Suboxone Helped Coming Off Methadone, But Now Hooked To It

Jan 8, 2014

Well Suboxone did help me with the Methadone but now I am hooked on Suboxone. I traded 1 drug for another, I tried to taper off and only got so far. I want help getting off but there is NONE. I mean other then tapering off there are NO treatment centers and the active drug is Suboxone Buprenorphine .....

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Coming Off Suboxone!

I am taking suboxone for 6 months, going doing little by little. I am at a quarter a pill. but i got these percocet from the hospital, plus I have been really been wanting to get off the suboxone anyway. How would I go about doing that. I have some klonopin here as well, so I could take those as well. But I really want to get off of those suboxone.

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Coming Off Suboxone After 4 Years

how is coming off Suboxone really? Im sixty three, been on Suboxone for four years. Need to know the truth about detoxing from it.

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Coming Off Suboxone And Headaches

I cant find current discussion on suboxone and headaches. I was on suboxone, by prescription for 3.5 years for back pain and to assist with getting off of the prescribed opiates for the surgery for the back pain. I detoxed from suboxone with methadone at our local hospitals detox unit for one week. That in itself was fine. No issues. Except on day two I woke with a terrible headache and it has been 8 months and I still have the migraine type headaches almost 24/7. I have been on a medical leave from work as they are so bad. Been to neurologists, they keep saying they are bounce back headaches due to the length of time on suboxone and will eventually pass. Have tried numerous drugs, most recently depakote and now nortriptyline without much success. I have read the posts about folks with migraines from this, but when will these ever end?? I do admit that the pain level as gone down a notch or two, but they still are there and driving me and my life crazy. Very frustrated that my neurologist and family doctor must think that I am some kind of hypochondriac. I have not seen posts about this length of time with the migraines due to the suboxone.

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Tramadol (Opiate) Withdrawal - Marijuana Helped Me Coming Off It

I would like to first off say i did not relapse on opiates.  HOWEVER i ended up taking some tramadol after a few surgeries.  I asked for NON OPIATE pain relief afterwards.  That is what he gave me.  I took them did not get high i thought that was great! However a few months later i found myself dependent on it without the high its a stupid drug.  So i gradually cut back..i went back to my doc and told him it was not easy to come off of and could he help me.  He gave me a taper plan to work so i started working it.   I noticed as i reduced my dosage is was worse and worse like usual.. So i do smoke pot from time to time and the last time i got off subs Marijuana really helped me get off.

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Substance Abuse :: Coming Off Of Suboxone?

I have been on suboxone for about four years now. Before taking suboxone I WAS NOT an addict, I never took pill or any other drug but either way here I am. I got addicted to suboxone then started using heroine & other drugs I did it all backwards but whatever like i said here I am. I'm off of the other drugs & only using suboxone about 3-4mg a day. I have a 1 year old daughter & I want to be totally sober not only for myself but for her. I am extremely motivated but extremely horrified about the withdrawal. I am 23 & I have no help when it comes to taking care of my daughter her dad works full time(also on subs) & yes he helps with her after work but I have to make it through 8-12 hours a day on my own. I need to find a way to make this manageable but at the same time I just want to get this over with. Any suggestions? I would like to stop taking the suboxone completely & immediately but I've tried & failed many times in the past.

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Suboxone For Coming Off Norco And Tramadol

I'm so ready to get off everything and I wish I could hit rewind. I want to try Suboxone. I have an appt on Tues to get a script. I am currently on 50mg Norco, 150-300 mg Tramadol (usually 150) and 1-2mg Xanax per day. I was on 450 mg Tramadol for 10 yrs (150 mg day previous five years). Norco escalated up but daily last two years (sporadic before that) hence why I dropped down Tramadol. Xanax for 3-4 years.

So..with those meds will the doctor give me Suboxone? Will he take me off both Norco and Tram at same time (my hope)?

