Venlafaxine :: Supplements To Help Withdrawal Of Effexor

Jul 15, 2015

which supplements to buy to help me with withdrawal of Effexor! 

I've read that a good quality Omega 3 supplement will help and maybe 5 htp? 

It's day 3 of withdrawal and I'm feeling so so tired and in need of some energy!

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Venlafaxine :: Supplements To Help Venlafaxine Withdrawal

Anyone recommend a supplement to help me calm down and relax, as I'm withdrawing from Venlafaxine and I'm really having a difficult few days!

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Supplements To Wean Off Effexor ?

I am terrified to get off this drug. I have only been on it for 3 months at most and going through all the symptoms of withdrawal described. It seems like even weaning is no use. Does anyone have any over the counter supplements that can be taken to feel decent and stop taking this?

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Cannabis To Cope Effexor Withdrawal?

I've been on Effexor XR for about four years, and about three years ago I attempted to gradually reduce my dose until I was off it, but once I did so I had intense nausea. It got to the point where I forgot what it was like to just be. I had to choose between hungry or being nauseous, and it was a battle every day keeping food down. I tried telling myself that it was just withdrawal and it would pass, but two months went by and nothing changed, so I went back on Effexor, and I could once again eat and digest food just fine. I then decided I needed to move on with my life, I couldn't revolve it around trying to get off this medication, so I've just been taking it ever since. I've been learning more about how cannabis can help with a wide variety of symptoms, and was hoping someone had experience with treating nausea withdrawal symptoms or, though I doubt it, if you know of someone that used cannabis to help them get off of Effexor.

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Venlafaxine Withdrawal :: Agitated And Very Isolated

Yes it's me again, last few days I've felt agitated and on edge now this afternoon I'm full of tears!, is this part of withdrawal? I feel very very isolated and I just need to know if this is to be expected! 

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Venlafaxine :: Does Mirtazapine Have Withdrawal Symptoms?

My psychiatrist has just agreed that I can try reducing my antidepressant medication. I'm on 225mg venlafaxine and 30 mg mirtazapine, and he's suggested I gradually reduce the mirtazapine first, and see what happens He's warned me that i might notice less sedation, so sleep less well. Are there any other withdrawal symptoms I should know about? Anyone else tried it?

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Venlafaxine :: Withdrawal - Sweating Excessively / Nightmares

I have been on venlafaxine for around 10 months. I haven't had them for the last 3 days as I have been waiting to see a doctor to get a script for them. I ended up getting some today. I took 150mg for the first time. ate a banana after that. 15 minutes later i felt so sick i threw up. I don't know if i should take another tablet or not? I don't want the sweats to happen again tonight. I have been sweating excessively for the past 2 days and having nightmares. My boyfriend is going to buy me some tablets to stop me from being sick. i just want a good night sleep tonight..

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Venlafaxine :: Does Coffee Make Withdrawal Worse?

I'm so used to having a couple of cups of coffee a day but since i started withdrawing it seems to make my symptoms worse...especially the buzzing in my brain. Has anyone else found this? Any tips?

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Withdrawal - No Venlafaxine For 6 Days - Suffering Like Crazy

I've got all the symptoms and feeling like death warmed up at the moment. Have been weaning off for three months now, and been on 37.5mg for a month. My philosophy had been that, once my body had levelled out on that particular dosage, I'd cut to the next ... so, here I am on nothing since last Wednesday (Tuesday today here in NZ) and suffering like crazy, but thinking one of two things. I either ride the wave, and surely, surely I'll feel better soon? Right? OR, to go back on the 37.5mg for longer!! But, if I do that, won't I just be delaying the inevitable? I  mean from what I've read, the side effects are inevitable no matter what I do ... I'm self medicating with pain killers, antihistamines, and Coconut oil. Can't take Omega 3 as that by itself used to give me brain zaps so not sure what my options are here?

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Convulsive Shaking And Heart Palpitations With Venlafaxine Withdrawal?

I have been on antidepressants for 11 years, for OCD, and on Venlafaxine for roughly 6 years. At its highest i was on 225 mg plus 5mg Abilify. About two year ago my OCD had been under control for a good few years so i wanted to come off the medication for that reason but also I was suffering with chronic tiredness (falling asleep at work) and headaches that the drs could find no explanation for and I thought the drugs might be causing this. So I started reducing my meds.

I am off the Abilify and have got the Venlafaxine down to half a 37.5mg tab in the morning and a quarter tab in the evening. This has not been without its problems though. I could deal with the nausea/head zaps etc but about five/six months ago I tried reducing from 37.5mg every day to every other day (on the 'advice' of my GP who said it was 'such a baby dose you should be able to come off it in two weeks' ha!) and this resulted in my having heart palpitations (rate of 130bpm) and severe shakes and ending up in A&E. GP and doctor in A&E were both sceptical that withdrawal could cause this. GP made me do a 24hr heart ECG thing which came back normal so she put it down to 'anxiety'.

There were other (less severe) instances of heart palpitations in the following months that became less frequent. Then yesterday I couldn't remember if i'd taken my Venlafaxine in the morning so I took a quarter of a 37.5mg tab in the afternoon and a half of a quarter (crazy maths i know) in the evening. I then woke up suddenly at 1am and proceeded to get violent shakes and a feeling of a burning sensation in my brain. I got my partner to call an ambulance but by the time the paramedics got here the shaking had stopped and they said i was ok to stay home.

