Uterine Fibroids :: Clots With Heavy Bleeding, Smell, Tired, In Pain Stomach An Back

Jun 10, 2015

I was hoping someone could help, every month I take my period I have massive blood clots some the size of a small orange, some months it knocks me right of my feet were the pain is that intense I can't walk with pain in my stomach and back..I have an awful smell, headache and feel very emotional, I have had children but this has only started from December..it's terrible I can literally do nothing for 2 weeks then only getting over it when it starts again, some months r worse than other does anyone experience this? If so what is it? My doctor puts it down to heavy periods.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Heavy Bleeding Week 5 Of ESMYA. Is This Normal?

I've bled more or less continuously since starting ESMYA although admittedly it was heavier the first 2 weeks. However, following last Friday night when I couldn't sleep because of abdominal pain I started bleeding heavily again on the Saturday. Thing is, it's not constant. I seem to have these totally unpredictable random episodes of bad flooding immediately followed by a rush of loads of large clots. It's totally debilitating, not to mention the mess and I have no confidence to leave the house. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if it's another period as the timing would be right?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Laparoscopic Myomectomy - Lower Back Pain

Hi I am 3 weeks post laparoscopic myomectomy. Few days after surgery I started noticing my lower back ache. The pain is in the middle, by the tailbone. Pain can sometimes also travel to my right leg. And also the pain is a lot worse when I walk or sit for over 5 minutes.

Unfortunately I can't take anti-inflammatory because I get a lot of diarreah from just 200mg. So I've been using a heating pad and just sitting.

Anyone had the same experience? What is causing this? Will this go away? What can I do to make the pain subside?

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Perimenopause (41) :: Heavy Bleeding But No Clots Or Cramps?

I have been having peri symptoms for a couple of years. I'm 44. During those years my periods have extended to as much as 40 days until this April whereafter I skipped a month and then this month I am bleeding again but the blood is horrendously heavy with no clots. I am feeling okay as I already take floradix for iron help. ( wow, it took me over five minutes to remember the name of that and then I had to give in and google. My mind went totally blank, another symptom!)

Seeing as I am only on my second day of the horrendous bleed I haven't run to the doctor yet but will next week if it continues. I have  read a lot of women talk about heavy bleeding with clots, but I don't have the clots and it's not like my normal period. Of course this happens right near a weekend. Anyone else have the same? It's quite unnerving seeing this blood and I am scared!

My other symptoms are moody swings, crazy rages, depression, anxiety, swollen glands (will get that checked for thyroid), sleeping too much to not enough sleep, no libido, dry eyes, sore boobs, backache, 'not quite on this planet' feelings, some hot flashes, palpitations in early morning, panic feelings for food, boredom, forgetfulness, avoiding everything, fear....blah...the list goes on.

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IUD :: Abnormal Heavy Bleeding And Blood Clots?

In January I had polyps removed and an IUD put in. There haven't been any issues until now. Tuesday evening/early Weds morning (about 5 days ago on the 15th) I noticed some breakthrough bleeding. My period had just ended on the 6th. It continued on and I started to have some slight cramping so I called my doctor and got an appointment. He took a look and said my IUD seemed a little lower than usual (that was Thursday). I made an appointment for an ultrasound and thought everything was ok. My bleeding was getting heavier and heavier, but a regular tampon managed it. In the afternoon I was out and I stood up and apparently I had bled through my tampon and underwear and it was coming down my leg. I called my doctor and they said keep and eye on it and if it continued to be like that or if it was a pad an hour go to the hospital. But it seemed to slow down. Today, however, it seems I have been clotting even more. And I just felt what I thought was a really large gush of blood, I went to the restroom and it was a huge blood clot. About an inch or so long and it wasn't flat nor did it just fall apart when I grabbed it with a tissue. What should I do? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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Onset Of Menopause? Heavy Bleeding Big Clots

I am 43 years old and I have been on my period for the last 10 days. I haven't been in any extreme pain as far as cramping goes no more than normal. But I've had periods of real heavy bleeding and some pretty big clots. Is it the onset of menopause or is something major going on.

