Urinary Incontinence :: Small Ovarian Cyst And Overactive Bladder

Sep 10, 2014

I was sent to gynae as a scan showed I had a small ovarian cyst but I have also been experiencing bladder problems.  Saw specialist today who is now referring me to gynae/urology specialist (so another appointment to wait for).  Can anyone help with general advice for OAB?  I have downloaded some bladder training stuff and I have been given some medication to help in the interim while waiting for next appt.  I am worried about the pain I have every time I need to go to the loo - is this a common symptom?  I have also been told to use painkillers on a regular basis (every 6 hours) to combat this.

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Urinary Incontinence :: Oxybutynin - Overactive Bladder With Gynae Problems

I have overactive bladder and have had problems for years; I take oxybutynin which was helping quite a lot but since I've been having some other gynae problems the incontinence has become much worse again in the last few weeks/months. I'm waiting for tests at the moment so hoping this will give me more idea what I can do long term but in the meantime, trying to adjust to dealing with the wetting accidents again and manage it as best I can.

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UTI :: Overactive Bladder And Occasional Urge Incontinence

I am 50, male, and I have been poorly for a few weeks following a severe UTI, although I feel much better now than I was. Without going into the whole story, the pain I had was so sudden and severe that I had to be taken to A&E in an ambulance. I wondered if I had kidney stones, but I've now had a follow-up ultrasound scan of my kidneys and abdomen and this was clear. Had already had PSA blood test back in June which was also OK, so I don't think it is my prostate. I have no idea how the infection occurred and it is seems as if it was just one of those things.

I do have overactive bladder and occasional urge incontinence but I have never had a UTI before.

Other pre-existing conditions are high blood pressure, overweight and high cholesterol, also history of peptic ulcers and duodenitis,  as well as mental health issues, but nothing you would think would cause this specific condition.

I just wondered if anyone out there reading this post have had something similar or can help. I know UTIs are rare in men & I don't think I've quite got to the bottom of things yet. Has anyone else had any other tests other than ultrasound, and I wondered if they revealed anything more?

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Urinary Incontinence :: Bladder Okay - Pain In Pelvic And Groin Area

I have been suffering from urinary incontinence for a few months. I was given blood tests, which came back clear, although one showed a slight problem with my kidneys. I had a bladder scan and this showed that my bladder is working okay, but is taking a while to fill. My doctor has never examined me, she justs asks me what's wrong and recommends medication. I told her that I have pain in my pelvis and groin area. She said okay I'll prescribe you detrusitol and wear a pad and we'll see how it goes. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the incontinence. I'm only 39 and male and I am generally quite fit. I worry about people being able to see my pad and this is really getting me down. The incontinence happens nearly every night and sometimes during the day. The idea of being on medication and wearing pads for a lengthy period is making me anxious and depressed.

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Ovarian Cyst :: Do Simple Ovarian Cysts Of 4cms Ever Dissolve By Themselves?

I'm wondering whether anyone has had a simple cyst which dissolved by itself without medical intervention.

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Ovarian Cancer :: Complex Ovarian Cyst And Agus Pap

Just received my abnormal pap agus no hpv and I'm really scared. I have Further testing next Wednesday and I feel like I've just been given a death sentence. I'm 31 and a mother of four. I don't have any additional info im here just to vent I suppose.

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Urinary Incontinence After A Catheter

I recently left hospital and during my stay had a catheter inserted, since returning home I am suffering from bouts of weeing in my sleep. Is this normal and will it pass?

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Ovarian Cyst :: Open Surgery For Large Cyst While Pregnant

I am going for surgery on a large cyst. I am expecting a baby so I am anxious about having to have surgery during this time. Has anyone been through similar and were ok and the baby was ok? 

Also what were your experiences of the surgery pain relief and stitches etc?? Did it take you long to recover. Also if anyone has had this surgery pregnant or not I would love to hear from you but if you were what stage of pregnancy did you have surgery?

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Fluoxetine :: Causing Urinary Incontinence

After taking Fluoxetine for 2 months now, I have had a number of episodes of urinary incontinence.After searching the Internet, I found a number of sites connecting the two.Has anybody taking Fluoxetine also had this problem? I Would rather have severe depression than incontinence

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Urinary Incontinence :: Urethral Dilatation Due To UTI

In October last year I had a urethral dilatation after suffering from continual uti's which my urologist said was due to a narrow urethra.Since then I have had a number of episodes of incontinence both urge and stress which is making my life hell.

Has this happened to anybody else?.The infections have stopped but the incontinence is far worse

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Ovarian Cyst :: Suffered Hair Loss Due To Cyst?

I had a simple 13cm cyst removed from my broad ligament (next to ovary) at the end of June. It had been causing me issues for at least 6 months, including sharp pains, which I thought were linked to the digestive system at first. I had a laparoscopy and feel much better in myself.

The week before surgery, I began to noticeably lose hair from my head. It's now been coming out for nearly 8 weeks. Luckily I had a lot of hair to start with but I've now had to have it cut shorter as looked awful and I must have lost half my hair or more. :o(  I've had blood tests and everything seems fine, so Dr thinks it must have been the stress that the cyst was putting on my body, esp with sharp pains etc. I have found this link to PCOS but not large cysts and wondered if anyone else had suffered in the same way and if so, how long the hair loss continued?

