Arms And Legs Weakness - Anxiety? Muscle Atrophy Or Disc Degeneration

May 2, 2016

My arms and legs feel tired/weak/exhausted for the past month and 2 weeks. Feels like as if I did a gym session or been out in town all day/night and legs feel like they want to drop. I am also tense and have been diagnosed with anxiety a year back. It scares me a lot too and i want to feel normal again.

I went to a neurosurgeon and couldn't find anything wrong with my whole spine after checking the MRI. Just mild disc degeneration.

He thinks it may be anxiety. I've just moved countries, and no job and haven't been doing anything for months on end, and just been lazing about, no exercise and eating not too healthy, smoking, and drinking 4 coffees a day. I have been stressed out lately and I feel I need to have a diagnosis. Is it anxiety/stress related? Is it muscle atrophy? (due to me lazing about and doing nothing for 3 months)

I've been to 3 different neurosurgeons with all similar answers, Been doing physio on my lower back, and been exercising every day for the past 2 weeks. Been taking no medication (which I don't want to).

Can anyone relate with me? Or have an idea? or which specialists I should visit?

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Vitamin D Deficiency - Pain And Weakness In Arms And Legs

Symptoms I been having. ..

*Weakness in arms and legs
*Pain in both legs and arm, worse when walking/working

Also in my feet.

* Frequent bladder
*Random muscle twitching all over the body, especially feet
*Eye sight slightly worse (need glasses now)

A doctor I saw was just at a regular clinic and he did blood work and it came back fine beside that my Vit D level was at 7 which he had the nurse call me and immediately gave a prescription over the phone for V2 vitamin 10,000unit pills and been working on that. Anybody know if my symptoms sound like a legit cause of the vitamin d deficiency? Could it really cause pain and muscle twitching?

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Sciatica :: Muscle Weakness And Pain In Legs And Knees

I have always had the same symptoms with my right sided sciatica being buttock and calf pain worse on sitting but for the last few months intermittently and permanently for the last couple of weeks I have also been getting knee pain in both knees and leg / thigh muscle weakness worse on walking.

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Muscle Disorders :: Muscle Wasting And Weakness

Although I try to be as active as possible my muscles are making life for me difficult, as for years they have been wasting, causing pain and tiredness. All other symptoms point to Fibromyalgia, which I believe doesn't cause muscle wasting.....also have Osteoarthritis.  My muscle problems started in my mid. now 63 and is much worse.  Recent blood tests show normal muscles values....but something must be wrong as my energy level is very low.  Has anyone been /going through the same??


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Lupus :: Severe Joint Pain And Weakness, Muscle Weakness, Bone Pain

for the past week I had severe joint pain and weakness, muscle weakness, bone pain in extremities ( had a blood test for lupus and RA[ no family history of either] Starting to get a bit better as long as I rest. recently sexually active with one person, now I just noticed feeling swollen like I was getting a UTI ( hurt when I urinate), but noticed it hurt in my vagina not urethra, checked and there are 4 small red bumps in my right labia minora and 1 in my left labia minora-odorless, feels inflamed and hurts now. Is this related to possible lupus or separate problem? I feel exhausted and run down.

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At Age 42, Hair Loss On Arms And Legs

At age 42, I'm starting to notice some loss of hair on my arms and legs. I'm a male, and of Mediterranean ancestry, so I've been quite hairy in those areas since I was a teen. My hair remains very full and thick on my head, so it seems odd I should be losing it in other places. Is this normal? I don't like the way it looks - like the skin of an old man, all bare and plain.

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Legs, Arms And Thighs - Intermittent Pain Cause ?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced any kind of pain like this:

For the past couple years or so I have had this intermittent type of pain (it usually happens about a couple times a week, for instance it happened in the beginning of the week for at least two consecutive days and not at all today; each episode usually consists of a series of acute attacks, maybe several of them in a row, and then they would just stop). This would happen in several areas: mainly now my thighs and legs (almost always the back of them, though a couple times it has been along the front); sometimes it is in the arms too; for a little while it was in the back (though it hasn't happened there for a while now).

I'm not sure how to describe the pain (I wish there was some sort of questionnaire I could find that might help me in that area); it's definitely not severe, but then I'm known to have a high tolerance for pain. I would say it is more sharp than dull and it seems to be a kind of stabbing pain though maybe not exactly shooting, though I guess it could be thought of that way (I don't know that it's radiating either--I can't see how it can be radiating anywhere; it seems, if I am remembering correctly, it is moving along the length of some specific area; that doesn't seem like it would fit the description of radiating). It is definitely not tingling or numbness (except when it happens in the arms--then there is a definite weakness that results after it in which I have less of an ability to grasp anything with much strength).

I'm just curious as to what can be causing this, or maybe it's just normal when you age, though I wouldn't consider myself to be too old at just 33.

Well, if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate hearing them. I would say for sure the pain in the arms sounds like some sort of nerve pain but I'm not sure about the other areas. I went to the doctor once about it, but he wasn't able to help much, just called it "fibromyalgia" which is basically what they say when they don't know what it is. For a while I was sure it was nerve pain but then I keep hearing how nerve pain is more of a tingling, numbness or loss of sensation more than actual pain; and then the doctor calls it fibromyalgia which from what I gather is thought to be muscle pain. I do not participate in any rigorous exercises, just walks for a mile or more a few times a week so it shouldn't be due to any sort of injury.

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Diabetes :: Arms And Legs Feel Hot And Ache?

Does anyone's arm and leg burn and ache? Do they feel hot and full with this diabetes?

