Wegener's Granulomatosis :: Just Diagnosed - What To Expect ?

May 24, 2015

I'm 24 and just been diagnosed with W.G started with unexplained illnesses , constantly tired repeated sinus infections , facial pain which in turn I had a constant blocked nose unusual discharge. Finally got referees to ENT who suspected it was this from my first app. He done tests , which all came back positive. From being diagnosed on Thursday I have my first app on Tuesday for my treatment and a biopsy on Wednesday.

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Wegener's Granulomatosis And Smoking

I just wanted to ask was anyone a smoker Before getting WG?

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Wegener's Granulomatosis :: Nervous System Attacked - Feet Swollen Feet, Dead Fingers

I have been diagnosed with WG and am on the usual medication.

WG attacked my nervous system. My feet are swollen and movement is painful. At night the swellings subsided but the moment I get up and move around the swelling flares up.

My hands have also been affected. The fingers are dead, no feeling and no muscle movement possible - cannot use the left hand at all. The right hand I can still use but the skin feels numb.

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What To Expect From An Endoscopy?

So I saw my GI doctor today. Did a rectal exam, went over all of the testing I had done. She does not think my symptoms are anything serious (yay!) but she does want to do an endoscopy on Monday to see if there is an ulcer or anything.

I am SCARED! I have never had any sort of sedation or medical procedure. Anyone been through this? What can I expect? I have classes the next day and I am hoping I will be able to function fine the next day. Any input helps

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Being Induced - What To Expect?

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I'm being induced this Sunday coming (19th of April)

This is my first baby, and I have no idea what to expect.

Like I know the basics, they're going to use the tape first for 24 hours (checking me every 12 hours) and then if that doesn't work I get the gel for another 24 hours (again checking me every 12 hours)

And once I'm 3 cm Dilated they will break my waters, and put me on a drip to help bring on contractions..

I need someone who has either been Induced and or been Induced and had a natural labour.

I just want to know what I should expect happen, and does it hurt more being induced or just having Bub come natural. And what I can do once the tape is in to help speed up the labour.

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Pregnancy :: Being Induced - What Should I Expect ?

Being Induced In 4 Days, Sorta Nervous What Should I Expect ?

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Pregnancy :: 3rd Trimester - What To Expect?

I'm in my third trimester finally, I have 92 left what should I expect now ? I'm a first time mom having a boy.

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Pregnancy :: What Should I Expect For 3rd Trimester?

So I'm a few days away from my third trimester what should I expect?

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Changes To Expect After After Losing My Virginity?

I am gonna loose my virginity in very few days to my boyfriend. Can somebody tell me about the changes that i will face after losing it and i have read that after loosing virginity there is a problem of period delays and breast and hips become larger than before and there is a lot of bleeding... is this true? and one more question please is it okay to lose virgin during periods ?

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Citalopram To Mirtazapine - What To Expect?

I've been on citalopram for 11 days and I've just come back from doctors she has taken me off these and put me on mirtazapine 15mg can anyone give me the heads up on what to expect as I'm quite worried someone please help

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Burst Appendix - What To Expect?

I'm so worried, son had his appendix removed yesterday morning, only just found out like 1/2 hr. ago that the surgeon told him it had in fact burst, his now on antibiotics by drip. He is 37, All i keep reading is people die from this, is there any who don't and are ok after removal.  What can we expect now?

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Pregnancy :: Glucose Test - What To Expect ?

What should I expect from the glucose test? Is it nasty? Does it make you sick? Just wanna know your experience from the test.

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Mirtazapine Withdrawal - What Symptoms To Expect?

I would like to ask anyone who has withdrawn from Mirtazapine to explain what sort of symptoms you have experienced with withdrawal.

I have reduced from 15 mg to 12.5mg 4 weeks ago and have had a constant trembling/ shaking feeling predominantly in the mornings with an underlying anxious feeling, nausea, gastric upset, sweating, aching lower limbs and pressure in my head. Can anyone relate to any similar effects please?

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Mirtazapine Withdrawal Peak - When To Expect?

Ok so I am now off the mirtazapine after being on it in total just over 8 weeks..... When should I expect withdrawal to kick in and when will it peak before it starts to get better?

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Pregnancy (36 Weeks) :: Labour? What To Expect

I'm 36+4 (second pregnancy, first was a miscarriage at 10 weeks) I'm absolutely terrified of Labour as I don't know what to expect. I know I'm probably being stupid but I just need reassurance has anyone been this scared for Labour? How bad can it be..

