Trimethoprim :: Affect My Breathing

Jan 23, 2010

I had a very bad experience with Trimethoprim and I only took it for 3 days It affected my breathing has anyone else had this side affect?

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Trimethoprim :: Extreme Exhaustion, Nausea, Mouth Breathing And Panting

I really feel ill after almost three days taking Primethoprim.

Following a hip replacement in April, my pre-existing (1959!) lumbar spine problems came back worse than ever. I now have Lumbar canal stenosis.

To help the intolerable pain, I was given Baclofen, then Diazepam and nothing made any difference. I was admitted to hospital one day when I couldn't move at home and was given an injection of Ketorolac plus Tramadol and Paracetamol tablets and discharged back home where I live on my own.

Supplied with a prescription for Tramadol 50mg to a max of eight in 24 hours, the pain continued to lessen.

But then I began to have a slight pain when passing urine. After testing my urine, the GP said I have a bladder or urethral infection. She prescribed ten Trimethoprim 200mg, to run over five days, i.e. one morning and one evening.

Ever since taking the Trimethoprim 200mg I have had extreme exhaustion, nausea, mouth-breathing and panting and therefore very dry mouth, complete loss of appetite, etc, and general misery.

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Trimethoprim :: 28 Days Supply Of Trimethoprim. Should I Be Worried ?

I have been diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis and prescribed a 28 day course of 200 mg Trimethoprim tablets along with 2.5mg of Oxybutynin for the same period. Started the treatment several days ago having taken 4 tablets of each drug.There are no immediate side effects apart from a slight dizzyness. Having read the posts about the bad reactions to this drug,it has given me great concern over the long period I have to take these tablets. Are there any other readers to this website who have taken this drug for the same period of about a month ?

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Anxiety :: Manual Breathing. OCD Breathing Obsession

Anyone out there have to deal with this?

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Trimethoprim :: Can't Walk Afterwards

I was prescribed a 3 day course of Trimethoprim for a UTI I took the first one on a Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning i had a numb left knee, the next day i couldn't walk, phoned my GP asking if i should continue on the antibiotic because it seemed obvious to me that i was having a bad reaction to it. I was told to continue the course but wish i hadn't, the pain on Thursday night was unbearable in my left leg, i couldn't move it and it was hugely swollen. On Friday morning i went to hospital and was there for 5 days on more antibiotics and painkillers. it's been 5 weeks now and i still can't walk on my left leg i still have pain and it also started in my right hand too. Before taking Trimethoprim i was a healthy 43 year old woman with no health issues. I'm now waiting to see a Rheumatologist and am terrified my leg won't recover.

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Trimethoprim Causes Liver Malfunction

My son was prescribed Trimethoprim by dermatologist for acne ! He became very sick short of breath etc ended up in hospital and they did tests on his liver and they were very high stopped tablets they did not think it was them took liver results a few days later normal then started taking tablets again and liver results were very high . WE have done research on these tablets and in some cases they can cause liver malfunction. DO NOT TAKE THEM

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Trimethoprim :: Washed Out And Lethargic

This was prescribed to me for a urinary tract infection from an operation which needed a catheter. Hence the infection about 2 weeks later.

I have just finished the course which towards the end made me feel really washed out and lethargic, but if it cured the problem, that is all that mattered.

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Trimethoprim :: Should I Avoid Alcohol?

Should you avoid alcohol with these tablets, or is small alcohol consumption ok with them ?

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Trimethoprim :: Allergic Reaction

I was prescribed this drug yesterday for a supposed urine infection. I had suffered with urine infections alot in my teens and into adulthood, however had not had an infection since having my son 8 years ago. I had problems during my pregnancy high blood pressure being one of these problems. As a result I only have one fully functional kidney. I was told that my blood pressure would probably go up again in later life and therefore have had it checked each year since.

