Spinal Cord :: Neck Clicking, Crackling. Pop Rocks Sound When Walking After Neck Adjustment

Jan 17, 2016

I went to physical therapy for TMJ 4 days ago, I'm 31 years old. While massaging my jaw the physical therapist went on to my neck, and without me knowing out of nowhere cranked my neck super hard and it popped 3 times on the left side. My neck has been stiff on the left ever since with some pain and when I walk I hear loud clicking crackling/pop rocks sounds in my neck right before it meets the shoulders. Did he injure me? anyone else experience this? will it go away.

I was so upset he cracked my neck like that he isn't even a chiropractor but said afterwards when I got upset with him that he knows chiropractor movements.

I've never been to a chiropractor so I don't know how it compares but it seems really hard and forceful when he did it. Its weird that when I move my neck I don't hear the sound, only when walking. Someone please advise me on this.

Also what type of doctor should I see for this issue, i'm going to schedule an appointment tomorrow, but don't know the type of doctor who would be best. My GP just gave me ibuprofen and said it should go away on it's own.

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Orthopedics :: Crackling Sound In Neck On Walking

I'm 31 male. Yesterday I went to a Physical Therapist for TMJ treatment. The therapist was massaging my jaw and then moved to my neck to massage that. Without warning he forcefully cranked my neck to the left and it popped really loud three times.

I got upset with him and told him ever to do that again that he wasn't a chiropractor and he responded that he knew chiropractor movements. I've never been to a chiropractor by the way.

Ever since then whenever I walk I hear a loud crackling, like pop rocks sound in my lower neck, right above my shoulders. I don't have pain, though my neck is somewhat stiff now. The sound isn't present when moving the neck at all, left, right, up or down. Just when walking.  

Did he do permanent damage to my neck? Should I seek treatment? What type of doctor should I see? Will the crackling go away or am I stuck with this forever and soon my neck will start to become very painful? I'm freaking out over this and need to know a solution.

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Spinal Cord :: Neck Pain After 1 Year- L3-S1 ALIF PLIF

I am new to the board and am now one year out from lumbar fusion. I am a very physical person and a Personal Trainer as well. My low back pain has all but disappeared however neck and shoulder pain,stiffness and numbness are very concerning !!! I am currently treating with acupuncture and muscle relaxers. I also am a chronic migraine sufferer and believe this is partially being caused by cervical issues.

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Spinal Cord :: Bulging Disc In Neck - How To Ease Pain?

My brother is on disability. He has a bulging disk in his neck that is making him dizzy. He has fallen several times because of this and frequently has to sit down. His insurance company won't cover the surgery. Is there anything I can do or something he can do to ease the pain? It makes me so sad that he is in such pain and can't afford to get help.

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Spinal Cord :: Stiffness After Facet Joint Injections In My Neck

I had five facet joint injections in my neck yesterday and I am in a lot of pain.

I have a lot of stiffness and can not move my head that well without being in pain. Anyone else experience this?

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Spinal Cord :: Cervical Radiculopathy From Pinched Cervical Neck

Have been suffering for 3 months with pain from cervical issues (diagnosed through MRI) - bulging discs, some stenosis, degenerative disk disease that is causing severe pain from neck through shoulder blade, underarm and down left arm. As I've had arthritis in my neck for a long time I know this pain came about from a stress injury to my neck. Have tried much conservative treatment (some physical therapy, chiropractic, and medication - currently 900 mg gabapentin and hydrocodone and ibuprofen and various others that I stopped.) I just had a Epidural Injection last week and thru this week experienced a bit of relief but not what I was hoping for. My question is has anyone gotten better with this type of problem doing these measures and had their problem resolve or at least get about 75% better without having any surgical intervention. My doctor thinks we can resolve this without surgery but also said surgery would be extensive as I have about 4/5 bad levels. I'm thinking of trying acupuncture and would appreciate anyone's input. Very tired of the pain and getting a bit depressed.

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Orthopedics :: Gritty Or Grinding Sound When Turning My Neck

I have recently noticed a kind if gritty or grinding sound when turning my neck from a central position to the left and back to central again. There is no sound if turning to the right and I have also noticed while lying down if I cup my neck with my right hand or apply some pressure and twist the noise is somewhat reduced. I have had some trouble with my left ear, going on for 6-7 months now as well. The feeling is also only really present if my surroundings are fairly quiet. Otherwise because there is no real pain it's hard to notice. However it is annoying and a little distressing as I do a very physical sport called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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ENT :: Loud Clicking Sound In My Ears Clicking On Swallowing

Everytime I swallow or clench my throat I hear a loud clicking Sound in my ears. A few months ago I had 2 inner ear Infections.

Is the sound from the Eustachian tubes and is it a form of eustachian tube dysfunction?

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Diuretics :: Bendroflumethiazide Having Trouble Walking And Neck And Shoulder Pain

Have been on bendroflumethiazide for about a year now and the Doctor has taken me off them 3 weeks ago. Have numb and tingling thighs which mean I have trouble walking. I am stumbling along like I am 90+ yrs old. My neck and shoulders are stiff and I have shooting pains in my right eye. Is it correct that you shouldn't take these tablets if you have a stone in your bile duct and also a pending gall bladder removal. Also I have just read that you shouldn't also take them if you have an allergy to sulfa based medication. Is this also correct?

