Trying To Conceive :: Does It Hurts During Sex?

Feb 8, 2011

my bf wants to have sex with me but i heard that it hurts. does it hurts?

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ENT :: Ear Hurts Teeth Hurts, Eye Blurry, Cant Talk Or Swallow

what would cause throat to spasm and feel like its being crushed(left Side) when swallowing. Ear hurts teeth hurts, eye blurry, cant talk or swallow left side of mouth feels tingly, numb ,mouth waters .last anywhere from 30min to 2hours

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Trying To Conceive :: Implanon Removal To Conceive

We are trying to conceive baby number 4 i had my implanon removed on the 26th of April, I had a period a week before it was removed then I had another period on the 17t of may exactly 28 days since my last period, that was very very light and only lasted 2 day, I was due for another Period on the 14th of june and it still hasn't arrived I've done tests and im not pregnant, Is it normal to have a 28 day cycle then have an irregular cycles? This is all new to me in the 11 yrs i've been having periods i've ALWAYS been regular 28 day cycles.

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Intercourse :: It Hurts After Sex

I am 15 years old and i just had sex with my boyfriend and it hurts really bad and he's at the age of 19 could anybody tell me whats wrong i dont want to confront to my mom she'll kill me

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Hysterectomy :: Still Hurts To Pee

I'm now almost 4 weeks post abdominal and it still hurts to wee. It's not severe but I definitely feel it, especially if I don't go immediately. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I don't have any symptoms of infection and everything seems to be going well with my recovery. I even laid on my stomach in bed last night...for about 10 minutes lol

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Penis :: It Hurts When I Pee

Ok im 18 and kind a weird and turned on I was messing around and lived up a screw driver and slid it slowly down my penis. I had seen it done before in weird porn and stuff so I tried it. It didn't hurt at the time but now it hurts when I piss. What could be wrong. If it's a tract infection how do I get rid of it with our my parents finding out?

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Intercourse :: It Hurts To Have Sex

I recently tried having sex for the first time with my boyfriend and it hurt a lot and he couldn't get it in. I also started bleeding and I think he may have torn something that wasn't my hymen while trying to get it in. We tried a couple of times after that and although I didn't bleed it still hurt just as much, it also felt like I really had to pee. If it's not the pain that makes me stop him it's the feeling that I need to pee. It doesn't feel like this when he fingers me, just when we try to have sex. We do a lot of foreplay and I really want to have sex but it just hurts too much. Is there anything I can do to make it easier?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: It Hurts When We Have Sex (34 Weeks)

So i'm 34 weeks pregnant and my husband says it hurts him when we have sex..  He says my vagina is smaller and it makes his penis hurt and also sometimes bleed..  Is this normal??  Also it kinda hurts me but only towards the back like not near from where we pee but the side of my vagina closer to my butt..

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Pregnancy :: Everything Hurts Especially My Ribs

I just have a question I don't really know if there is anything I can do but it doesn't hurt to ask...with my first baby I had no problem it was so easy but this time everything hurts especially my ribs I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas I could try to take away the pain anything helps please

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Lump On My Back And It Hurts

I found a nice size lump on my back and it hurts

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Bowel Disorder :: It Hurts To Poo

Since tuesday I woke up and it hurt when I went to the toilet and I managed to go but I think its made it really really sore and I've felt like I really need to go since then but it just hurts too much everytime I try to push. Please don't say to eat fibre because that's not what the problem is, I think it was caused by stress, but now its so sore I don't know what to do it hasn't even felt better over two nights.

please help, should I still eat? I feel like I don't want to eat incase it just builds up, I don't know what to do I'm uncomfortable because I want to go but it hurts to much when I try.

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Teen Health :: Hurts When I Pee, Not An STD

So I'm 17 and I had very rough sex with this one guy I've been seeing.  We did use a condom, so I know it can't be an STD. But the day after my vagina hurt really bad,  well he tore the opening of my vagina so that's why it hurt when I went pee, but now those raw tearings have healed and I've been on my period all week and it still hurts to pee,  what could it be?  Do I have internal tearing possibly?

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Women's Health :: Hurts After I Pee

I recently started to pee more often at first I was fine but now every time after I pee it hurts alittle I'm scared idk it seems like a mild uti but I hope it's not more

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Movements Hurts

Anyone else 32 almost 33 weeks n every time your baby moves it hurts?

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Viagra - Trying To Conceive

trying for our second baby we have a 10yr old is viagra no helping us conceive??

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Trying To Conceive After Depo

I have seen a lot of women who say they have problems ttc after taking depo, for those women can you tell me how your bodies reacted while on it? Did your body take depo well or did you have a lot on complications with it? 

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Trying To Conceive :: Breastfeeding And Trying

Is anyone breastfeeding while trying to get pregnant? Or has gotten pregnant while BF? My cycles came back 3m after our baby girl was born and I've been tracking my ovulation.. My cycles are much longer now, about 35 days apart and I am ovulating. (Using test strips) we've been trying for 3 months, baby is 9m now and still breast feeding.

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Trying To Conceive After 2 Miscarriages

I had two missed miscarriages last year one very bad, anyways my periods eventually returned in jan i track ovulation very carefully as i want to concieve so bad. I ovulated on fri and this morning i have terrible cramping in my tummy and back ache above my bum

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Have An Extra Rib And It Hurts

I'm 15 Years Old , And I Have An Extra Rib. Mom Found Out When I Was A Baby. It Hurts Every Now And Then ! But When Its Hurts It Feels Like Something is pinching it from the Inside . Like Its Jammed Or Something. I Cant Run Or Walk For To Long Because Of The Pain It Causes , Sometimes I Cant Even Lay On That Side. The Pain Goes Through My back Too. Its Sometimes Unbearable. Is This A Bad Thing? I Haven't had it checked Since I Was Maybe 6 or 7 . could Be Younger. Ill Be 16 In May . and i Definitely Don't Want Rib Removal. What Can I Do?

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Orthopedics :: Hip Pain - Lifting Hurts

I am a 34 year old male, no illnesses, suffering from hip pain for a while. The pain is on the outside of the hip in-line with the groin area, it doesn't hurt to walk but lifting and moving the leg when sitting/laying causes pain, as does doing butterfly stretches and bending the knee inwards/outwards. When it's particularly painful my whole leg will ache right down to the ankle.

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Penis :: Shaft Is Swollen And It Hurts

My penis shaft is swollen and it hurts a little bit what does this mean?

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