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Abortion :: After Two Weeks - Heavy Bleeding With Clots

I was raped (not what I'm here to talk about), and found myself pregnant. I had a medical abortion two weeks ago.

Within the first 6 hours I experienced heavy bleeding and cramps, passed large clots etc. By that evening I was feeling OK, I was able to eat something and the had stopped passing clots. I continued to bleed and haven't stopped since (although it has often been light).

Two days ago I was in the shower and blood started dripping out of me quite fast, and I passed some small clots. I was in the shower for about 10 more mins and then it stopped.. I went about my day, no more clots and changed pad twice.

Yesterday I got up.. Had a shower. Same thing happened but this time it didn't stop and lasted about 7 hours. I had no cramps but it just wasn't nice. I was in an empty bath passing clots ( some very big) for ages, then I put a pad on, tried to rest, and when I got up to go to the toilet more clots would come. I definitely lost a lot of blood yesterday so feeling tired today... But I'm sure wondering has anyone else experienced something like this two weeks later? I slept ok.. Had shower this morn.. No clots.. Back to a light bleed. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if you think I'm done with these horrid clots now.

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Abortion :: After One Week - Heavy Bleeding And Clots

Well the reason I decided to post on here is because I wanted to not only share my experience, but to see if anyone else experienced anything similar to me. I had a medical abortion last week. I started with the first pill on Tuesday, then the misoprostol on Wednesday. Shortly after taking the misoprostol, I began experiencing watery diarrhea and bleeding began at the same time, just a little bit. As the day went on and I took the remaining two tablets, and the bleeding began to get worse. I passed two rather large clots in addition to the smaller ones, and I had to look to see what they were. One of them just looked like a bunch of tissue like muscle stuff, so I assumed that was probably the embryo. I also passed something that looked like a little sac on a string (placenta I'm assuming). I had absolutely no pain while this was going on. I thought I was lucky and was going to get away with that, plus I almost never get cramps during my period. Wrong. Later that afternoon, I had some mild cramps but I had been taking pain killers in preparation of cramps that day. By that night, around 10pm I couldn't sleep I had bad cramping in my lower stomach and back, it felt like someone was tugging me. My cervix was also contracting and I could feel it as if someone was sticking a needle in it. I took more painkillers and finally got to sleep around 2am.

As the next few days went on, I experienced pretty heavy bleeding, but not anything alarming. It all seemed fairly normal and what I expected.. I also had no more cramps beyond that first night. Now today is Wednesday, one week later and I woke up this morning and felt cranky and miserable. I started having cramps like my worst period would feel, maybe a little more. My bleeding got pretty bad. It was running right out over the pads, it was like someone has left a faucet on trickling constantly. I had to shower at least three times. I started to panic and thought about calling my doctor, but the thing is, abortion is not legal where I live. I got this pills through another source. But as the bleeding seemed so bad, I thought something just had to be wrong and I was going to call the doctor but I could barely move without leaking. The last time I took a shower, I decided to get out and sit on the toilet for a bit. I suffer constipation pretty often, and I hadn't gone #2 for a few days so I started straining a little. Up until this point, I think my subconscious held back anything I'd feel the slimy feeling of a blood clot coming out, and I'd tense up to avoid it. Not on purpose mind you. But this time I held nothing back. I strained and pushed just like bearing down to give birth (I have 2 kids so I know how that feels). Well suddenly I felt a huge gush, and this very large clot similar to what I passed the first day come out. ALong with some smaller clots that kept coming. My cramps shortly went away after that, and the bleeding has slowed right down, so I decided to not call a doctor after all. I'm thinking either something didn't pass until now, or maybe that large clot was blocking the remains from coming out and now that is why the bleeding has slowed down.