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Propranolol :: Dizziness, Neck And Upper Back Pain, Tingling Gums, Sore Neck Glands

Had stroke 13 years ago. Have suffered anxiety ever since. Mainly dizziness. Recently came off citalopram after 8 years, started on sertraline. Never felt worse in my life......including severe diarrhea. Dr now stopped sertraline and put me on propranolol one week ago. Still feel awful and dizziness possibly worse. Will anything ever work?

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Sinusitis :: Back Of Neck/side Of Neck Stiffness / Swelling?

I've had chronic severe sinusitis for a couple years now and now am bedridden from it from being too weak and toxic feeling. Anyway, Most of my infection is on the left side and I have swelling on the left side of my neck and swelling/stiffness on the back of my neck too.

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Back Issues :: Spinal Cord Stimulator Or Spinal Fusion Surgery?

I had back surgery in March 2013 that left me with mechanical instability, acquired spondylolisthesis and lots of pain.

I have 2 ortho spine surgeons telling me that I need a bi-level spinal fusion surgery to repair the damage, but after the botched first surgery, the thought of another surgery scares me to death. Plus, since surgery is what spine surgeons do, the recommendation seems obvious.

I also started seeing a new pain management doctor (we moved to a new state) and he is suggesting that I consider a spinal cord stimulator trial, with surgical implantation if we find that it helps the pain.

So...I'm left confused. I see the positives and negatives of each, but I'm just not sure if one makes more sense over the other. I think that my spondylolisthesis will worsen over time and could pose a threat of nerve damage, while the spinal cord stimulator is designed to mask pain and does nothing to address the instability.

I'd love to know if anyone else has faced a similar decision...or has thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions for considering one over the other.

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ENT :: Lumps Spread Down My Neck, Ear Pain, Stiff Neck

i have lumps in the back of my neck. It started with one and then spread down my neck. it makes my ear hurt makes my neck very stiff and the pain shoots into my shoulder also there is no marks on my skin showing any bug bites or anything like that. any idea what it could be?

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Neck Pain And A Small Lump In Neck

I have had pain on the left side of my neck for about three years now. About 4 months ago I felt a Marble size bump on the same side as my neck pain. My neck pain does not stop me from doing things. I can move it side to side and up and down etc. The neck pain is more like a pain that doesn't go away but like I said it doesn't stop me from doing things. What could this be? Can anyone help me with this? I have a doctors appointment at the end of September.

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ENT :: Crackling Sound In Windpipe

I find this helps with some relief. Block off the nostril on the side where the cracking is occurring with a cotton ball or tissue or small piece of tape. Breathe and blow your nose only through the open side for a few hours. In the beginning I only had to do this a couple of times a day. Do as often as necessary for your personal needs.

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Child Health :: Crackling Sound On Exhale?

I recently went to the doctor with a bad cough, slight fever and coughing up green mucus a lot. I was told my lungs sounded clear (4 days ago) and I have no chest pain, but the doctor gave me antibiotics just "in case" my symptoms worsened over Christmas. A new symptom I have noticed now is, when I exhale, sometimes I get this strange crackling or bubbling noise. Does anyone think it's a good idea to take my antibiotics before seeing my doctor again as I have to wait over the weekend for them to open again?

I am just worried that Penicillin may be harmful to take for something that might not be bacterial, even though I am getting this strange crackling sound and severe cough?

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Penis :: Clicking Sound When I Cum

I have noticed it before. It usually happens when I have watched porn or something that makes me have a big load.

Just as I have the first ejaculation, there is a discomforting pop in my stomach, just above the penis, like 3cm above and 3cm to the left of my shaft.

Is this normal? Where could the sound originate from?

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Respiratory Disorders :: Crackling Sound And Level 9 Pain When I Breath

I am 43 for several days I have been having serious pain the right side of my chest when I breathe on a scale of 1 to 10 it is definitely a good 9....when I lay on my back there is a crackling sound and lots of pain when I breathe..if I laugh or hiccup awful...coughing is excruciating...and I been having migraines only on the opposite side of my head(left side) don't know if they are connected but I never get migraines I've had about four in last two weeks

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Crackling Sound When Breath In At Night In Bed?

Does anyone else get a crackling sound when you breath in at night in bed? I had an endoscopy on tuesday and all that was found was gastritis and was given a leaflet on gerd/acid reflux. I have a constant back/shoulder/neck discomfort and i am worrying it's my lung now. I am having an abdominal ultrasound on saturday to check my gallbladder.

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Cardiovascular :: POTS With Clicking Sound

I sometimes have pounding heart along with POTS symptoms. I am diagnosed with POTS. Other findings are very low exercise threshold, multiple atrial couplets and low blood gas oxygen levels. Doctors aren't concerned, but they should be I think.

Just today I had pounding heart with loud clicking sound. This has happened before and you can very clearly hear the clicks along with the pulse. Doctor doesn't believe me, as there is no murmur usually.

I have mental illness and therefore I am not believed. I am 33 years ol male, and have intolerance to neuroleptics, which has caused heart problems.

Has anyone experienced these sounds themselves or know what they are. Nurse mentioned valve's making a sound sometimes.

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What Causes The Clicking Sound In Your Ears When You Swallow?

Although my problem has been diagnosed as muscular, I have been doing PT for almost two months and the clicking sound when I swallow just doesn't go away (neither does the tinnitus).

I understand why the tinnitus is happening (the ligament to the inner ear is stretched), but I don't understand the clicking sound at all. Can someone explain it to me?

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