Trying To Conceive :: Can I Get Pregnant Without My Tubes

Dec 12, 2006

I had my tubes removed because I was told by a doctor that if I had them tied I could end up with ovarian cancer. Can I still get pregnant without them?

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Trying To Conceive :: Possible To Get Pregnant After An Ablation And Without Tubes

Is it possible to get pregnant after an ablasion and with no tunes due to a tubal twin pregnancy

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Trying To Conceive :: Pregnant With Tubes Removed?

I'm 35 yrs old I have to have my tubes removed but can I still get pregnant .....

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Trying To Conceive :: Can I Still Have Baby Without Tubes?

Please some one help me out have question i have no tubes can i still have baby

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Trying To Conceive :: Fallopian Tubes Tied For Long Can't Be Undone?

I am 32 & had my tubes tied 9 years ago. I hear after so long of them being tied that they can come undone. How true is this?

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Can I Still Get Pregnant Without Fallopian Tubes

Can i still get pregnant without fallopian tubes, i am still having a menstrual cycle

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Getting Pregnant With No Fallopian Tubes

I had both of my fallopian tubes removed i had two ectopic pregnancies but i would love to have one more child how can i go by that is there any way to get pregnant without any fallopian tubes or is there need to be surgery done please advise ?

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Can I Fall Pregnant Without Tubes And No Ivf

I have read all the stories and I have so much hope now I just have to try the tips and make my husband believe it too. We don't have money for ivf so I have always been hoping it could just happen to me and I never believed it could until I read the stories so thank you to all who posted stories. My tubes were removed about 10 years ago so what are my chances .

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Am I Pregnant? :: Having A Baby Without Tubes?

I was wondering if I still can get pregnant with with no tubes ?

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Women's Health :: Getting Pregnant Without Tubes?

Can you get pregnant without having any fallopian tubes but you still have your ovaries?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubes Tied? - Tubal Ligation

Had my tubes tied back in 2010 when i had my last little girl, i have 3 girls. I feel that i'm pregnant now, is this possible? I mean I get nausea all the time, my head and back hurt, my husband says my stomach is getting bigger for the past few months, my periods have been shorter and the color is not the same as a normal period, does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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Tubal Ligation :: Tubes Tied And Still Pregnant?

I've decided to have my tubes tied after this baby and I'm wondering how many people got pregnant again after have tubal ligation and how long after it was done did it happen ?

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Tubal Ligation :: Want To Pregnant After Tubes Tied - Without Surgery

I'm 28years on my last c-section I had my tubes tied my husband and I would like to try for another baby. However don't have money for surgeries. I've heard of ppl getting pregnant after tubes being tied is there anything I can do at home to try to make it work?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Tubes Tied, But Discharge / Milk On Breast Squeeze

I had my period January 17 ,2015 it lasted 7days then left a week then I started a brown discharge my baby is 11months and my tubes are tied now it's feb 22and the discharge is still leaking I squeeze my breast and milk stuff comes out please help

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Trying To Conceive :: Getting Pregnant After Implanon

me and my partner have been together for 5 years now and feel we are ready to conceive our first beautiful baby. i have been on implanon for 2 years and wishing to get it out. i have heard that trying to conceive after implanon is extremely difficult, is this true? and if it does take time, how long?

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Trying To Conceive :: How To Get Pregnant After An Ablation?

I am 29 yrs old and already have a 4 yr old. I have had my tubes removed and an ablation. Me and my future husband would like to conceive a child? Is that possible?

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Trying To Conceive :: Is It Possible To Get Pregnant After An Ablation?

Me and my boyfriend would like to try to have a baby . im 28 yrs. old and i have 3 kids already.  i had my tubes cut and tied and burned 4 yrs ago when i had my youngest and about 2yrs ago i had a ablation ( the lining of my uterus burned) cause of heavy bleeding and i never got my monthly monster before that and now i get it every month . i was wondering  if i get my tubes reversed is it possible to still get pregnant?

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Trying To Conceive :: Getting Pregnant After Myomectomy

wondering if anyone had any fertility problems before myomectomy. then after surgery they didnt have fertility problems

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Trying To Conceive :: Must Ovulating In Order To Get Pregnant?

do you absolutely have to be ovulating in order to get pregnant or can it just happen any day?

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Trying To Conceive :: Implanon Taken Off, How Long It Will Take Me To Get Pregnant?

I'm 18 and i have a 16 month old son . i got the bar in last yr in may after my son was born. and just got it taken out on the 4th of september i have my period now just wondering how long it will take me to fall pregnant.

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