Trying To Conceive :: Moringa Seeds Help To Ovulate? Irregular Periods

Jun 15, 2012

My period are irregular and i want to get pregnant can i b using moringa seed to correct it n will it help to produce ovulation.

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Trying To Conceive :: Irregular Periods Due To PCOS

I'm 25 years. I get abortion before one year...i have pcos..i want to get pregnant but not... till 4 months my periods are not regular...

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Trying To Conceive :: Seasonique, PCOS, Irregular Periods

I stopped taking Seasonique January 1, 2012. I have had extremely irregular periods since then, but they were always regular before I started taking birth control pills in 2009. I had one in January, one in March, one in June, and none since.. My husband and I are ready to have a baby. I know they say that it may take up to a year for your periods to regulate after stopping birth control pills, but I don't feel like I have even started to regulate a little bit. I have been to my family doctor several times. This last time they mentioned potentially having PCOS. I have some (but not all) symptoms of this. I am on the heavy side, and they said lose weight. I have been eating a low-carb diet for the past 3 and a half weeks, and I've lost 17.5 pounds. (I'm working towards more, but I'm trying to be very healthy about it in case I should get pregnant and not be aware of it.) The doctor has checked my thyroid previously, and it was fine. They said if we aren't pregnant by the end of this year, they will refer me to a specialist. The NP I saw the last time mentioned potentially using Clomid to assist. I have googled and read and googled and read, and I just don't know what to do or think. It's very difficult to be patient, as I am sure you all know, but I'm trying very hard.

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Can I Still Get Pregnant? Irregular Periods

I had unprotected sex twice with my partner we knew what we were doing there was no mistakes about any of this... I had unprotected sex roughly about 10 days before my period actually came. I am regular with my periods always the 30th or 31st give or take a couple of days I'm fairly lucky to be that regular... I have had my period but I am wondering if having my period means that I am not pregnant? Does implantation take a few weeks? I have been stupidly tired over I'd say the last couple of days with a dull headache that won't shift! Bloated with back pain and breasts seem to look a little larger than normal?

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A Virgin With Irregular Periods

So, I'm 15, never had sex or done any type of foreplay or even touched myself and I started my period a week after I turned 11. I've NEVER had a regular period and I just started charting it to see how many times I skipped, however charting it all I'm REALLY messed up.

August: 2 days of going to the bathroom whipping once and getting a very light pink/red clear vaginal fluid on the toilet paper, but only once each day.

September: 3 days of going to that bathroom whipping once and getting a very light pink/red clear vaginal fluid on the toilet paper, but only once each day.

October: 2 days of going to that bathroom whipping once and getting a very light pink/red clear vaginal fluid on the toilet paper, but only once each day. On the 3rd day I got a bit more of a red colored clear fluid when I whipped once, but that is all.

I have told my mom and she said she'd take me to a doctor, but I know she's too busy for me. I'm really sad, scared, and angry.

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Trying To Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

Hello, I am 18 and I start my period when I was 13 it has always been at different times, here lately its came about every 4 months. My husband and I
have been having unprotected sex and want to get pregnant, however it hasn't happened yet. Any advice on what we should do?

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Irregular Periods :: What Can I Do Or Take To Get Pregnant?

I have irregular periods and my husband chums in me and I haven't gotten pregnant. We already have a 12 year old daughter and want 1 more. What can I do or take to get pregnant.

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Trying To Get Pregnant - Having Irregular Periods

I started my periods when i was 14 i am now 21 years old and i am trying to get pregnant i only ever have had a period about 5 times. i have been to my doctors but he says im still young and my body still may need time but as im not sure, im wanting to know if there is anything that i could do or try that will increase my chances of getting pregnant.

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VERY Irregular Periods :: Trying To Get Pregnant

I have been married for 4 months but been with my husband 2 years. We are talking about having a baby, but my periods are very irregular. This topic may sound the same as others, but I can't find any with irregular periods like mine. In 2011, I had 2 periods 8 months apart that were roughly 2 weeks long each. I started my first in April. I started the deposit shot in October and had the next period in December. In 2012, I had 4 periods. March - June. They were about 4-5 days each. I got off the shot in June. The next period I got started two days ago. My husband and I have sex every day so that wouldn't be an issue with us with conceiving. I have no idea if or when I will ovulate. I was going to buy some kits but have no idea where to start. I want to see a gyno but haven't been added to his insurance yet. Anyhoo, I figured asking for advice would help me out and anyone else who have periods like I do.

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Miscarriage? Or Just Irregular Periods?

