Teenage :: Dull Pain In Left Testicle

Mar 16, 2011

I'm a teenage boy, and recently while snowboarding i had a pretty bad fall. at first, i had a dull, sharp pain in/ right above my left testicle. i assumed it would go away after a day or so, but its been about two days, and i still feel the same pain whenever i walk or when i'm shifting positions in bed. any ideas what the hell is wrong?

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Men's Health :: Dull Pain In Left Testicle

Yesterday, I noticed that my left testicle felt sore or had a dull ache. Kinda the feeling after getting hit in the balls. I am 19 years old and not sexually active. It does not hurt to ejaculate or urinate. The pain feels like its in the epididymis on the left side and only there. There is a less intense, sharp pain when I touch and move that area. I just started icing it for a minute or two every so often but it feels like it got more sensitive.

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Men Issues :: Dull Ache Pain Above Left Testicle

I'm 18 And do lots of sports. 2 weeks ago I did a lunge in a game of football and soon after got a burning sensation in my left testicle that lasted for a maximum of 2 minutes and was not bad enough to warrant me going off the pitch. After this the pain subsided for a couple days. However over the past 4 days I have noticed a dull ache pain in the upper region of my left ball-sack (on the outer side). The testicle looks the same size and color and urine/semen is the same as usual.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have sorta ruled out testicular tension (or whatever the twisted testis is called) but only because it doesn't look enlarged or shrunk.

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Men Issues :: Dull Ache In Left Testicle

About two weeks ago I had a dull pain in my knee and I noticed it happened the day after a long walk, then about two days later my left testicle started to have a very dull pain. It's not bad where it stops me from going about my daily life, and I only feel it when I either sit or lay down. It is on and off, and I recently started stretching my inner thigh and pelvic area and recently it has been happening to both testicles. I'm not sure if the testicle pain is actually in pain because when I touch them I don't feel anything or it may be something muscle related because I had the knee issue first. I do feel either the epididymis or vas deferens I'm not sure which it is, but it's right above both testicles, the left one feels thicker than the right, and my left testicle is higher than the right although I'm not sure if it was always like that because only now I notice it. I do not have insurance and before I go see a urologist I would like to have a general idea what I am dealing with.

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Testicular Disorders :: Dull Ache In Left Testicle For 3-4 Months

I'm 26 years old and I've had a dull ache in my left testicle for the past 3-4 months. 

I've been to see my GP numerous times, and finally got referred to a urologist yesterday. I was there for a about 5 minutes, he had a quick feel and said nothing was wrong and didn't give me much assurance or guidance as to what I can do to help myself.

I've had a very small cyst on my left testicle since late 2008, and have been told that I have nothing to worry with that.

When I exercise I tend to aggravate the ache more so I haven't properly exercised in months which is very annoying for me.

I tend to notice the ache a lot more when I'm lying down, but it does go away after a while.

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Men Issues :: Dull Uncomfortable Ache/pain In Right Testicle

*Urgent* Dull uncomfortable ache/pain in Right Testicle (slightly higher than left and feels somewhat strained)

Pain is worse when exercise is induced, simultaneous pain in right testicle and right oblique/ab with exercise/twisting/lifting.

HELP! Long read, apologise in advance for spelling, grammatical errors.