On a routine checkup a couple of weeks ago, it appears that the high blood pressure is back and at the checkup I also had my urine dipped. The nurse asked me if I had any problems passing water etc. When I said I hadn't, she said there was something in my water and would send it off to the hospital just in case. I said that I thought I would have noticed if there had been a problem.

Anyway, yesterday I got the results and the surgery informed me that my doctor had left a prescription out for me. I picked it up and took the first tablet at four o'clock. By seven o'clock I had a severe headache, and the most awful chest pain, I thought I was having a heart attack

On reading the side effects we rang the hospital, got an appointment, by which time my back and chest were covered in a rash. My Blood pressure had reached 240/140 extremely high....

The doctor confirmed that it was an allergic reaction to trimethoprim and injected me with an antihistamine. Having checked my urine again, they said I did not have an infection in the first instance and should never have been prescribed this drug and confirmed that it could have been fatal.

I am going to make a formal complaint to my doctor and would like to take this further. Why is this drug being prescribed? I think I am very lucky to be here today and my children could have been left without their mum.

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Trimethoprim :: Extremely Nauseous

I was prescribed a 3 day course of Trimethoprim, for cystitis, which I have suffered from many times before in the past. However, this time the medication made me extremely nauseous. Within about 10 minutes of taking the tablet I began retching violently and about an hour later developed a very itchy red rash on the inside of my lower arms. The rash gradually disappeared over about an hour but every time I took another tablet (two per day) I started to retch violently. I have taken the last tablet this evening but have now woken at 3.30am feeling sick again. I wish I had read your website sooner as I now realise I am far from alone in my reaction to this drug. I find it strange that I have taken it many times in the past without any obvious side effects.

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Trimethoprim :: Afraid Of Taking It For UTI

I've just been prescribed trimethoprim for UTI and after reading all the posted I'm so afraid of taking them. I had a reaction to norethisterone just over a year ago and it was not very nice at all and I don't want to feel that ever again. But if I don't take these tablets then I'm worried I'll still have the UTI. Is it worth asking my doctor for an alternative?

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Trimethoprim :: Anxiety Caused By It?

I suffered from anxiety as a side effect of a postnatal thyroid condition - my child is now 18 months old. I was treated with Citalopram and my thyroid condition was treated successfully. After weaning sensibly off Citalopram before Christmas I was feeling fine but still not 100%. I was given Trimethoprim for a suspected UTI infection last week and the next day I suffered a full on anxiety attack whilst at the shops. I seemed to get more anxious by the day, and my physical symptoms got worse - raging thirst, swollen and white furry tongue, aching limbs but numbness all down my right leg, numb fingers, clumsiness, tearful and felt slow mentally - my speech even became affected. The lower back ache that prompted the urine test got more persistent and I now have a pain in my left hip socket. I thought I was suffering from MS which only heightened my anxiety. I didn't really connect it with the antibiotics. I then looked on this website and saw a LOT of negative comments regarding this drug. I stopped on day 5 and went to the doctor yesterday feeling very tearful. I was then given 20mg Citalopram and some painkillers and was told it was probably a trapped nerve and not down to the antibiotics. The worse thing was that my urine sample had been normal so needn't have taken it in the first place!! I took one Citalopram yesterday and was completely spaced out and felt sick. Luckily my husband took a day off work but I can't function like that as a full time mum to a toddler. What I would like to know is has anyone had an experience like this and should I wait a few days to see if I feel better without the Citalopram, in the hope that the anxiety was caused by the Trimethoprim. Ideally I don't want to start Citalopram only to go through withdrawal etc. We also want to add to our family at some point so ideally want to be drug free. Am considering a more herbal approach if the anxiety presents itself again like St Johns Wort

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How Long Does Trimethoprim Take To Work?

I'm currently suffering from a Uti that causes me to Urinate litres of water and I was given a seven day course of Trimethoprim when the doctor found bacteria and blood in my urine. It been 48 hours since I started and I have had 5 of the tablets. There has been no difference, should it have already started? I'm male, which may mean that it takes longer to work than say a women in this situation.