I recently just had my period like on the 6th of this month and it is now the 14th and has been 9 going on to 10 days that I have been experienced bleeding. This is my first time experiencing this my periods are usually normal and regular this time it's longer than usual and irregular. Should I be concerned? I recently asked my doctor this and she told me if the bleeding doesn't stop within a week then come back. I've also been experiencing low abdominal pain and fair back pain. Could this maybe be a miscarriage?

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Irregular Periods And Acne After Marriage

I got married two years back and since then I have been experiencing irregular periods and acne. How much time do the hormones take to settle down after marriage?

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Menstruation :: Irregular Periods Due To Stress?

So I had a period that started September 5th and didn't end until the 19th and now I'm bleeding slightly with cramps here and there should u be worried , everything I look up says cancer so its scaring me , I'm 24 and I work long stressing hours and I've been irregular when I was a teenager and then it when back to normal , in august it was a week long and in July it lasted 3 days please help I still can't even afford to get checked

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Concerns About Getting Pregnant With Irregular Periods

I irregular periods... I had one 5 years ago and hadn't had once since until yesterday.... I want to know what could cause it and if there is a chance I could get pregnant....

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Am I Pregnant? Periods Are Irregular So It's Hard To Tell

My periods are irregular so it's hard to tell when my next one will be but, the last period I had was the 11th of last month. I have been getting symptoms but I am not sure if they are early pregnancy or period symptoms. My boyfriend had fingered me recently and I saw blood, the blood looked very bright. When I went to the bathroom I saw blood in the toilet as well. Also, a few days before this I was spotting. Could this mean I'm pregnant?

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How Long It Will Take To Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods?

My husband and I have been TTC for 9 months, he is 28 and I am 26. It would be our first baby, but we just don't seem to be getting pregnant as quickly as others. I'm wanting to go to the Drs to discuss TTC as my cycles are always irregular- one month I can be 7 days early, other months I'll be 3 weeks late, but the husband wants to wait another 3 months.

My main questions are:

A) how long did it take you to become pregnant?
B) did you find it an emotionally stressful time?
C) is there anything you did to encourage becoming pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Irregular Periods And OCP

I am 23 years old. I already have a baby and after that I had irregular periods like lasting for more than 15 days with heavy bleeding. So I took microgynon Ed for three months and still my periods are not regular. So can I continue taking pills? And I have a plan for 2nd baby. After stopping this pills can I get conceive or they I'll stop fertility temporarily?

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Irregular Periods - Getting For 2 Months Continuously

I have been experiencing irregular periods since I got them. I have Been getting my periods for 2 months continuously very light and it yet goes on ..I met my gynecologist and she said that it's due to gain in weight she gave me some pills and told me to exercise . I thought for myself and took stuff seriously like a good girl,I took the pills and started my exercise and thought I could experience some difference ..but it continued..why is it so ?

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Cerazette Pill - Irregular And Disturbed Periods

I have been on the pill for nearly a month now, before I went on the pill, I had really irregular periods, probably one every couple of months, if that.. now last tuesday I noticed I had started my period, but it wasn't a 'proper' period, it isn't enough to worry about it leaking, and it only seems to happen if I use a tampon, last night I used a pad and woke up to nothing so assumed I had finished, but shortly after I thought I should be safe so used a tampon and there was suddenly a lot of blood on it.

Now over the last week and 2 days, it hasn't always been blood, more like weird brown stuff, what should I do, is this normal or shall I go back to the nurse? It's just a nuisance, as although I'm not actually on my period, I can't have sex like it?

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Irregular Periods From Last 2 Months - No Pregnancy Symptoms

i don't have my periods from last two months i had it last on 04.02.2014. i took a pregnancy test two times but it was negative and i don't have any pregnancy symptoms.

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Menstruation :: Irregular Periods Last 2 Months - Low HB Level

I am 20 years old unmarried . from last 2 months i missed my periods can anybody tell me wats the reason my HB level is low is it also the reason for that.

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Menstruation :: Pill And Implant - Very Irregular Periods

I have gotten the implant in April 2015, and I thought this would help me through my periods as they were quite painful at times. I tried the pill, but since I'm already taking epilepsy medication, I didn't like the idea of taking another pill as well as them! In anyway, my periods are very irregular.. I mean, I could sometimes have spotting for a few days, or mistake it for a period because it's so light.. Then maybe, I could have two periods a month because of this! It's very annoying, as I don't even know when I'm going to have my next period, and I don't even get the symptoms i useta anymore.. It's such a pain!! Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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