Hi, my name is Aaron, I am a 19 year old male with a slightly higher/strained/retracted right testicle which is very very uncomfortable. It has affected my life physically, emotionally mentally and tested relationships with people in my life, it is a very frustrating injury which has gone on too long for a 19 year old. I got this injury in 2010 when i was just 15 years old. I have been playing competitive sports since i was around 8-9, soccer bust mostly basketball. I played for state teams in basketball at a high level for about 4 years and was very fit and active. I could run freely with no pain at all. In highschool in the first half of 2010 I started playing AFL which is footy but involves a lot of kicking (i wasn't used to all the kicking and overloading the right side of my body's muscles) i only played a for a few months while playing state basketball. This injury came out of n where after a basketball game when i got home. I took off my ankle guards and pants ready to have a shower but as i twisted my body slightly to take of the ankle guards i immediately experienced sharp pains simultaneously in my right oblique-abs and right testicle. At that time i felt the testicle rise up slightly giving me a very unpleasant feeling and sensation (numb/dull/dead) i experience to this day. I got it checked out thinking i had cancer being the young lad i was at the time. Dr said i had epididymitis on the right testicle and was given anti-inflammatory tablets for about 1-2 weeks. i had hot and cold bathes whilst taking the tablets thinking it was some sort of strain, thinking it would go away in a few days, boy was i wrong. its been over 4 years and i have seen over 10 specialists and doctors and it has definitely taken its toll on me, earlier this year 2014, i also saw another urologist who said everything seemed fine, there was no testicular torsion or kidney stone or hydrocele or anything wrong with the testicle anatomically and functionally. everything seemed okay, but it didn't make sense with the pain i am experiencing, it still felt numb, weird, and just uncomfortable as if its strained or something (hard to explain) i felt like a dickhead when he said i was fine, as if i was some liar.. it was basically another just another kick to the balls... over the 4 years i have had countless appointments with physios which only seemed to make the pain worse when i did their exercises. (this pain can be greater when exercise is induced) i physically can not run at all without the pain in my testicle and gut/oblique. but yea i have had many MRI's, xrays, ultrasounds and they didn't pick up much until this year when i went down to Sydney - Australia ( i live in townsville north queensland AUS) to see DR john Garvey who is a general diagnostic surgeon of the groin, best in his field.i saw him and got more scans down there and they picked up on a lot of musculoskeletal problems. i had a large tear in the conjoint tendon, 6 stitches were needed usually they put in 4, but the tear was that big, also i had deterioration in one of the tendons in my hip or something which was pain i started experiencing early this year. also something with the adductor and he took out the ilioinguinal nerve i believe. unfortunately my memory is foggy as i haven't got a copy of the report. but yea i was issued to get a quadruple groin reconstruction. so i got that and its been a few weeks now, maybe 4-5 weeks now, and i'm still experiencing the same testicle pain i have had all these years which is very depressing. so i don't really know what to do at all... i'm only 19 and i'm studying sport exercise science, trying to get into physiotherapy to learn about my injury but my knowledge is just too novice to treat something not even the best doctors in the world can't figure out.. the only time i experience any relief is massage on my back, glute, oblique abs, right adductor, hammies and hip flexor stretches, i have very tight muscles from all the sport and kicking for AFL. however this relief is close to nothing, the only time i experienced full relief where my testicle literally drooped back down to its original position and relaxed was around 2011 where i had acupuncture on the right side of my body, oblique psoas trigger point areas, it was like a breath of fresh air and i felt a million bucks, for some reason the acupuncture helped my uncomfortable pain but only lasted till the car ride home. where it then shot up again and went back to the uncomfortable position and since then i haven't experienced that relief. i still see that acupuncturist from time to time but i haven't had the same relief, i see him again this wednesday and hope to get ome needles in the oblique area which is tight. but yes these are all just theories, i think i have a tight deep muscle affecting a nerve (possibly one that innervates the scrotum /cremasteric muscle) that's why the needles worked cos they got deeper, i assume... but yes when i rub the inside of my right leg down to my knee my testicle retracts/jumps up and is just very sensitive as well. so yea thats about it, i cant do anything, its very frustrating and debilitating, was 85kgs at the time now i weigh 110kgs due to inactivity. but yea thank you for taking the time out to read this, i sound like a bit of a whinger/complainer but really i'm just a frustrated 19 year old who wants to play competitive sport again and fix this injury so i can focus on that and my career, but until then i'm going around in circles and its been very tough..