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Urinary Incontinence :: Macroplastique Injections Information ?

Just wondered if anyone has had these injections, can't seem to find out any information about them.  Already had tvt surgery which was unsuccessful so really want more information before I have another procedure.

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Urinary Incontinence - Doxazosin Prescribed For Hypertension

Doc changed my BP tabs to Doxazosin recently as the amlodipine caused me dreadful muscle pain. However... since I've been on Doxazosin I have developed urinary incontinence. Not happy! It's worse in the morning after I've taken the tablet 2mg. Gets a bit better as the day goes on. Anybody else had this effect?

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Women's Health :: Urinary Incontinence Without Any Reason?

I've noticed in the last couple of months every now and then I have urinary incontinence. It's not a massive amount but it's more just embarrassing because I don't realise it has happened. I'm 25. Any ideas on what could cause this?

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Urinary Incontinence :: After Radical Prostate Removal

My 73 yo father had a radical surgery 5 years ago (prostate removal) due to the cancer. To date, he is suffering from urinary incontinence. He is also taking "Cymbalta" as a medication but no relief has been granted. I was wondering if anyone could let me know about a new medication in the market that would work better than "Cymbalta" ?


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Kidney Stones In Urethra - Urinary Incontinence

A CT scan showed my husband had a kidney stone in his urethra. He is not sure if he passed it yet or not. One day he had huge, huge pain and I took him to the hospital and they gave him pain pills but since then (a week ago) he's had no pain, so he thinks he might have passed it. Only one problem - he has urinary incontinence which is driving him crazy. Any thoughts?

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Pregnancy :: Urinary Incontinence 39 Weeks - First Child

I am 22 years old, first time pregnancy, 39 weeks. Completely healthy other than this one problem that i have had my entire life. Ever since I was a baby I have not been able to control my bladder when I laugh. Almost every single time I laugh I wet my pants...its very embarrassing...Throughout my life I have been very ashamed of this issue and honestly have tried to hide but as I have gotten older it continues to get worse. I know have to wear pads whenever I go anywhere where i think i will laugh otherwise i soak myself through my underwear. Most doctors think it is stress incontinence. They say because I have trouble relaxing when I use the bathroom I do not empty my bladder all the way and have urine left over, hence why I have to use the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes. Naturally being pregnant it has just gotten worse. No one can give me a REAL HONEST answer on whether or not my problem will get worse if I have a vaginal delivery I would like to have a vaginal delivery but only if my problem is not gonna get way worse. Im already in pads I dont wanna be in diapers and I only have a week left. I have scheduled the C but the doc says it up to me....NOTE: I have seen several urologists and because I have no definitive diagnosis none of them can recommend for or against the C section.

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Urinary Incontinence After Laminectomy W/bone Fusion?

After being diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis in 1992 and undergoing several other treatment options that were not successful, I had back surgery, a laminectomy w/bone fusion. I then developed urinary incontinence, which is still a problem for me. and also lost my mobility. I am now spending most of the time in a wheelchair, although I am able to use a walker for very limited distance walking. I still suffer from back pain but do get some relief from a prescription pain med. I just wondered if anyone else had developed urinary incontinence after having back surgery?

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Urinary Incontinence :: After Prolapse Repair And Perineorrhaphy

I had prolapse repair and perineorrhaphy repair in May this year ever since I have urinary incontinence leakage I never stuffed with before hospital told me physio is only cause of action at moment someone please tell me there is light at end of tunnel feel so depressed. 

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Herpes :: Genital HSV 1 - Skin Irritation And Urinary Incontinence

I've been HSV1+ (oral) for 20 years.  Several months ago I had unprotected intercourse with a woman 3 times.  Within 2 days, maybe sooner, I felt irritated on the shaft of my penis and the irritation and redness have been almost constant for 6 months.  I've had 2 IgG tests at 3 weeks and 6 months, both were HSV1+ and HSV2 neg.  All other STD tests were negative.  4 dermatologists didn't think much of it but one thinks it could be a herpetic neuralgia causing the issue.  Never had an issue before the intercourse with this woman and issue happened immediately after and I'm not one for coincidences.  I've tried all types of creams and have been on valtrex for months with no improvement of symptoms.  I've also had urinary incontinence - leaking, which started one month after skin irritation began.  Any thoughts??

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Urinary Incontinence :: 30 Kidney Stones Passed During Pregnancy

I'm 35yo F, have two kids (ages 3 and 6). During both pregnancies I had about 30 kidney stones I passed and I've passed several more outside of pregnancy. Most noticeable since having my second daughter, I've suffered from urinary incontinence. Not when I cough or laugh but it seems to leak out after I go to the bathroom. I don't feel it but throughout the day and night, my underwear are always damp and I can smell urine. I don't have bladder control issues - meaning, I always make it to the bathroom in time. It's very upsetting and been very stressful. I've seen 3 different doctors and it wasn't until my most recent visit where I got very frustrated that they seemed to finally listen and now said they are referring me to another specialist and I'll need to be tested for a fistula and other potential serious issues. 

The specialist can't see me for a few more weeks. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Anyone have any input? 

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