Aortic Aneurysm Along With High Cholesterol / Blood Pressure

Jun 3, 2016

I was diagnosed aneurysm of heart (bulbus part) 4.6, i am 32 yars old guy and i live in small european country georgia . i am so scared ,is it possible that aneurysm will stop grow and i will not need surgery,because i really really scare of surgery on aorta .also i have hypertension and high cholesterol.

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High Cholesterol Along With My High Blood Pressure

Recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol along with my high blood pressure. Was on atenolol and bendrofluazide but these weren't keeping my bp down so was put on lisinopril. I have had pains in my stomach since i started my new meds wake in the night with a jolt, am tired and feel weak all the time, i'm only 43 and not over weight. Has anyone else had these symptoms. I'm unsure what is causing what as every thing has changed all at once?

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Alternative / Natural Way To Lower High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol?

Does any know natural to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol? I'm trying to stay away from all the doctor prescribed medicines.

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Aortic Aneurysm :: Death Due To Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm - Undiagnosed

My mom had been complaining of back pain for the past few months and was taking Robaxacet to fix the pain and it seemed to work ,she called it the miracle pill. Unfortunately and of me telling her to go get it checked out ,she did not and now has passed away and will be missed dearly and she was such a beautiful lady . She just turned 72 in Oct. Within 40 mins, she passed away and we found out today from the coroner that she passed away from a ruptured aortic aneurysm and he said that she went very fast and did not feel any pain and even if she was at hospital there was nothing that could have been done. I will miss her dearly and it is so painful because it is so unexpected and so sudden. I regret not pushing her more to go get her back checked out because they might have found the aneurysm and been able to fix it. I have just looked for the first time since I found out earlier exactly what it meant that she passed away from and the coroner said she would not have felt anything ,it would have just been like falling asleep and that has made me feel abit better because she was alone and I hate the thought that she died alone. I just wish she would have gotten her back checked out and then they would have found this and maybe saved her life and fixed it. She seemed to also ,for the past months have a hard time going shopping and being on her feet for to long , she would sort of burn out faster than normal and she was seeing her doctor because she was diagnosed with borderline diabetes and had 2 months to lose abit of weight and change her eating habits, she did everything she was suppose to and the doctor never picked up on this and this is something I do not understand because she had so many different bloodwork done for this and other things and is it possible that this was overlooked because I was also told that she had a lot of plaque and her cholesterol and was on medication for that. I don't understand why this was not found at all. With the high cholesterol why wouldn't a chest xray been done to make sure her heart was ok and also her aorta? If anyone has any kind of answer to my questions it would be much appreciated and comforting to know , anything about this and why it was not found. I loved her dearly ,she was my best friend ,my confidant and I will miss her so much, my life has changed drastically over this and I will never be the same person I was 3 days ago.

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Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension :: Acute High Blood Pressure, Blocked Ears, Head Pressure

I am a fit, healthy 28 year old guy who has spontaneously developed severe high blood pressure, temporal pressure headaches, dizzy spells and blocked ears. The symptoms vary, with acute periods lasting a couple hours and occurring on a weekly basis. Generally an acute period is characterized by severe headaches, needing to lie down, blocked ears and extreme lethargy. 

I have had CT’s and MRI’s of the brain and cervical spine, PET scans, ECHO’s, a multitude of blood tests and various other tests with no abnormalities. 

I gym 4 times a week, eat healthy and work as a hairdresser, so my lifestyle is pretty healthy overall.

This condition is starting to limit my lifestyle and with two years of no answers I am putting it out there for someone to recognize or provide advice about what could potentially be going on! 

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Hypertension :: High Carbohydrate Food Causes High Blood Pressure (100/170)?

i am not overweight. Drink a healthy smoothie and whole grain cereal almost every morning yet my BP is still high. (100/170). I was  told it may be because of elevated insulin levels caused by the fruit drinks and whole grains (as well as the potato, rice, pasta and breads) that I eat. These are things that easily break down into sugars and cause the issue. (Basically a carb issue). Am I supposed to go on one of those caveman diets? Has anyone tried lowering their carb intake to lower their BP? 

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High Blood Pressure Associated With High Heart Rate?

Hi, Is is possible to have a high heart rate while at the same time a normal rate of blood pressure?  I'm asking on behalf of a relative... I thought blood pressure would be high if the heart rate was also high? 


