Acid Reflux :: GERD? Throat Spasm, Lump In Throat, Lungs Feel Tight

Jan 15, 2014

I have been suffering with this for two weeks and I have no idea which symptoms may be connected to my newly acquired TMJ or my flare up of GERD.

Two weeks ago after a heavy meal and a few days after damaging my jaw I woke up in the night with a weird throat spasm and feeling like I had something stuck in my throat. Then over the weeks I started to get the lump feeling through the day with difficulty swallowing. I lost half a stone due to being unable to eat.

Now I have developed a tight chest, dry throat and lungs, feeling like my lungs are blocked, constant throat clearing with little mucous production, breathing difficulty and I'm still having these nightly throat spasms and lump feeling. I had some of my sons ventolin inhaler as I had asthma as a child and thought the reflux could be causing this but it did nothing.

I have been to A and E lots of times with it and also to my GP who has referred me for an endoscopy but its only in february.

I am going out of my mind. The breathing issue happened after a load of acid came up my throat a few nights ago and it felt like my throat and lungs were dried out by it.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Sore Throat?

When I get sore throat, a sensation of something is swollen on my throat, and it is painful when I pass saliva, I gargle with drinking water 10 times or more. That soften the very sticky mucus on my throat, and after that I can spit it out, and NO MORE PAIN!

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: LPR Or Throat Nerve Problem?

I am a 27 year old male who had this problem for 4 years already.

One day I got sick and suddenly when I healed I couldn't swallow. I always felt something in the throat all the time, like mucus or phlegm and always needed to spit it out. I also feel a burning feeling on the right side of my throat and constantly feel like coughing. Years later I began to feel a pain in the right side chest.

I am using ppis but they're not working at all. I don't think I have real reflux, no heartburn or any other symptom...

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: How To Soothe A Sore Throat?

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to soothe/heal a sore throat from acid reflux?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Chronic Sore Throat - LPR? LSN?

I have had a chronic sore throat for 5 months now. Initially thought it was strep, but test came back negative. Was tested for allergies, negative. Have had 3 ENTs scope my throat and all say it looks completely normal. Have been to two GIs who weren't particularly helpful, though one prescribed Nortriptyline thinking it might be a sensory neuropathy -- have been taking it for 2.5 months with no help (was at 20mg and ENT had me start raising by 10mg per at 30mg, and tomorrow will begin 40mg). Was at the ER twice -- CT scan normal, blood tests normal. I have also restricted my diet to the Kaufman diet to little avail. After I eat I do notice that I'm a little "burpy" and can taste bile sometimes, which makes me think LPR (though the ENTs say there's no sign of it in the scopes). I also have an occasional chest pain that I think is an esophageal spasm, again making me think LPR/GERD. I was on PPIs for about ten years and slowly weaned myself off after a few months of this since they didn't seem to be helping. Have been off the PPIs for over a month taking H2s (40mg Pepcid 2 x day) . Oh, and I've also tried DGL..not much help.

So I'm stumped, and so are my docs. I really like and trust my current ENT, and he is genuinely trying to help. After a few more weeks of increasing the nortriptyline he is going to refer me for the acid testing where they put the probes in your throat.

So, does anyone have any brilliant thoughts on what might be going on? The pain is significant (some days are worse than others), and it feels particularly bad after giving presentations, which I do frequently. I can't stand the thought of this lasting a whole lot longer, and at this point worry that it could be something more serious.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Throat Swollen / Narrowed - Food Not Going Down

I have a couple of points I'd like to ask about here and any advice or pointers will be appreciated. The first thing is that my throat seemed swollen or narrowed in some way. It's completely painless, but I know at the same time that it's not normal, and my throat wasn't like this before. Swallowing even tiny vitamin supplements is unpleasant so I just chew them, because otherwise I have to force them down with lots of water. I've had tiny tablets get stuck in my throat before and I gag on them. I don't know why this is such a struggle for me when I see other people swallowing giant capsules with ease. With other foods it is creating other symptoms. For example, I just ate soup, but immediately afterwards I can feel soup in my throat that hasn't gone down. I brought it back up like phlegm, and pretty much a teaspoon full of pure soup came back up, a good minute or two after it was swallowed. Shouldn't that soup be long gone down toward my stomach by then?

