Womens Health :: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Vs Pelvic Inflamattion Disease

Mar 18, 2014

Have a lower abdominal pain on the left,i was diagnosed with pcos when i was 17 now am 28 and it hasnt gone away,i have recently diagnosed with PID and was on treat ment for 3 weeks ,was given doxycycline,metrinazole and indocid together with the vaginal cream,it has only been 4 days and have a white vaginal discharge which comes when am having an abdominal pain.my question is where do i get the discharge and why is the inflammation not going down despite taking medication?

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Chills, Nausea, Constant Pelvic Pain - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

A little background information about myself: 23 y/o female, diagnosed with PCOS at 19, suffer from multiple UTIs and kidney infections each year.

Starting in about September, intercourse would be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, causing me to cramp severely after and bleed. These symptoms became worse and worse, and I began spotting between my periods. So, after meeting with my GYN in October and her suspecting cervicitis (inflamed cervix), I had an appointment beginning of December for a colposcopy and cervical biopsy. Upon touching my cervix with a q-tip it bled out and was EXTREMELY sore to touch. Waiting on further consultation from the results, but according to my GP: pre cervical cancer cells, uterine lining infection and cervical infection.

I have now been on 2 rounds of different antibiotics with no improvement, I believe I am getting worse. Ever since the biopsy, I have bled EVERY DAY FOR SEVEN WEEKS! I have a fever that comes and goes, chills, nausea, constant pelvic pain and am extremely tired all the time.

I have been researching (bad idea I know) what could be causing all these symptoms and am thinking PID or uterine fibroids? Any advice out there?!

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Womens Health :: Retaining Water And Have Put On 20 Lbs

I am a 41 year old female. For the last two weeks I have been retaining water and have put on 20 lbs! For the first two days I took lasik and that kept it at bay but did not reduce any swelling. My last blood test was 90 days ago and all was fine. My family care doctor has ordered blood work for cancer, liver and thyroid tests as well a ct scan of my abdomen/cervical region with and without contrast in case of any blockages. Short of acute kidney failure is there anything else you can think of that would cause this.

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Womens Health :: Vulval Itch Continues

When a patient goes to an obgyne and given 1 fluconazole tab and some antifungal and mild steroid cream (10 days) for fungal infection, but symptoms like vulval itch continues, can the patient continue w/ the cream more days or is it advised to stop? A friend was advised the discomfort may be caused by diabetes too, wc the doctor admitted she had as symptom before being diagnosed as having that. Have other readers experienced this before going for diabetes tests too?

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: Loss Of Appetite And Pelvic Pain

I'm 21 years old and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) because I was constantly suffering from ruptured cysts to my right ovary. The symptoms of a ruptured cyst are extremely uncomfortable nausea, pelvic/back pain and the biggest thing is the loss of appetite.

I struggle a lot with loss of appetite whenever I have a ruptured ovarian cyst and this is the worst thing about it. I can't eat or drink anything without getting nauseous. Nothing appeals to me so I end up not eating very much throughout the day and because very weak and tired.
Every time I go to the doctors they just tell me to eat, well it's not that simple.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and how did they cope with it? What did you do to help you eat and get over the nausea?

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Metformin

I was just wondering who was on metformin and what dosage i've currently been put on 500mg one at minute to see how i get on with it anyone else on this and how are you with it?

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: New On Metformin

I was diagnosed PCOS around 1 year ago.

I was prescribed a month ago some Metformin and I was advised by the doctors I would have a bleed so far this has not happened for me, can someone tell me if it induced a bleed for them? My periods are extremely irregular my last one was December and before that I don't even know! I am 21 now and i have been with my boyfriend since i was 17 so we are obviously getting to a stage in our life were we want a family of our own and with pcos it seems impossible and it certainly has me questioning that after nearly 4 years of unprotected sex am i EVER going to have a family?

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Symptoms? I May Have It

I've looked into the symptoms of pcos and I think I may have it. I'm 22, 5'7, very slim but in the past year or so I've come out in dread full acne all over my back, shoulders and tops of arms, chest and face. I also have hair all over my stomach which I've had for quite sometime, and now it's growing up to my chest . I feel so hideous!! Saw my GP a few weeks ago as the spots are very sore and she just said it's one of things and refused to prescribe me the pill as I'm not in a proper relationship!!! She didn't look at my back or chest she just looked at my face and said yes there are spots there and printed me off a sheet about pms which is from this website and pretty much said on ya bike! 

I know it can affect fertility  which I would be livid about.

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Infertility :: Diagnosed With Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

How likely is it to get pregnant after being diagnosed and treated for PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)? Keep in mind I've only had one child in over19 years with no other pregnancies!

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease And Azithromycin For Gonorrhea

Hi, I was treated yesterday night with 2 grams of azithromycin for gonorrhea (25 year old female). Didn't have any symptoms, but knew a sexual partner had it. Couldn't take the shot because of a bleeding problem I have. I have pain in my back today. Can this be associated with PID? I was exposed 10 days ago. Going for a follow up in 10 days to make sure the pills worked, should I worry before then? Or give the meds some time to work? I went to the clinic yesterday so I can't run off from work today to ask them.

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Chlamydia Before Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Fertility?