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Menstrual Cycle - Norethisterone - Heavy Clots And Bleeding

I'm 23 and experienced 3 weeks of heavy bleeding so my gp prescribed me norethisterone. I had blood tests and swabs which were fine except my thyroid TSH was high. I took 1 tablet three times daily for 10 days and the heavy bleeding did not stop until nearly the end of the course. I have been on the depo injection for years and tuesday gone have now changed to the mini pill cerazette which is basically the same. I started to bleed like the nurse told me i would after stopping the tablets from wednesday but today experienced a large amount of dark clots and heavy bleeding. Is this normal? Nurse said if i had clots to go back to see her and gave me another prescription for norethisterone but i don't want to start taking them again as i had bad headaches and i have gained 10lbs in weight. Help anyone? I was off work for 2 weeks and can't be off again as it made me weak and tired

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Menopause :: Very Heavy Bleeding Large Blood Clots

I have been bleeding now for past 4 weeks. The last week has seen me lose giant blood clots and I mean lots of them. In fact I've had to stay off work these last few days as I need to be near a loo. I feel a bit shaky but I put that down to the amount of blood I've lost. I'm really worried I'm going to need a hysterectomy. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Had A Myomectomy Still Heavy Periods

Everything is clear in womb! There is half one left on outside of womb. I want to have children soon. My periods are heavy and very painful can't sleep! My iron is fine my thyroid is fine my eggs are fine!i feel weak tired and worried! Clotting! Watery big cramps! Will stop pain then start again later in day.

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Menstruation :: Heavy Bleeding And Clots - Alysena - Birth Control

I recently had sex for the first time in about 6 months and it was the week before my period started. I am on birth control (Alysena) and have been on this particular one for about 5 years. My boyfriend and I had sex while I was on my period and a few days later my period became very heavy and I started seeing clots every time I went to the bathroom. At this point I have had my period for 8 days even though I have already taken 5 pills out of a new pack. My periods have never been very heavy or long, with the exception of a few times, but it's definitely abnormal. Is this normal after having sex for the first time in a long time?

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Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding? Heavy And Clots - 2 Periods A Month

In this month of April I had a period that began on April 6th with semi heavy bleeding, and ended April 14th. April 29th I began a second period with heavy bleeding, and now I'm also having blood clots ranging from the size as small as a dime to as big a half dollar coin. What could be the cause of this abnormal menstrual bleeding?

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Pregnancy (6 Weeks) :: Heavy Bleeding, Painful Cramps, No Clots

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I'm experiencing heavy bleeding and really painful cramps but no blood clots. I'm very afraid I may be having a miscarriage. The bleeding has been going on for 4 days now and my cramping started tonight but it's a very sharp constant cramping. Nothing like my period cramps.

There are many websites but non explain on bleeding, cramping but no blood clots... Am I or am I not having a missed miscarriage?

My doctor gave me an apt for 2 weeks from today!!! He knows about the bleeding however not the painful cramping since it started late tonight...

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LLETZ :: Sharp Lower Back Pain And Heavy Bleeding

I looked up some older discussion about symptoms after LLETZ, seems that everyone's condition is different.

I was told CIN 2 in Dec, 2013 after my pap smear and biopsy. And the doctor gave me a LLETZ procedure in the following week. I expressed my concerns of bleeding post op as i have had bleeding tendency, such as bleeding nose and easy bruise. My doc asked me to have a blood test and they found my platelet is low 140. The reference range is 150- 450, so they think it's okay for the surgery.

Had general anesthetic, and the op went fine(As i was knocked out in seconds). two weeks later, a heavy bleeding started after a short period. And the period was 2 weeks earlier.I waited for about a week to see if it got better, and my pads got soaked through in about 1 hour, i was scared. So I visited my doc and she used the chemicals to burn the wounds and the bleeding got a lot worse. There was this very wet flow i could feel even i was lying still for hours. I became lightheaded and tired after another horrible day of bleeding. So i rang the doc the next day and she admitted me to hospital and gave me another minor procedure to use electricity to burn the area.

A few days later, the bleeding came back again. And i wasn't sure if it is a period now. As i felt i have had PMS for a long time and the color was so bright.

Long story in short, i have been bleeding for 6 weeks after my LLETZ op now. My platelet is low 144 and clotting time is longer than normal.