Another feeling I get is this "bubbling" feeling in my throat and the middle of my chest accompanying the food not going down. A lot of air is coming back up whenever I eat, and I find myself belching constantly. A lot of the "bubbling" sensations I guesstimate are air coming back up and looking for a way around the food coming down. What can be done about all this trapped wind? Sometimes standing up causes it to rise up my chest through my neck and out my mouth. I can feel it traveling all the way up and it's a weird sensation. Throughout the day I'm almost constantly working air out of my chest and in to a burp.

I experience no real pain, or even burning / heart burn most of the time. Things just seem to come up a lot, whether it be air, food and very rarely, acid. Even on the rare occasions that I get "acid reflux" with acid in my throat, the first I know of it is when it hits the back of my mouth. Is that unusual? Shouldn't I feel "heart burn" or other symptoms first if it has managed to come up that far? I struggle to lay down after a meal because the food sits there in my neck and refuses to budge. It's starting to affect my quality of life because I'm having to carefully plan how/when/what I eat , when I lay down, how I lay down etc.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Larynx Swelling Constant Throat Clearing

Although my throat spasms have now stopped I have started to have problems with my larynx.

Mucous seems to be trapped underneath it and collects at night. I wake up with a swollen larynx but no pain. Now my lymph nodes in my neck and the back of my head have swelled.

I also wake up every morning feeling unrefreshed, groggy and depressed.

I am still unable to swallow food.

Surely this can't be GERD?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Caused The Crackling In My Lungs?

I have had Gerd daily for last 2 months. Prescribed lansoprazole and gaviscon, but still not improved. Chest started getting worse so doctor checked my lungs and said they were crackling. I was prescribed antibiotics and inhaler. I still feel no better. Starting to think it will never improve. Have appointment tomorrow hopefully will sort out an appointment for endoscopy. One of my many symptoms is excessive saliva. Does anyone else suffer from this??

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Esophogeal Spasm

My symptoms are very sharp chest and back pain often also going around the ribs and they do feel like a heart attack. The only thing that relieves them is if I can make myself burp over and over to release the contraction. It seems what brings mine on is positional in nature - bending forward, even slightly or waking in the middle of the night with an attack, probably from bending forward in the fetal position without awareness. I was given nitroglycerin, which helps some but I wonder if anyone has found other things that work that do not involve drugs. I read somewhere that peppermint oil in a little water works but when I'm in the middle of one of these severe attacks I do not have the wherewithal to go get peppermint water. They feel that dire in nature, like it has to be relieved immediately! Again, only the burping regime has helped but not so great to have to do when out in public.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Constant Belching And Tight Oesophagus

I was wondering if anyone can confirm these symptoms...I'm currently seeing doctors about my GERD issues, but I kind of feel like I'm alone in all this.

My issues:
1. Belching
2. Flatulence
3. Regurgitation
4. Tight feeling in throat and oesophagus
5. Stomach cramps
6. Small hiatal hernia

Basically, for the last couple of weeks I've felt really horrible. I get these bloating pains and some days I'm constantly belching. Along with the belching, my oesophagus feels tighter. Having a lot of flatulence as well.

The thing about the belching, it doesn't feel like normal belching. When I belch, I feel this ripple like sensation through my oesophagus. I'm currently on my first week of Dexilant and have quit smoking as of last week. I avoid all standard GERD triggers, and I'm just hoping this gets better soon. This really doesn't feel like living!

Does anyone else get the belching I mentioned above? I find it hard to believe it's my diet, I barely ate today and I've been getting these painful burps all day!