Also..if all goes as planned and I start on Suboxone, how long before I can stop Sub? A friend was only on it two months and then just stopped. I do not want to be on anything. At this point the way I feel is worse than the pain..and actually Norco in increased doses makes me hurt more.

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Hooked On Xanax - Cold Turkey A Bad Idea?

I have been on xanax for about 7 years (although at a very small dose, no more than 1 mg of xanax a day to help sleep or deal with tinnitus. I want to get off the stuff is cold turkey a bad idea ?

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Skin :: Can My Hair Loss Be Helped

I first noticed my hair loss at around 19. I am now 26 and it seems to to have gotten worse.

I don't lose hair in big amounts and there's never a lot of hair loss in my hair brush so I don't understand why I'm losing hair.

I Went to my doctor about it but just got put on iron tablets which have not worked.

Is there anything that can help stop the hair loss and maybe regrow the hair i've already lost.

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Sertraline :: Helped - Give It Up To 12 Weeks?

I have posted a few times in this  about feeling better and every time a did a ended up taking a dip but a did read in a post on here to give it up to 12 weeks so here i am going into week 12 and apart from headaches a must say that everyday that goes by a feel better when a think back to before and after that is when a realized just how much they have helped me as a was dwelling to much into the nasty side effects the negative side but now am more on the positive and feeling better wishing everyone well.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica :: Prednisone Really Helped

I've had PMR symptoms since Dec, which was finally diagnosed in April.  I've been on 20mg of pred since the beginning of April and mostly feel great.  I'm running, biking, and actually took my kayak out to see if it would bother my shoulders, and it didn't.  I'm a 68 year old male, who has always been active and in good shape.

When I read all these chats about people who are tired all the time I wonder if I am normal or if I can expect things to get worse.  Is it the pred or the PMR that cause the tiredness?.  My energy level seems good.  I feel a little more tired during the day, but it passes.  Sometimes I do take a nap when I do feel really tired. Functioning pretty normally with some awareness of mild muscle issues.  

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Mirtazapine Helped - A Miraculous Drug

I appear for the defence , M'Lud. 

I was on SSRI antidepressants for some time.  They countered my extreme anxiety well, but I had bad insomnia probably caused by the  AD.  I tried various drugs for the insomnia (zopiclone,  amitriptyline etc) but with little success.   My doctor suggested mirtazapine but I declined as I had read about its weight gain side effect.  However eventually I changed my mind out of desperation.  The mirt was miraculous: it completely solved the insomnia.   I felt "normal" for the first time in months. 

"But what about the side effects" I hear you say.  Well, I did get back my appetite - but no more than it was before I became ill.   I gained a little weight, but no more than I had lost.

I did have difficulty getting up in the morning and feeling groggy after that, but those lessened with time. I take the minimum mirt that allows me to get to sleep - about 11 mg,  and I think that keeps the side effects down.

Mirtazapine is like a knife in that it is not evil in itself, it is how it is used that matters.   The people who say it is evil have perhaps been on the wrong dose.  Mirt tends to be more sedative at low doses; more activating at high doses.   Do not throw out the baby with the bath water!

I get the impression from reading posts on this forum that mirt is best used (at low dose) to counter insomnia or where an SSRI antidepressant has not been tolerated.        


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Has A Gluten-free Lifestyle Helped Your Health?

I wondered if anyone here has become healthier following a gluten-free diet.

I am 35 and female. I am diagnosed Type 1 diabetes, have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, & Hashimoto thyroiditis (Hashi not treated prior to now). Recently, my TSH came back at 9.2 and my thyroid antibodies 213. I was then placed on Levothyroxin 25mcg and in six weeks my TSH is now at 3.70, so it appears I am responding pretty well to treatment.

A genetics test a few years ago indicated I am at high risk for developing celiac disease. Since then I have went gluten-free for short amounts of time and always felt better and digestive issues solved, but finding gluten-free food in my rural area is difficult and I tend to lapse on the diet.