In the meantime, i also have very upset and bloated tummy. The doc put me on antibiotics and iron. Some times i have constipation ( side effect of iron) and the next day it became diarrhea. I couldn't sleep during the night, tossing around with the mild fever, swelling gastral, stinging aching pain in my lower back, right under the center of lumbar spine. And i had to stay in bed most time otherwise it will cause more bleeding. It is a mental torment to have your vitality killed each day by more bleeding, fatigue and more pain....

After pints of blood loss, i think i definitely have anemia now. A few nights earlier, when the bleeding and pain made me sleepless and i opened my eyes, for ten second, everything i saw in the bedroom became pink! I was so scared that i might loss my vision. Now my vision just became blurry.

Sorry to give you so much detail, as i try to be specific that if someone has experienced the similar situation they can share some light.

My doc is super busy and i struggle to communicate with her and have her listen to my symptoms. And she didn't care about my gastric pain and lower back pain simply because that's not her area.

Did anyone have similar experience? I would like to know if i should see someone about my bleeding, lower back pain and pastoral pain? Is it a side affect from the operation? I really need to get my life back and get back to yoga and hiking again! Appreciated your sharing and comments!

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Uterine Fibroids :: 7 Weeks Post Myomectomy - Heavy Flow And Cramping

Had a successful removal of a golfball size fibroid on 24th march after having 2 horrendous long and heavy clotting and bleeding episodes. Was so hopeful that myomectomy will resolve the problem, but I dont think I am so lucky. 1st period post op arrived 2 weeks later...lots of cramping and very heavy flow, no clotting though...and lasted for 2 weeks including trailing off period. After 25 days (thats my normal cycle) the 2nd period started...it was one from HELL....lots of cramping and LOTS and LOTS of clots ...some as big as my fist!!! Today is day 11 still bleeding however not heavily but still red fresh blood.

Anyone with similar experience?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya Caused More Bleeding

Having had heavy bleeding for 6 months from fibroids, with mirena coil unsuccessful,I started Esmya couple of days ago. However, despite also still being on tranexamic acid, my bleeding is now worse than ever with lots of lower abdominal pain. Can esmya make symptoms worse before they get better? Also, possible option for future treatment is ablation. Has anyone had this done or can tell me how bleeding is after this?

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya - Still Bleeding After 12 Days

I have been taking Esmya tablets for 12 days and still have bleeding also i am getting bad pains on my right side. is this normal as i was told after 5 days my bleeding would stop

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Uterine Fibroid Embolization - Heavy Bleeding 15 Days Post Op

I'm 15 days post op. I had heavy bleeding when I left hospital which lasted a few days then stopped. Then yesterday I started bleeding again it's not as heavy as pre op but heavy enough. I wondered if anyone experienced this post op

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Iron Deficiency Anaemia - Uterine Polyps And Heavy Bleeding

I have recently become anaemic, I suffer from uterine polyps that have been 'quiet' for about 6 years ever since menopause, however about a week ago I started bleeding heavily, the past couple of days I am so tired, wobbly on my feet and look as white as a sheet, also heartrate is up a bit, anyone out there who has experienced the same or similar? and what happened regarding treatment were you put on iron tablets etc? I know I have to see the doc and will be ringing her tomorrow but am sitting in bed fretting about it.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Esmya Stopped My Bleeding And Periods

I took two packages  ( doctor gave me only 2)  of esmya from april to june.

My bleeding completely stopped and even month after I still do not a period.

Did you have a similar situation? When can i expect it. My plan is to be operated in August ( hopefully laparoscopy treatment).

During taking the esmya i felt good. Unfortunately scan showed that fibroid size had not changed still 6 x 6. 

Bad effect on me was a cyst ( i had cysts before )in my left breast which at some stage was huge but now after there is only a little mark

I still have a little hope esmya is working a bit, i heard it is possible...

I hope my decision about the treatment is a good one. I've been thinking about it for 2 years. I would like to have children in the future im 33.

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