Skin And Hair :: Tips To Get Healthy Skin

Apr 10, 2014

- Goodbye Oily Skin = Mix a small amount of ground almonds with honey and gently massage into your skin with a hot washcloth.

- Acne Killer = Peel one clove of garlic and mash it well. Apply it to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes.

- Honey fights microbial infections that cause acne without irritating your skin. Apply for 20 min and rinse off with warm


- Use the inside peel of a banana to gently exfoliate your skin! Rinse off with warm water!

- Make drinking water fun & tasty by infusing w/lemons, berries, and your favorite fruits!

- Don't use makeup testers at the beauty store - they're filled w/germs and other people's residue & bacteria!

- Best Juice For Your Skin!


6 stalks of celery
1 cucumber
Handful of spinach
1 apple

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Skin :: Tomato / Potato Juice For Fair Skin But Hair Get White?

I am 28 years old. I was using lemon juice on my face for fair and toned skin and it proved quite effective but my beard and mustache started turning white. Someone told me to use tomato juice or potato juice instead of lemon juice to avoid white hairs. my question is that will tomato juice or potato juice will be helpful to get a fair and toned skin without turning my hair white.

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Chronic Peeling Skin On My Hands / Finger Tips

I have been having an issue with peeling skin on my hands, more so on my finger tips. I have seen my family doctor many times regarding the issue and have tried steroids cream, antifungal cream, standard moisturizers have been used plenty. I have been having this issue for about 2 years, no time of year is worst than others, the only thing that makes it worst is the shower.

There is no pain when the skin peels, It seems like little white blisters that are not filled with anything rise to the surface and the skin tears away. The peeling starts sometimes in the corner by my nails on each side and spreads to the center.

Sometimes it starts right in the middle by the nail and spreads. When this all started it was only on my small finger and then all my finger and now my whole hand. It comes and goes in cycles, I did visit a dermatologist and was told that there was nothing she could do as it was an auto-immune problem.

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Skin :: Inflamed, Itchy Palms And Peeling Finger Tips

for about 2 weeks now my palms have been itchy(to the point of tears) and dry, my finger tips bubble up and peel(i'm down to a few layers of skin left on some)the remaining skin on my finger tips is turning yellow and is very hard.the bubbles are now spreading to my palms.i need to stop this before i lose usage of my hands!

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Skin :: Facial Hair

I am 22 year old male. I have facial hairs but they are weak and light. When i was 16 i just clean shave my face with razor at that time i am just wondering may be my hair follicles becomes destroyed at that time? that's why facial hairs are weak and light??my father have full healthy beard , mine should be like that but i don't know the reason. I am very confuse about it.

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Skin :: Hair Loss At 26 - Can It Be Regrown

I'm 26 years old and suffer from hair loss.

I first noticed hair loss when I was around 18. My hairdresser at the time said it was because of heavy use of hairspray at the time but i now know it cant be as I stopped using hairspray as soon as she told me this bit my hair as gotten worse over the past 8 years.

I Don't lose hair in big amounts and there's never a lot of hair loss in my hair brush or pillow on a morning after a sleep. So I just don't understand why i have hair loss.

I have hair loss at the sides of my head and underneath near my neck. Thankfully you cant see it when my hair is down but I don't want it to get any worse.

I Went to my doctor about it and I got put on iron tablets but they haven't seemed to work.

IS There anything I can do to stop the hair loss and maybe regrow the hair that's messing.

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Skin :: Can My Hair Loss Be Helped

I first noticed my hair loss at around 19. I am now 26 and it seems to to have gotten worse.

I don't lose hair in big amounts and there's never a lot of hair loss in my hair brush so I don't understand why I'm losing hair.

I Went to my doctor about it but just got put on iron tablets which have not worked.

Is there anything that can help stop the hair loss and maybe regrow the hair i've already lost.

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Skin :: Facial Hair Imbalance

My facial hair is imbalance. The sideburns on my left grows at a slower pace than that on the right.

Can someone please tell me what could've caused this?

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Skin :: Spot On My Head/hair

I've had a spot on back of my head ages now. What seems like a couple of years.

I had tried and squeezed it once and it did go smaller but it seemed to gradually come back.

I haven't tried any treatments as I am not sure what will work.

It doesn't hurt me but it's just not nice to feel.

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Skin :: Heavy Hair Loss

I'm female 20yrs. Having heavy hair loss. Had 5 times more hair 5 Yrs ago. hair comes as full strands from root.comparatively thin at ends. Pencil thickness only suffering. No thyroid problem.and burnt like smell for hair at end. 1inch.had visited a dermtlgst and had keraglo eva for 2 Months. No use.

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Skin And Hair :: Dry Lips And Skin Around Lips

I had a cut a week ago on my corner of my lips but they are now healed. Now, i have very dry lips that are rough. I have tried exfoliating and applying olive oil but they are still dry. The skin around my lips are also starting to flake.

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Skin And Hair :: Cold Sores And Acne

I'm having real problems with the skin on my face. I've never had brilliantly clear skin (the odd spot here and there) but since early December I've experienced lots of dry skin and acne around my mouth, on my nose and a small part of my forehead.

I went to the GP mid-December and she said I had cold sores which seemed infected, so she prescribed me antibiotics and a 10-day course of aciclovir tablets. However, at that time the sores were localised to around my mouth and over the past few weeks I've broken out with more spots all over my face. The red sores at the edges of my mouth are still there too.

My skin is itchy and sore, when I apply moisturiser it is very sore and the spots appear redder. Also if I apply face cleanser the spots become more aggravated and show no signs of clearing. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is very dry.

It's really bothering me at the moment, I don't want people to see me in this way and it's affecting my self esteem; I had to cancel a date last week. Can I/Should I asked to be referred to a dermatologist?