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GERD :: Choking And Throat Spasm

Ok. 6 yrs ago I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis/mild esophagitis. I had a recent endoscopy which showed almost normal . Anyhow, a few months ago I was sleeping one night and i was awaken violently with the sensation something was choking my throat like a spasm I swallowed hard and the spasm went away . Any thoughts as to what that episode was??

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GERD (Acid Reflux) :: Damage From Stomach Acid But Never Feel Pain?

Okay, I am going to have to ask many questions because trying to fit them all in one post is going to be way too wordy.

I have a question that has been bothering me a lot lately:

Is it possible to have damage from stomach acid but never feel pain, have no symptoms and have no feedback from your body to let you know something is wrong?

I apparently have damage, but these are my symptoms.

No = Never had symptom B4

Yes = Have symptom

PRILOSEC = Only RECENTLY got symptom since starting Prilosec (Been off it for a couple days)

Heartburn: No

Bad Breath: No

Sore Throat: No

Lump in Throat: No (PRILOSEC)

Hoarseness: No

Bloating: No (PRILOSEC)

Stomach Pains: No (PRILOSEC, feels like what I imagine a mini labor contraction would feel like)


Bitter Taste: No

Cough: No

Asthma: No

Nausea: No

Trouble Swallowing Food: Yes

- Feels like SOME foods (It's always the same food) get "stuck" somewhere between my throat and my stomach.

- It hurts.

- I salivate a LOT. (Maybe enough to fill 3/4 of a cup)

- Drinking water makes it WORSE as it just rises the food contents closer to my throat.

- Going into a dark, quiet room and focusing hard on relaxing, calming thoughts usually makes the food go down (Stress, loud noise, bright lights seem to make it worse, sometimes creates hiccups)

- Sometimes this doesn't work though, and I have to forcibly vomit the food back up because it simply will not go down

- Can stay in the "stuck" position for 10-15 minutes

- Feels like a muscle is way too tight and won't let the food pass, and I can almost FEEL it when it relaxes. Breath of relief.

- Gets better as I eat the food, not worse. (It's almost like the muscle is getting used to relaxing or something.)

- Taking Prilosec has not helped (Been taking it for 2 months)

Does this sound like a GERD type of swallowing issue? Because I was just browsing around the forums, looking at this topic and I noticed a few things:

- Every post seems to be talking about problems with the throat, not the area between the throat and the stomach

- Many people are saying that water helps them, while water makes it worse for me

- Many people are saying that they have that lump alongside this swallowing issue. I have had the swallowing issue for a while, but have only recently (since starting Prilosec) felt a lump.

- Many people are saying they have to "push" food. The food has easily already gotten past my throat no issues, my issue is that it just hangs somewhere between my throat and my stomach. I couldn't push it even if I wanted to, because that area doesn't have any voluntary movement.

- Many people are saying they have trouble swallowing saliva. I have never had that issue.

Mucus: Yes/No (Sometimes get it, thickness varies, not really been a real problem for me, so 50/50 on this one.)

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: PPI Makes Me Feel Worse

Will try to make this brief, first I do take 1mg Xanax er daily for anxiety and panic attacks. 2 months ago I had a vaginal ultrasound done that showed some change in one of my ovaries. Was rescheduled for second ultrasound in 2 months. My older sister passed away 10 years ago from ovarian cancer, so of course waiting 2 months really stressed me out. I woke up one morning and felt horrible chest pain and thought I was having a heart attack. My husband rushed me to the hospital where they ran a stress test, CT Scan, and chest X Ray and everything came back fine. They decided it was acid reflux brought on by worrying about the Ultra Sound and prescribed pantoprazole, took for 2 weeks and felt awful, could not eat because I was so nauseated all the time and made anxiety worse. Switched me to omeprazole and still feeling bad, I have quit taking both and am trying to wean myself off of everything but taking OTC Zantac once a day. Now the acid reflux is back but mainly in my chest and shoulders, if that is possible. Not sure what to do. Am going to see a GI doctor. Never had acid reflux before this and medicine seems to have made it worse. Is this Possible.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux/Heartburn - Throat Itch And Deeper Voice

