Vaginal Health :: Greenish Yellow Vaginal Discharge Without Odor

Sep 5, 2013

I've been having greenish yellow vaginal discharge with no odor. I've been sexually active with one person and always use a condom. What could it be? Should I be worried?

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Vaginal Health :: Yellow/greenish Milky Wet Discharge

Um this is embarrassing but recently my vagina has seeped a pale sort of yellow greenish that is not as thick but more runny like a loose kind of lotion. I'm 17 I've had regular discharge but it was odd when I started becoming more wet down under and I would have wet panties stained with the discharge. I shaved recently and I had small itchy bumps but that was because of the change of soap I used around the parts I shaved my skin around there was just not used to the soap but I never cleaned the inside with it I use a skin sensitive brand like Summers eve when I clean my vagina and I don't douche. I also have this one bump on my outer lip I get them rarely but they go away and never changed anything. I checked for odor I also cleaned myself before I checked and didn't urinate so I could see if it had an odor or if I was smelling musky. After I  wake up in the morning the smell is little to none nothing funky but smells like how it would normally.  I'm also a virgin and the most sexual activity close to sex is dry rubbing and oral sex but thats all, my boyfriend is a virgin too so no source of STD's or anything and we use protection for our foreplay to play it safe. I don't know if this helps but when I wear shorts and go running it gets wet between my thighs. I'm a little stressed from my relationship as well if that also helps. Is something wrong with me? Is there any home remedies or over the counter for it if there is? I don't have the money for a doctor either. ): Thank you for taking your time to read this I'm just quite worried. I've always been careful but this makes me uneasy. I know its alot but I want to be as detailed and accurate as possible.

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Vaginal Health :: Yellow Clomps Coming Out Of My Vagina / No Odor

I have a problem with my lower area where i have yellow clomps coming out of my vagina there is no odor it doesn't burn but it itch a little

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Vaginal Health :: Noticeable Discharge And Odor Every Day

i have discharge every day and it comes with a  noticeable odor.when i take a shower im good for a few hrs then i start to notice a smell. i haven't had sex in months so i couldn't b related to that but when i do i am always protected

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Vaginal Health :: Discharge, Itch But No Odor

For the last 4 days I have had thin slightly brownish discharge that has almost no odor .If any odor at all, it smells kind of like mediciney. I have a lot of vaginal itching as well .My diet is very healthy .Almost no sugar, I take probiotics,Apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil ever day . I can figure out what's going on. The itchiness isn't as bad as it was. I have no pelvic pain .I have tried some alternative treatments such as tea tree oil and garlic .I have been with the same partner for 4 years and we are monogamous . We both were tested 4 years ago for std's and were negative .Except I tested positive for"trich" which is a little bug. We were both treated and my symptoms are not anything like those symptoms . Anyone have any thoughts? Also, I am otherwise in great health and feel great so I am trying to avoid going to a doctor for now .

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Vaginal Health :: 14 - Odor / Lots Of Discharge

I am 14 years old and I have noticed since I was around 12 I have like this fishy type smell odor that comes from my vaginia . It is really embarrassing because I can just be sitting in class and I will start to smell it and I don't know if anybody else can smell it. I also get very wet and often my underwear will be soaked by the time I get home from school so I have to change them. I am too embarrassed to talk to my mom about this because then she will think I'm sexually active or something when I'm not . I am still a virgin and I have never been fingered .

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Vaginal Health :: Yellowish Discharge - No Odor

I'm 23 yrs old, my last sex intercourse was 3 months ago and 3 days after my menstrual period I'am encountering a yellowish discharge and the texture of discharge is almost cottage cheese but it doesn't have any bad odor or fishy smell..and also I feel itchy in my vagina....

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Vaginal Health :: Bad Odor And Discharge After Miscarriage - Infection?

I am 19 years old and i had a miscarriage about a year ago and now am having bad odor and discharge can i possible be infected?

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Vaginal Health :: Brown Color Discharge And Odor

Two days ago i realize that my discharge has a brown colour it started slightly as blood but now it is brown it has a odor. Will it go away? Could it be i have an infection? How can brown discharge be treated

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Vaginal Health :: White Discharge With Strong Odor

my vagina doesn't have any symptoms of a disease. I'm a virgin.I'm ALWAYS Wet (&))' it makes me uncomfortable. I Have A strong odor but not one that's
unpleasant just very strong(at least to me) people seem to act normal around me (&))' I don't know if they do it to be nice or because they don't smell
anything.Yet when i put my finger into my vagina there's white discharge.I'm afraid that when i decide to have sex that my boyfriend may try to finger me and he'll be grossed out. Also i'm afraid people smell my "scent" which really makes me feel embarrassed.

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Vaginal Health :: Burning And Itching No Discharge / Odor

The week before Easter I starting having extreme burning, itching, discharge, odor which increased after sex. Went to the Dr found out I had BV. Took the full prescription of oral meds felt relieved for short time and it came back. Went back to Dr said I showed a trace of the BV and prescribed intervaginal meds which I took along with Rephresh probiotic for about a month. In the last week the burning and itching has returned but my Dr is saying I test neg for BV, yeast, along with a half dz std's that I requested her test for. At this point my Dr is saying it could be an allergic reaction? I haven't changed products.

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Vaginal Health :: Green/Yellow And Lumpy Discharge

This is really embarrassing for me as i am only 15 years old and i'm a virgin but i've been getting green-yellow clumpy discharge for the past year...I didn't do anything or think anything about it because i thought it's nothing but as time went by my discharge has been getting thick and it drys up on my knickers and gets hard.

Does anyone know what it is and should i get it checked?