Has anyone had similar problems with convulsive shakes or heart palpitations with Venlafaxine? I want to come off it but these symptoms are alarming and no one in the medical profession seems to understand, all are dismissive of Venlafaxine withdrawal and even more so if you mention what you've 'read online'! But reading other people's experiences of this nightmare drug are reassuring me that i'm not insane (or at least no more than i was anyway).

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Venlafaxine Withdrawal - Dizziness, Dry Mouth, Excess Sleepiness, Confusion, Mental Oblivions

I've been on venlafaxine for about 2 years, taking a dose of 150 mg per day. I used to take the generic pills which are cheaper. To be honest I didn't even know there was an 'original' one, named Effexor, until last friday.

When I changed town I continued the treatment with another doctor, and he suggested i came off the drug. I thought I'd try, and for the first month I reduced from 150mg to 75mg. Nothing wrong there. Then I took another step and reduced from 75 to 37,5mg and in the fourth day I collapsed.

I had this breakdown, feeling all kind of weird symptoms: dizziness, dry mouth, excess sleepiness, confusion, mental oblivions (memory lapses), total apathy, total loss of libido. 

I got really scared and tried to go back on my own since I was off town and couldn't talk to the doctor.

I took for 3 days the 150 mg pills but that didn't help. I consulted another doctor and he suggested to take a 107,5 mg dose (75+37,5) for 20 days and then restore the original 150 mg dose afterwards.

It's been 6 days since I started taking this dose and I still feel awful! I feel like I'm not the same anymore!!! It's the strangest thing ever. I had to ask for a job-absent license cause I can't work in these conditions.

One other thing is that a moved from the generic pills to the Effexor (from Pfizer - Wyeth) - the doc suggested that - and I don't know if that is making things worse...

I feel really awkward, useless, like my brain is in slow motion. I've been thinking about going' cold turkey since taking back venlafaxine did not help.

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Venlafaxine :: Venlafaxine XL - Less Side Effects

I've been on it for years and it's been brilliant. I was tired all the time and it gave me new energy.

The downside is that if you miss a couple of doses the withdrawal side-effects are quite horrendous. Venlafaxine XL (time released ones) are gentler with the side effects than the ordinary ones.

They've definitely worked for me.

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Does Anyone Take Lexapro, Effexor And Xanax?

Does anyone take lexapro,effexor and xanax? my new primary doctor has me going off effexor saying it is basically the same as lexapro.

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Depression :: Depressed - Withdrawals Of Effexor

been depressed for 7 months. going through withdrawals of effexor. been tried on different antidepressants. now on prozac for 1 week.

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Effexor And Burning Mouth Syndrome

I have been taking Effexor for many years and have recently been diagnosed with Burning Mouth Syndrome. Anyone have this condition and taking Effexor?

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Coming Off Effexor :: Anyone Used Cannabis For Anxiety

Horrible withdrawal coming off the Effexor but doing it slowly .Day 7 now off of it and feeling anxious especially first thing in the am.Has anyone used cannabis for anxiety and found it helped?

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Coming Off Effexor - Brain Shivers

Can someone describe the brain shivers that i have been reading about when people are coming off of certain drugs, like Effexor? I have been getting this symptom where it feels like my brain is having a mild electric shock for a second or two but that cannot possibly be what other people are talking about is it?

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Anxiety :: Effexor Xr 75mg To 150mg

recently just increased my effexor xr to 150mgs. On the 15th so about a week and a half.. I'm still really shaky with the anxiety.. does anyone know how long I should start to feel some relief.. been thru many ad s before this I'm praying this one works.. I'm also extra anxious bc of that time of the month too

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Cannabis Withdrawal Is Not A Real, Physical Withdrawal?

For those who are daft enough to think cannabis withdrawal is not a real, physical withdrawal....

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Thyroid :: Supplements That Really Help?

A year or so ago I woke up with heart palpitations. My heart beat was very irregular and BP was high. Because I am a heart patient, I went to the ER. They checked me out and said the only thing they could find was that my TSH was 7.9 and to notify my PCP. I thought he would put me through more testing, but instead he prescribed 25 mcg. I started to feel better right away, but after a week I felt terrible again, so I stopped taking it. Then I felt fine. When I went back for bloodwork it was "normal." I told him I was no longer taking the meds, so he testing again in 3 months. It was a little higher, but still normal to him. My reading since then have been in the mid to high 3s. (TSH 3.2, 3.7) He says that's normal, but I still get symptoms sometimes. Other times, I'm fine. So if he tests at a time that I'm feeling fine, he will get a good reading. He says my reading would not be going up and down. Recently, I have been feeling very cold, low body temperature, with dry flaky skin and constipation in spite of taking a stool softener, puffy face. On my own, I started taking 1/2 of a 25mcg tablet I had leftover from when he had prescribed the synthroid. Now I feel great! Temp is back to normal, sleeping much better, normal bowels, and I've even lost a couple pounds! But I know he is getting tired of hearing me request thyroid tests when he feels they are normal.

Also, he says that TSH up to 5 is normal, but I've heard that anything over 3 is high.

I know that a lot of people have it way worse than this, but there is such a big difference in how I feel when I'm taking this tiny bit of med.

My question is, are there any supplements I can take that will really help? I see so many touted as helping with thyroid function, but I don't want to waste my money on something that isn't really going to help.

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Supplements Can Help Menieres In A Big Way?

I'm trying anything now to try and make myself feel more normal and a big human if you know what I mean. I have been reading up on the internet and there is a website saying supplements can help menieres in a big way. Is this avenue worth trying I don't mind paying if it's going to work. It states you have to have these five supplements which u can buy almost anywhere.

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