However, I have been gluten-free now for 5 days and feeling somewhat better already. I intend to make this a lifestyle change for good this time.
I guess my real question to persons here is, has following a strict gluten-free diet greatly improved your autoimmune illnesses?

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Propranolol :: Helped My Migraines - Bedranol Is This The Same Drug?

I have been taking this tablet now for my 4th week, I have had a lot of teething problems BUT this week was my due date for my periods and usually for 2 days I get almighty migraines but this tablet has most definitely helped just cut to a headache Nothing at all what I used to experience!!!. I have heard a lot of people not liking this drug But for me it has helped and will continue taking it, right so I have a question for 4 weeks I have been taking Half Beta Prograne 80mg, but called to pick up a new prescription and have been given Bedranol is this the same drug? .

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Getting Off Suboxone

I've been an addict for many years on and off, but over the last 2 yrs I've mostly been doing the suboxone treatment daily. I so want to get off of these once and for all,and if I scroll back into the suggestions on here, I can probably find what I'm looking for,as to advice in getting off them.I can sure use some helpful advise or remedies from some of you that have been on suboxone and gotten off of them.

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Gallbladder :: Fiber, Green Vegetable With Vitamin K Helped

Personally I used to have severe stomach problems for years; confirmed gallbladder sludge & gastroscope illustrating peptic ulcers in my tummy.

Rather than surgical options or taking medication long term, I've been attempting to get daily requirement of fiber. Attempting to consume fiber before consuming necessary fatty food that initiate digestion, and eating plenty of green vegetable with vitamin K have resulted in what seems to be a full recovery of stomach enzymes over the years.

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Restless Leg Syndrome :: Mirapex Or Starting Sinemet Helped?

Been taking Mirapex since late Oct. Have been on 1mg for about a month or so now. Doing great falling asleep, but wake up some nights at 4 or 5 and can't get back to sleep many times. Anyone find that an increase in Mirapex or starting Sinemet helped? Dr said he'll decide in February.

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Aloe Vera Juice Helped Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Anyone?

In the book i am reading Kate took aloe vera juice and she said it helped her, i think i might give it ago as anybody any thoughts on this before i try it?

I am learning a lot from her, still have my panic attacks, like for instance i have been have funny feelings in my head, it does not hurt but now i am thinking twice before panicking and go back to her book for reference

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Pruritus Ani :: Baby Wipes And Aloe Vera Gel Helped

One of the guests below on this site recommended using baby wipes and Aloe Vera gel. I do already use baby wipes but hadn't tried the Aloe Vera gel. I bought some and I can say yes, it does help a lot. It doesn't cure it - but the itching has reduced hugely at night.

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Aloe Vera Gel On My Vulva Helped

I suffer from VLS and OLP.

After washing morning and night I use pure aloe vera gel on my vulva which may sting a little but really soothes. After half hour I use aqueous cream to moisturise.

When I have sore burning tongue or mouth ulcers I use pure aloe vera gel in my mouth. It really heals.

What about the emotional aspect associated with this disease. I find I suffer from lowered feelings as I feel unable to cope with the physical pain and daily maintenance. I have great difficulty accepting that my own body is attacking itself and I have no control over it.

I have great difficulty trying to sleep and am obsessed with the condition as the raw pain never eases and I know it will never get better. My dermatologist suggested anti-depressants but I disagree as my lowered feelings are caused by the presence of the disease and there is no cure for this. I read "the power of now" which helps me to live in the moment.

I would call on the women/men who have had this condition for numerous years to post and give those newly diagnosed some hope that there will be life after tomorrow.

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Nicotine Addiction :: Hypnosis Helped Me To Stop Smoking

I used to smoke a lot. I won’t exaggerate if I say that I smoked almost 2 packs of cigarettes daily. My friend got me into quitting smoking. At the end I agreed to try with hypnosis. And I must admit that a hypnotist helped me to stop smoking. Are there any similar people here?

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