Total Hip Replacement - Thigh Muscle Spasm, Loads Of Pain (3 Weeks Post Op)

Nov 25, 2015

My THR is doing fine (3 weeks PO) BUT my Total Knee Replacement on the other leg is really playing Up due to me putting all my weight etc on it due to new Hip. This is the second time that my knee and surrounding thigh the muscles are in total spasm. I can't lift the leg, it's buckling as I stand, stairs are a hazardous nightmare!! I need this leg to function re new hi other side!! I'm at a loss!!! Taken pain meds, Valium, ice /heat AGONY. Dr , Surgeon, Physio keep saying it'll all resolve when hip side gets stronger! Can't get into bed properly. Loads of pain, can't sit!

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Total Knee Replacement 5 Weeks Post Op - Severe Pain When Tried To Turn

I am 5 weeks post opp of TKR, am doing ok  but a question to you all, this morning i had the worst pain since my opp, as i was sat and tried to turn, this pain like a stabbing pain came on ,at the outside of my tkr  knee, i couldn't bend or straighten it for a abit till the pain eased off. has anyone else had this or any one no what it could be,  similar pain has been there since the start but no way as bad , just thought the pain was part of the recovery.

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Dent In Knee :: 21 Weeks Post Total Knee Replacement

hi I seem to have woken up this morning with what looks like an indent on the right side of my new knee.  It was completely round last night but now has a dent in it.   I am nearly 21 weeks post TKR.  Anyone had anything similar and  why this is?

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Total Knee Replacement :: Still Sharp / Stinging Pain After 10 Weeks?

I had a TKR on 18 Feb, so I am about ten weeks in, the pain is still bad, it's a sharp stinging pain, not what I imagined at all. IS it normal to get this much pain, this far in ?


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Hip Replacement :: Pain In The Butt - 3.5 Weeks Post Op

I am now 3.5 weeks post op from second hip replacement this year.  I feel like I am sitting on a golf ball,  is it just muscle healing?

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Big Toe Joint Replacement - 10 Weeks Post Op, Still Pain

I had Big Toe Replacement Op 10 weeks ago, I am still in pain and also have Tendonitis. I go to physio and can bend my toe, but the pain is no better than before the op.

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Total Knee Replacement Follow Up - 66 Days Post Op

I ceased heavy pain medication a couple of weeks ago and that was a mistake. I am back on Norspan 10 mg patches and can now do all my exercises and achieve a few hours sleep before I need to top up with a Tramadol.  I've lost 12 kgs in weight simply because my appetite diminished but now I'm trying to eat 3 meals a day and include protein at every meal instead of nibbling and feeling like I want to sleep all day.

I am allergic to many pain medications (unknown until post op) so pain was a big issue for me. If you are contemplating TKR's or have already had them, then get your pain medication stabilised and physio will be so much easier. I have also found hydrotherapy (pool walking) to be a god-send. Today is the first day post op that I feel any where like normal. I was a fit, energetic 63 year year old before my op and I hope to return to that state with much improvements in my knees, in the near future. I believe I will be looking at 6 months recovery time before I can resume a "normal" exercise program of spin, walking, boxing and weights.  

No one tells you about the pain, the depression, the disruption to your life, especially not your surgeon. Just be patient, eat well, try to get a walk in each day or a swim and stay positive. At nearly 10 weeks I can see the light at the end of that long tunnel.

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Knee Replacement (3 Weeks Post Op) Still In Pain And Diarrhoea

I am three weeks post op having had a full knee replacement. My recovery is going well and I'm not using crutches or a walking stick but am still in a lot of pain and having to take painkillers. My question is I have developed loose bowels only once a day at my normal time but it has been going on for over a week now, I have no bloating or abdominal pain with it. I can only take paracetamol as I'm allergic to codeine and Nurofen I felt might be causing the upset stomach but I haven't taken them for nearly a week now. Has anybody else suffered diarrhoea after a TKR? 