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Hallux Rigidus - What To Expect From Surgery?

I went to the doctor yesterday and was informed that I have a severe case of Hallux Rigidus in my right foot and a weaker case in my left. I was left with no other option than to have surgery. Not what I wanted to hear!! Both of my feet ache constantly and I have sharp pain when I put weight on my big toes.

Has anyone had this surgery? What can I expect?

I regret looking online because I saw a bunch of stomach turning pictures. I know I can't continue to have this pain but wasn't expecting this diagnosis. Any help, advice, story sharing or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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Switching From Prozac To Mirtazapine - What To Expect?

I have been signed off work for the last 6 months with depression.  I was prescribed Prozac, the dose of which was doubled after a few weeks, but I didn't find it helped with my anxiety.

A trip to Morrisons puts me in panic mode, I recently had to renew my passport at the Post Office and was sick on the way home as it caused me so much distress.

I stopped taking the Prozac cold turkey a few weeks ago and didn't have any problems.  I didn't feel and better or any worse.

I have now been prescribed 30mg Mirtazapine - my first tablet will be this evening.  However, I have read bad things about the side affects, I don't want to put on weight or feel any more down and sleepy than I already do.

Are there any positives to this medication - surely there must be!

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What To Expect? Vaginal Hysterectomy Due To Prolapse

I have just been told I need a vaginal hysterectomy later this year due to prolapse of womb, bladder and bowel.  At the moment I am on a 6 month intensive course to strengthen my pelvic floor (it's non existent apparently).  I am really scared about having a catheter fitted, just don't like the thought.  Do you always have one fitted after the op?  Also does anyone who has been through the same thing know how long I am likely to be signed off work for?  I work in a school but no heavy lifting.

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What To Expect - Swelling After 1st Metatarsal Bone Surgery

Hello, I would like to get some information about what to expect, and find out if my experience is in-line with others experience.

I’m close to 40 years old male, was fairly active before my foot injury. I had a displaced 1st metatarsal bone fracture. After the injury I was able to walk for 4-6 hours before the swelling and pain was too big, so I assumed that I broke a bone. At the urgent care it was confirmed that I broke the 1st metatarsal bone. 5 days later I had the surgery to reduce the displacement, the fracture which was at the base of the bone. I had 2 weeks in post-surgery splint, and 4 more weeks on plaster (one more week to go before the plaster removal) – both non weight bearing. I was told that after the removal of the plaster I will have 2 more weeks in air cast boot. Ever since the injury and surgery I experience a lot of swelling. The minute I’m on my feet it starts to swell, I can go maybe an hour, than the swelling cuts circulation of my feet in the plaster, so I have to sit down and elevate my feet.

Now the question: what can I expect how much time it will take to subside the swelling? Will it eventually go away, or I might have to live with swollen fit for the rest of my life?

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Pregnancy :: C-section - What To Expect And How Long To Recover

Can some of you ladies who have had c sections tell me what to expect? Out of this entire pregnancy I think that is the only part that really scares me half to death.

I'd love to hear your stories & how long it too you to recover.

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Ankle Reconstruction (ATFL CFL And Tendon) - What To Expect?

I am actually scheduled for Ankle Reconstruction (ATFL CFL and Tendon) for Monday June 24. I know im cutting it close ,but i figured i might as well do this now.

I am wondering what i am in for. I am 22year old male, just completed my last exam to fulfill my degree requirements and have nothing but my life ahead of me, no Full time job lined up so i will be home for awhile, i have a part time job but i told them about the surgery.

I am not the type of person to sit still and be in bed rest and i need something to do. I usually go to the gym 5 times a week along with yoga 5 times a week. It will take some time adjusting to NWB and everything, and i think this will be the hardest.

I've been told i will need to spend the night in the hospital and i will be released the next day.

I was wondering if anyone has any good exercises for working out, any healthy food recipes, or any help in general.

What am i to expect with this surgery. The Orthopedic Surgeon mentioned to me that he will use a modified brostrom surgery to repair my injury which was caused from an old old soccer and track injury.

Any advice on showering, washrooms and other personal hygiene?

How do you sit in a car when someone drives you, as i won't be able to drive with this being my right ankle.

Any advice in general?

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