I am a 22 year old male. Along with my other issues I also suffer from the above. My endoscopy showed (Mild G1 reflux oesophagitis and minor duodenitis. Some bile reflux in stomach). I am currently taking Esomeprazole 40 mg per day which I believe is not helping. Everyone has said how my voice sounds much deeper and different than before, and the top of my throat is always itching. My teeth feel really bad, I know over time Acid can make them really bad. I have had several appointments cancelled by the Gastroenterologist at my local hospital and I am due to see him in September. I have tried all remedies etc but nothing seems to help.

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Acid Reflux :: Tightening / Sore Throat

Several nights ago I woke up from sleeping and felt my throat closing, like tightening up and I couldn't get a lot of air through. Since I had eaten a lot right before I slept (rare for me), I thought this was acid reflux. I took a Zantac, and this seemed to help a little. Since then (for the last 3 days) I have woken up every morning with a sore throat and from time to time the throat tightening is still happening. No other symptoms, and I don't smoke, rarely drink, and am otherwise healthy 31 y/o female. Could this all be from the one case of acid reflux 3 nights ago? How long will the symptoms continue for?

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Acid Reflux :: Constant Throat Clearing Urge

So for the past 5 years or so, I have been having trouble with throat clearing.

I often get a strong urge to clear my throat. The urge is increased after eating and in even moderately stressful situations. In addition to the urge, if I do not clear my throat my voice comes out sounding quite/wet. This may very well run in my family as I have seen at least one member of my family have the same symptoms as I.

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Acid Reflux :: Oesophagus Hiatus Hernia Throat Lumps

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia and they said they could see barrett's oesophagus, however the biopsies came back negative. From then I was told I can never get barratts so don't need to go back and was given 40mg Nexium to take daily.

Since then it has helped a lot but I still get some very bad days of acid reflux, these have been getting worse so I have asked my doctor for another gastroscopy as I have worries about my stomach and chest.

For the last 6 months while I have been waiting for the appointment I have had a strange feeling in my throat, like there is something stuck in there, about an hour after eating lasting hours, it feels really uncomfortable. I have no problem swallowing or eating, it is just there afterwards, like a very large golf ball stuck there. I have also found some pink/red lumps, like flesh on my pharynx. They look sore but I don't have a sore throat, cough or any cold flu symptoms. Like everyone, googling it has produced the worst possible answer of cancer with diagrams similar to my throat.

I went to the doctors last week and explained my concerns and he felt the outside of my throat, said he couldn't feel anything and looked in my throat for literally 1 second, he didn't have a look around just glanced. He just said your fine and then he then told me to stop worrying about stuff because people my age don't get cancer or major diseases, it probably just reflux from the hernia.

It is hard not to worry, when I still don't know what this imaginary lump and the lumps on my throat are.

When I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia the consultant said it is the worst most inflamed hernia and oesophagus she had seen in 15 years as a consultant and I was only 20 at the time, she was in shock, yet I have never had a follow up appointment, my doctor has always said I will be fine so don't need one.

I am a 30 year old man who doesn't smoke and drinks about once a month.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Lump In Throat And Burning Mouth

Until a few weeks ago I thought I was a success story here but I fear I'm a complete failure and I don't understand why or what is best to do. 

A few weeks ago my lpr symptoms started sneaking back despite my taking 40mg nexium and 40mg domperidone per day  and also Gaviscon Advance. 

My symptoms are lump in throat, horrendous burning mouth and horrendous chest pain.

I'm waiting on a ph test but that's in 6 weeks and I won't see the GI consultant for another couple of weeks after that. Each day seems to be a bit worse and now it's hurting to swallow,and food is getting stuck. I'll be honest, I'm terrified I've got something awful. The pain is constant, both in my mouth and throat and in my chest. I've been in floods of tears.

My gastroscopy at the end of April was clear apart from Barrett's, the one I had before that when I had these symptoms ( before ppis) showed grade 2 oesophagitis and Barrett's.