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Total Robotic Hysterectomy :: Burning After Sex (5 Weeks Post Op)

I had a total robotic hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. Sunday night had unplanned sex. It was not painful, I'd say uncomfortable. When my husband ejaculated, it burned!

Today, Wed. Still burning, uncomfortable and frequent urination.

Does this sound like an infection? Or irritation because it was too soon.

I even resorted to using hydrocortisone last night because it was driving me crazy and I could not sleep.

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Hip Replacement :: Thigh Pain

I am 4 weeks post TRH and was doing really well but went to physio today and mentioned that my thigh was aching a bit and so she gave it a deep massage to get the blood flowing and now it is very painful . 

I have dosed myself up with mess for the night and hope it eases off . 

Have any other hippies had bad thigh pain ?

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TKR :: 4 Months Post Op - Pain In Heel And Swelling In Thigh

My friend is into his 4th month of having his tkr. It's like everyday there's something new. He had noticed an indentation on the outside of his knee. He is experiencing pain in his heel, swelling in his thigh, and pain in his back. He had to stop his PT because of the pain. He goes to his Surgeon but he just says it's going to take time. Has anyone else experienced this or similar to this?

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Hip Replacement (day 8) :: Excruciating Pain Inside Thigh

I was using my gripper to help get my jogging bottoms off my operated leg being very careful not to exceed the 90deg rule. Suddenly, the most excruciating pain started inside my thigh (not wound) and groin. It was so bad it brought me to tears. Luckily the children were upstairs and they managed to get me flat in bed. I had something similar to this yesterday when I tried to move the pillow between my legs with the operated leg. The pain has subsided but I still have a dull ache inside my leg and a little discomfort at the site of hip bone.

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Chronic Pain Following Total Hip Replacement

I had both hips replaced in Feb and Sept 2011. Prior to this I had many years of pain and a great deal of difficulty with medical fields trying to determine what was causing my pain. Anyway once it was decided to replace both hips I was happy they had at last found a cause and what I thought was a solution. My first his replaced was my right and this seemed to go okay, it was a total different story with my left. I have been in excruciating back and leg pain since, I cannot walk any distance or stand for any more than five minutes. I need to use a wheelchair if I go out and crutches also, I am stuck at home all day while my family go out to work - I am frustrated and feel useless.

My pain is across my lower back and generates down my legs, my last three toes on my right foot go numb constantly. The pain is tingling, numbness, sharp, deep pulsating pain and electric shock type pain. The more I try to do the worse the pain gets. I spend most of my time with my legs raised as this helps, the pain never goes away but does ease when resting. I have painkillers and muscle relaxants but they do not really help. My hip surgeon like most of the forums I have read told me my hips are fine according to the MRI scan. He then referred me to the Spinal consultant, after nearly a year of seeing the spinal people they have now turned round and said the pain is not coming from my back and there is nothing they can do to help. I asked them what I was supposed to do and they said they had no answers!! I have attended all the physio appointments and even did a three week intensive course along with hydrotherapy - nothing has made a difference.

I lost my job due to all this pain and I am now registered disabled. I had more mobility (although painful) prior to my surgery than I do now. It was nice to read that other people are going through what I am experiencing (although I would not wish this on anyone) it somehow makes me feel better.

I have had numerous cortisone injections in the hips, nerve block of the L4/5 nothing has worked for me post surgery. I had cortisone injection prior to my surgery and guess what it helped - work that one out. I am now being referred to the Pain Clinic (again) and Rheumatology as it was noticed on one visit to the hospital that I had a butterfly like redness on my face and they queried Lupus (still waiting for those appointments - surprise, surprise).

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Hip Replacement :: Follow Up - 12 Weeks Post Op

12 wks post op.

Check up by stand in consultant, not so good!!!

As still having probs with stairs, socks and cutting toenails, was put through a few checks, conclusion was, despite walking and exercises, my bum cheek muscle, for some reason , has collapsed!!