I'm 21 and I've been having irregular periods since June 2014; in recent months have had increasingly painful pelvic pain. Went to the GP multiple times in an attempt to figure it out but got nothing. Finally went to the GUM clinic on saturday and was diagnosed with PID, although the cause is as yet unknown. I was told it is likely due to a 'long-standing chlamydia infection'. Thing is, I haven't had sexual contact with anyone since March 2014 and for the year up to that I was in a committed relationship. That guy was the only one I had 'unprotected' sex with (was on pill); everyone else before him I used a condom with. So I had no idea I was even remotely at risk (as stupidly trusted this guy) and I'm now worried that because of this and having no symptoms, that I might've had the infection for a while without knowing and it therefore have a worse effect on my ovaries etc.

I'm really worried as dr was pretty casual about the PID, but from what I've read it's really serious. Did anyone here have chlamydia for a while before PID? Do you know how you got it? And how has PID affected your sex life/fertility since diagnosis? I'm so scared I'm going to find out I'm infertile because someone I trusted did this to me when I was so so careful myself

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Lichen Sclerosus :: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease With LS

Just wondering if anyone else has had LS and Pelvic Inflammatory ? They told me it's not connected.  But they couldn't find anything else wrong.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: 6 Days Delayed For MC

I am late on my periods by 6 days and i have no symptoms of pregnancy so far. I had two pregnancy tests done but both turned out to be negative. what should i do? I have pcos and don't know if i am really pregnant or is it the pcos which is delaying my MC.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Prior And After Pregnancy?

A few months before I eventually got pregnant, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries after having an infernal scan. When I was pregnant, I will admit, I forgot about PCOS. My first period post pregnancy arrived when my son was 9 months and it lasted about 12 hours in total. My next period was a good 6-7 weeks after that, lasting about a week, then I had a period about 3-4 weeks after that lasting 7-10 days and then I had another 2 weeks after that. It has triggered, could this be PCOS? Should I see my doctor about the irregular periods or should I be expecting this after having a baby? I didn't know if PCOS could disappear whilst being pregnant?

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Am I Infertile? Can I Have Kids?

I am almost 16 years old. About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with pcos. I have been so confused about am I infertile? can I have kids? And so on. (I don't need any lecture on how I'm to young so please don't.) I have recently been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend a lot. I took for birth control for two months and stopped before I met him. I have never missed a period but I haven't had my period in two months now. Can someone please explain to me what's going on? Could I be pregnant? I've had a few symptoms but I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: PCOS And Pregnancy

I've recently been diagnoses with PCOS after not having periods for 18 months and the only help I received was being told to lose weight, they didn't even worry about the fact I've not had a period for a year and a half (which worried me when before that I had a period every 28-30 days)

Me and my partner TTC on 17th June (after having a period and my cervix and mucus indicating ovulation) and I took a pregnancy test today (I know it's early but I am so impatient) and it came back negative. But I've been feeling all the symptoms of pregnancy, sickness, headaches, cramping, back pain, areolas darkening, breast tenderness, insomnia (I just can't seem to get comfortable) and I just know something doesn't feel normal as I know my body well.

I just wanted to know what I should do, I worry that if I am pregnant my hormone levels might cause a miscarriage as they only said my testosterone levels were high but didn't tell me how high or if it could cause a difficult pregnancy. 

Should I just wait as see if I get a BFP or should I go to the doctors and ask for a blood test. 

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Pregnancy And Pcos

I am waiting for results to find out if I am pregnant for the first time since finding out I have pcos but one thing is confusing me and always has done, pcos causes your hormonal levels to become imbalanced and making the male hormones become too high so would this not mask the actual levels in your body for tests to pick up??? Because the way I see it and no one will explain it to me, surely it would have to elevate to become "normal" and then have to go even higher before a test will pick up the levels? If someone could answer this for me I would be so grateful as I have wondered this for literally years and now I have loads of symptoms including sickness, a 'pressure' just above my knicker line, constantly hungry (not like me at all!!), extremely emotional and easily start crying (again very much not like me, usually takes a lot to make me cry. ...usually) and always extremely tired. Have been to socs and she said it sounds like I am pregnant even saying the sleepiness was the clincher but I am worried about the test results.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - Chances To Conceive?

I have pcos.. Initially i had irregular periods(2.5 months cycle) Feb to July 2013 i had regular periods (30days cycle).Again i missed my periods for last 2months. I want to conceive and trying for it. Is it necessary to have my periods first or still i have chances to conceive... I had one hpt in the month of September which was negative... What are my chances for pregnancy.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Only 15 And Diagnosed With PCOS

Looking for advice i'm only 15 and have pcos I suffer really bad from pains in my belly before and after my period I only bleed for one day very lightly it used to be 4-5 days but now its only one day I only get 3/4 periods a year i need advice any help would be appreciated I have been revered to a specialist but they just gave me tablets and they said they don't need to see me again.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Bruising After A Period?

I've had scans which show suspected PCOS but my doctor couldn't diagnose is (weird). I have since changed my GP and he has booked me in for another scan. For the past 2 months I've had a small bruise on my left side. Just up and in from my hip bone. You can see a slight bruise on skin too.

I have a very irregular cycle especially since my miscarriage in October.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the bruising after a period?

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Ciprofloxacin And Metronidazole - Still Pain

I was diagnosed with PID last week Monday. The ultrasound scan revealed prominent collection of fluid behind my uterus. I was told to do a HVS/MCS. The result showed scanty growth of Escherichia coli. Before this result came out, I started treatment with ciprofloxacin and metronidazole IV for 4 days with pain killers. Follow up with drugs to complete 10days. I still have sever pain in my legs,lower abdomen and lower back. I had an ovary removed last year August because I had ovarian cyst. Please I need help. It's been 2 weeks plus now in pains. I'm tired of this pain.

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