I'm 25 years old so don't believe this is usual pubertal acne. I believe there's a chance the spots all over my face are linked to the cold sores, but they didn't improve after I was on aciclovir. Is it possible for cold sores to affect your whole face and not just around your mouth?

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Dry Hair And Skin - Prednisone?

Does the Pred effect anyone's hair as it seems my hair has gone very dry it's a mess. Also my skin has got really dry.

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Skin And Hair :: Small Bump From Tick Bite

14 months ago I was bitten by a small tick. A few months later I still had a small bump looking like a pimple and it was itchy. I went to my skin doctor and he said it's nothing to worry about. He looked at it and had no further suspicions.

It is still there looking like a small pimple with fluid inside. Very Very small ! and not really red.

Should I test for Lyme ? Is there a possibility that the Tick's head is still there?

Is it possible that it is simply a scar from scratching it ? (can scars look like small pimples?)

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Skin :: Semi-hard Painless Raised Bump / Lump Under Hair

I'm an otherwise healthy 40 year old man, non-smoker, non drinker.

For the last couple of years, I've had what seems to be a semi-hard painless raised "bump" or "lump" about the size of a nickel on the upper rear portion of my scalp below my hair.

As far as I can tell, the bump hasn't "grown" much in recent years, and it's completely painless. Additionally, if I "push" it, it seems to move back and forth under the skin and above the skull.

Since I've never had any pain from it, I sometimes forget it's there. That said, I'd love to hear what it might be. I haven't had health coverage for a little while, and I'm a tiny bit concerned if it's something very serious - hopefully not.

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Suspected Hemochromatosis :: Hair Loss, Unhealthy Skin Tone And Erectile Dysfunction

Right about 2 years ago my health changed and started on a downward spiral, I am a 29yr old male nearly 30 and around this time in 2012 I began having hair thinning all over the body including head and gradually getting worse, my skin has a unhealthy dark tone to it and I'm always tired and then a a few months later the biggest shocker came and I started having erectile dysfunction, I was hoping all these issues would correct itself but obviously I'm here now and nothing is getting better and depression has set in, in all those time I done a few blood tests and the most recent 1 I noticed my iron level is in the red at 35 unml/L and the normal range says 6-25, also the Ferritin test done in a different blood test shows 285 and a lot of information on this internet says normal for a adult male should be below 150? Doctors haven't noticed any of this, I wondered if anyone can shed any light if these numbers are of great concern?

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Skin :: Itchy Red Bumps Under Skin On Palms Of Hands And Some On Sole Of Foot

About a year ago I noticed raised areas, like blisters under skin on the Palms of my hands(red), some pin head size others small nail head size some of the larger ones form a blister well under the skin...painful to touch. The others ones are just itchy, drive you nuts itchy. A doctor checked on Vasculitis and they think it is that...I seem to think there is a bacterial inflammation in my blood. Has anyone heard of this? I take Zyrtec 1 daily and if I miss two days the bumps come on me with a vengeance. A biopsy was done at the site of a bump and prevalent of Neutrophils. I had a corticosteroid shot for another ailment and it worked miracles on my vasculitis. Does anyone know of other diseases that I should check into. and will a full body pet scan reveal the source of this stuff.

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Burns :: Peeling Skin After Scald (hot Water) - Pink Skin Underneath

I Just need to know if this in normal. I burn myself with hot water last week. I blister formed and then busted open. I drained the yellow/ clear fluid and a small scab in a straight line formed where the blister split. The scab got peeled yesterday by mistake and then a good amount of the skin that was burned ( only about 2-4 inches of skin, may be ) peeled off. It left pink skin exposed underneath. It doesn't really hurt at all, it just itches. I put neosporin and a band-aid on it this morning. I want to know if this is normal, if its going to stay pink like that forever, and if its going to scar.

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Skin :: Hard, Dark Skin On Lower Back?

I have hard, dark skin on my lower back, I think it was due to my bed being broke some long time ago when there was a spring sticking out, it might have been scraping my back, but now it's like over a year that my bed is alright, nothing's really wrong with it, and the skin on the lower back is still dark, I tried TONS of different methods to get rid of it, but couldn't. I tried skin softener kind of cream or something, or wax, I can't remember, but it had something to do with sunflowers or sunflower seeds, it helped me at first, I used to put it on my lower back after every time I went for a shower, but then the dark skin started coming back, and pretty recently (about a month ago) I tried a special tea some people recommend, it helped as well, the dark skin was gone for maybe around a few weeks, and I used to pour the tea over my lower back after having a shower, and I didn't dry my lower back after shower so that my skin could absorb it, and well, the dark skin started coming back again, please someone help me! I've tried a million things! I also tried using sponges and what not to scrub the skin off, which didn't even do anything.

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Skin :: Breast Cyst Or Cancer - Red Skin Bump?

On my right breast, I have a red skin bump. This bump is not in my breast tissue, just in my skin. It at first, looked like an ingrown hair, so I left it alone. But it's been a few months, and its still not gone and looks worse. It is red and round/oval shaped. If I squeeze it a yellowish puss will come out and maybe bleed. I have done exams on myself and never feel any lumps inside my breast. I"m really scared! I don't know what a cyst looks like and have never had one before.

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Skin :: Dried Red Itchy Skin Between My Thighs

i have very dried,red, itchy skin between my thighs to where it hurts so bad,and it peels and bleeds,and sometimes cracks when i open my legs to far? (it s not my vagina , just inside my thighs) i have even considered changing the type of underwear i wear(like cotton,to wearing silk,still doesn't is a constant itching problem) and it is very embarrassing that im not comfortable with being intimate with my husband.

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