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Trimethoprim :: Not To Take If You Have Liver Disease

I was given 2 doses of 7 day doses of regular antibiotics to get rid of a suspected kidney infection & chest infection . I have a weakened immune system and liver disease . I read the side effects and it tells you to not take it if you have liver disease . The doctor who prescribed them knows of my other Illnesses and medication/s .

I thought I'd google Trimethoprim and came accross this site as it states Not to take them if you have Liver disease , which I have .

I am on a 7 day course of 200 twice a day and am taking my first dose tonight . I will keep everyone informed Daily of my progress and will also update you on the upsides and downsides of taking this medication.,,,

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Taking Trimethoprim For The First Time

i'd tried to clear the UTI holistically by drinking gallons of water, cranberry juice, camomile tea and lemon barley squash, thought it was working but after a couple of days felt generally weak and feeble and my urine still tested positive for leucocytes and a trace of protein, so i caved in and decided to take the Trimethoprim. i'm always worried about taking antibiotics because of their weird side effects so i'm hoping these don't have too many, so far i've felt very tired despite having had several naps, i almost fell asleep on the loo. having eaten my evening meal i feel quite sick, not the kind of projectile vomiting i've had before with allergies but a sick feeling deep in my gut, i was ok after a light lunch so maybe eating little and often when taking these pills is best. i'm hoping these are the worst side effects i will get cos i can cope with them by sleeping all day for the next 2 days, it will be worth it to clear the UTI.

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Extreme Bloating On Trimethoprim?

Does anyone else experience extreme bloating on trimethoprim?

I have also been prescribed it for a UTI, and only a 3 day 200mg dose. Does anyone else find the same?

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Trimethoprim :: Adverse Reaction

Was hospitalised for a week 18 months ago with temp over 40 and severe pain in my arms where all the muscles had gone totally solid. Couldn't walk, move or anything. Half way through my week my tongue swelled up and my throat covered in ulcers. Had morphine and antibiotics to treat.No reason ever found as to why -tested for cancer, meningitis and lupus -all clear

Last friday took trimethoprim for urine infection. Within hour all the symptons i had in hospital were back. Doctor told me to take double dose - got worse - went to hospital - got treated - went home. When had enough strength to ring doctor i asked if i was given Trimethoprim before and guess what? I was prescribed it five days before admittance to hospital 18 months ago

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Trimethoprim :: Racing Heart And Anxiety

i've recently been given trimethoprim for water infection i also take citalopram 1st time i took this antibiotic had racing heart and anxiety 2nd day same again and jittery feeling light headed and weak went back to drs told 2 stop taking them as they might affect the dosage of citalopram it is just like having withdrawal symptoms not very nice as any 1 ad same reactions.

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Trimethoprim :: Feeling Sick And Unable To Eat

12 hours ago I finished a course of 6 x 200 mg of Trimethoprim. Felt sick and was sick all the way through. Still feeling sick and unable to eat. Can anyone tell me when it will stop.

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Trimethoprim :: Bad Stomach And Cystitis Seems To Have Got Far Worse

After initially reading the leaflet that came with my trimethoprim i decided to check it out for myself, as some of the (not very rare!!) cases include stuff like bleeding from your eyes! and after reading the forum now deciding not to continue. i've been prescribed with a 7 day course for cystitis i cant get rid of. all i can say for now is i've taken one tablet so far and have a bad stomach and my cystitis seems to have got far worse!? although this could be coincidence. is there anyone in the same position that could offer me advice on any other drug i could take instead? this is getting me down.

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Trimethoprim :: Red Rash On My Chest And Palpitations

I was given Trimethoprim (on its own) to treat a water infection and a cough, and about 20 minutes after taking it, my top lip swelled up and my mouth went numb. I also had blotchy, red rash on my chest and palpitations.

Turns out I am actually allergic to Trimethoprim...this was the first time I had ever been prescribed it. A few other people I have spoke to, also said that they have had bad reactions to this medicine.

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