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Cold / Flu :: Numbness In Arms, Legs And Face

Last month i had a very bad bout with the flu. My whole body was paining. It started with my upper legs. Almost like someone gave me charlie horse in my muscles. Then my feet and bottom of my feet started paining. I could not even walk. I wore memory foam slippers on my feet the few times out of bed. My hands had the same painful sensitive sensations as my feet. a few days later my lungs started to hurt and I had something pneumonia. When i started recovering, the pain and numb sensations stayed on the bottom of my feet, my hands legs and arms. Not to mention the weakness that still exist in my limbs. Also, which is confusing and worrying me most now is the numbness on my face and in my mouth, it feels like dental freezing leaving my mouth. It's been at least a month since i recovered from the flu. I have seen my Dr. and have been scheduled for a CT scan. Has anyone had these symptoms before?

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General :: Arms And Legs Random Spasms

I'm a teen and I have been putting up with this problem for as long as I can remember now but every time I am resting or just sitting down my arm/leg will just randomly spasm out and I do not feel like this is good for my relationship because every time my boyfriend and I hug or just lean on each other my arm or leg just randomly spasms out the only way I can stop it is by asking him to hold my arm or leg down or lay me on my side and hold me tight I can get a rough estimate of when these are going to take place and I get some buzzing feeling in my arm or leg then after about 10 seconds of having the feeling my arm or leg will randomly jerk and I do not find this kind to my boyfriend as I sometimes hit him accidentally whilst I have one of my arm or leg spasms I really would like to know can I get help for this problem

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Herniated Disc - Weakness - Lack Of Vitamin D Symptoms?

I am seeing a chiropractor for a herniated disc in my lower back that has healed now and just strengthening my core muscles..... i saw him today and told him im getting sharp pains in both feet and calves, and back.... sometimes like a weakness tingling pain... its nothing to do with my back and he said it could be low vit D.... i did have a test a month ago and it was on a low level but doctor says its normal this time of year.... yet 2 years ago i had hardly any vit D and had to have a very high dose.     

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Since Birth White Little Dots On My Arms, Chest And Legs

Are they pores? I have had this since childbirth and I have no idea what they are. No itch, no pain though.

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Smoking :: Sudden Aches In Arms, Hands And Legs

I recently started smoking again after a few months-could there  be a connection?

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Pregnancy :: Can I Break The Baby's Arms Or Legs While Sleeping?

29 weeks. Every time I lay on my side the baby starts kicking like mad trying to push the mattress off the belly. He does that with anything even remotely constricting. I feel him kicking under me and sometimes I feel how he tries to squeeze hid arm or leg under me. I'm scared I'll break something or that I'm hurting him, and sleeping on my back is very uncomfortable..

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General :: Burning In My Feet, Legs , Arms And Hands

I am a 40 year old male about 30 pds overweight. I developed sixth nerve palsy in February 2014 and it finally cleared up three months later on its own? In July 2014 I started burning in my left arm and hand. As time has went by until now the burning has got worse in both feet and legs up to the knee. I also burn in both arms and hands. I burn across my chest and left shoulder also some. I have had several blood test, MRI, nerve electro study. The Dr. Found that I failed my oral glucose tolerance test twice and a skin biopsy showed small nerve fiber damage. I am currently on metformin 500 mg 2 x a day and gabapentin 300 mg 3 x a day. The gabapentin doesn't help. I have taken lisinopryl hctz 10- 12.5 mg and citalopram 20 mg for several years, could the burn come from these medicines? Is it because of diabetes 2, even though my a1c has been only between 5.6 - 5.9? Any ideas on the cause or what to do?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Numbness In The Arms And Sometimes My Legs

I've suffered from CFS for a good few years now, I've just started with numbness in the arms and sometimes my legs. Has anybody had the same experience?

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Ramipril (cough) And Losartan (pain In Arms And Legs)

reading the effects of above on other guests. I just wanted to confirm that I was put on 2.5mg ramipril last year , having suffered from Coughs for 3 months, asked my GP to change the drug ( as my mother had suffered 2 years before it was diagnosed and the doctor changed her ramipril, what a nightmare it was) and I was put on 25 mg Losartan, However I must admit  I am having aches and pains in my legs and my right arm and have been going to Physio every couple of months , assuming it was age related ( male 65).

I noted that one of the guests used candesartan so i will take it up with my GP next time I go and see him. many thanks for everyone's comments. I hope that the GP's are reading these columns too.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Freezing Cold Tingling In Legs And Arms

Just wanted to know if anybody has this strange sensation as I have. A very cold tingling going down my legs arms and face more so on right side. Keep getting fobbed off at drs and hospital.

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Candesartan 8mg :: Arm Muscle Weakness And

for a few days candesartan was helpful then the side effects set in. especially dizziness and arm muscle pain and elbow joint anyone else have this problem

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ALS :: Muscle Weakness And Burning

I've been having muscle weakness and burning in my arms and legs and back for about 8 months now and am so afraid that I have als or ms. I was wondering how long does it take for als and ms to manifest ? This is causing me great stress and depression.

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Prednisone :: Muscle Weakness In One Leg?

The last 2 months I've had tightness in my left buttock while on Prednisone.  For the first while I could walk if off but for the last month it is constantly there but only when I walk, and sometimes shifts to the left leg's inner thigh, the result being I find I'm sort of limping.  Has anyone had something like this?  It could be a disc in the lower back pressing on a nerve affecting the muscles in the buttock and thigh, or maybe it's just muscle weakness resulting from the Prednisone.  I'm in a quandary how to tackle it, see a physio, chiro, massage therapist.   I've found that since I've had PMR 2 years ago anyone working with their hands on me greatly aggravates things so I'm unsure where to turn.

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