Weight Loss - Intentional :: What The Mediterranean Diet Can Do For You

Feb 8, 2009

I am sure many of you will have heard of the Mediterranean diet and some of you may have even tried a supermarket or popular magazine version of it. Please set all those experiences to one side.

In preparation for writing about the Mediterranean diet for Patient UK, I went back through all the scientific papers on the subject to find out exactly what the diet was; what science has shown the health benefits might be; and what you actually had to eat. The research stretches all the way back to the 1970s and there doesn't seem to be any dispute within the medical/ scientific community about the benefits of the diet.

Here's a few key things I found out:

It is to do with the proportions of things you eat (meat, veg, oil, nuts, wine...) rather than any particular recipes or ingredients. You don't need to cook any Greek, Italian etc dishes at all.

There are plenty of things to 'snack' on.

You can buy everything you need to follow the diet in your local food shop. You don't need to join any clubs or take any medication.

The health benefits include: reduction of risk of developing -> heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, dementia... (indeed many of the diseases everyone is worrying about)

Following the Mediterranean diet has helped people attain an ideal weight (and there are a number of scientific papers on this).

I was so impressed by what I read - I started the diet myself.

Anyhow - if you are interested, you'll find everything you need here:

how to follow.....

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Depressed

I am on the waiting list for Gastric Band Surgery on the NHS. My Doctor said this could take a Year to go through but I don't know if I can wait this long as I am so depressed about my weight and cannot stand the thought of another Summer at the size I am. Have gone from one diet to the next for the last 15 years, I have tried so hard.

I am thinking of looking into a Privately fitted one and wondered if anyone knows of any good Hospitals in the Reading area or not too far away from Reading and how much I am looking at needing a loan for?

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Cant Keep Any Food Down

Had my band fill last week! Not sure what's In it as they can't find one of my files ! I think it's to tight because every time I eat I'm bring it back up or bring loads of water up !

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Gastric Band Surgery

I'm considering gastric band surgery and have my first consultation next week any advice please?

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Bad Gastric Band Pain

I had my band done 10 days ago.  Until day 7 all was well, slowly recovering but then I started getting these horrible stabbing pains.  Most of my incisions are too the left but one is just off centre to the right and it's under here I am getting the horrible pain.  It's ok if I sit/ lie still but if I start moving round the twinges start.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I called the nurse she said it was probably where my port was embedded.

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Travelling After Gastric Band Surgery

I'm booked in to have gastric band surgery soon.

The hospital is about 1.5 hours away from home.

The question is should I get a local hotel for the first night?

My husband would drive but is the journey too long straight after surgery?

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Gastric Band - Very Bad Pain Post Op

I'm 5 days post op from having a gastric band fitted and I'm still in a lot of pain.. Mainly severe back ache and sharp pains in my ribs, is this normal? I've been taking 1 cocodamol when the pain starts as the liquid painkiller I was given has no effect.

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Weight Loss - Intentional :: Gastric Band - Pain In Chest After Flying

I went on holiday to morocco for 5 days (3.5 hr flight).

Since the flight my band has felt very tight. 4 days into the holiday I got a really saw chest, it's got really saw and my breathing is slightly wheezy.

I rang my weight loss support and they have booked me in for tomorrow but Ive been reading all sorts about it being a sign of a slippage. I'm absolutely terrified it's a slippage!!!

Has anyone had problems with tight chests?

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Weight Loss :: How You Manage To Stay On Diet?

I am maintaining my diet plan, do exercise everyday to make my body and mind strong, also loosing weight. Eating healthy and exercise is the best way of reducing weight. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, also healthy fats, proteins are essential for our body and mind such as salmon, olive oil, nuts, eggs etc.I use to take Regenon diet pills to stay on diet, they are appetite suppressants that help me to stay on diet plan by controlling hunger. I have lost 12lbs in 2 months and successfully reducing weight..

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Weight Loss :: Anti-Estrogenic Diet And Foods?