I have a gp appointment tomorrow and don't know what to do? Do I insist she sends me back to the GI as my symptoms have radically worsened? Is there any way of lessening the symptoms ( I have already made all the lifestyle mods and drink alkaline water)

I'm at a loss, just don't understand why this is happening to me. So scared my oesophagus is getting damaged again. I just don't know what to do. This condition is ruining my life. 

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Reflux Oesophagitis - Loss Of Appetite, Lump In Throat And Bloating

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had/has the below symptoms:

* loss of appetite/ no hunger

* feeling of lump in throat - mainly after eating

* bloating - sometimes a burning sensation in tummy

* fullness quickly

* general feeling of overall discomfort which makes me feel sluggish

I definitely know I can't tolerate too much wheat well nor alcohol. I've had than endoscopy/colonoscopy and it came back with "gastritis". I've been on nexium 40mg and somac 40mg but doesn't seem to be helping so I dont think its  reflux issue. I've now been seeing a naturopath and taking some herbal mixtures which has helped with the bloating on some days. I know diet definitely makes a difference but I feel I've not got to the root of the problem. This has been going on for about a year now and of course I am worried given it hasn't cleared itself.

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Anxiety :: Lump In Throat And Feeling Of Swelling Around Throat And Bottom Of Jaw

I was wondering if this is a symptom of anxiety from the constant stress and worry l keep getting Lump in throat and feeling of swelling around throat and bottom of jaw i keep panicking i have cancer in the throat

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STDs :: Throat Lump Sensation And Strep Throat

I am asian male, 28years old. Today is March 13th.

About a month ago(early Feb), I started to have a lump feeling/sensation in my throat and a couple of days later , on one day, it became so severe that I had difficulty swallowing, even saliva. However, a couple days later it became better and almost unnoticeable. I thought it was due to anxiety, cause i searched "lump sensation in throat" and I got "Globus Sensation".

However, about 10 days ago. The same lump in throat feeling came back. This time it was milder, no pain, not itchy, but just feeling something stuck in my throat and its moves from day to day. One day it could slightly to the left, next day could be slightly on the right. I took pictures and saw one or two 3-5mm diameter lump/pus grow on the back of my throat. I immediately went to my primary doctor, who did not take it seriously and said it might be allergy and only saw some redness in my throat and it would clear up on its own.  After It persisted for over a week, I went to ENT who did a throat culture. Today I got a call from ENT doctor saying that I have strep throat.(not sure which type). And I started taking Amox just now.

I am worried about it has anything to do with STD because I had a stupid exposure with a SW about 2 months ago(Jan. 7th, unprotected oral and protected vaginal, but I didn't give her oral, I only received for 1min or 2, but my lips did touch her lips slightly twice, but definitely no saliva exchange.)  I did

1. urine tests for chlamydia and gono 7 days after the event. (both negative)

2. syphilis rpr tests, one at 4th week, another one at 8th week after the event.(both not reactive)

3. HIV pcr RNA test at 25 days after the event (not detected)

4. did not have any skin condition, such as rash, ulcer, sore, blisters, or canker in the genital area, and checked and confirmed by a dermatologist recently.

So, my questions

1. The only symptom I have is "lump feeling/sensation in throat, not painful but annoying" and recently some dry cough at night and dry throat. Other than that, no pain, no fever, no headache. I wonder besides strep throat, could there be anything else, too? mono, oropharyngeal cancer by HPV? I guess because I did not give her oral, it shouldn't be oral gono, right? I remember having cold sore when I was a child (6years old). Could the lump in the back of throat be any kind of herpes? possibly herpes type1.

2. If the first outbreak 1month ago was also strep throat and I just started the treatment. Could I possibly get post strep disorders or complications, such as rheumatic fever, kidney inflammation etc. by now or later in the future. Do I need to get checked out.

3. Why symptoms of Strep is much milder than described on the internet? due to the fact I am adult?

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