have had alot of cramping pain on my left side towards the spine I have seen a gp about it and says it's musculoskeletal. A few days ago I woke up with the opposite side in agony and I phone the docs but they just said it is muscle spasm. I find it quite strange that the pain from my left seems to of gone and now it's top right of my back. Also how long does a spasm take to go thanks tracy

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Microdiscectomy (5 Months) - Still Pain In Right Calf And Cramping

I'm 5 months post op, Is they any light at the end of the tunnel for me?

I'm still in pain especially my right calf, feels like constant cramping.

I can walk ok, as soon as I stop I can't stand up straight due to my right leg feeling very tight.

It was a herniated disc at l5, s1 nerve.

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Positive For Leukocytes - Dripping, Pain And Cramping During Urination

For a few weeks (on and off) I've been getting really bad urges to pee. Also, sometimes when I do pee (not every time) I have brownish/red little squish clumps come out and my pee is never colored but sometimes the dripping afterwards is slightly red. When I have those times when I have to pee a lot, I have bad cramping down in the pelvis area or I feel very uncomfortable down there.

So, I bought a UTI at home test and tested positive for Leukocytes and negative for Nitrates. Should I go to the doctor? Is there anything to try at home? I've been drinking a little bit more water and 100% cranberry juice.

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Pregnancy :: Sharp Pain With Period Cramping In My Right Side

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my second child and I'm getting this sharp pain with period cramping in my right side and then every time it happens I feel like I'm peeing I go to the bathroom and it's not like a flooded my pants but there is a tiny bit of fluid each time anyone experience this?

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Diverticula :: Pubic Pain - Cramping And Bouts Of Diarrhea

I was diagnosed 2 years ago .  After complaining of left sided pain .

Since then I am having pain left sided going over to the pubic bone area . Does anyone else have this ??

I admit I am also have lots of  cramping and bouts of diarrhea  and constipation but keeping pain  under control with paracetamol only .

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Am I Pregnant? :: Headache, Nausea, Cramping, Back Pain And Sore Breasts

I am 20 years old and for the past week have had constant headaches, nausea and back pain. I have been feeling slight cramping like period pains but less severe and my breasts feel very sore, I had 1 alcoholic drink a couple of days ago and was sick straight after. My boyfriend and i  had unprotected sex a week ago, could i be pregnant?

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Menstruation :: Spotting, Irregular Periods, Cramping, Heartburn, Abdominal Pain

My period is normally a 28 day cycle and it last 7 days. normally it would come on on the 28 of every month. well this year back in march it started switching around and every month it would come on on a earlier day in each month but it would always be a different day. well today is july 29 and this month my period came on on the 1st and went off on the 7th. i started spotting on the 14 and it lasted for two days. at first it was light pink and i have never spotted in my life, but then that 2nd day it was brown when it was stopped. now, i am spotting again today and cramping really bad and has been feeling sick lately and i have had heartburn for a whole week now.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Cramping And Pain In My Lower Abdomen Lasts For Days

My boyfriend and I don't have sex, but will "fool around", and I have noticed after foreplay, I have cramping and pain in my lower abdomen that sometimes lasts a few days. It sometimes feels like a bloating feeling, but it is painful. (I have had problems of painful cramps during my period and my doctor has put me on oral contraceptives.) Is he being too rough, or is there something else that is causing this pain?

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