I have to say that I never had any health issues or weight problems. I was always good looking. I remember when I gave birth to my second child, nobody couldn’t believe that I was so good looking. I don’t know what happened, but I started to eat everything. I mean, I do know. I went through divorce, and I was so depressed. I was eating everything. I was not disciplined in the food anymore. I was dreaming about pizza.
So, to stop this madness, I started to follow antiestrogenic food two weeks ago. Can you tell me, what are the best anti – estrogenic foods that you need to eat if you follow Anti – estrogenic diet?

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High Cholestrol :: Mediterranean Diet +10 MG Of Pravastatin - Will It Be Enough?

I'm less than 10 days into my being back on statins and already some of the familiar side effects are creeping back. I was hoping after being off of them for almost a year, that it would take longer to be pulled back down. First, the mild muscle aches, then feeling more tired than usual at the end of a work day and in the past 3-4 days, a mild uncomfortable feeling around the stomach area. I'm just hoping I stays mild and tolerable. In the past I have gone on Nexium to deal with the stomach issues-which is effective to a degree. Add a little Tylenol for muscle pain- that's statin therapy with 20mg of pravastatin.

I want to finish whatever time I have left feeling better than I know I will living on statins and have pretty much decided to go on the Mediterranean Diet. My hope is to try getting my dose cut to 10 mg of pravastatin, follow the above diet and do some exercising - which will consist of walking and cutting the grass. But, I'm wondering - does anyone think this is doable? My latest numbers are 307 TC, LDL 239, HDL 53 and Triglycerides 74. My numbers got this way from eating too much of the wrong foods during my "statin-break". Not my brightest moment. My Dr. said he has serious doubts that even 20mg will get me where "I need to be".

I'd like to think the Med diet will work and that I can get there with 10 mg. Anyone ever pull this off with numbers like I have shown?

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Thyroid :: Hashimoto's - Hair Loss, Depression, Anger, Memory Loss And Weight Gain

I am a 25 year old female and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease probably around 2012 or so. I take 75MCG every morning and I do blood tests about once or twice a year to make sure my levels are stable. What I need help with are symptoms. My boyfriend has been very supportive, he was the reason I went to get the initial blood test because he said my symptoms reminded him of Graves Disease and it worried him. Well, I went to the doctor and got the tests done and he told me I had Hashimotos. Since then, my boyfriend has told me that he hasn't seen any improvement in my symptoms, in fact he thinks they've gotten worse. I have looked at a lot of different lists of symptoms that people with Hashimoto's Disease can experience and I experience a lot of them. I'll list the ones I experience the most and a little bit of a description to each so maybe someone can help me with what I need to do to feel better because honestly it makes me miserable.

-Hair Loss - Every time I brush or wash my hair there is always tons of hair in the brush or tub. It's everywhere all the time, I shed like the cats.

- Depression - I don't know if it is actually depression, but a lot of the time I feel like I'm just not good enough to be around anyone. I'll find myself crying at ridiculous moments with absolutely no reason for it. I also find myself thinking that people I know (and can acknowledge even when I'm feeling this way) love and care for me, and yet I still think they don't care about me and will abandon me at the drop of the hat, which breaks me down mentally.

- Stress - This is probably one of my worst symptoms. I am always stressed out about something, even ridiculous things that shouldn't be stressing me out. One of the biggest things I stress about is what I mentioned with the depression. I feel like my friends and loved ones are going to abandon me at any minute, which scares me and results in me lashing out at them in ways that if I can't control it soon enough may result in them actually leaving, which terrifies me and just puts me into a never ending loop of stress and depression.

- Anger - I can't seem to rationalize other people's behaviors. Completely normal behaviors that don't normally bother me result in me lashing out and screaming at people and saying things that I don't mean to say.

- Memory Loss - This is a really bad symptom. I forget things very quickly. If I don't actively keep it in my mind, I won't remember it. A perfect example, when I was still in college I was walking through town with some people and when we were going back to the dorms I made a comment about a truck I saw. I used to see it all the time and hadn't seen it in a while so I made the comment. The people I was with looked at me really confused and just flatly stated "You said the exact same thing when we walked by it on the way out" and I honestly don't remember seeing it at any point that day. In fact I didn't remember seeing it for around 5 months, and yet they claimed that I made the exact same comment I just had, earlier that day. It really messes with my head when people tell me that I did or said something and I can't remember doing it to save my life.