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Vasectomy :: Right Testicle Is Sitting Much Higher Than My Left Testicle

I had a vasectomy going on 8 days ago. The procedure was said to have gone well. I bruised quite badly and my scrotum and area up into my groin (mainly right side and above penis) swelled remarkably. The swelling has gone done significantly the last two days and my bruising is looking mildly better. My issue at present is my right testicle is sitting much higher than my left testicle. The left looks to be resting normally, and the right feels almost attached to the base of my penis. There is still some mild swelling above my penis on the right side in the groin. The swelling feels hard in the groin and runs down and meets the top of my right testicle.

you can imagine this is uncomfortable, but not outrageously painful. I can see my mobility being hampered if the right teste does not descend lower in a more normal resting position. Is this a normal experience that eventually resolves itself?

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Vasectomy :: Left Testicle Pain / Blood When I Ejaculate

I had a no scalpel vasectomy procedure done on 10/10/14. I have pain in my left testicle when I walk or any pressure at all gets placed on left testicle. I do not feel any pain when I am sitting, but when I first get up and walk I feel pain in testicle and also above testicle on left side. I also have ejaculated 7 times and still have blood in my semen. Should I be worried? My right side is perfectly fine with no pain at all.

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Testicles :: Dull Pain In Left Side

I am 20 year old male. Not sexually active. OK for 4 hours now I have been experiencing a weird dull ache/pain/discomfort on the left side of my left testicle, and also slight discomfort in lower abdomen. The discomfort on the testicles is ONLY on the left side of my left testicle.

For the past hour I have been going crazy looking over all the possible problems that might be. However all these problems seem to have some kind of physical symptom. I checked my balls and I couldn't find anything wrong on the outside.

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Men Issues :: On And Off Dull Pain In Left Testis (10 Months)

I am 26 year old IT professional, I have been facing a dull ache/pain in my left testis while sitting for a long time or sometimes while riding a bike. when i try to touch it then it hurts but only sometimes, I feel good after taking bath. Also i feel pain mostly when the testes are in expanded state, the pain is there now for more than 10 months and its on and off Its really strange because some days I have little to no discomfort and other days I will get a dull ache and discomfort around my groin/left leg area.. 
I have shown it to 5 different urology doctors but they all say its an "infection" or "cysts" or "epididymitis",
I had doppler ultrasound Twice and both times doctor said its a cyst..and given me doxy-1 or niftran 100 mg or urifast etc
I had urine test twice, everything was normal
I had ultrasound of kidney KUB, its fine.
I had taken tests for cancer- Alfafetoproteina, HCG and one more i don't remember the name... Reports are normal.
I wear sports supporter sometimes when i feel that my testes are in expanded state for long and i feel pain.
I have taken so much of medicine now and have been diagnosed with everything that i feel frustrated and helpless. I wonder in 21st century we dont have the answer for these kind of problems, My tension increases when i search on net about my problem and find there are other men who have the same problem and they are not getting any certain answer about it.
If anybody of you have the same problem or went through similar situation then please let me know. Please share what you did or have been doing to prevent this?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Spotting For 3 Days With A Dull Pain On The Left Side

I've been spotting for 3 days with a dull pain on the left side

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Men's Health :: Dull Ache In Right Testicle

2 days ago I noticed that when I walked around, my right scrotum area starting getting a dull aching pain..similar to when you get kicked in the balls. I checked it and there are no lumps etc. My testicle does not seems swollen and when i sit still or lay down i no longer feel that ache. I feel nothing when sleeping. ONLY when i start to walk or stand

The minute i start to move around it slowly comes back. Again it is only in my right testicle area. i played with my testicle and the only way I can kind of cause the pain with my fingers is when i touch the 'tubing' underneath. I just checked again and it seems the only way I can really create the ache on cue is when i touch the connection area underneath the testicles where the tubing connects. Its not a bad pain..again its is more a dull ache or that feeling of getting kicked in the balls. Its not the actual testicle itself that hurts it seems

I will say I did masturbate the night before I started to feel this stuff..don't know if it has anything to do with it. I am 37.