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Aortic Aneurysm Aneurysm Of 6.5 For Over A Year

i had all the tests . My aorta has a  aneurysm of 6.5 it is also split from one end to the other . . its pushing on my lung making me short of breath . I also have parkinson's . and have a deep brain stimulator to help my PD because of this Broad Green keep putting it off what can  i do?

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Lupus :: Not Able To Speak Due To High Blood Pressure - Blood Clot In Nerve

Now she's is going through speech therapy to bring it back to normal. I would like to find out any other possibility to treat her any part of the world for immediate cure

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Stroke :: Hit By Glucose Intolerance With Blood Pressure And Cholesterol

My mum had a huge haemorrhagic stroke in November 2011. It took a long time for mum to recover much of anything and was left completely disabled on her left hand side. To add to this she was left handed and had to learn doing most things the wrong way round. She has been attending physio, trying to learn to walk again and will finally be getting a splint to hold her ankle in place to make this easier for her. Is it just me or should this not have been done sooner? Anyway, to add insult to injury, she's been told she has a glucose intolerance, was given the information from this website as her leaflet to read and take action from. Yes my mum is slightly overweight but has been on a balanced low fat diet for years and not lost a thing, but neither has she gained weight. She has a glass of wine occasionally and doesn't smoke. She is on tons of medication to keep blood pressure low, pain killers as she is in pain daily and her cholesterol is 3. Apart from the exercise which is impossible to do more, what can I do? our GP hasn't bothered to make any further contact or offered any further advice. I only got an appointment for her because I screamed down the phone.. Not a good start.. I'm so frustrated with it all and the bit in the leaflet that says that if left untreated, there is a higher risk of stroke!!

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High Blood Pressure :: Wake Up With A Wet Bed

I have been having issues with high blood pressure. Was given amlodipine 5mg. been having issues with activity. i would get winded and chest pains just from walking to the corner. recently I had another issue start. Lower back pain and I would wake up with a wet bed (urine) not a lot. just a couple ounces i estimate

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Hypertension :: 145/100 Blood Pressure - Too High?

Is 145/100 too high? And could be the reason for the headache as i am having a headache since two days; and my blood pressure is around 145/100 every time i monitor it.

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Hypothyroidism :: High Blood Pressure?

I just had some labs done and was told that my HS CRP test came back high at 3.0 (should be 1.0 or less). My doc says that has to do with cardiovascular risk and inflammation.

I have also noticed that my blood pressure, which for my whole life has been 90/60, is now between 120/85 - 140/85. Obviously this is very concerning and so sudden.

Have any of you experienced this is relation to hypothyroidism? What is causing this?

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High Blood Pressure :: Enlarged Heart

My 40 year-old wife in recent months has undergone a number of tests following some weight loss. It transpires that she is suffering from hypertension with her 24hr ambulatory readings averaging at 170/110. Further diagnostic tests (ECG, echo and cardiac MRI) were undertaken and her cardiologist told her that her heart is enlarged (moderate) with impaired function (I believe ejection fraction in the region of 45%) but has not been able to identify the root cause of the hypertension. She is asymptomatic and does not have any issues in terms of fatigue, breathlessness, swelling, etc.

She has been prescribed 5mg Amlodipine, 5mg Ramipril and 2.5mg Bisoprolol. The Cardiologist has told her she will be on medication for longevity and that improving the condition will take a long time. Her blood pressure has already come down to 132/84 which the cardiologist was very pleased with. She will be seeing him again in 8/9 weeks with a follow up echo in 4/5 months.

In terms of the diagnosis, the cardiologist has referred only to hypertension but having read and aligned the symptoms of the enlarged heart and impaired function, is it not heart failure.....? Also, what is the prognosis for an enlarged heart caused by hypertension, especially in someone of 40 years of age.....can the enlarged heart and function return to normal over time with the medication?

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High Blood Pressure Due To Hormones (perimenopause)

Since Dec I had some drastic change in my body, prolonged bleeding but found out that I have polyps and my uterus is thick so I had uterine curettage and polypectomy, after few days my BP shoot up, lightheaded (severe-had presyncope n went to ER)and had some palpitation, holter showed 11 perc of time 120's, had some NSVT, had episodes of ST w/ rate of 150-160's, made me sleepless and my cardiologist started me on lopressor 100 mg once a day. It did help lower my BP and my HR having a peaceful heart....However, I noticed that 2-3 days before my period my BP would shoot up giving me headache,but then my BP would decrease/normalized on the 2nd day of my period. I just turned 39 by the way.Since my curettage my period is not that heavy anymore. Now, is there a relationship of hypertension and hormonal changes?....could all of these body changes part of perimenopausal changes? I shared my story to my co-workers and surprisingly lots of us went through the same body changes.