- Weight - Before I started taking synthroid I weighed 110 lbs, after I started taking it I gained like 30 lbs and I can't lose it. I'm stuck between 135 and 140 (I'm about 5'6" tall)

- Headaches - I get headaches on a daily basis. Sometimes they're really bad but generally they're just a slight discomfort in my frontal lobe area.

- Sleep - It takes me forever to fall asleep and even when I do I can't stay asleep and then I feel exhausted all day when I wake up, as if I never slept at all.

Another thing I've noticed and that is that sometimes I feel like I can't swallow properly, I always feel like I have to yawn to get a lung full of oxygen, and my nails curl downward along the curve of the tip of my fingers on like 3/5 fingers.

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Weight Loss Hypothyroidism :: Natural Methods To Help With Stubborn Weight?

Besides 2 hours of working out each day, does anyone know of some natural methods to help with stubborn weight? I have an underactive thyroid And unless I work out like crazy its hard for me to lose weight.

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Mirtazapine :: Weight Gain Regardless Of Diet

I was told about the risk of weight gain but told it was more to do with increased appetite than fat binding, etc and that as long as I watched what I consumed I'd be fine.  Roll on six weeks and I have surgery and after a further six weeks I feel enormous but put it down to swelling and post-op "taking it easy".  Decide to take control and join weight watchers to find I'd put on over two stone and am the heaviest I've ever been.  One week in with little effort I lose 9lb but three weeks in I've regained 2lb and feel huge again.  Only difference, other than increasing my exercise, was that I'd ran out of mirtazapine 30mg five days before the 9lb loss as my repeat prescription failed to materialise and I started again the day after.  Can weight loss and gain be that rapid be purely down to the mirtazapine?  Having a history of bulimia I am tempted instead to ditch the pills, lose the weight and take the chance that withdrawals are not too catastrophic.  Certainly won't miss the twitchy left eyebrow either!

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Coeliac Disease :: Weight Watchers Diet / Stopped All Wheat

I've just been diagnosed with Coeliacs disease and am finding it very stressful shopping so far. I am following the weight watchers diet as well but all the GF breads seem high in calories. Also I've had headaches for the last couple of days and feel like I'm in a world of my own. Could these be coz I've stopped all wheat or just coz I'm stressed. I've joined loads of groups online and have all the info but it seems like information overload.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Weight Loss Is Normal?

I am 9 weeks 3 days pregnant with my 3rd. Before I got pregnant I weighed 133 lbs (I am 5 ft 1 in). At 6 weeks I weighed 129 lbs and now I am at 130 lbs. Should I be worried? I never lost this much with my other 2. I do have pretty bad morning sickness and I take reglan for it. I go to my midwife at the end of the month. Should I mention this to her?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: 12 Lb Weight Loss Normal?

I'm 17weeks went to the Dr today and I've lost a total of 12lbs I was overweight to begin with is this normal? My Dr seemed ki and luckily no sign of gestational diabetes my Dr seemed kind of concerned but said we'll see as I get farther along anyone else experience this?

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Weight Loss :: How To Lose After Having A Hysterectomy?

Hey everyone I am just looking for suggestions on how to lose weight after having a hysterectomy?

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Nutrition :: Weight Loss Nutritionally?

how to lose weight nutritionally? I already posted about my weight gain. I am reading a lot of the posts about nutrition. I like to eat greek yogurt with lime..peach and other flavors. Now I hear that greek yogurt unless plain is not good for you because of the added sugar,What do you all think about the chobani greek yogurts?

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Weight Loss :: No Exercise But Eat Healthy ?

If I don't exercise but eat healthy will I still loose weight?

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Reverse Your Weight Loss During Perimenopause

For those of us who have lost a lot of weight during this time, have any of you found a way to gain it back or stumbled across any literature that suggests how? Please let me know. Desperate to gain weight.

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