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Testicles :: Lump Above Testicle, Dull Stomach Ache

I'm a teenager and around 2 months ago I started to notice a dull ache in my left testicle, I ignored it and it went away after a few weeks, then a few weeks after no discomfort, the dull ache returned to my left testicle, soon radiating to my right testicle. After a examination I discovered a small mass on the top of my testicle, I don't think it is attached as I can get my finger between the mass and my testicle. I have also been experiencing a dull stomach ache like ive been kicked in the balls and my legs have also been aching but that has stopped. As I am typing this I still have the mass above my right testicle which has gotten a little bigger and I also have this dull stomach ache which is always there! I do not wan't to visit the doc because I simply don't want anybody feeling my testicles (Forgot to mention, Lump is size of pea, Quite small and feels oval shaped and I have also experienced groin pain, like I have pulled a muscle or something the groin pain has since vanished)

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Men Issues :: Dull Ache In Right Testicle And Groin Area

Pretty much my problem is in the title. I only just noticed this about a week ago when I saw that my right testicle was a little bigger then normal. As for the groin area, it seems to be located on my right side in the groin itself. At times it's hard to tell if the ache is in my testicle or in the groin. I'm 22 and there's no pain just some discomfort at times. Whats strange is that I haven't done anything physical to strain the area, at least not that I know of. Could I have maybe bruised it at some point or should I go and get it looked at?

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Lump On The Outer Side Of My Left Testicle

I'm 16 and for the last few months I felt a lump on the outer side of my left testicle. Its not like it hurts or   swollen like what I hear to look for in article and videos I seen. But the lump concerns me and I feel pain on my caves  that feel like its being pulled. The lump might be nothing it could be a bug bite that I'm thinking to hard into.

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Light Ache Feeling In Left Testicle

I'm 15 years old and I know that this feeling is not from intercourse. So to begin, this is a very strange feeling. It's going to be hard to describe but I'll do my best. It is almost as if there is a ghostly feeling in my left side where the left testicle will enter the body. Like how they normally will enter the body when they are cold. Except there is nothing there. Both of my balls are hanging loose but there is just a very irritating and creepy feeling like there is a testicle just sitting there. So I can only describe it as feeling like I have a ghost ball there. Maybe it is the vein I'm not sure. There is also a small ache in the vein as well. Nothing bad but just enough to keep my mind on it and it's starting to drive me insane.

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Different (right And Left) Testicle Size Will Effect Fertility And Married Life ?

MY Testicle Size different my Right Side Larger and left size smaller and left testicle Pain..

any effect my married life and have a children.

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Angina? Dull Ache In Left Chest Area

I'm a 34yr old female and for the last few months i've been experiencing a dull ache around the area of my heart.

It comes and goes throughout the day and is never really painful just achy if you know what i mean?

I also get occasional palpitations, my worry is that both of my parents suffer with Angina!

What are the chances of me developing angina at my age?

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Mens Conditions :: Groin And Left Testicle Went Numb - Related To Hernia?

my husband has a hernia and last night his groin and left testicle went numb. are these things related what could cause the numbness?

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Neurological Disorders :: Dull Ache On Left Side And Face

I would like to ask about my mom who is 50 years old known case of htn (controlled) and treated case of hepc (compensated cirrhosis).

She has a history of tooth extraction on the left side 1 yr bacK

she has been having these symptoms of unilateral feeling of heaviness in the ear on the left side and left face below the eyes and forehead and also on the occipito parietal side of the head (left only) .This heaviness when increases turns to a dull ache.she has been having these symptoms with varying intensities almost continuously .It does go away but it comes back.Got her ENT examination done but it was all fine.

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Vasectomy :: Left Side Testicle Rock Hard 10 Days Post Operation

I just was wondering who has suffered the same and it's actually got better!? I suffer no pain ok maybe a slight ache if my testicle is squeezed/squashed but it's very hard to touch, I'm 10 days in post op and it's pretty much been ok had swelling that's gone down, I'm just concerned about the hardness of my testicle and the cause!?  I'm seeing my GP in the morning and gonna book an ultrasound to check over my jewels. 

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