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Vaginal Health :: Thick White / Yellow Discharge

I keep having a lot of thick white or yellow discharge. Sometimes its so much i feel like i peed myself. I do not have an std because i've been with my boyfriend for two years and we are both std free. I have had yeast and bacteria infections before. It doesn't really smell. It doesn't smell fishy or anything. When my boyfriend performs oral he says it tastes really sour. Also sometimes when we have sex it is so thick and it like clumps up, also i'm really wet in the beginning and then i get really dry.

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Women's Health :: Brown Vaginal Discharge & Foul Odor

For the past couple days I have been experiencing this insanely disgusting odor from my vagina, especially during intercourse. At first I thought it was the smell of dry blood because my partner and I started having intercourse the day my period was suppose to end. After we finished we both noticed a horrible smell and that there were brown stains. I assumed that it was dry blood, but after a couple days the smell and brown discharge did not disappear, it just got worse. I felt some discomfort during intercourse but other than that physically I didn't feel anything, the only thing that was uncomfortable was the disgusting smell. The discharge was a brown liquid most noticeable when whilst on the toilet. I noticed that the discharge was coming deep within my vagina. So I started to google my symptoms and I my results came up with having a vaginal fistula. But it didn't make sense. I came across this website and the forum started by pain and shame, where you are now no longer able to comment thus why I am starting a new thread, and saw that she had the exact same symptoms that I was experiencing. I continued reading and she said that the root of her problem was a lost tampon. I thought to myself "no, that's impossible". Once reading the comments I went to the bathroom to check and to my utter most surprise I indeed found a tampon deep within my vagina. I was completely shocked, I had no idea that this was even possible. The tampon had rolled up deep inside and was difficult to remove, you definitely need time and patience to remove it. This definitely opened my eyes, I never knew this was possible and the consequences could have been dangerous, such as TSS. I just want readers to be aware that this can happen and if anyone is experiencing what I went through they should first check for a lost tampon.

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Vaginal Health :: Clumpy Cottage Cheese Looking Discharge No Odor

It seems to happen the most right before my period and it doesn't come out on its own I have to dig it out. Its disgusting. Idk what has caused this and to be honest I can't pinpoint exactly when it started. I know about 5 months ago in the shower I used a douche after my period and seen something clumpy come out. And I had noticed before that that when I was on my period it would be (what looked to me like bloody skin) on my tampon or when I would wipe im so embarrassed by it when me and my fiance have sex I don't let him go down on me or stick his finger in me im scared to death that I may not have gotten it all out and it get on him. Its nauseating really. I've been told by a dr that I needed to be checked for endometriosis and was told that it was a yeast infection by another dr. But i've taken the meds and its still here.

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Vaginal Health :: Slight Odor, NO Itch / Burning / Discharge

I'm 18 years old , i lost my virginity this year in january and went to the gyno in february because i noticed i had a slight odor of something burning, i have no itching no burning and no discharge  ? when i went in february my gyno said i had a little bit of BV i did it all the cream , and then pills but only for 4 days because i couldn't berth on the pills, recently i did the vaginal screening test because i get the odor a day after having sex two weeks ago friday day after no smell , last week tuesday day after no smell , yesterday i did the test and it said my ph balance was normal 4.5 i had sex and today there a little bit of smell is this normal ? also my vagina is dry , could this smell be from too much sex in one day or becoming dry during sex but not stopping ?

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Vaginal Health :: Brown Discharge/foul Odor And Increasing Discomfort

Last month, between totally regular, normal periods, I had a watery brown discharge for 2 days. It was foul smelling and very soppy but aside from the smell it seemed like dried blood finally coming down.

This last week I began noticing a foul smell whenever I went to the bathroom. It smelt like fecal matter, so I simply thought it was my bowels giving me a hard time. I was mortified to find out that during intercourse later that day, the foul smell increased. It was emitting from deep within my vagina! My husband politely told me I smelled 'yeasty' but I have had many yeast/BV infections and even PID and nothing compared to this! Furthermore, there is no itching or irritation. I would never have known about the smell if we hadn't engaged in sex.

I took some AZO yeast and medicated with some anti-yeast suppositories but it has been over a week and the smell has only increased. The brown, watery discharge has also come back. It literally smells like a rat crawled up there and died. Furthermore, I am beginning to feel very sore deep inside my vagina, close to my cervix, (almost like the onset of a PID). I did a pregnancy check: I am not pregnant. My husband swears he can 'feel' something rough at the end of my vagina during intercourse. I had a PAP smear/colposcopy 6 months ago and they told me that I was in the clear with regard to HPV (previously I had been on the alert to make sure nothing spread, but the doctors told me they hadn't seen any growth and that I was looking okay).

I've had ovarian cysts before, but they were removed. I've had a lot of women's issues in the past, but nothing this elusive or mystifying (or gross). Even my yeast infections are less smelly with less discharge than this! Help, does this sound like anything? I've looked at possible causes online and there are very few things that meet the criteria of fouls-smelling w/brown discharge with NO irritation and I am at a loss.

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Vaginal Health :: Dark Brown Odor Free Discharge Everyday For A 2 Months

I have had a dark brown odor free discharge everyday for a 2 months now , and to embarrassed to go to my doctor , well anyways once a week i will wipe and see blood with the discharge and sometimes blood clots ,the bleeding once a week just started 3 weeks ago , i also cramp really bad . what is this?

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Women :: Vaginal Odor Discharge After Having Sex

Vaginal odor discharge after having sex ....

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Pregnancy :: Increased Vaginal Odor And Discharge

I've never had vaginal odor before... And now that I'm pregnant I have increased discharge and vaginal odor. I've been using feminine wash but nothing seems to help.... ?

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Yeast Infection? Vaginal Odor And Discharge

I'm sexually active and i've had a baby 4 months ago. I have a very bad discharge yellowish and thin. And a odor which can smell like fishy. Could it be a bladder infection or yeast infection?

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