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18 With 2 Thyroid Nodules And High Blood Pressure

So a couple of months ago I found out that I have 2 small thyroid nodules. Of course I freaked out but now calm and just waiting for the results of my 2nd thyroid ultrasound. I am also struggling with my blood pressure. For the past months I have been nervous all the time because of all the stuff that has been happening to me (different tests). My doctor keeps on saying that I have high blood pressure (which is weird cause I am younger than 18) because it would be 130/80 to 150/90 to 145/80 or around those readings. But when she does check it I am always nervous and freaking out and shaking. I am wondering if its cause of that. When I do check it at home, it sometimes is high or normal. Since my doctor and parents have been talking about high blood pressure and what it could do to your body I have been scared to take it being afraid it would be sky rocket high. Im wondering if it is my thyroid, fast heart rate (which my doctor thinks it's because of my nodules) my nervousness, my family history, or just me. I'm going to a cardiologist to check with my heart next month which is freaking me out.

*Now my doctor is prescribing me hypertension medication (Enalapril 5mg once a day) when im not even 18 yet! I am very young having to take BP medication?? My doctor thinks my hypertension is because of my thyroid or, nervousness.I feel so old. I feel like when I take this medication, my blood pressure will drop tremendously. Not I don't even know what to do now.

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Atorvastatin Lowers High Blood Pressure As Well?

Atorvastatin helps to lower High Blood Pressure? I started taking this 3 weeks ago after my doctor prescribed me this because of high level of cholesterol (290). My normal blood pressure before taking this medicine was 130-140/90...but when I started taking Atorvastatin may BP went down to 115-120/80. I don't know if it is because of this medicine or because I also started a change of lifestyle like regular exercise, fruits and vegetable diet, avoiding fatty foods and carbs. Just want to know if my new lifestyle is taking effect..

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High Blood Pressure And Insulin Resistance

It's amazing how the medical profession seems to just apply a band aid solution without trying to understand what's causing the problem. They say Prevention is Better than a Cure but most doctors these days seem to go for meds as opposed to trying to prevent or even find a cure.

You know they called some of the greatest scientific minds nutty and over-obsessive before they came out on top.....Edison, Einstein, Westinghouse, Darwin, etc. For example, I'm sure you're heard of H.pylori bacteria and how they could call stomach ulcers....but do you know how new the science is?

In the 1980's when Dr. Barry Marshall started saying stomach ulcers were caused by H.pylori bacteria his Dr. colleagues laughed him out of the room. With confidence in his theory Dr. Marshall went on to infect himself with the bacter and then went onto cure himself of stomach ulcers. In 2005 he won the Nobel Prize for his discovery and today it has become a common accepted fact among Doctors. Dr. Marshall is 63 and lives in Australia.

I guess it just goes to show that sometimes even men of science such as Doctors can be wrong and don't often work towards prevention of disease by keeping an open mind when that is what Hippocrates pioneered a millennial ago.

Question on how you measure your BP?
Do you sit down for 5-10 minutes quietly before taking it?
Do you take 3 readings per seating and average it out?
Or do you throw the first reading out and take only
the last two readings?

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Naproxen For Patient With High Blood Pressure?

I am currently taking lisinopril 20mg 2x daily and Metoprolol 100mg 2x daily to control my blood pressure. I was have been diagnosed with sciatica which has driven my blood pressure up to 130's/90's in the past week. My question is, my doctor prescribed me Naproxen 500mg to take as needed for sciatic pain. Has anyone had any issues using Naproxen short term and interfering with their blood pressure?

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Hypertension :: High Blood Pressure At Young Age 27

I have got BP problem at very young age 27 ,my bp is high always it some time 180/110,160/100 and sometime 143/77 , I have gone through blood test urine test all my test are normal,my bp was detected 2 years back when my weight was 110 kg but i decided to loose my weight instead of going for medication after 1 and the half year my weight is 92 but still my bp is high ,doc have told me to go for medication ,now I m starting with medication but I am feeling depressed how come my bp is detected at such young age need ur help guys ,is der no any other way den taking medicine .

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Aortic Aneurysm :: What Causes It's Rupture?

I have just lost my fiance because of this and am trying to find out what causes the aneurysm to rupture. I get answers to why people get aneurysms (none of which apply to him) but no answers as to what causes it to finally rupture.

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