( I did ask him if he was insinuating I had a saggy arse?)

Been referred back to original surgeon, with recommendation of intensive physio. That's me off work now till Jan.

Am questioning whether I should have had this op, more importantly, should I go ahead with left hip, which I've been told, will need replacing in the future!

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Hip Replacement :: Still Limping - 12 Weeks Post Op

I am 12 weeks today post op. Was due to go back to work today, but still not had my 6 week check up. Finally going this wednesday. I have lots of questions and concerns, which i am hoping will be answered.

I wanted to ask though, how people felt after 12 weeks? I still suffer with pain, particularly in my back. I am trying not to use my crutch, but walking with with a gaping limp still, which is affecting my knees, which was the same pre op. My right knee crunches and swells as the day goes on. Plus i have a compressed nerve still in my non op side, which keeps me awake most nights. Thought by now i would be getting back to normal and ready for work.

Anyone else still suffering at 12 weeks?

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Hip Replacement :: Depression - Weeks Post Op

Has anyone suffered with feeling very low 2 weeks after hip op my first hip op I didn't feel tearful but this one has made me feel tearful if I feel like it on Monday I will make appt with Dr.

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3 Weeks Post Op Following Partial Knee Replacement

It'll be 3 weeks tomorrow that I've had my op and still get better days than others! Scar is healing well but a bit lumpy in places but I'm concerned about the pain behind my knee and occasionally when I walk unaided if I straighten my leg it starts to give way? I live out in the sticks and not yet started any physio because I have to arrange not only appt but how I'm going to get there? I am continuing with my exercises given in hospital!

im also suffering awful mood swings one minute I'm fine the next snapping at everyone because,of all the silly things, trying to do everything with one hand? I'm not sure even what sort of housework I should be avoiding or attempting at this stage?

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5 Weeks Post Op Partial Knee Replacement

Ok so it'll be 5 weeks tomor that I had my op and please excuse the language but I'm totally p*ssed off!!! Still not getting a good nights sleep despite amitriptyline taken before I go to bed! It's not so much the knee pain but the sciatica which seems to be getting worse not better? Went out yesterday for a mooch round the shops and had what I can only describe as a panic attack in the shopping centre was in pain from walking and felt like I was going to pass out? I'm meant to be returning to work a week tomorrow and seriously thinking I'm not ready? I only work Monday and Friday and 3 hrs alternative Saturdays so it's not too bad but still 8 hr days!! Think perhaps I should see gp this week as sick note only goes up to 12th July!

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Four Weeks Post Op Partial Knee Replacement

I'm wondering if someone can help me. I am 55 Yo woman who had a PKR. I'm having so many problems. I still use a cane. Terrible pain in the back of my knee. Is this normal?  I've had many ortho surgeries and usually bounce back. I can't return to work because the pain is so bad.

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Hip Replacement :: Difficulty Sleeping 8 Weeks Post Op

Have other people had difficulty getting back into a reasonable sleep pattern after a THR? I'm now 8 weeks post op. I'm cleared to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs to stop my operated on leg rolling forward - which it does of course when the pillow dislodges! I'm trying not to take any painkillers (paracetamol) during the day and that's fine as I have little pain moving around. But still discomfort when I don't move for any period of time - hence feeling uncomfortable at night. I do often take a couple of paracetamols at bedtime but this doesn't seem to make sleeping any better. I'm often awake in the small hours and increasingly tired during the day.

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Hip Replacement :: Wound Leaking - 4 Weeks Post Op

My wound was leaking at one week post op , then continued till i had dressing change last monday . Dressing stayed dry all week , removed it this morning at 4 weeks post op so could have a shower then realised an arc of fluid was coming out of a central point in the wound - rest of the wound is fine and dry. Not painful and doesnt look infected but I wondered if anyone else has had a wound problem like this , and how long it lasted ?

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